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National Museum Of Industrial History

Iron And Steel Production

NMIH Ocean Spray Meet the Manufacturer

Next up at the National Museum of Industrial History comes iron and steel. If you dont know the basics of iron and steel production as well as its evolution prior to visiting the museum, you will now. This tutorial is done well with graphics, models, and some animation. I even heard Lolly say under her breath, Interesting.

Once you have the basics of production under your belt, NMIH takes you through the modern evolution of steel applications: buildings and skyscrapers, military, bridges, automotive, etc. One part of the exhibit gives a nod to Elijah Otiss invention of the elevator this innovation, of course, helped spur the building of higher and higher buildings.

In the foreground is a display of different types of steel beams used in the construction of some of Americas iconic towering structures including the Chrysler Building in Chicago.

Along the way, you will gain a sense for the steelworkers themselves: where they came from , working conditions, the labor strikes and eventual unionization of the workforce, and other challenges.

America’s Best History Spotlight

On this page we’re going to Spotlight the lesser knownhistoric sites and attractions that dot the history landscape across the USA and are worth a visit if you’re in their area. And while they may be lesser known, some are very unique, and will be that rare find. You’ll be, at times, on the ground floor, or maybe even know something others don’t. It’ll be fun. Visit them.

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Propane Development & Application

NMIH ends its march through industrial history with the commercialization of propane. Why propane? Perhaps because the story of propane is, at a high level, similar to that of gasoline. Just as gasoline was for decades an unusable byproduct of kerosene production, propane is a byproduct of the gasoline production process.

Admission Hours And Directions

Permanent Exhibits

Thank you for your interest in visiting the National Museum of Industrial History, a Smithsonian Affiliate. We aim to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. If you dont find the information you are looking for on this page feel free to reach out to us via email at or calling us at 610.694.6644.

As of 3/2/2022 masks are optional for vaccinated individuals inside the Museum or in the outdoor Foundry Park and Museum Plaza.

Hours: The Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Please note the museum will be closed for a private event 9/17/2022.The museum will be closed Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.

Tickets:Tickets are available at the admission desk inside the museum or online here.Children : FreeYouth : $10Students: $10Veterans/Educators/Seniors : $12Adults : $15

Special Discount Days:Senior Days: Every first Wednesday of the month, half price tickets for all senior citizens age 65 and older.Student Days: first Thursday of each month will feature half price tickets for studentsFamily Sundays: free admission to all children under 12 years old when accompanied by an adult

Group Discounts:For more information on visiting NMIH with your group, please see our Group Tours page.

Self Guided Mobile ToursEnhance your experience with one of our self-guided tours of the museum or SteelStacks campus using your own phone or device. Inquire at our admission desk for details.

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A Guide To The National Museum Of Industrial History

As a seasoned engineer , I am a sucker for how engineers, machinists, technicians and inventors of all sorts from back-in-the-day figured out ways to do things that were here-to-for not possible. Luckily, theres a museum the National Museum of Industrial History in Bethlehem, PA for folks who like learning about how America developed its industrial might.

Note: This post is written by my husband and trusty travel partner, Pop.

The National Museum of Industrial History houses displays about early American industrial development.

Exploring Pennsylvanias Industrial Past At The National Museum Of Industrial History In Bethlehem

Jim CheneyDisclosure:

Pennsylvania has a rich industrial history. From the discovery of coal to the states vast forests and oil reserves, there have been many industries that impacted the state over the years. However, few of these industries are as synonymous with the state as the steel industry.

When you think of Pennsylvanias steel industry, its likely that Pittsburgh is the first place to come to mind. However, on the opposite side of the state, steel was also a major industry. In fact, Bethlehem Steel, which was located in the Lehigh Valley, was, at one time, the countrys second-largest steel producer and the countrys largest shipbuilder.

While Bethlehem Steel closed their Bethlehem steel mill in 1995, it marked the end of an era in the city. However, over the years, parts of the former steel mill have come back to life with concerts, a historical walking path along the remaining blast furnaces, and now, a museum.

The National Museum of Industrial History had been in the works for nearly three decades before opening its doors to the public in August 2016. In fact, the National Museum of Industrial History was the very first Smithsonian affiliate museum, setting the groundwork for the program that now benefits over 200 museums around the country.

The museum is broken into four different sections, each focusing on a different aspect of industrial history that effected both Pennsylvania and the entire country.

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National Museum Of Industrial Revolution

What is related here is not only the history of the industrial revolution, or even that of Bethlehem Steel, it is the history of work in the United States for over one hundred years. From the late 19th century until twenty-five years ago, almost every town in America had factories of steel, textile, or plastics lining the riverbanks and rail lines, providing well paying, important middle class jobs to families and building an America that would power and even dominate the world. You’ll see examples of that work, or what real power was before semi-conductors made miniturization the watchword of industrial output. It’s in many ways, the story of lives all across the United States.So take a break from the casino or Musikfest one day and walk into the NMIH. Geez, take a break from staring at your phone. It’s a breathtaking example of what America became over one hundred years, and, to be honest, what we’ve just got to get back to some day soon, or we might just succumb to the fate of the South in the Civil War, unable to provide the necessary items during a time of strife, because those we used to think were friends are making the tough things of life, and we are at the mercy of them to provide it instead of making it ourselves.Image above: Exterior of the NMIH with large gear display. The National Museum of Industrial History is housed in an original building of the Bethlehem Steel Company.

The National Museum Of Industrial History

Permanent Exhibits

602 E 2nd St,Region: Lehigh Valley

Experience the history of baseball at the National Museum of Industrial History’s newest exhibit, Making Americas Pastime. The exhibit features iconic memorabilia, including uniforms worn by Bethlehem Steel League players dating back a century, and an interactive section where you can spell out your last name on a jersey! is the official tourism website of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, Tom Wolf, Governor© Copyright 2021 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. All rights reserved.

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National Museum Of Industrial History Opens In Bethlehem

After 19 years

A former Bethlehem Steel mill has been converted into a Smithsonian affiliate.

Visitors to the new National Museum of Industrial History, open today in Bethlehem, will be engaging with history before they even set foot inside the museum. Its built on the nations largest privately-owned brownfield site, in what was Bethlehem Steels electric repair shop.

The museum documents Americas transition from agrarian to industrial. Visitors will learn about all facets of industrialization, from the rise of the steel mills and textile industry to labor movements and protests. Much of that history has its roots in Pennsylvania, which is why the state draws a lot of the focus in the initial exhibits.

Every global story has a local element and if we want people to connect, there has to be a person, an invention that started in a local place, said executive director Amy Hollander. And then, how did that local story become a global one?

The museum is interactive: there are scavenger hunts and audio recordings to listen in on. See how much horsepower you can generate with a hand-cranked flywheel train engine, or try holding a 20 pound tray of bobbins from the silk mill.

The NMIH was the first museum to be named a Smithsonian affiliate, meaning it will host exhibits from the Smithsonian collection on loan. While the museum was being developed, others have become affiliates as well.

19 years and counting

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National Museum Of Industrial History

National Museum of Industrial History

National Museum of Industrial History in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Location within Pennsylvania
602 East 2nd Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, U.S.

The National Museum of Industrial History , housed in the former facility of Bethlehem Steel in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is a museum affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution that seeks to preserve, educate, and display the industrial history of the nation. It holds a collection of artifacts from the textile, steel and iron, and propane gas industries. The NMIH holds a significant collection of industrial machinery on loan from the Institute’s National Museum of American History. The museum also has a large collection of documents, machinery, photographs, and other archival material from Bethlehem Steel.

The museum made its debut in August 2016 with the goal to “forge a connection between America’s industrial past and the innovations of today by educating the public and inspiring the visionaries of tomorrow”. The $7.5 million museum has four exhibitions each focusing on a different aspect of industrial history that affected both Pennsylvania and the rest of the country. The museum showcases the nation’s industrial past by highlighting the machinery and the lives of workers at that time period.

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