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Restaurants Near American Revolution Museum

Where To Eat Near The Museum Of The American Revolution

George Washington’s Marquee Tent at the Museum of the American Revolution, Philadelphia, PA

The Museum of the American Revolution opens on Wednesday, and in the meantime, guests might want to start figuring out how to make their hunger history when they head to Old City for a visit.

The Museum of the American Revolution opens on Wednesday, April 19, and in the meantime, guests might want to start figuring out how to make their hunger history when they head to Old City for a visit.

Luckily for them, there are plenty of options. From the Founding Father-themed sweet treats at Shane Confectionery to the historical “Hamilton Steak” special at The Little Lion, Old City eateries and shops will have Revolution-themed treats.

Here, we’ve rounded up eateries and stores near the Museum of the American Revolution that are welcoming it to the neighborhood with special promotions marking the museum’s opening:

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Named after a long-gone 18th-century tavern formerly located near the site of the Museum of the American Revolution, the Cross Keys Café will have available items from Brûlée Catering. History-influenced options include snapper soup, potted smoked trout, chicken pot pie, and bread pudding, plus grab-and-go sandwiches and salads.

Cross Keys Café, 101 S. 3rd St., 215-309-8791,

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The Little Lion, 243 Chestnut St., 267-273-0688,

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Capofitto, 233 Chestnut St., 215-897-9999,

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Carlsbads Restaurant Row Offers The Best Dining

East of Interstate 5 along a two-block stretch of Paseo Del Norte is home to a dozen excellent restaurants. Each one is so special that you owe it to yourself to dine in each one. The newest addition to this classy restaurant row is an incredible showpiece called The Green Dragon Tavern and Museum . Believe it or not but it is literally 22,000 sq. ft. in size, which is about five times the size of a typical restaurant. And its centerpiece is a fascinating must see historical museum devoted to the American Revolution. Youll see an authentic newspaper that Benjamin Franklin actually created as well as artifacts from the American Revolutionary War. This one-of-a-kind museum is the private collection of the restaurants owner. And he chose to create a stunning recreation of the two story tavern where Benjamin Franklin, Sam Adams, John Hancock and our founding fathers frequently met to wage war for American Independence just to showcase his valuable collection. And Paul Revere left his name in history by departing from the original tavern to alert the mulitia sounding the alarm that the British are Coming. There is no doubt about it, the recreation of the American Revolutionary Headquarters at The Green Dragon Tavern at 6115 Paseo Del Norte should be your first choice for where to dine in Carlsbad. See Restaurants. Both the two story tavern and the comfortable main dining room are excellent dining destinations as well. See Restaurants.

Pair A Visit To Philadelphia’s American Revolution Museum With 18th Century Food And Drink

PHILADELPHIA, PENN. Our Founding Fathers, those revolutionaries who earned Philadelphia the nickname “Birthplace of America,” sure knew how to party.

Take the 50 men who gathered Sept. 14, 1787, to honor George Washington. The bar tab included 76 bottles of claret, 59 of Madeira, 22 of porter, 12 of beer, eight of whiskey and eight of hard cider. Oh, and add to that 14 “large bowls” of punch.

Ben Franklin reported the heady list in the society column of his newspaper, the Pennsylvania Gazette.

There was huge cause for celebration. On that Friday evening 230 years ago, Washington and Franklin, plus fellow rebels such as Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, were just three days away from signing the U.S. Constitution at Independence Hall.

The party took place a short stroll away at City Tavern, an inn that John Adams, our second president, described as “the most genteel tavern in America.”

After downstate Illinois judge rules against mask mandates, schools scramble to prepare for Monday classes »

Razed as an eyesore in the 1850s, City Tavern has risen from the rubble relatively recently, a faithful re-creation of the pub but with modern conveniences such as electricity and indoor plumbing. Its driving force, chef Walter Staib, focuses on authenticity, and his restaurant is particularly popular with fans of his PBS program, “A Taste of History.”

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“We couldn’t hold up,” he said.

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Sites Throughout The Region Recount Americas Fight For Independence

Travel Responsibly: As the region recovers from COVID-19, safety guidelines have evolved at attractions, restaurants, shops and hotels. Philadelphia requires masks or proof of vaccination at all indoor public spaces. Advance tickets or reservations remain recommended or necessary at many spots. Your best bet: Check online or call ahead.

Long before the first musket shot was fired in Lexington in 1775, the seeds of the American Revolution were taking root in Philadelphia as the colonists declared their independence and began preparing for war.

For visitors eager to delve into this tumultuous time in history, the Museum of the American Revolution located in the heart of Philadelphias Historic District delivers a full-picture story of this world-changing war, creating the perfect starting point for exploration.

Two-and-a-half centuries after the Revolution, dozens of key sites and landmarks throughout the region remain, giving visitors a glimpse into the fascinating stories of this immensely important era in history.

Welcome To Sonnys Famous Steaks

American Independence Museum (Exeter)

Sonnys is known for its authentic, award-winning Philly Cheesesteaks and its friendly service. Its located in the heart of historic Old City, Philadelphia. Its just a five minute walk from Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell, and the Constitution Center.

Sonnys has received countless awards and honors. It was named The Best Cheesesteak in Philly by GQ magazine and US News and World Report ranks Sonnys one of the top five Philly cheesesteaks in the city.

But its not just cheesesteaks. At Sonnys, theres something for everyone even vegetarians! There are a variety of cheesesteaks, burgers, grilled cheese and more!

Local residents know to go to Sonnys for a delicious cheesesteak. But if youre planning a trip to Philly solo, with the family, or with a large group or school field trip, and are looking for an authentic taste of Philly, look no further!

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Special Guided Tour George Washington In New York Citysaturday February 19

New York City set the stage for many of George Washington’s trials and triumphs. This tour explores the role New York had in shaping Washington’s public career, from young militia colonel to seasoned general. Within New York City, Washington suffered his greatest military defeat, created a spy-ring which laid the groundwork for today’s intelligence community, and established precedents as the first President of the United States. Learn about these crucial events which helped to define Washingtons extraordinary career of political leadership and service!

Advanced registration is suggested, as space is limited.

Most Historic Restaurants In Boston

When planning out your Boston vacation, its likely youll have a long list of historic sites and attractions on your itinerary. As expected, the city is marked by the many dramatic and telling events that helped shape our nation. But in addition to walking the Freedom Trail, touring through the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, viewing the site of the Boston Massacre and the many other significant sites, dont forget to include some of the citys most historic restaurants, many of which hold a fascinating and enticing story of their own. As you may imagine, there are many famous restaurants in Boston that date back as far as the city itself and as you dine in these establishments, its incredible to imagine that youre sitting in some of the same places that once hosted our Founding Fathers, the Sons of Liberty and other American visionaries.

Union Oyster House

Its the oldest restaurant in the city, so its no wonder that many flock to discover the Union Oyster House on Union Street. This charming restaurant opened its doors in 1826 and still resides in the same location. In fact, once inside, youll be amazed that much of the original building is still intact, providing a feeling that youve been transported back to the days of the Revolutionary War. Indulge in traditional Boston fish chowder, fresh oysters and an array of succulent seafood as you imagine what life might have been like for the very first patrons of this establishment.

Parker House

Abigails Tea Room

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