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Museum Of Modern Art Nyc Free

Moma Has Two Locations In Midtown Manhattan And Queens

Highlights from MoMA Studio

SunFri, 10:30 a.m.5:30 p.m.Sat, 10:30 a.m.7:00 p.m.

Open today, 10:30 a.m.5:30 p.m.

  • Monday mornings from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. are reserved exclusively for members and their guests.

  • Free admission for New York City residents on the first Friday evening of every month, from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m., is made possible by UNIQLO.

  • Both locations are closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas MoMA PS1 is also closed on New Years Day.

  • Our stores and have different hours.

11 West 53 Street, Manhattan

Officers And The Board Of Trustees

Currently, the board of trustees includes 46 trustees and 15 life trustees. Even including the board’s 14 “honorary” trustees, who do not have voting rights and do not play as direct a role in the museum, this amounts to an average individual contribution of more than $7 million. The Founders Wall was created in 2004, when MoMA’s expansion was completed, and features the names of the actual founders in addition to those who gave significant gifts about a half-dozen names have been added since 2004. For example, Ileana Sonnabend‘s name was added in 2012, even though she was only 15 when the museum was established in 1929.

Buying Tickets Online Is Better

When you visit the most exquisite art museum in the world, you must stand in two lines at the ticket counter to purchase your tickets and the security check.

If you buy your Modern Art Museum tickets online, much in advance, you can skip the long lines at the ticket counter and quickly go through the security.

Depending on the day and season, this saves you 15 to 45 minutes of waiting time.

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Free Admission To Moma

The MoMa offers free admission for certain segments of the population. Here are all the details:

  • MoMa members and partners: Members and partners will enjoy free and unlimited access to MoMA, subject to capacity restrictions. Tickets must be reserved in advance, indicating the time of access. And on Monday mornings from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., access to the museum is limited to members, so that they can comfortably visit the collection.
  • Student or artistgroups and associations
  • Schools and universities, including teaching staff
  • Children under 16 years of age
  • Staff of other museums, the American Association of Museums and the International Council of Museums
  • Government employees, United Nations, active duty U.S. Army, and military families with dependents’ cards: free admission.

Information on all groups is available here.

The Museum Of Modern Art11 West 53rd Street Between 5th And 6th Avenues

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York #Museum#uptown#

TICKETS: Free tickets for New Yorkers must be reserved in advance, will be released on MoMAs website one week in advance of each UNIQLO NYC Night, and are subject to proof of residency.

The Museum of Modern Art will host its next UNIQLO NYC Night, at The Museum of Modern Art on August 5th, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. UNIQLO NYC Nights offer free admission to New York City residents and extended hours on the first Friday of every month.

On these first Fridays, all visitors will have extended-hours access to enjoy MoMAs must-see dynamic collection and temporary exhibitions, while the second-floor café and Museum store also remain open late. For first Fridays during the summer months, enjoy music by DJs from The Lot Radio along with beer, cocktails, and more at a pop-up bar .

Free tickets for New Yorkers must be reserved in advance, will be released on MoMAs website one week in advance of each UNIQLO NYC Night and are subject to proof of residency. Same-day film tickets for screenings after 4:00 p.m. on first Fridays are also free for New Yorkers and will be available on-site.

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Aparcadoiro Preto Do Moma

Se pensas ir ata o MoMA, podes aparcar o teu coche nun dos dous aparcamentos próximos ao Museo.

Aparcadoiro ICON está na 1330 da Sexta Avenida con entradas entre a Quinta e a Sexta Avenida. Custa 35 dólares por ata catro horas.

Garaxe 1345 está no 101-41 W. 54 St. entre a sexta e a sétima avenida e custa 24 dólares durante ata catro horas.

Deberás validar os tickets de aparcamento no vestíbulo do Museo.

How Much Do Moma Tickets Cost

The cheapest tickets for the MoMa are priced from 20 euros at Hellotickets and it is a perfect option if you want to avoid wasting time at the ticket office. Something you won’t regret, because the MoMa’s collection comprises almost 200,000 pieces and every minute is gold!

This price is indicative as it may suffer alterations if it is a weekend, in high season or depending on demand.

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Make The Most Of Your Moma Visit

What famous paintings can I see at MoMA?

Theres a star-studded catalogue of modern masterpieces at MoMA. Van Goghs The Starry Night, Dalís The Persistence of Memory, and Monets Water Lilies triptych are some of the biggest draws the museum has to offer.

Other famous works of art include Pablo Picassos Les Demoiselles dAvignon, Frida Kahlos Fulang-Chang and I, Andy Warhols Campbells Soup Cans, and The Lovers by René Magritte.

Whether youre after abstract art, or you simply want to admire pieces by some of the greatest artists to ever stand in front of a canvas, MoMA has something to offer for everyone.

Should I visit MoMA or the Met?

If youve only got a New York minute, choosing between museums can be tough. Luckily both are incredible institutions, so whatever you decide youll experience world-class cultural icons.

If youre an art lover who doesnt want to miss their chance to see some of the most famous artworks ever made, then get yourself some MoMA tickets. Its where youll find your Van Goghs, Picassos, and Warhols.

If you want a more diverse timeline, youll find relics dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt at the Met. Their collection also includes art from European masters, but the focus at the Met is spread wider, with everything from musical instruments and African masks to art deco and mummies.

Does MoMA have a day you can get in for free?

Currently MoMAs ‘Free Friday Nights’ have been suspended as part of their health and safety protocols.

Que Ver No Museo De Arte Moderna

The New MOMA: Museum of Modern Art reopening after 4-month renovation, expansion

Museo de Arte Moderna, Nova York alberga algunhas das obras de arte máis famosas de artistas como Picasso, Cezanne, Dalí, Gauguin, Monet, Van Gogh e outros.

A colección do MoMA abrangue seis pisos. E é unha tarefa bastante desalentadora para un visitante explorar todo isto durante unha única visita.

Non te preocupes, xa que a continuación presentamos os aspectos máis destacados do MoMA:

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Entrada Sen Colas Para O Moma

Este billete de visita autoguiada permíteche acceder tanto á colección permanente como ás exposicións temporais de rotación regular.

Con este billete, tamén tes dúas cousas de balde: a audioguía do MoMA e o acceso ao MoMA PS1.

Prezo da entrada

Ticket adulto : $ 25Entrada para maiores : $ 18Ticket de estudante : $ 14Ticket infantil : Entrada gratuíta

O Museo de Arte Moderna ofrece unha audioguía gratuíta para todos os visitantes.

A audioguía está dispoñible en inglés, francés, alemán, italiano, español, portugués, chinés, xaponés e coreano.

Podes escoller numerosos percorridos, cada un seguindo un camiño diferente dentro do museo.

Algúns son aptos para nenos, mentres que outros son para visitantes con menos tempo.

Con arredor 100 opcións de tour, os visitantes case sempre atopan o que queren.

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Continue to Page to Keep Reading

The following is an excerpt of the full page

Danielle de Jesus. Jose and Gina. 2022. Acrylic on U.S. currency. 7 13/16 × 6 1/8″ .

La Finca Garden is easy to missits located on a narrow lot on a commercial street in Bushwick. But it was one of the first stops for artist Danielle de Jesus, whose work is featured in Life Between Buildings, after she returned to the neighborhood where she grew up. Jose, the head gardener at La Finca, remembers meeting Danielle: She got out of this taxi and said: Just leave me in front of that little yard because I want to see if it’s still there. And I see this young lady come crossing the street with that big smile on her face. Danielle created a portrait of Jose and his wife Gina on this dollar bill, one of many of her explorations of green spaces in Bushwick.

Danielle, Jose, and Gina sat down to discuss the garden as a site of communion, Bushwick’s Nuyorican culture, and a history of the Puerto Rican flag you might not know. Hear their conversation below.

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Museum Of Modern Art Skip

  • Visit the MoMA without wasting any time in line
  • Admire countless works of modern art by artists including Andy Warhol and Vincent van Gogh
  • Experience more contemporary art with free admission to MoMA PS1

Avoid wasting any time in line and enter The Museum of Modern Art right away. You’ll get immediate access to some of the worlds most famous works of modern and contemporary art, including Andy Warhols Gold Marilyn Monroe and Vincent van Goghs The Starry Night, as well as pieces by Jasper Johns, Jackson Pollock, Elizabeth Murray, Cindy Sherman and several other great artists of our time. The collection also features photography, architecture, design, film, media and performance art. With shopping and dining options, MoMA offers a complete experience in the world of modern art that people of all ages can enjoy.

Your ticket also includes admission to MoMA PS1. Once a school building in Long Island City, the building showcases a variety of art exhibitions all year round, ranging from artist retrospectives to site-specific installations. The exhibition space also offers a full roster of music and performance programming.

  • The experience complies with government regulations
  • Areas frequented by visitors are regularly disinfected
  • Hand sanitizers are provided for staff and visitors
  • All gear/equipment is sanitized between use
  • How To Do The Free Friday Night Moma

    Did you know MOMA offers free admission on Friday nights and to Abby ...

    One of the beauties of sightseeing in New York is taking advantage of the free museum nights, which is Friday. If you choose MoMA expect a 15-minute line-up to get in, which is actually faster than it sounds. Consider that the line-up will wrap around the block — but the line will move at 4:00 sharp I arrived a few minutes before 4:00 and entered by 4:15. I was relieved.Once you’re in expect crowds in every room and floor. That did not detract from my enjoyment of the modern art, photography, design and sculpture.As for the art itself, MoMA is top-notch and your pleasure will depend on what kind of art you enjoy. Me, I love photography and was satisfied with the pictures I saw. I’ll leave it to the other reviewers to discuss the art in detail. Just wanted to mention free Friday.And wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be on your feet for a few hours.


    Having heard rave reviews about the MOMA, we went along and expected to be dazzled by magnificent art. I guess we went at the wrong time, as the featured exhibition left us completely cold. I won’t mention the artists name, but to have to go right to the top of the MOMA seeing exhibit after exhibit of what appeared to be dumped glass and rock or splodges of paint circles had us scratching our heads. The building is great, but for me I would have liked to see some art I could “get”.

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    American Museum Of Natural History

    Residents of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut can enter the museum for free. Two things to note about the free entry at his museum.

    If you want to get tickets in advance online, you must pay the full price.

    Also, when you enter for free, you will not have access to the Hayden Planetarium Show or the IMAX.

    See our post on how to visit the American Museum of Natural History.

    Moma Ps1 Opening Hours

    Apart from the fact that MoMA tickets also allow you to visit the MoMA PS1, you should plan to visit MoMA PS1 for its one-of-a-kind exhibitions aimed at helping visitors learn about New York City, its history, and its thriving and progressive art world.

    Sunday to Monday: 12 PM 6 PMThursday to Saturday: 12 PM 8 PM

    Closed: Thursday and Wednesday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day.

    • How much time would you need to spend at MoMA PS1?It can take about 1-1.5 hours to view all the exhibitions at MoMA PS1.
    • What is the best time to visit MoMA PS1?Visit during the early hours on a weekday to avoid crowds.
    • Can you visit MoMA and MoMA PS1 on the same day?Since MoMA still sells only a one-day ticket you might find it to be more budget-friendly to visit both the museums on the same day. MoMA PS1 is about 5 km away from MoMA, so it would not be very inconvenient to fit both museums into your itinerary.

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    Why Buy Moma Tickets Online

    Online tickets help you save time, money, and energy.

    You dont stand in the long ticket counter queues when you buy your Museum of Modern Art tickets online.

    Online tickets also tend to be cheaper than the tickets available at the venue.

    During peak season, the art museum gets crowded, and booking your tickets for your preferred time slot may not be possible.

    Purchasing your tickets for MoMA in advance helps you avoid last-minute disappointment.

    The Starry Night By Vincent Van Gogh

    Cars and art: “Automania” at MoMA

    The Starry Night is an iconic oil painting created in 1889 and is a hallmark of the Impressionist period. The beauty lies in Van Goghs expressive and fluid brushstrokes that add texture and energy to the canvas. The landscape was painted after being inspired by his year-long stay at the Saint-Paul-de-Mausole asylum in France and continues to attract thousands of tourists to date.

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    Les Demoiselles D’avignon By Pablo Picasso

    Amongst Picassos collection of impressive artworks, Les Demoiselles DAvignon stands out as one of his most popular creations. The installation shows an angular representation of women at a local brothel which many claims have kickstarted cubism after the artist showed it to his fellow proto-cubist Georges Braque.

    Moma Tickets Are Timed

    To ensure you get time and space to enjoy the best of modern art from all over the world, the Museum of Modern Art controls the number of visitors entering the museum.

    This is why all guests must select a time and date when they book their tickets.

    These timed tickets help the museum authorities restrict the crowd inside without making the tourists wait for a long time.

    While booking your tickets to the art museum, you must select a time slot between 10.30 am and 4.30 pm and be in line 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

    Make sure to reach the premier modern art museums entrance 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

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    Parking Discounts Available With Your Moma Admission Ticket

    • ICON Parking, 1330 Sixth Avenue:: An additional fee starting at 8 will apply to oversize vehicles at the established rates listed below. Tickets must be validated in the MoMa lobby.

    • The 1345 Garage, 101-41 W.54 St:: The 1345 Garage, 101-41 W.54 St: An additional fee starting at $7 will apply to oversize vehicles at the prices listed below. Tickets must be validated in the MoMa lobby.

    You already have all the information about tickets and discounts. Still, if you want more information, you can read our post about MoMa tickets.

    And if when you have finished your visit you are not sure where to continue your itinerary through New York City, do not hesitate to visit our New York City Guide.

    Museum Of Modern Art Military Discount

    Guggenheim Museum

    The Museum of Modern Art or MoMA offers one free admission to active members of the US military with valid ID as well as free admission for military families with dependent cards. Tickets are available at the Ticketing Desk. Visit the Museum of Modern Art website for details. provides discount information as a service to our members. We make every effort to ensure accuracy, but are not liable for the availability of discounts provided by a third party. Discounts may vary by location. The discount provider may track how you navigated to their site, but we do not share personal information with them.

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    Museums Included In Tourist Passes

    Entry to some number of ticketed museums is included in most tourist attraction discount passes, which bundle several tours and attractions, including museums, into one pass at a flat rate price.

    Also, having a pass saves you time because you dont have to wait online to purchase tickets and some passes offer skip-the-line privileges.

    Buying a tourist pass makes a lot of sense if you are planning on visiting several museums, especially those that required a paid ticket.

    With the major art museums costing $25 each, youd be wise to consider a pass if you plan on going to 3 or more such museums.

    This is one of the top museums in the world and its collection of over two million works includes pieces from several different periods in human history.

    This is a must-see museum, but tickets are $25 and they do not offer any free hours.

    This very popular museum, located on an aircraft carrier is very engaging. Its mission is to educate the public about the history and science of sea, air, and space travel.

    It is very interactive and great for kids.

    Tickets are pricey, and though they have free hours one Friday a month, the best way to save on tickets is to consider a tourist pass.

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