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Holocaust Memorial Museum Virtual Tour

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Virtual Tour of Yad Vashem’s Holocaust History Museum

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC – Museums in DC

Fortunately, you don’t have to venture to the Unites States Holocaust Memorial Museum to experience their latest exhibit, Americans and the Holocaust, which examines the motives, pressures and fears that shaped the American response to Nazism, war and genocide. Browse through a curated list of frequently searched themes.


Take a time machine to colonial times when you step into Mount Vernons virtual tour of its property. You can step into each building, learn what its use was to the Washington family and discover what day-to-day life was like. Little known fact: You can even see the key to the Bastille prison that the Marquis de Lafayette gave to Washington as a gift, which resides in the main entrance of the mansion! You will feel as if youre receiving a solo tour of one of the most majestic sites in the DMV area.


You might recognize the necklace pictured above from a little movie that stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet called ‘Titanic’. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has this necklace on virtual exhibit for you to see and learn more about. You can also take a virtual tour of the museum, check out upcoming video programs and dive into the museum’s trove of educational resources.


Smithsonian Museum Of American History

James Montgomery Flagg’s ‘I Want You for U.S. Army’ poster, 1917, the most iconic image produced in support of the WWI recruitment effort.

The Smithsonians National Museum of American History bills itself as the greatest single collection of U.S. history in the world, home to more than 1.8 million objects that each, in some fundamental way, defines the American experience. The museum offers about 100 online exhibits from its encyclopedic collections, each with a mix of photos, video, graphics and text on topics ranging from the life of Abe Lincoln to the development of the first artificial heart to the evolution of voting machines and even an array of vintage lunch boxes.

Click HERE for the experience.

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Auschwitz I Camp 1944

Selected Features1. Camp Commandant’s House2. Main Guard House3. Camp Administrative Office4. Gestapo5. Reception Building/Prisoner Registration6. Kitchen7. Gas Chamber and Crematorium8. Storage Buildings and Workshops9. Storage of Confiscated Belongings10. Gravel Pit: Execution Site11. Camp Orchestra Site12. “Black Wall” Execution Site13. Block 11: Punishment Bunker14. Block 10: Medical Experiments15. Gallows16. Block Commander’s Barracks17. SS Hospital

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Guided Tours Options Prices

We offer visitors several options for guided tours. Each includes tours of Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau.

General tours Guided tours for individual visitors One-day study tours Two-day study tours

Because of a large number of visitors guides should be reserved at least two months before a planned visit.

Guide services may be reserved: on the by telephone or : +48 33 844 81 00 or 80 99

National Baseball Hall Of Fame America

Experience A Virtual Tour of the Holocaust Gallery

Cooperstown, New York Baseball fans can explore the National Baseball Hall of Fame America’s online exhibits and virtual tours of the museum’s unparalleled collection of photographs, documents, posters, signed baseballs, videos, and more all dedicated to America’s favorite pastime. Online exhibits include a snapshot of the museum’s photograph collection, a colorful history of the baseball uniform, and the history of the single-season home run record.

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New York Public Library

New York Uncover the hidden details of the massive New York Public Library’s spectacular interior via a guided video tour by Architectural Digest and scour the stacks and other iconic rooms through a 360-degree panoramic tour. The public library has digitized more than 890,000 items from its collections from old New York City prints and scrapbooks to scanned vintage children’s books. For families in need of a little educational entertainment, NYPL also hosts an online storytime for kids.

Salem Witch Museum Witch Trial Sites

Salem, Massachusetts The Salem Witch Museum in Massachusetts chronicles a time in American history in which a series of accusations, investigations, and prosecutions ultimately led to more than 200 people being accused of practicing witchcraft the Devil’s magic and the execution of 20 convicted “witches” in colonial Massachusetts between 1692 and 1693. Those fascinated by this witch-hunt period plagued by paranoia and injustice can explore key Salem witch trial sites online, including original houses, foundations, grave sites, and sites marked by historic markers.

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Virtual Tour Of The World Holocaust Memorial Center

In partnership with the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem, the York Region District School Board invites classes in grades 7 to 12, parents/guardians, and greater community to attend a virtual live tour of Yad Vashem, also known as the World Holocaust Memorial Center. Yad Vashems Holocaust History Museum tells the chronological story of the Holocaust through the personal stories of the victims using diaries, art and artifacts belonging to the victims, or created by the victims themselves.

Lincoln Home National Historic Site

Virtual Tour of the Exhibition “Shoah” at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum

Springfield, Illinois Lincoln’s home in Springfield has drawn crowds of visitors since it first opened to the public in 1887. Constructed in 1839 and restored to its 1860 appearance, the 12-room, Greek Revival house was Abraham and Mary Lincoln’s home before he departed to serve as president of a nation on the verge of Civil War. Tour the house and artifacts that tell the story of the Lincoln family through the virtual Lincoln Home National Historic Site, which focuses on Abraham Lincoln’s political and legal careers, his home, and his family.

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American Battlefield Trust Virtual Battlefield Tours

The State of Pennsylvania Monument is the largest memorial at the Gettysburg battlefield, commemorating the tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians who fought there.

Most on-site battlefield tours require a leap of imagination: the ability to walk around a perfectly peaceful open field and overlay a mental movie of smoke and combat and fallen warriors, all the while considering the military strategy and broader political stakes. ABTs website may not offer the sunshine on your back, but it marries the setting, action and context far more seamlessly, with its 360-degree virtual tours of more than 20 American Revolution and Civil War battlefields. In the Gettysburg tour alone, there are 15 different stopsno walking requiredeach of which features clickable icons with granular detail about all the whos, whats and whys. And when youre done touring, be sure to explore the sites other robust resources, from battle summaries to generals biographies.

Click HERE for the experience.

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Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Cleveland Music fans can connect with Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and tap into the history of rock music and their favorite songs and musicians from their own living rooms. Take a virtual tour of the museum, watch induction ceremonies, and browse artists who’ve been inducted into the Rock Hall vault. There’s even a special section for teachers and students, Rock Hall EDU, for access to lesson plans, videos, and other activities.

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One Of Historys Darkest Moments Brought To Life

The tour of the death camp, led live by a professional guide from Poland, includes historical footage, aerial pictures, drone recordings, modern animation, and testimonies of survivors combined with virtual reality tools to teach people throughout the world about the horrors that happened in the worlds most infamous concentration camp. It is the most faithful representation of an in-person visit to the Auschwitz memorial site.

Tour Details:

  • 40 spots available

  • Registration is required

A link to the virtual tour will be sent to the email address provided during registration the day before the tour .

About Auschwitz Virtual Tours With Jerzy Wjcik Of The Holocaust Memorial Partnership Episode

Holocaust Museum Virtual Tour

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Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden

The Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden displays some of the most unique artworks in modern and contemporary art, including painting, sculpture and photography. Explore the Sculpture Garden through the museum’s virtual view 1 and virtual view 2. The museum is also offering an array of at-home activities for kids and virtual programs for art lovers.


The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery captures America through the imagery of remarkable people who have shaped history. The museum is offering a range of digital programs while its physical doors are closed, including workshops, in-depth chats with artists, storytelling for kids and more.


A small group of technologists working within the Smithsonian Institution Digitization Program Office have brought the Smithsonian museum collections to life with 3D digitization.


The National Museum of African American History and Culture learning lab offers students and teachers digital resources including imagery, essential documents and engaging videos. These materials bring stories to life and inspire readers to become agents of change. You can also browse upcoming virtual events hosted by the museum.


Virtual History Museums And Experiences To Explore From Home

‘Walk’ among the terra cotta warriors. Tour Anne Frank’s secret annex. Read letters to FDR. And more.

The need for social distancing may have forced museums and historic sites around the world to close their doors for now, but many have made their spaces, exhibits and collections available to anyone with a digital device and a decent web connection. Some offer 360-degree tours, like the one that takes you into every nook and cranny of George Washingtons Mount Vernon estate. Others present virtual exhibits or browsable online archives, such as the dozens on Google Arts & Cultures site, where partner museums share treasures like the Rosetta Stone and ancient Egyptian artifacts …iconic 20th century photos …or troves of sports history . Here are 10 standout virtual history sites worth exploring:

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Castillo De San Marcos

St. Augustine, Florida Go on a virtual tour of Castillo De San Marcos, the oldest masonry and only remaining 17th century fort in North America. Located in St. Augustine, the U.S.’ oldest city, this tour leads visitors through the exterior features from the City Gates to the seawall of the best-preserved example of a Spanish colonial fortification. Walk through the structure’s interior rooms with 3D models to explore along the way, and upstairs to the upper gun deck for a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding landscape and grounds.

Highlights Of The Los Angeles Museum Of The Holocaust

Virtual Museum Tour
  • An extensive collection of artifacts from the Holocaust period
  • The Childrens Memorial about 1.5 million children, perished in the Holocaust
  • The Martyrs Memorial honoring the 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust
  • The Garden of the Righteous pays homage to non-Jews who risked their lives to help
  • The Tree of Testimony a 70-screen video sculpture that displays the 52,000 survivor testimonies
  • The 18 Camps Interactive in Judaism, the number 18s corresponding letters are the word Chai, for life
  • The Sobibor Model a model of the Sobibor Extermination camp

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Historic Virtual Tours Across The Us

While most of us in the U.S. are sheltering in place at home, travel seems like a distant memory these days. But social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t explore historic places across the country and discover something new about our nation’s incredible history and culture along the way. Experience virtual tours of cultural institutions, history museums, landmark music venues, beautiful national parks, space shuttles, and more from the comfort of your own couch right now.

In Mrs Goldbergs Kitchen

This is a part of a larger project about Lodz, Poland, during the period between World War I and World War II, created by Halina Goldberg, a musicology professor at Indiana University Bloomington. This interactive exhibit allows users to explore space in the Jewish Quarter of prewar Lodz, understanding what daily life was like for so many Jews before they were displaced and murdered during the Holocaust.

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What People Are Saying About The Tour

It literally left the participants, myself certainly included, SPEECHLESS. I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated. I will never forget this. And, THAT may be the most important takeaway NEVER FORGET. While Id like for as many as possible to experience this presentation in the intimate, interactive way that we were able to, I do want to encourage this to be brought to as many people as possible, especially the younger generation who shockingly are living in a newly reignited era of anti-Semitism and pro-Nazism.

Very powerful. It will take days to fully absorb what I heard and saw.

Im a 3rd Gen survivor who does school assemblies on Holocaust education and this presentation was hands down the most informative and modern presentation Ive seen.

It was especially meaningful to me since my grandmother survived Auschwitz-Birkenau I hope to travel to the actual site one day. Thank you for providing this program.

Even though Ive been to Yad Vashem and the US Holocaust Museum many times, this was still an excellent experience.

Museum Of The American Revolution

Virtual Museum Tour: Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust  Holocaust ...

Philadelphia Take an immersive 360-degree virtual tour of the Museum of the American Revolution, located in Philadelphia’s Old City area, for the fascinating story of the bloody revolution that gave birth to the United States more than 200 years ago. Highlights include George Washington’s Headquarters Tent, the replica of the Boston Liberty Tree, and nearly 500 artifacts from the earliest days of America’s independence.

Educators and parents can also take Scholastic’s virtual field trip to the museum and download a Beyond the Battlefield classroom kit for young students. Additionally, virtual trips to many historic Philly spots like the Liberty Bell Center, Benjamin Franklin Bridge, and even the “Rocky Steps” at Philadelphia Museum of Art are possible through You Visit.

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Anne Frank House: The Secret Annex

Anne Franks diary is one of the best-known primary sources to have survived the Holocaust. The annex where Anne and her family hid during the war still exists in the Netherlands and is a popular site for tourists. For those who are unable to visit the site and for everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic the augmented-reality site created by the Anne Frank Museum is an impressive alternative. Users are able to explore the space, examine documents and look at photos.

You Can Now Visit The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Via Virtual Tour

To mark the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing, the museum has launched 3D renderings of its building and artefacts online

Hiroshima prefecture is a popular travel destination in Japan, widely celebrated for its Unesco World Heritage Sites and delicacies such as Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki . However, it also bears a heavy past: the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum stands as a monument to the tragedy and devastation caused by the world’s first atomic bomb, dropped on August 6 1945 during World War II.

The 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima takes place this August 6, but Japans travel restrictions due to the ongoing Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic have made it impossible for many people to visit the city and mark the occasion as planned. As a way to commemorate the anniversary while sustaining social distancing protocols, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum has partnered with international non-governmental organisations as well as Japanese and American artists to curate materials for a virtual tour of the museum so that people can still visit the site from home.

The online tour consists of 3D renderings of the museum and its artefacts, including everyday objects which survived the bombing. The new online experience, complete with multimedia components, is available from August 6, which marks the anniversary of the bombing. The virtual tour, titled Future Memory, is available for free.

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Take A Virtual Tour Of Dc Museums To Keep The Learning Going

DC has a plethora of museums, including 17 Smithsonians. If you’re looking for creative ways to get out of your house and into a new environment without actually leaving your house, we’ve compiled a list of virtual museum offerings in DC. You can take a voyage to space, see live animals, discover famous women in history or view the Hirshhorn’s Sculpture Garden from a whole new perspective. Read on for more!


The Air and Space Museum takes visitors to the sky, showcasing the amazing technological achievements that have progressed aviation and space exploration throughout the last century. You can explore more virtual exhibits online and below, we’ve linked to in-depth pages on some of the museum’s most famous artifacts and a virtual walk-through. Additionally, students and educators can access STEM resources.

Guided Tours For Individual Visitors

Holocaust memorial day: World commemorates victims | UN holds virtual memorial ceremony | WION

Individual visitors may tour the Memorial independently or in organised groups with a guide. The number of entry passes available is limited.

Due to the huge interest, visitors are kindly requested to book in advance at the website, as well as to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the tour. Larger luggage should be left in vehicles in the car park. Before the visit, please read the rules of visiting and the opening hours of the Museum.


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