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The Hunter Museum Chattanooga Tn

Sporting And Entertainment Events

Hunter Museum of American Art | Tennessee Crossroads | Episode 2204.1

A number of pro wrestling events, as well as other events, such as circuses, concerts, ice shows, monster truck rallies, and rodeos, have been held in Chattanooga since the late 1980s, all at ‘s , also known as The Roundhouse because of its round shape and the impact of the railroad industry on Chattanooga. The events include the following:

Boho Dream Wedding At The Hunter Museum

“I feel like I’ve always known who Lee was,” said Erica, when asked how the couple met. Lee is one of those people who seems to know everyone, but Erica was the one who had his attention 6.5 years ago at the iconic Chattanooga bar, T-Bones. “He asked how my boyfriend was. My friend told him we broke up…and then the two of them high fived.”

Erica and Lee’s love story started then and led to a storybook proposal in Italy surrounded by Erica’s family. Family stayed an important part of the story all the way through their wedding day at The Hunter Museum of American Art.

Erica and Lee knew their priorities for their wedding day right away.

  • For Erica’s dad to marry them. They even asked him right after the engagement in Italy!

  • To be as relaxed as possible.

  • A full dance floor.

  • MAJOR florals.

  • “I truly feel like our wedding was special because of the overwhelming joy we experienced, the laid-back atmosphere, and being surrounded by SO much love and laughter,” said Erica.

    The biggest lesson Erica learned through the experience of their wedding day? To pause and soak it all in.

    We hope you enjoy – and are inspired – by Erica and Lee’s wedding!


    Watch Erica + Lee’s Wedding Video by Kacie Yates, Blackbird

    Vendor Team

    Located Near Chattanooga Convention Center & Local Attractions

    Immerse yourself in the downtown Chattanooga experience at Hotel Bo. Our completely renovated hotel is perfectly situated in the heart of the West Village, near the Chattanooga Convention Center and a short walk from well-known attractions including the Tennessee Aquarium and the Hunter Museum of American Art. Stroll from our door to a wide variety of shops, restaurants and bars, as well as breweries and distilleries.

    When youre ready to take a break, unwind in redesigned accommodations with free Wi-Fi, comfy beds and flat-screen TVs. You can also grab a bite whenever you want one at City Café, which is located within the hotel and open 24 hours a day. If you need anything, our friendly staff is here to help. We cant wait to welcome you.

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    Hunter Museum Acquires Portrait Of George Washington

    The Hunter Museum of American Art has acquired a portrait of George Washington as part of its permanent collection.

    It is unknown when American artist Rembrandt Peale created the work, but it is thought to be one of the 70 highly acclaimed portraits of the nations first president Peale painted.

    Peale, who lived from 1778-1860, painted his first portrait of Washington when he was just 17 years old. Eight years prior, Peale watched his father, Charles Wilson Peale, a painter and scientist, paint a portrait of Washington, and that was when the young artist was first introduced to the president.

    Peale the elder was an aide to Washington during the Revolutionary War and founder of Americas first museum.

    It was during the presidents second term when the young artist was given his first opportunity to paint the political leader from life as Washington posed.

    Officials with the museum said the painting has been on loan at the Hunter for several years but was recently purchased with the help of museum acquisition funds coupled with a generous financial gift.

    It is so appropriate for this great American art museum to celebrate its 60th anniversary by adding an image of George Washington to our permanent collection, Executive Director Daniel E. Stetson said in a prepared statement.

    The painting was unveiled to museum patrons last week during an anniversary celebration.

    Visiting The Haunted Hunter Museum Of American Art

    Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga, TN ...

    Are you looking to visit the Hunter Museum of American Art? We absolutely recommend doing so, as it is one of the key highlights of Chattanoogas cultural history. Open Monday through Sunday, the Museum even offers Throwback Thursdays, which includes free admission on the first Thursday of every month from 4PM to 8PM.

    With that said, if youre hoping to hear about the dark side of the Hunter Museums history–including all of its ghostly lore–then theres no better place for you to do so than on one of Ghost Citys ghost tours in Chattanooga.

    Our Chattanooga Ghost Tours

    Are you visiting Chattanooga and looking for something fun to do? Join Ghost City Tours on a spooky Ghost Tour in downtown Chattanooga! We offer guided, walking tours of Chattanooga’s most haunted locations.

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    The Hunter Museum Of American Art


    Located in the heart of Chattanoogas pedestrian-friendly Bluff View Art District, the Hunter Museum of American Art has been a part of the fabric of Tennessees cultural scene for more than 60 years. The building itself represents three distinct architectural stages: the original 1904 Classical revival style mansion, the 1975 addition of a Brutalist building and the modern 2005 wing that now serves as the museums entrance.

    Since opening its doors in 1952, the Hunter has been a destination for art and architecture aficionados from around the world. Its wide-ranging collection of American art from the 1700s to the present day includes everything from historical portraiture to contemporary art. Visitor favourites include French Tea Garden by Frederick Childe Hassam, Helen Frankenthalers Around the Clock with Red, Robert Rauschenbergs Opal Reunion and In the Returnal by Radcliffe Bailey.

    The Hunter Museum has grown and evolved along with the Chattanooga Riverfront area, explains chief curator Nandini Makrandi. The Bluff View Art District is a vibrant hilltop neighbourhood overlooking the Tennessee River with gorgeous architecture that helped usher in the revitalization of Chattanoogas downtown, a process which continues to this day.

    In 2005, Los Angeles architect Randall Stout expanded the museums vision by creating a new wing inspired by the bluff, Tennessee River and local scenery.

    Riverview Terrace 8000 Ft2

    The Riverview Terrace offers a spectacular panorama of the Tennessee River. This 8,000 square foot outdoor terrace boasts views of all three buildings of the museum. This is the perfect space for a wedding ceremony, but it is also a gorgeous location for a seated dinner for up to 300 or standing reception for 750. This area can also be tented to host one grand party. The museums indoor space is available as a back up location in case of rain.

    Banquet: 300 guests

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    What To See Inside This Famous Museum Of American Art:

    Once inside there are two district areas of the museum. The mansion shows colonial period art pieces and sculptures. The modern area boosts present-day artwork. Its amazing how I can find myself walking among so many timeless pieces only to be stopped in my tracts when I swear a piece is speaking to me.

    Along with your journey through the museum, there are outside areas that sit high on the bluff giving you an unforgettable visual of the Tennessee River and the Walnut Street Bridge.

    Building The Hunters Curves

    Chattanooga WorkSpace, Hunter Museum collaborate

    The bright curving stainless steel surfaces on the Hunter Museum use two signature Zahner systems, ZEPPS and the Inverted Seam system. These systems combine to make a roof which curves exactly as the architects original drawings. This curving surface is visibly seamless and completely protects the building against the elements.

    The stainless steel is treated and processed with the Angel Hair mechanical finish, which reduces the glaring hotspots common on more reflective stainless steel, and enhances the sheen and glowing bounce of light that it generates.

    Contractors standing below several recently installed ZEPPS Panels during construction.

    The most efficient and effective way to build these curves is with large ZEPPS assemblies which are produced in the fabrication shop andshipped to the site as preassembled massive panels, as pictured above the construction workers in the reference image, above.

    Each of these ZEPPS lines up with adjacent panels, and includes flexible connections which allow for tolerance if the structural steel that it bolts onto is misaligned. Ensuring the subtle curvatures is crucial, so building in these types of safeguards is an effective way to save time and money during the installation process.

    View of the exposed beams which will soon form the upward-curving awning.

    partially clad in its finished stainless steel surface.

    partially clad in its finished stainless steel surface.

    View of the Preweathered Zinc Museum.

    with rendered ZEPPS Components.

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    Primary And Secondary Education

    Most of Chattanooga’s primary and secondary education is funded by the government. The in Chattanooga, as well as Hamilton County, have fallen under the purview of the since the 1997 merger of the urban Chattanooga City Schools system and the mostly rural Hamilton County Schools system. The was the first public school in the area, established in 1865 after the Civil War. Tyner High School was the first secondary school built east of Missionary Ridge in 1907. It is now the home of . The , the STEM School Of Chattanooga and the are additional public magnet schools.

    Epb’s Gigabit Public Fiber Optic Network

    Beginning in 2009 and continuing through March 2011, when , received service from EPB’s fiber optic network, EPB began to establish its exclusive fiber optic network to its 600 sq mi service area, which covers the greater Chattanooga . In September 2010, EPB became the first municipally-owned utilities company in the United States to offer internet access directly to the public at speeds up to ten gigabit per second. The network has been emulated by at least six other cities in Tennessee and studied by other cities in the U.S. and internationally., ‘s Premier, visited Chattanooga in January 2012 and studied the gigabit network that was supporting critical city safety functions such as police and fire communications infrastructure, equipment and applications. He also inspected wastewater management, storm water management, traffic control and medical diagnostics applications, as well as operations of a smart lighting and camera system that allows the police to control public lighting and see what is happening in heavy crime areas. The use of broadband to carry the video and control signaling has contributed to making Chattanooga’s Coolidge Park a safer place to visit.

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    The Ghosts Of The Hunter Museum Of Art

    For those who work at the Hunter Museum of Art, talk of ghosts and hauntings is the norm.

    According to Katrina Craven, the spokeswoman for the Hunter Museum of American Art, the mansion part of the museum is reportedly haunted by five ghosts. Employees often claim to feel as though they are being watched, and its not uncommon for security who stay late at night to be spooked by shadows moving within the cover of darkness.

    As for these five spirits, only one has been personally identified–poor Miss Augusta Hoffman.

    The Bluff View Art District Outside The Hunter Art Museum:

    Hunter Museum of American Art

    Street art and beautiful art installations can be enjoyed by guests of Chattanooga while walking the streets of the Bluff View Art District. These lovely streets are meant to be strolled and art enjoyed by all who visit. This area of Downtown Chattanooga is home to the free Bluff View Sculpture Gardens, top restaurants, and coffee houses, bakeries and so so much more.

    Visit Hunter Museum online for more information on featured exhibits and more details to make your visit perfect.

    Where to Stay near the Chattanooga Art Museum:

    I highly recommend a luxury stay atThe Edwin Hotel.


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    Hunter Museum Of American Art

    Hunter Museum of American Art

    Museum entrance
    The Faxon-Thomas Mansion, the original section of the museum
    Added to NRHP

    The Hunter Museum of American Art is an art museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The museum’s collections include works representing the Hudson River School, 19th century genre painting, American Impressionism, the Ashcan School, early modernism, regionalism, and post World War II modern and contemporary art.

    The building itself represents three distinct architectural stages: the original 1904 classical revival mansion designed by Abram Garfield, the son of president James A. Garfield, which has housed the museum since its opening in 1952, a brutalist addition built in 1975, and a 2005 addition designed by Randall Stout which now serves as the entrance to the museum.

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    About Hunter Museum Of American Art

    The most elegant space is the Grand Foyer. This beautiful 2,400 square foot area with its 40-foot windows offers stunning views of the Tennessee River. The Foyer easily seats 180 guests banquet style or up to 300 for a standing reception and includes an intimate outdoor terrace.

    Supported Layouts and Capacities

    The 24-hour Terrace offers a stunning view of the Walnut Street bridge overlooking the Tennessee River. This versatile partially covered terrace serves as the perfect spot for intimate wedding ceremonies, receptions, corporate events, and outdoor concerts.

    Supported Layouts and Capacities

    The Auditorium is versatile and can be arranged for a small dinner, set up lecture style or used for an intimate standing reception. The stage is a wonderful setting for a single musician or a band. Audio and visual equipment is available to accommodate a lecture-style setup for up to 100 guests. This area easily seats 80 banquet style or 125 standing. The 1,400 square foot Auditorium is the perfect accompaniment to the Grand Foyer for larger events. These two areas open seamlessly into one another and provide endless set up opportunities. Daytime and multiple day rates available.

    Supported Layouts and Capacities

    The Ghosts Of The Hunter Museum In Chattanooga

    Pro-Trump, pro-gun picture taken in Chattanooga goes viral on Twitter

    Glancing up at the Chattanooga skyline, theres one building that never fails to capture the eye: the Hunter Museum of American Art.

    For nearly a hundred years, this museum has been home to priceless artwork and antiquities, and it remains today one of the most influential properties in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A visit to the city just simply isnt complete until youve made a stop at the Hunter Museum.

    Seated up on the bluff, this converted mansion is a testimony to the determination and philanthropy that Chattanooga locals naturally exhibit. But for all of its famed art and historical prevalence within the City, the Hunter Museum once played a key role in one of the most notable mysteries that Tennessee has ever seen.

    And if you believe the rumors, the poor victim of this crime is said to still haunt the Hunter Museum of American Art today.

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    The Mysterious Murder Of Augusta Hoffman

    They say it is Aunt Gussies skeleton and that we murdered her — Mrs. Bennett, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1924

    It was 1915 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and sixty-year-old Augusta Hoffman was living with her sister and her sisters family at No. 15 Bluff View, just next door to the Hunters grand estate. In fact, the Hoffman and Bennett family actually were the familys tenants. While they may not have mingled on a daily basis, they were familiar with each other in a way that only neighbors can be.

    According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Augusta Hoffman was a pathetic old woman, living as a boarder with her sister, Nancy Bennett, and her nephew, William. Despite owning a small bit of property in Knoxville, Hoffman did not make enough money to be self-sufficient and so she took up needlepoint for Mrs. Mollie McGraw, a local dressmaker. Sometimes she made dresses for Mrs. J. S. Hunt next door at No. 13 Bluff View, but most of the time, Augusta remained in the house.

    Then, one day in 1915, Augusta Hoffman disappeared.

    No authorities were called. The Bennetts claimed that Augusta had up and married a man in Knoxville. Mrs. Bennett, Williams wife, later told police that Augusta left our home, saying that she was going to Knoxville and marry a man there named Brown. She was always very secretive about her private affairs.

    Finding the Body

    One workers hammer came back up with a chunk of bone. Allegedly, he said, Thats funny, and proceeded to dig some more.

    Paley Terrace 1410 Ft2

    The Paley Terrace is a stunning location for any small event. With breathtaking views of the Walnut Street Bridge, this is the place to be during the amazing sunsets over the river. Named after the wrought iron sculpture that defines this space, the Paley Terraces 1,400 square feet is perfect for a cocktail party for 75 or seated dinner for 40.

    Banquet: 40 guests

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    The Rich And The Famous

    In 1904, Ross Faxon hired a Cincinnati architectural firm called Mead and Garfield to design a home for his family. Faxon himself was rich as croesus–naturally, he was an insurance broker–and within a few short months he and his family had moved into the Edwardian-style mansion on the bluff. It was built with hand-carved woodwork, and even today, the sconces, fixtures, and even the acanthus leaf and fruit-and-flower ornamental motifs are original.

    For almost a decade, the Faxon family called the Bluff home before selling it off. It was not until 1920 that the property landed in the hands of one of Chattanoogas most prominent families: the Thomas.

    Anne Taylor Thomas, the widow of Benjamin F. Thomas, was the propertys buyer. Before his death, her husband Benjamin had been one of the founders of Coca-Cola–yes, that Coca-Cola bottling company.

    Interestingly enough, Benjamin Thomas nephew had moved to Chattanooga the same year that the mansion had been built–1904. George Thomas Hunter would later own the property itself, but at the young age of 17, he had a ways to go. He sent years working as a clerk at his uncles Coca-Cola company. He then climbed the ranks to a secretarial position, then later he was given the role of president. By the time he became a chairman of the board and had inherited the company from his uncle, the Coca-Cola business had taken over the country.

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