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What To See At The Whitney Museum

International Centre Of Photography

Donna De Salvo on the Whitney Museum’s America Is Hard to See

The International Center of Photography is a visual storytelling institution that offers stellar exhibitions and a library containing back issues of photography magazines with thousands of biographical files. You can visit A Trillion Sunsets: A Century of Image Overload and Actual Size!: Photography at Life Scale until May 2nd, as well as Southern Rites until June 20th by American photographer, filmmaker, and the 21st century visual activist Gillian Laub . | Website:

Live Music And Events

The Whitney maintains a longstanding commitment to the performing arts, having first featured live music in its galleries in the 1960s.

Today, Whitney Live highlights the intersection of performance and installation, allowing visitors to browse galleries while enjoying the sounds of various live acts, ranging from acoustic to jazz. The museum also features unique performance art exhibitions, many of which utilize choreography, vocal props, and more to provide social commentary.

To learn more about the Whitney Museum of American Art as well as its exhibitions and events, visit the museums website. Explore some of the museum’s artwork in the gallery below.

All photos by Ron Amstutz, courtesy of

Notable Collection And Musicality

A famous piece that you can see at the Whitney is the Music, Pink, and Blue No. 2, made by Georgia OKeeffe in 1918. OKeeffe is the mother of modern American Art. In this piece, she used abstraction to share her emotions toward nature and music . In terms of Photorealism, the museum has the 61 Pontiac of Robert Bechtel, which symbolizes the eras bountiful progress in the 60s. It features the artist and his familys portrait on a canvas where the creamy tones of the wagon draw attention.

On the side, Whitney also houses George Tookers The Subway, which is an exemplary realist painting with a stint of magical elements. Tooker highlighted multiple perspectives with his infinite corridors comprised of people in passing. It is intended to depict post-war feelings such as alienation and unease.

Meanwhile, if you are not into visual art, you can immerse yourself in the museums performing arts initiatives. There are times that Whitney showcases live acts such as jazz music, acoustic, social commentary, dances, and other related exhibitions. The Whitney had been delving into music and holding live performances within the galleries since the 1960s .

Artist and performer Awilda Sterling-Duprey recently performed . . . blindfolded in the midst of #WhitneyBiennial installation. You’ll encounter the product of the performance in the fifth floor gallery. The Biennial is now open to Members, and opens to the public on April 6.

Whitney Museum

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Whitney Museum: All Aboard Renzo Piano’s Steel

Having outgrown New Yorks Upper East Side, the Whitney Museum of American Art has gone downtown, designed by an architect proud still to be a bad boy

Crashing into New Yorks Meatpacking district, like some great Arctic icebreaker washed up from the Hudson and run aground on the High Line, the new Whitney museum makes an unlikely container for a beacon of modern art. It is an awkward hulk, lurching this way and that with a clumsy gait, somehow managing to channel the nearby vernacular of warehouse sheds, refrigeration stores and district heating plants into one gigantic industrial lump.

You have to be brave with a building like this, says its architect, the Pritzker prize-winning, multi-museum designing, 77-year-old Italian Renzo Piano, when we meet in the buildings airy ground floor cafe. The Whitneys collection is about the liberty and freedom of American art, and the building should reflect that. None of these artists were very polite, after all. So why should we be?

The genteel, impeccably tailored Piano might seem an improbable character to scrimp on architectural manners. But he has a fine track record of rebellion. He made his name in the 1970s designing the Pompidou Centre in Paris with Richard Rogers, placing an oil refinery of art into the centre of the beaux-arts Marais. It was an act damned as grotesque vandalism by many at the time, but its uncompromising industrial heft is universally lauded today.

Highlights Of The Whitney Museum Of American Art

Whitney Museum

The Whitney Museum of American Art, or the Whitney, has beautiful views, a friendly environment, delicious food, and art galleries showing the work of some of the nations most creative painters. You dont have to be a museum-goer to enjoy it its open to everyone. If you want to learn more about American art, the Whitney Museum of American Art is a great place to start.

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Whitney Museum Of American Art Insider Tips

Top-down Viewing – To make the most of your visit, you should visit the museum from top to down. A top down viewing lets you check out the most important works at the top and slowly make your way down.

Take the Subway – The easiest way to get to the Whitney Museum in Manhattan is via the subway and exiting at 14th Street. You can take the A, C and E trains to get to 15th and 16th streets at 8th Avenue then take the L train to 14th Street and 8th Avenue. The museum is five-blocks from the stop.

Whitney Museum Shop – Be sure to check out the shop inside the Whitney Museum. You can see unique artworks and aesthetic products which is hard to find elsewhere.

Whitney Museum: America Is Hard To See Exhibition Tells The Stories Of A Nation

Filled with anger and beauty, pleasure and confrontation, the new Whitneys inaugural show reveals a museum unafraid to let the light and the city into the building and its art

Too many museums suffer too much architecture, most of which is intrusive, space wasting and attention-grabbing. The new Whitney Museum of American Art feels like a place for art rather than a museum in which the architecture itself tries too hard to compete. Good heavens, Renzo Pianos new building doesnt even have a giant atrium.

But it does have swanky elevators decorated by the late Richard Artschwager, perhaps the most flamboyant gesture in a building that succeeds almost by its overall reticence. Most of the time you forget about the building altogether and its the art that does the talking.

You have to spend time in the new Whitney to appreciate how good it is as a space to see the museums collection which now fills the building until 27 September and how flexible it will have to become for its temporary shows and for the Whitney Biennial, which is always a bit of a zoo and one of the most picked-over exhibitions in the calendar.

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About Whitney Museum Student Discount

whitney museum always provides a discounted price for students and educators. In April 2022, you sometimes see 10% OFFwhitney museum may resize the saving amount, so you’d better attend it. You can see our Q& A list if you haven’t taken the student discount. While we find a new student discount of whitney museum, we will add it right now. To visit our page will be useful to you before your purchase.

Making The 2022 Biennial: An Interview With The Curators


In advance of the 2022 Biennials opening on April 6, Breslin and Edwards look back on three years of intense collaboration, unforeseen challenges, and communing with artists. Their generative professional and personal partnership and mutual admiration are unmistakable throughout their conversation: Edwards raves about Breslins knack for diplomacy he reveres her rigorous intellect and direct conversational approach with artists. The pair share their process and secrets to organizing an overwhelmingly daunting project. Their guiding principle? Its got to be buck wild. A fitting expression of our strange and precarious times.

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The Whitney Plantation Is The Only Confederate Monument We Should Keep

I went to the Whitney Plantation Museum to see if America is ready to reckon with its past.

St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana

Terra-cotta statues of child slaves are inside of a church at the Whitney Plantation in Wallace, Louisiana January 13, 2015.

The sweltering Louisiana countryside north of New Orleans is full of fields of sugarcane, a crop with long, slender leaves so razor-sharp they will slice the skin on your bare arms into ribbons if you walk past them uncovered. If you get too close to a sugarcane fields edge, you may be stung by fire ants or wasps if you wade into its depths, you risk being bitten by snakes or eaten by alligators.

These fields, worked by enslaved black people until 1865 are anchored with the kind of Big House most Americans might associate with Gone With the Wind or Django Unchained. Many of these plantation houses have become bed-and-breakfasts luxury tourist destinations that routinely serve as wedding venues, where women in white dresses walk down the aisle in a place with few, if any, nods to the enslaved black people who worked the ground on which theyre getting married.

The main plantation house is seen through the bars of a jail, similar to one’s used for slaves, at the Whitney Plantation in Edgard, Louisiana.

Names inscribed on a wall at the Whitney Plantation.

I found myself thinking that everyone should go to the Whitney Plantation, yet knowing that very few ever will.

Are Whitney Museum Tickets Included In Any City Sightseeing Passes

Yes, the best way to see the Whitney and not miss any of the wonders of the city is with theNew York Explorer Pass from 69 , which allows you to visit up to ten attractions in 60 days. Among them, you will be able to enter this gallery, visit the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty or tour the city by bus. If you have time to spare, this is undoubtedly the best alternative for you.

Keep in mind that if you had to see all the attractions on your own, it would be impossible to concentrate them in such a short time, so this is the most efficient way to make the most of your stay without crowds and queues.

Why I like this option: in addition to its good value for money, I recommend the tourist card for including a very complete tour of New York with which you will make the most of your days in this city.

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The Whitney Museum: An Artistic And Architectural Marvel

New York City is home to hundreds of incredible museums, and The Whitney Museum of American Art has a well-earned reputation of being one of the best. Its world-class collection of modern art and innovative architectural design make the Whitney the perfect place to spend a day exploring impressive artwork and enjoying scenic skyline views.

America Is Hard To See

The Top 10 Secrets of the Whitney Museum in NYC

“America Is Hard to See.” So the Whitney calls the inaugural exhibition in its 2015 new home in New York’s Meatpacking District, but take heart: it gets easier and more rewarding once you come closer and start looking.

One could say much the same about the new building, designed by Renzo Piano. Monstrous as one approaches from the north, half-hidden from the east by the High Line, it nonetheless became part of the life of the street even before its public opening. The welcome extends inside, too, where the lobby gallery will remain free to all. The museum will also stay open till 10 three nights a week for the length of that inaugural exhibition, drawn entirely from the permanent collection. And sure, that exhibition deserves your close attention, for its attempt to see a diverse and often divided America. First, though, all eyes will surely be on the museum’s architecture and its future.

Family censure

America Is Hard to See. The line draws on a late poem by Robert Frost, who traces the difficulty all the way back to Christopher Columbus:

Remember he had made the testFinding the East by sailing West. But had he found it? Here he wasWithout one trinket from OrmuzTo save the Queen from family censureFor her investment in his venture.

And now the Whitney has sailed west, to the very edge of Manhattan, at a cost of $422 million and with a capital campaign of nearly twice that.

To crowd but still be kind

What about the wherewithal?

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Whitney Museum Of American Art Guide

Located in a privileged enclave next to the Hudson River and the High Line, this pine library offers the largest collection of American art in the world and spectacular panoramic views of New York.

Nuria Rozas

11 min read

If you are a lover of modern art, one of the must-see stops on your visit to New York is the Whitney Museum, which houses the finest collection of 20th century American art in the world.

But what’s so special about it? Inside, you’ll find many of the iconic paintings of the great realist painter Edward Hopper . So, if you haven’t already done so, I suggest you put this cultural gem on your list of must-sees in Manhattan.

This museum, which has been able to enrapture even Michelle Obama herself, who attended the opening of the new building in 2015, will surprise you. In this article I explain how to get tickets at a very affordable price, the best days of the week to visit it, what works you can’t miss inside and everything you need to know to make the most of your visit. Keep reading!

Review: New Whitney Museums First Show America Is Hard To See

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By Holland Cotter

From outside, Renzo Pianos new Whitney Museum of American Art, set beside the Hudson River, has the bulk of an oil tankers hull. Inside is entirely different. The galleries, with high ceilings, tall windows and soft pine-plank floors, are as airy and light-flooded as the 19th-century sailmakers lofts known to Herman Melville, who worked as a shipboard customs inspector where the Whitney now stands. Art feels at home in them, and the work in the museums top-to-bottom inaugural show is homegrown. Culled from the permanent collection, it imaginatively mixes favorites by Edward Hopper, Georgia OKeeffe and Jasper Johns with objects and artists that the Whitney had all but forgotten.

Its good to see a new museum start with history, and the show, called America Is Hard to See and opening on May 1, is, on the whole, a carefully judged musing on an institutional past. That it could never have been done on the same scale at the Whitney uptown is as good a reason as any to have made a move. The new place, at the southern end of the High Line, has twice the exhibition space of the old one. Big slices of the collection can now be on full-time display, never possible before.

Meanwhile, it gives us some of the most luminous indoor-outdoor art spaces in town in which to think about all of this.

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Curatorial Statementby David Breslin And Adrienne Edwards

Since the start of the pandemic, time has expanded, contracted, suspended, and blurredoften in dizzying succession. We began planning this Biennial in late 2019: before Covid and its reeling effects, before the uprisings demanding racial justice, before the widespread questioning of institutions and their structures, before the 2020 presidential election. Although underlying conditions are not new, their overlap, their intensity, and their sheer ubiquity created a context in which past, present, and future folded into one another. We organized this Biennial to reflect these precarious and improvised times. Many artists contributions are dynamic, taking different forms during the course of the exhibition. Artworks change, walls move, and performances animate the galleries and surrounding objects. The spaces of the Biennial contrast significantly, acknowledging the acute polarity of our society. One floor is a labyrinth, a dark space of containment another is a clearing, open and light filled.

Whitney Biennial 2022: Quiet as It’s Kept is co-organized by David Breslin, DeMartini Family Curator and Director of Curatorial Initiatives, and Adrienne Edwards, Engell Speyer Family Curator and Director of Curatorial Affairs, with Mia Matthias, Curatorial Assistant Gabriel Almeida Baroja, Curatorial Project Assistant and Margaret Kross, former Senior Curatorial Assistant.

Whitney Biennial 2022: Quiet as It’s Kept is presented by

Generous support is provided by

How Is The Whitney Museum

Inside Look at the New Whitney Museum

The new Whitney Museum was designed by Renzo Piano and is located in the developing area of the High Line.

This new building has 8 floors:Ground floor : the main entrance, the box office, there is a shop and a restaurant.

3rd floor: a space called the Education Center with a theater for some events, conferences and shows.

From 5th to 8th floor with exhibition galleries on each floor and a magnificent terrace overlooking the area and almost all of New York and New Jersey.Each floor has a theme, from 1965 to now , 1950-1975 , 1925-1960 , 1910-1940 .

On the top floor there is a large restaurant with tables on the rooftop.

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The Dawn Of An Architectural Paragon

A head-turner amid the bustling street, Whitneys building is an art on display. It covers 50,000 square feet of space for galleries and 13,000 square feet of outdoor space. It was designed by architect Renzo Piano, who rendered it in an asymmetrical form that takes note of the neighborhoods industrial characteristics. The building exudes every contemporary style accompanied by a picturesque overlooking view of the west part of the Hudson River, iconic in New York.

The Whitney houses permanent collections on its two floors, holds special exhibitions on its last floor, and has a 170-seat theatre, conservation lab, paper study center, and library reading room. You can also dine at the Whitney Café or chill at the Studio Bar .

In 2016, the Museum won three recognitions, namely the American Institute of Architects Architecture Honour Award and The Municipal Art Society of New Yorks Best New Urban Amenity, and the MASterworks award. The following year it earned the American Architecture Award from the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture .

The countdown is on! There’s just one month left to see #JasperJohns: Mind/Mirror. The simultaneous retrospective at the Whitney and is the largest of Johns’s monumental seven-decade career. Tickets:

Whitney Museum

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