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Glass Museum In St Petersburg

The Watchers Gallery 2017bertil Vallien And Trish Duggan Collaboration

Tour of the Captivating Chihuly Collection in St. Pete

The Watchers installation is a collaboration between Swedish artist, Bertil Vallien and American artist, Trish Duggan. The imposing, inspiring, guardian-like figures act as modern-day representations of ancient sentinels. They stand silently overseeing and observing all that pass by. They are our keepers, our symbols of power, longevity and timelessness. They are the watchers of a universal force guiding our empirical journey of human existence.

Bertil Vallien/Trish Duggan

The Watchers”

American Masters In Glass Galleries 3

Walking into the American Masters exhibit, you will be awed by the brilliant display of all the possibilities of glass as an artform. Artists who began the Studio Glass Movement, along with 2nd and 3rd generation of artists working with glass, come together in a stunning example of the diversity of ideas, techniques and creativity.

Shelley Muzylowsky Allen

The Booming Art Scene

Ill be the first to admit that art galleries arent my thing. I dont know if its just me but big art galleries are overwhelming. Being as far from a student of art that one can be, I’ve always found it hard to appreciate art. Is that bad of me to say?

Good news. The art that St. Pete is anything but dull or boring. You won’t believe which two artists have big galleries in the city.

The man behind the melting clock

Surrealism is the style and Salvador Dalí is the man behind the famous works on display at The Dalí Museum. Now it may seem strange that St. Pete is home to the second largest collection of Dalí works in the world but it’s all thanks to the A. Reynolds Morse and Eleanor R. Morse. In 1942, they started a 40-year relationship with Dalí as both friends and patrons and built up an extensive collection of original Dalí works.

Just as Dalí pushed the boundaries of surrealism, so too is the design and architecture of this museum. Built by the waterfront of St. Pete, The Dalí Museum opened in 2011. Composed of concrete, glass skyways, and a giant spiral staircase, it was a joy just to roam around the museum.

While I’m not familiar with all of Dalí’s works, I was mesmerized by the evolution of his art. Listening to the free audio guide, I was able to decode otherwise complex and fiercely technical pieces. My favorite has to be the double entendre piece Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea. Move your eyes back from the screen and tell me what you see.

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A New Meaning To The Farm To Table Experience

In the heart of downtown St. Pete is a truly unique marketplace experience. Locale Market is the brainchild of celebrity chefs Michael Mina and Don Pintabona.

I say that it is unique and an experience because it’s so much more than your regular old market. Locale Market is immersive, personal and adaptive to how you want to experience it.

Stopping by for lunch or needing some food on the go? Locale Market has an extensive of selection meals that are cooked fresh right in front of you. Feeling Italian? Fresh pasta is cooked to perfection. Feeling a burger? You have to try their St. Petersburger.

If you’re more of a do-it-yourself kind of person, locals can stop by and pick up the absolute freshest ingredients to take home. Locale Market didn’t stop there though. As a big believer in empowering customers with the power to make that perfect dish at home, each station has all the necessary ingredients laid out and instructional videos are provided via QR codes.

For a culinary experience, they have that too. Up on the second floor is the wine bar where celebrity chef worthy meals can be had. If I’m to make one suggestion, you MUST to have the oak-fired octopus. It’s the most tender octopus you’ll ever have. Looking for something even more exclusive? The FarmTable Kitchen tasting menu experience allows you to savour 10-12 courses of the chef’s selection that includes the best of the market at that particular time.

The 12 Best Things To Do In St Petersburg Fl


Endeavored as the Sunshine City, St. Petersburg is known for its pleasant climate and white-sand beaches. Situated within Floridas bay coast, the city is a famous tourist locality of the Tampa Bay Region.

Given its warm weather, locals and travelers visit St. Pete for multiple recreational activities in the water, including boating, swimming, surfing, fishing, and whatnot!

The city is home to Americas best beaches, vibrant arts communities, and astounding outside encounters. I probably admire St. Petersburg so dearly because it is radiant and full of life everywhere you go.

The city flourishes with a dazzling climate and gutsy people throughout the year. Visitors, including myself, generally love their sports energy, soothing music, food, nature, and nightlife. Of course, theres nothing more relaxing than spending your night at Sunset Beach and drifting away with waves.

While touring, I realized the city was never quiet there is always a plethora of things to do in St. Petersburg. Apart from the beaches, I also encountered many handcrafted fine artsthe Earth Engaged Art, the famous Salvador Museum, and Craft Exhibition, where craftsmen communicated their sentiments through personalized work.

Here are my top picks of the best things to do in St. Petersburg enjoy and explore!

Visiting other destinations in Florida? Check out our other guides:

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Liberation Of Light And Form Gallery 2016stanislav Libensky Jaroslava Brychtova And Vaclav Cigler

Contemporary Czech glass has had a remarkable influence in the development of the Studio Glass Movement worldwide. In the 1960s, Harvey Littleton and Dale Chihuly were discovering the potential of glass as an art form, while Libensky, Brychtova and Cigler were already pushing the boundaries of cast glass sculpture. Because of the political status of Czechoslovakia as an Iron Curtain country, it was not until the early 1980s that Czech artists were allowed to travel and teach abroad creating International awareness of their glass techniques, and traditions along with their artistic pursuits.

Vaclav Cigler

Tour Directory Of The Glass Museum

Discover the magic of glass, where it comes from, how the art is created, the Studio Glass Movement, and the contemporary artists who have taken this medium and turned it into a mission of inspiration, innovation and creativity. Are you looking for things to do in Tampa Bay? Visit our Imagine Museum of glass and Experience Glass Art like never before. Theres a guided tour for every area of interest regarding the collection at IM and the amazing properties of glass. Book your tour today!

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Japan: Inspired Glass Gallery 210

Contemporary Japanese glass art is as striking as it is diverse, combining European glass making methods with Japans inherent sensibility of beauty. The glass sculptures capture a sense of independence for the artists because the history of Japanese contemporary glass is relatively short, with ceramics being the medium of longevity and choice for the culture. Nature and beauty find no boundaries for the expression of the Japanese artists in our collection as they use the glass material to capture their independent voice.

Hiroshi Yamano

Livio Seguso Nobility Of A Poetic Dream On View Through December 2021

Chihuly Museum, St. Petersburg, FL 4K

Internationally renowned artist Livio Seguso has and continues to be a pioneer in the expressive use of glass. From the island of Murano, where, from an early age, he achieved an in-depth knowledge of traditional glassmaking techniques, Seguso has since abandoned those techniques and focused on the clear crystal, changeable and ambiguous purity of glass as an expressive art form. In recent years, his artistic pursuits exceeded the confines of glass, leading Seguso to experiment with and incorporate other materials like steel, rock, marble, granite, and, more recently, wood. The new mediums, always used in combination with glass, promote both the transparency of glass and the intensity of the light, creating an ideal between the sense of refined elegance and poetic imagination.

Livio Seguso

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Immerse Yourself In Chihulys Art In Downtown St Pete

Chihulys glass sculptures are dreamy, abstract interpretations of sea creatures, submerged landscapes and floating tumbleweeds. Meticulously blown and assembled, these glass creations represent decades of work not just by Chihuly, but also by his studio of glass artists .

While photos and videos of Chihulys work hint at his genius, visiting the Chihuly Collection is the best way to understand the scale and impact of his whimsical glass art pieces, some of which are enormous individual sculptures – while others are intricate collections of many smaller pieces.

Legendary glassblower Dale Chihuly’s fantastical glass creations often feature incredibly bright colors, which are dramatically displayed within the Dale Chihuly Collection in St. Pete.

This lightning-like fixture at the Dale Chihuly Collection presented by Morean Arts Center is the centerpiece of one of many of the collection’s immersive experiences.

When it comes to Dale Chihuly’s awe-inspiring, larger-than-life chandeliers, you truly have to see them in person at the Dale Chihuly Collection in St. Pete.

Reminiscent of sea creatures on a vibrant coral reef, this overhead installment at the Chihuly Collection in St. Pete invites you to use your imagination as you explore it.

Featuring countless glass balls of varying diameters displayed in and around a life-size canoe, Float Boat is a signature piece on display at the Dale Chihuly Collection in St. Pete.

$5 Special Admission Per Person

Every Sunday through December

At Imagine Museum, we are grateful for the support from our community, artists, and enthusiasts. To show our appreciation, every Sunday of November will be a special day of thanks with $5 per person admission. Thats a savings of up to 66%.

Take an immersive journey through our collection of contemporary art glass masterpieces.

This offer available online, for walk-ins, or by calling727-300-1700 x119

Our Guests Dmg Gallery

A beautiful display of glass art. The colors are just amazing. A very nice variety of collections of glass art. I can’t say enough words to describe this place. The gallery includes an outdoor patio, excellent for gatherings. For art lovers, particular who appreciate glass as a media this is a must see if in the area. You will not be disappointed.

Don’t miss this gallery in the warehouse art district. You won’t believe your eyes when you step inside. The space itself is a work of art, and the work of over 40 artists from around the globe is stunning! Duncan, the owner, was kind enough to show us around and explain what they do. They also do charitable work with schools and the local art community. Once there, you won’t want to leave!

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Adventure In Fort De Soto

For the adventurous ones, things may seem a little slow-paced for you so far but once you head down to Fort de Soto, you’ll discover whole new side of St. Pete’s that you never thought they had.

Fort de Soto is a county park on the southwest corner of Mullet Key. If you were glossing over a map of St. Pete’s, you might skip this partcompletely but I was so glad I had this in my itinerary.

What first grabbed my attention was the fact that this island used to be the site of a war fort during the Spanish-American war, hence the name. While it was never the site of any major battles, today you’ll find the remains of the grass-covered fort complete with bunkers, cannons, and mortars.

From there, the five off-shore keys that compose the park is yours to discover. Anyone that travels with dogs will go absolutely nuts here because they have a dedicated dog park where dogs are able to go out on the beach.

Kayaking is another activity you can do. Right across from the dog park is Topwater Kayak Outpost where you can backwater kayak through mangrove forests. Although I didn’t spot any manatees and dolphins that are known to hang out in the area, I had a blast exploring the waters and watching fish jump out of the water left, right, and center. Just remember to put on sunscreen beforehand because there is no cover out there.

For those that love to bike, the park has a paved path that loops around the entire grounds which make it a great circuit to cruise around or blast through.

Wrapping Up The Best Things To Do In St Petersburg Fl

This golden city offers multiple entertainment activities at every hour of the day. While you can enjoy beaches and a good suntan at noon, St. Petersburg is wild and illuminating at night.

Take a stroll amid the famous downtown district and enjoy their cuisine scenes St. Pete is exceptionally popular for wineries and breweries. Then, take a sunset cruise across the waterfront and enjoy lunch on the watercraft amidst the sea. At night, go kayaking or spend a cozy date with your partner on Fort DeSoto.

You will never find yourself wondering what to do in St. Petersburg. The city has it all and attracts visitors with its beaches, parks, playgrounds, and dining scene. So enjoy these twelve best things to do in St. Petersburg for your perfect summer family/couple vacation.

Things To Do In St Petersburg During Spring Summer And Fall

You ought to visit St. Petersburg during the long period of June-October to partake in the sunshine.

One Dali Boulevard // +17278233767

Dedicated to the work of Salvador Dali, a pronounced Spanish surrealist artist, this museum portrays his life history, early paintings, landscapes, his introduction to surrealism, classical art, the universe, fourth dimension, immortal paintings, and art pieces.

Dali never stopped painting and portrayed his world through multidimensional and mathematical angles. Launched in 1982, The Dali Museum now has more than 2400 of Dalis exhibits, 2100 photographs, prints, artifacts, and textiles. Among the 2400 original pieces of Dali, 96 are surreal oil paintings, 200 are drawings and watercolor masterpieces.

Situated at St. Petersburgs waterfront, the Dali Museum itself is a unique architectural building with over 1000+ triangular glass sheet walls, called the enigma, and the grand avant garden that presents the city beautifully.

The museum also offers a collective library for students who want to learn art, Dalis work form, and the combined history. Trainees can learn and engage in multiple educational activities at the museum.

Not just Dali, but the museum also exhibits similar artists for a highly diverse visit.

Explore these keys alone and spend the night campingthere are multiple facilities organizing camps near the beach.

1825 4th St. N. // +17275513102

Blue Madonnathrough May 8th 2022gottfried Helwein And Trish Duggan Collaboration

Chihuly museum in St. Petersburg Fla

Gottfried Helnwein is an internationally recognized artist/painter who collaborated with Trish Duggan, an artist/sculptor, and together they created the installation called Blue Madonna. Helnwein created the photo realistic paintings of the Madonna depicted by the Renaissance painters. Duggans inspiration was the actual Madonna face, cast in glass from a mold of the original Pieta by Michelangelo and embellished with her own aesthetic. This collaboration between the artists creates an inspiring homage to mothers from around the world.

Gottfried Helwein and Trish Duggan collaboration

Blue Madonna Installation

Gottfried Helwein and Trish Duggan collaboration

Blue Madonna Installation

See Glass Blowing Demonstrations At The Morean Arts Center

The Chihuly Collection is connected with the Morean Arts Center, which hosts temporary contemporary art exhibitions and offers classes to artists of all ages. The Chihuly Collection and Morean Arts Center are located across the street from each other, in the heart of downtown St. Petes Central Avenue not far from the Museum of Fine Arts, The Salvador Dalí Museum, the Mahaffey Theater and Vinoy Park. Behind the Morean Arts Center, youll find the hot shop where visitors can get a behind-the-scenes look at how glass art is made. Watch as expert artists blow, melt, cool and color glass, while learning how this centuries-old artwork is done. The pieces youll see made are also for sale in the Glass Studio Store, located next to the studio. Many of these artworks are small enough to fit in a suitcase, and they make great souvenirs and gifts.

For a truly immersive experience into the world of glass art, check out the classes and workshops offered by the Morean Arts Center. Daily one-on-one glass blowing classes are offered at the Center, for both beginners and advanced-level artists. A variety of studio workshops are offered, too.

Things To Do In St Petersburg During Winter

If you are used to cold weather, traveling to St. Petersburg, Florida, may feel like living in an open sauna. I decided to take my second trip to St. Petersburg in early December because it wasnt too chilly, but neither was it piping hot.

Swimming and relaxing at the beaches will be your go-to activities in the summer, while winter will allow you more space to explore, learn about the city up close, and be introduced to its diverse culture.

Located downtown, the new St. Pete Pier will introduce you to St. Petersburgs authentic lifestyle and culture. Covering over 26 acres, this recreation center, called the Pleasure Pier, offers multiple activities for travelers and locals, including kayaking, paddle-boating, swimming, hiking, walking, etc.

At St. Pete Pier, visitors can also enjoy the serene waterfront, along with downtown City-vibe.

St. Pete Pier is a popular destination for families and friends with over five restaurants, recreation playgrounds for kids, a pier plaza, an authentic market, waterfront resting places, and so much more.

For kids, this pier includes the splash pad at the plaza, Discovery Center and wetland, the Glazer playground with swings and slides, and the Bioswale picnic area. Children will love to spend time here given all the activities and attractions.

The avenue has bars, walking pavement close to the waterfront, spas, kayaking enclosure, boating, fishing, and paved walking trails for adults.

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