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The Morgan Library And Museum

The Morgan Library & Museum Video

An Introduction to the Morgan Library & Museum

Watch this video of how materials are preserved at Morgan Library & Museum.

Get out of the cold and into some culture! This winter, New Yorks museums will immerse you in new worlds like facial recognition technology, Age of Reason architecture, and the concept of impermanence. Read on for ten fascinating exhibitions to check out in coming weeks at MoMA, the Guggenheim, Brooklyn Museum, and more.

Staying in Midtown East? You and your family have some great sightseeing aheadeven before you hit Times Square! This area has some historic architecture, escape adventures, a fantastic museum, and a veritable candy palace. Explore it with your kids with these fun-filled activities in New York City.

If youre planning a trip to The Morgan soon, you have a great day ahead. Before or after your trip through the historical library and its fascinating exhibitions, head to lunch at one of these great restaurants in nearby Midtown East or Murray Hill.

This fall, get ready for fantastic fashion, immersive installations, and much more at museums throughout New York City. Weve rounded up 11 exhibitions to mark on your calendar, from the retrospective on a socially minded street artist to collaborations between artists and AI developers. JR Chronicles at Brooklyn Museum, Anna Sui at MAD Museum, Manual Override at The Shed, and more.

Aga Khan Museum: The Moon: A Voyage Through Time

Since the dawn of civilization, the moon has captivated cultures. To mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, The Moon: A Voyage Through Time explores our enduring fascination with this enchanting orb in the sky and looks at the role it has played in faith, science, and the arts across the Muslim world and beyond. Interactive devices, displays, and installations invite us to observe and imagine the moon in new ways.

Millenia of Inspiration

The moon has inspired people the world over to create art, form beliefs, and strive for scientific understanding for thousands of years. Spanning pre-Islamic times to the present day, and delving into the arts, literature, and music, The Moon: A Voyage Through Time brings together important miniature paintings, scientific instruments, Islamic manuscripts, and contemporary works of art to illustrate the wonder at the moon that is shared among cultures.

An Immersive Exhibition Experience

Artworks From Around the Globe


The Morgan Library & Museum

225 Madison Avenue at 36th Street New York, NY 10016 :

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Gwendolyn Brooks: A Poets Work In Community

The Morgan Library &  Museum, New York, NY, United States ...

This exhibition celebrates the life and work of American poet Gwendolyn Brooks . Though Brooks is generally well-known for her poetry, few recognize her expansive social and political impact. The first Black author to win a Pulitzer Prize in any category, Brooks led a decades-long career marked by her engagement with struggles for racial justice. Her early writings centered around the people she grew up with and observed on the streets of Bronzeville, a predominantly Black neighborhood in Chicago. As her connections to this community grew in tandem with the international struggles against anti-Black racism, so did the scope of her poetry and her influence. This back-and-forth between poet and community opened up surprising spaces for learning, empowerment, and institution building.

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Did You Like Your Visit To The Morgan Library

YES, YES, YES! The Morgan Library was an absolute gem! I had a wonderful time staring at all the magnificent books and wishing I had enough money to replicate this library in my apartment. A girl can dream, yes?

I also liked the Morgans Library manageable size. I dont know about you, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed in larger museums. The Morgan Library makes it possible to do other things in an afternoon like shopping on Madison Avenue or sipping a coffee in Bryant Park. Youre not completely wiped out after standing on your feet for four hours.

Honestly, I would probably visit the Morgan Library again, especially if they had a new exhibit I wanted to check out.

What are some beautiful libraries that you have seen? Would you like to visit the Morgan Library and Museum? Share all your thoughts about libraries in the comments.

For more information about Manhattan, check out my post on solo travel in New York, and enjoy your vacation.

Wow What A Beautiful Library: Visit The Morgan Library And Museum

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Ahh, my visit to the Morgan Library was bookishly spectacular. As you know, I like to talk about literary travel on my website. One of the biggest items on my literary bucket list was the Morgan Library and Museum, located in Manhattan.

Guys. I have been meaning to visit this library for, like, the past year. Which is pretty embarrassing seeing that New York City is a quick train ride from my apartment. I have seen pictures of the Morgan on Instagram several times and still find it incredible that the Beauty and Beast library exists in reality.

Finally I made my wish come true. On a sunny Saturday, I grabbed my purse and hopped on a NJ transit train to finally experience this literary wonder in person. My day trip was a complete whim, too. Spontaneity yields the best adventures, after all.

Man, oh man, was the time spent in New York City worth it. As Ive already said, the two hours I allotted to explore the Morgan Library were wonderful. I highly recommended you come see for yourself.

So the next natural step was for me to write this guide for all my literary nerds! Heres everything you need to know about the Morgan Library. Hopefully you visit in the near future.

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Belle Da Costa Greene The Morgans First Librarian And Director

Adolf de Meyer . Belle da Costa Greene, ca. 1910. Archives of the Morgan Library & Museum, ARC 1664.

Belle da Costa Greene was one of the most prominent librarians in American history. She ran the Morgan Library for forty-three yearsinitially as the private librarian of J. Pierpont Morgan and then his son, Jack, and later as the inaugural director of the Pierpont Morgan Library . Not only did Greene build one of the most important collections of rare books and manuscripts in the United States, but she also transformed an exclusive private collection into a major public resource, originating the robust program of exhibitions, lectures, publications, and research services that continues today.

The daughter of Genevieve Ida Fleet Greener and Richard T. Greener , Belle Greene grew up in a predominantly African American community in Washington, DC. Her father was the first Black graduate of Harvard College and a prominent educator, diplomat, and racial justice activist. After Belles parents separated during her adolescence, Genevieve changed her surname and that of her children to Greene. From the time Belle was a teenager, they described themselves as Americans of Portuguese descent and passed as White in a segregated and deeply racist society.

Jo Davidson . Belle da Costa Greene, 1925. Terra-cotta. The Morgan Library & Museum, AZ 205. Purchased on the Charles Ryskamp Fund, 2018. © Estate of Jo Davidson.

What About The Other Exhibits

The Black Hours at the Morgan Library & Museum

The Morgan Library has other exhibits which are already included in the cost of your ticket. If you live in New York or the nearby metro area, then it may be worth waiting for an exhibit that truly strikes your fancy.

On my own visit I saw the Tennessee Williams: No Refuge But Writing and Peter Hujar: Speed of Life exhibitions. In particular, I found Peter Hujars black and white photography very striking and thought-provoking. I have never heard of him, but appreciated his work. Granted, this exhibit has some pictures that might shock small children so consider yourself warned.

Personally, I really liked that you didnt have to pay an additional fee to see the special exhibits! It made me more willing to take my time and actually appreciate them.

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Spirits Welcome: Beverly Buchanan At Andrew Edlin

In Another Tradition, Holley joined a coven of artists gripping their mojos tightly. Although Holleys cluttered throne commanded the most space, the exhibitions main purpose was to showcase eleven drawings that the Morgan acquired in 2018 from the Souls Grown Deep Foundation, which champions the oeuvres of more than 160 Black Southern artists. The acquisition includes five Souls Grown Deep artistsThornton Dial, Nellie Mae Rowe, Henry Speller, Luster Willis, and Purvis Young. In addition to Holleys sculptural intrusion, Another Tradition also featured loaned works by Sister Gertrude Morgan and Bill Traylor. The selections dated from ca. 1939 to 1996 and traversed Southern cities as distinct as Montgomery and Miami what connected these works more than geography or chronology was a common interest in the spiritual inheritance of slave-descendant Black folk.


Blues persisted throughout Another Tradition. Traylors Blue Construction, Orange Figures , centers on a graphic cobalt-hued structure that could be a ship and mast. Or an inverted cotton press. Or a bare-branched tree. The ambiguous shape oscillates between ominous and playful, due to the simple ocher figure that dangles from it and the orange dog that guards it . Traylor was born into slavery in the mid-nineteenth century. Even without the hint provided by the haint-catching blue, this lineage would still haunt his sparse drawing.

Posing Movie Stars Holding the Freedom Bird

Read More About:

Is It Worth The $20 Admission Fee

Okay, I pride myself on honesty. A blog without honesty is a gigantic snoozefest.

So the big question probably going through your head right now is Rachel, this library sounds awesome, but should I pay $20 to visit it? Moneys tight.

I completely understand your concerns.

Truth be told, I dont think the Morgan Library is a cheap affair especially since it is a relatively small museum. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, for example, is $25, but you could literally spend all day studying the expansive art collections. Not so much the case with the Morgan Library.

Is there any way to avoid paying the admissions fee? Eh, sure, a couple. For instance, if you are a senior, student, or teacher, you pay a reduced fee to enter the museum. Children under 12 can visit for free, which is awesome. But for everyone else, admission is $20.

My solution? I suggest budget travelers to visit the Morgan Library and Museum on Friday nights when admission is free for everyone. The atmosphere at night is probably super cool too.

And you dont have to pay anything to go to the gift shop if that tickles your fancy.

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The Morgan Library And Museum

4.7Currently Open

  • Address: 225 Madison Avenue at 36th Street, New York, NY 10016, 10016, New York City, United StatesMap
  • Timings:10:30 am – 05:00 pm Details
  • Phone:+1-2126850008
  • Tags:Library, Museums, Landmark, Historical Site, Social, Arts
  • The Morgan Library & Museum is the library of the late financier Pierpont Morgan . He was known to be one of the preeminent collectors and cultural benefactors of United States. The collection consists of literary and historical manuscripts, early printed books, and various drawings and prints. The Library building was designated as a New York City landmark and a National Historic Landmark in the year 1966. During his lifetime, the library was the private property of Mr. Pierpont Morgan. After he passed away, his son opened the gates of the collection to the general public and has ever since been one of the most cherished collections of literature in United States of America. Also, visit the popular attractions in the city by following New York City itinerary 7 days.

    Why Should I Visit The Morgan Library And Museum

    Interview with Senior Manager of Digital Media, Morgan ...

    If you have a strong interest in old books, then you should pay a visit to the Morgan Library. I especially liked all of the Charles Dickens books, haha. I still wish I couldve tracked down the rare copy of A Christmas Carol that lurked on the shelves.

    History buffs will also appreciate the Morgan Library and Museum. Anyone interested in the middle ages will love the old bibles and manuscripts accumulated in J.P. Morgans collection. And if you like Gilded Age finery? You are in your glory here.

    The Morgan Library gives visitors a strong sense of old and wealthy New York City. Its pretty cool.

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    William Parr Marquess Of Northampton

    William Parr was the brother of Catherine Parr, the sixth and final wife of King Henry VIII. Renowned for his taste and good looks, Parr is shown wearing a fur-edged gown made of white and purple velvet and satin . Also included are quick sketches showing details of various jewels that he supposedly wore. The object at upper left probably depicts St. George and the Dragon, likely a reference to George as a patron saint of the chivalric Order of the Garter, to which Parr belonged. Below, Holbein included a study of a jewel inscribed with the word MORS , probably part of a longer motto or device.

    Hans Holbein the Younger William Parr, Marquess of Northampton, 153842Black and colored chalks, white opaque watercolor, pen and black ink, and brush and ink on pink prepared paperInscribed, in German: wis felbet , burpor felbet , wis satin , w five times, Gl twice, gros , and MORS Lent by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II RCIN 912231

    Public Institution And Expansion

    Incorporation and mid-20th century

    Jack and Jane Morgan continued to employ da Costa Greene as the librarian, expanding the collection with items in which they were personally interested. In March 1924, the Pierpont Morgan Library was incorporated as a public institution. The Morgans transferred the library’s building, and the land under J. P. and Frances Morgan’s old residence at 219 Madison Avenue, to the Pierpont Morgan Library. The move came as, despite Jack’s opposition, the surrounding stretch of Madison Avenue was being redeveloped as a business street. By 1927, the library was planning to double its area the old J. P. Morgan residence was being demolished to make way for the annex. The plans called for an expanded two-story Italianate style structure designed by Benjamin Wistar Morris, with space for offices, exhibitions, and a research library. The annex, made of the same Tennessee marble as the original, was completed in 1928. While architectural historian Robert A. M. Stern said the addition “did not frame McKim’s jewel box so much as sidle up to it like an unattractive sibling”,Norval White and Elliot Willensky thought the annex “modestly defers to its master”.

    Late 20th century to present

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    At The Recently Expanded Morgan Library Visitors Encounter Architectural Treasures And A Peerless Collection Of Manuscripts And Art

    In March 1913, J. P. Morgan lay dying in his suite in Romes Grand Hotel, which “looked like a besieged fortress,” according to Jean Strouses Morgan: American Financier. “Waves of art dealers and amateurs with bundles of things to sell descended on the hotel from early morning to late at night and are repulsed with the regularity of surf on the beach,” as Londons Daily Mail reported. For twenty years Morgan had been on the most epic art-buying spree in history, spending close to a billion in todays dollars. Anyone with something to sell wanted a last crack at the man dealers around the world feared the markets steep slump when Morgan breathed his last.

    John Pierpont Morgan was born in 1837 in Hartford, Connecticut. Unlike the so-called “robber barons” who defined Americas enterprise culture in the second half of the nineteenth century, and who tended to be self-made men, Morgan was to the manner born. His father, Junius Spencer Morgan, was a distinguished international banker, a partner in the London firm of George Peabody & Co. . Bankers such as Peabody and the elder Morgan arranged European financing for Americas industrialization and westward expansion.

    The cover of the Lindau Gospels, a highlight of the Morgan collection, is ascribed to the court school of Charles the Bald, who was Charlemagnes grandson. Made circa 880, it is an important example of medieval jeweled binding.

    Courtesy of Morgan Library & Museum. Purchased by Pierpont Morgan, 1901 MS M. 1

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