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The Corning Museum Of Glass

Corning Museum Of Glass Admission Ticket

Jason Howard Live-streamed Studio Demonstration

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Corning Museum Of Glass Tickets

As of fall 2021, advanced tickets are required to visit the Corning Museum of Glass, which can be purchased online. Tickets have timed entry, but this is just to ensure everyone doesn’t arrive all at once. Once you are at CMoG, there’s no limit on how long you can stay.

Tickets cost $20 for adults, $17 for seniors and military members, and $10 for local residents. Anyone under the age of 17 gets in for free.

Your ticket is good for two consecutive days, and includes all the exhibits, galleries, and glass demos.

Tickets for Make Your Own Glass projects must be booked separately.

Grab A Bite To Eat At The Cafe

The Corning Museum of Glass has a fantastic cafe offering a wide variety of food. The food options are especially great given how large the museum is and the extent of time you will spend here. It was great to break up my visit to the Corning Museum of Glass with a bit to eat for lunch.

There is both indoor and outdoor seating available. Given that I visited in the summer, I choose to eat outside to get some fresh air.

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What Do You Do When There Are Missing Pieces

Many of the objects that come into the lab for treatment have missing pieces. The first step is to examine the object and decide whether or not those losses need to be filled. People expect to see damage on archaeological objects, so losses in archaeological glass are often not filled, especially if they are small and dont distract from the overall appearance of the object. If there are many losses or large losses that interfere with the structural stability or interpretation of the object, at least some of the losses need to be filled.Fills are made out of synthetic resin, usually epoxy, which is dyed to match the color of the glass. We use several techniques to make the fills, but most are a done through a casting and molding process either directly on the object or with a plaster intermediary fill. If handles or other decorative elements are missing we can sometimes make a mold of a matching element on the object itself or from an identical object. If we dont have a good idea of what the missing element looked like, we wont make a replacement for it. Similarly, if the missing area has painted or enameled decoration, we only reproduce it on our fill if we are certain of what was there. For example, we would continue a repeated geometric pattern or line, but we would not re-create a figure.

Watch A Glass Blowing Demonstration


After checking out the museum, head to a live glass blowing demonstration. The glass blowing demonstration allows you to watch as one of the glassblowers or gaffers creates a piece. Watching the live glass blowing demonstration was terrific! The demonstration made me appreciate glass blowing even more and showed what glassmakers do in the glass studio.

Demonstrations occur throughout the day, so make sure to check the times once you arrive at the Corning Museum of Glass. The area to watch the demonstrations is quite large, so make sure to snag a seat front and center to get a good view. I arrived approximately 10 minutes before the demonstration started to get my seat.

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About Corning And The Region

Corning, NY is in the southern Finger Lakes region and is home to Corning Incorporated, a Fortune 500 company and one of the worlds leading innovators in materials science. The Gaffer District in the towns historic downtown has more than a hundred shops, art studios, galleries, antique shops, restaurants, and bars featuring wine and craft-beer tastings. Corning also features the Rockwell Museum and Palace Theatre, along with annual events like GlassFest. Cornell University’s Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art is nearby in Ithaca and the Arnot Art Museum is in nearby Elmira. Corning dates to the late 18th century and historical sites dot the region.

Corning Glass Works moved to Corning from Brooklyn, NY in 1868, and for more than150 years Corning Incorporated has maintained its headquarters in Corning, providing an economic base and bringing employment opportunities and a steady stream of international business leaders to the Crystal City. Corning Incorporated is a major supporter of The Corning Museum of Glass and other nonprofit organizations and ensures that Corning has top-rated public, charter and private schools resulting in a very desirable place to live and work.

What Are The Association Of Science

ASTC, NARM, and ROAM programs make it possible for members at one museum to enjoy benefits of membership at another participating museum. Members of The Corning Museum of Glass at the Donor level and above will receive discounted or free admission at cultural institutions participating in these reciprocal membership programs upon presenting their specially-marked membership card.

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Visit Two Museums And Save

You also may save money by purchasing a combination ticket to visit both The Corning Museum of Glass and The Rockwell Museum located in Corning’s Gaffer District.

The pass is valid for two consecutive days at each museum, and you may enter and exit both museums as you please. A free shuttle runs between The Corning Museum of Glass and Tioga Avenue every 15 minutes. Combination Passes purchased online must be picked up at The Corning Museum of Glass Admissions Lobby before visiting The Rockwell Museum.

Why Must Glass Be Cooled Slowly

Cedric Mitchell | Guest Artist

When glass is cooled too quickly below 950º F tremendous strain is created. Like many materials, glass expands as it heats and shrinks as it cools. When glass is allowed to cool quickly it cools unevenly, which in turn creates strain . Slow cooling forces the entire object to cool evenly, minimizing strain.

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What Types Of Designs Are Offered

The Museum Shops are offering select designs representing the full range of the Steuben brand, including art glass, collectibles, desk accessories, tabletop décor, stem and barware, and customizable pieces such as commemorative items and awards. Classic forms like hand coolers and animals are also available, alongside iconic designs from decades past as part of the Iconic Reintroductions series, as well as entirely new pieces from established Steuben designers.

Steuben also offers signature collectibles to commemorate special occasions, including an annual Christmas ornament series. In addition, special commissions are also accepted and designs from a wide variety of categories can be personalized. Just look for the Personalization indicator in the item description online.

Do I Need An Appointment To Use The Library

Yes, an appointment is required to visit the Library which is open 10am to 4pm Monday – Thursday. For more information about scheduling an appointment, see our Plan your Visit guide. While the Library cannot currently accommodate walk-in visitors, staff will make every effort to accept same-day appointments to browse or use our collections during our open hours. To schedule a visit with less than 48 hours notice, please email us at or call the reference desk at +1 438-5300.

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Experience The Corning Museum Of Glass

The Corning Museum of Glass is open daily from 9 a.m. 5 p.m., and 9 a.m. 8 p.m. from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Admission is $20 for adults and $17 for seniors . There are discounts for students, as well as AAA and military members. Kids and teens are free! Also available is a combination ticket with the Rockwell Museum.

The Museum is once again participating in the Blue Star Museums program, offering free Museum admission to all active military and their families through Labor Day.

Enjoy free admission to the Museum on MLK Jr. Day and Sparkle Weekend, the first weekend in December.

See what others have to say about The Corning Museum of Glass on TripAdvisor.

How Do I Access Glassapp

At a Glance Series: Corning Museum of Glass « American Bus Association

Access GlassApp by connecting to the “GlassApp & Free WiFi” network in the Museum, or visit in the web browser on your iPhone, Android, other mobile device, desktop, laptop, or tablet. You do not need to be connected to WiFi to access GlassApp, it can also be accessed in your smartphone’s internet browser using cellular data.

Follow these instructions to connect on your Apple device in the Museum:

  • Open the Settings app and touch Wi-Fi.
  • Make sure Wi-Fi is ON.
  • Touch GlassApp & Free WiFi from the list of available networks.
  • Touch “Connect.”

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How Does The Bubble Appear Without Blowing

Glassmakers often start the glassblowing process by the blow and cap method, wherein pressurized air is trapped in the pipe by the thumb. This air forms a bubble in the glass after a short delay. The delay is caused by a temperature differential in the glass. Near the pipe, the glass is cooled by the pipe head which is 1,000 degrees cooler than the glass. Some say the bubble is formed simply from the pressure of the initial breath, some say that air trapped in the blowpipe is heated by the hot glass and expands, forming the bubble. As gasses heat, they expand in accordance with Charles Law.

Can You Use Glass Or Glassworking Techniques To Repair Glass

The short answer is no. Heating any glass is dangerous. Glass is very sensitive to sudden temperature changes which can cause it to shatter or crack. Heating can also cause a piece to change shape or color. Making new glass pieces to fill losses in an object is not feasible because it is nearly impossible to create the exact shape and size that is needed.Cold-working techniques, such as polishing, are not used because they remove original material from the object and change the dimensions/shape of the object. They also put added stress on objects which could cause further damage. Very rarely a contemporary art work, in which a perfect surface is integral to the meaning of the piece, may be re-polished by a skilled glass worker and often with the artists involvement.In the past people have used fragments from similar ancient glass to fill in losses in almost complete objects or even joined two partial objects to create a complete object, but these practices are no longer considered acceptable.

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Does The Library Have Information On Pyrex

Yes. The Library has hundreds of trade catalogs, advertisements, books, special collections, and other materials, some of which are available on the Pyrex Potluck website. You may also search our online catalogs for additional materials. For information about making an appointment to view collection materials, please see our Plan Your Visit guide.

Where To Park For Corning Museum Of Glass

Martin Janecky Guest Artist Demonstration

First off, when you look up the directions, you dont want to type in Corning Museum of Glass. What you actually want is the Corning Museum of Glass Welcome Center.

This is where you are going to park. Its incredibly easy to find, because it is right off the highway . You can see the welcome center banner from the highway. The Welcome Center is in the middle of the parking lot, and you can park on either side.

Currently, the welcome center itself is closed. What that really means is you just cant expect to go to the bathroom there, so youll have to hold it a few more minutes till you get to the actual museum.

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Enjoy The Downtown Area

I found the Gaffer District to be full of quaint shops and charming cafes. There were artist studios, antique shops, craft breweries, and the Corning Incorporated World Headquarters, where the original Corning Glass factory was located. I enjoyed browsing around a puzzle store that had more puzzles than you can imagine.

Why Visit Corning Museum Of Glass

I have always wanted to go to the Corning Museum of Glass .

And when I saw a billboard advertising their make your own glass pumpkins, I HAD to visit during the fall and make a glass pumpkin !

At first thought, it may seem like a museum all about glass would be pretty boring. But everyone who had been here actually found it really cool. And seriouslyglass is freakin cool!

They ARE open RIGHT NOW, and have implemented safety protocols, so now is a great time to visit.

Ill explain everything, from where to park, what its like to visit in 2020 , to whether make your own glass was actually worth it or not.

Plus, I have a million amazing pictures of the ridiculously cool exhibits. If you want to see all the pictures, check out this page.

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How Do You Make The Glue Lines Disappear

Breaks and cracks in glass become visible because light moves through the air that is trapped in the crack differently than through the glass. Because light moves through materials with similar refractive indexes in similar ways, we can minimize the visibility of glue lines by using an adhesive that has a refractive index similar to glass. Glasses of different compositions have different refractive indexes. Lead glass, for example, has a higher refractive index than soda-lime glass. Luckily there are two stable epoxy resins that we can use to repair glass, one with a refractive index close to lead glass and the other with a refractive index close to soda glass. When the refractive index of the glass and the glue are very close and the break edges are clean and undamaged, the glue lines are almost invisible.On close inspection, fine lines are still always visible along the break edges, as a result of microscopic chips missing from the very edges of the breaks.

A New Way To Look At Glass

Museum Publications

Ever been to a museum entirely focused around a single material? Ever thought of glass as more than just something you drink out of? At the Corning Museum of Glass, you’ll gain a whole new perspective about a seemingly common place material. Spend a half-hour at a Hot Glass Show, witnessing a molten blob transform into something exquisite and you’ll never look at glass the same way again.

With over 3,500 years of history housed in a building designed to mimic the flow of glass, the Corning Museum of Glass is home to the largest collection of art glass in the world. Travel through centuries of glassmaking, from the early core forming of the Mesopotamians, to the beautiful stained glass windows of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Learn how the Romans discovered glass blowing and see the handiwork of Venetian masters. Walk through an entire gallery dedicated to Corning, and learn how it came to be known as the ‘Crystal City.’

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What Is Available At The Library

The Library contains the most comprehensive collection in the world on the subject of the art and history of glass and early glassmaking, and techniques for glass artists. Visit the Library website to explore our online catalog, research guides, full-text rare books, archives, exhibitions, news about the Library, and more.

Where Can I Buy New Steuben

Corning Inc. has exclusively licensed the Corning Museum of Glass to sell new Steuben, and it is currently available through the Museum Shops, either online or at the Museum, through, and at our authorized retailer George Watts & Son in Milwaukee, Wis. All proceeds from these sales benefit the not-for-profit Museum.

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More Than A Glass Museum

The Corning Museum of Glass is much more than a museum it’s a hands-on educational experience. Become a glassmaker yourself at the Make Your Own Glass workshop. For an additional fee, you can design your own glass flower, ornament, bead, fusing, or sandblasting project. Throughout the year check out the seasonal designs available like pumpkins in the Fall, snowmen in the Winter, and hearts at Valentine’s Day. Sign up for a 40-minute glassmaking session, and create a piece you’ll cherish forever. Imagine having a piece of glass you made yourself? It’s a unique and exceptional experience.

The Shops consume an entire floor of the museum and contains a variety of stores and shops with glass from all areas of the world. Find everything from books on glass to jewelry and sculptures worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Wander through the Steuben section of The Shops, and see the works Steuben gaffers have created. Sales benefit the education department at CMoG.

Does Glass Continue To Flow Even At Room Temperature

Kristina Logan Guest Artist Demonstration

Glass does not flow once it reaches room temperature. The myth that glass flows over time has been perpetuated for years. You may have heard from your high school science teacher that the glass in an old stained glass window thickens at the bottom because it has flowed down over time. The glass in these windows is, in fact, often of varying thickness, but that is because of how the sheets of glass were made. There are many glass objects thousands of years older than those windows that show no sign of flow. Scientists at Corning Incorporated have conducted experiments simulating millions of years of gravity on glass and have proven that even on a geologic time scale, glass does not flow.

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