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Science Museum Hot Springs Arkansas

Geared Toward All Ages

Mid-America Science Museum | Check It Out! Hot Springs, Arkansas

One of my favorite things about the Mid-America Science Museum is that it isnt just for kids. This is a place where people of all ages can learn, explore, and have a wonderful time.

When we have visited, I know I have just as much fun as our kids. In fact, the last time we were there, my husband and I were mesmerized by a huge water display in the center of the museum.

You could try to balance foam balls on top of fountains of water or send foam balls flying up a shoot to the second floor. Our kids were having a great time placing with the water and the foam balls. We always made sure they had a full supply of them by sending them through chutes to different places.

Science Is Magic That Works

Many of the entertaining shows we watch today are filled with movie magic. With computer animation and green-screen effects, we can be whisked away to fictional worlds of fantasy and mystery. Don’t get us wrong, that can be a ton of fun!

Little do we realize how many amazing, unbelievable, did-you-SEE-that things there are in the world around us. From the tiniest atoms to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, science helps us understand the incredible way the universe works. After experimenting with our hands-on exhibits, exploring the Tinkering Studio, climbing through the Sky-Walk, and hiking through the Dino Trek, you might be ready to sit for a moment. Fortunately, Mid-America Science Museum has unforgettable science shows to continue engaging minds when legs might be ready for a rest.

Who knew science could be so entertaining?

What Is There To Do

Science IS fun, and that becomes so apparent at Alabama’s Mid America Science Museum where you can explore a number of hands-on and interactive exhibits that stimulate an interest in science, encouraging life-long science education and allowing kids of all ages to discover, create and enjoy science!

The Mid America Science Museum is home to over 100 hands-on science exhibits which are divided into individual galleries across a huge 65,000 sq ft, including the outdoor exhibits too – and yes, there are dinosaurs!

The Marvelous Motion Gallery allows you to explore key principles of motion with exhibits like the sand pendulum, loopy lasso, and vertical wave machine!

Kids can examine the wonder of light and its amazing spectrum of color in the Light Bridge exhibit, where you can view the changing of the seasons, appreciate the beauty of nature and even see a new perspective on our world!

Don’t miss the incredible 180ft science skywalk, where you can check out the 21 wooded acres that surround the museum from a whole new perspective, play in the rope bowl net suspended 40ft in the area, and even conduct music on the music bench!

The whole family can learn about Nikola Tesla in the Tesla Theater, and the science behind his work, and even explore the Underfoot gallery with a mastodon, underground cave maze and even 3D table mapping!

Science IS fun, and its at the Mid America Science Museum where you can learn just that!

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Alliance Rubber Co Tinkering Studio

The Alliance Rubber Company Tinkering Studio provides a safe and fun place for children of all ages to explore, create, and invent through open-ended activities. Often messy – in a good way! – tinkering encourages adventure and supports the motto that innovation is possible only through trial and error.

New tinkering activities every week encourage this important self-led discovery.

The Rowland Emett Collection


Perhaps most famous for the fantastic creations in the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Rowland Emett was also a satirist, cartoonist, and constructor of whimsical kinetic sculpture. Using common objects in novel ways, Emett created fantastic machines like the Museums “Featherstone-Kite Openwork Basketweave Mark Two Gentleman’s Flying Machine” currently on display in the Workshops Gallery.

Mid-America Science Museum owns four of Emetts sculptures and is the only museum in the United States to have them permanently on display. They have been in the Museums collections for over 40 years.

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An Evans & Sutherland Production

The Oaklawn Foundation Digital Dome Theater makes a perfect time machine because it can recreate moments in time at any pace and at any scale. Although you can’t easily define time, here you can watch its passage and feel it within you.

Mid-America Science Museum has attained the coveted Charity Navigator 4-Star rating for demonstrating strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency.

This is the highest possible rating and indicates that Mid-America adheres to sector best practices and executes its mission in a financially efficient way.

Video Series

Return to the Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs, Arkansas, to learn about thunderstorms by visiting their Plasma Ball and Tesla Coil.

What youll discover might just shock you!

Find Your Us Destination

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The World’s Most Powerful Conical Tesla Coil

Featuring the Worlds Most Powerful Conical Tesla Coil, as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Audiences are taken back in time when harnessed electricity was new to the world and the competition of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. This show features 1.5 million volts of electricity sparking off the coil and is a fan favorite among children of all ages.

The show is free to Museum members. Tickets are available at the admissions desk.

School Groups And Non

SO MUCH FUN at Mid America Science Museum in Hot Springs, Arkansas!

Includes one adult per ten registered students per group

Nothing enhances your science lessons like hands-on experiences! Get your students out of the classroom and explore real world science phenomena with over 100 interactive exhibits in the 65,000 square-foot Museum and throughout the 21 wooded acres surrounding the facility.

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Our Familys Adventures By State

The Bob Wheeler Science Skywalk

As you are crossing the Light Bridge, you will notice a unique structure through the windows to the south, which you can access through a door in the West Wing. Extending 180 feet from the back of the Museum and 40 feet off the ground, the Bob Wheeler Science Skywalk offers a stunning perspective of the 21-wooded acres surrounding the Museum.

Here, you can enjoy the beautiful view, experiment with the electricity that is naturally a part of your own body on the Music Bench exhibit, roll and run in the Rope Bowl, and test your fearlessness on the Rope V-Bridge. In the summers, a special Fog Bridge exhibit will periodically and suddenly appear to surely cool you down. This award-winning installation is the recipient of over 19 awards, including the Peoples Choice and Members Choice Awards from the Arkansas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

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