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Parking Garage Near Natural History Museum

Is There Free Parking Near The Smithsonian Museum Of Natural History

Dover Hydraulic Parking Garage Elevators at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History Pittsburgh PA

Yes, you can find free parking spots on Constitution Avenue. However, these spots are rarely vacant you might need to be very lucky to nab free parking near the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. Whats more, you need to keep track of parking regulations, which can be a headache. Towaway times are between 7-9 a.m. and 4-6.30 p.m.

How Can I Find Off

The best option for Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History parking is one that offers both affordability and convenience. Thats exactly what you get when pre-booking a spot using! Our smooth interface shows you the closest parking garages in just a few swipes, while our prices are updated in real-time to give you the best rates.

All the garages in our inventory are well-maintained, paved, and quality-checked. They are CCTV-enabled to keep your vehicle safe, and offer value for money with rates as low as $17 per day! So dont delay Smithsonian National Museum of National History parking has never been easier.

Smithsonian National Museum Of Natural History Parking Tips

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is located at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

The Museum entrance is located on Madison Drive NW, between 9th Street NW and 12th Street NW. The exit is located at 10th Street NW and Constitution Avenue NW.

When parking on-street, ensure you check for nearby parking signs that tell you about parking time limits and other regulations.

Try not to leave your valuables exposed on the dashboard or passenger seats. Thats just an invite for car break-ins.

Airport Parking

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American Museum Of Natural History Parking Alternatives

Budget-conscious visitors who would like to reduce their expenses have a few substitutes for the official AMNH parking structure. Public parking areas can be quite expensive in this part of the city, but we discovered several decent options, as well as transportation services if you want to avoid parking.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Museums Parking System

the national museum of natural history is located at

The Canadian Museum of Historys parking system is fully automated, making it fast and easy to use. The system uses automated pay stations equipped with easy-to-follow instructions.

Q. How do I use the parking system?

A. Please follow these steps:

  • When you enter the parking, wave your hand in front of the contactless button on the terminal to get a ticket. Bring your parking ticket with you into the Museum.
  • When youre ready to leave, you can pay for your parking at one of the pay stations located inside the Museum .
  • Keep your validated ticket. The pay station will give change in cash and issue a receipt.
  • Go to your car and make your way to the parking exit. At the automated exit terminal, insert your validated ticket and the gate will open.
  • You can also use our contactless automated exit terminal and pay by debit, credit or mobile.
  • Q. What are my payment options?

    A. The exit terminal accepts debit, Interac Flash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPass, payWave, and mobile payment applications such as Apple Pay. The pay stations inside the Museum also accept cash.

    Q. Where are the pay stations?

    A. There are three pay stations inside the Museum: one at the P1 parking level and two at the P2 parking level.

    Q. What happens if I forget to pay for parking at the pay station inside the Museum?

    A. At the contactless automated exit terminal, you can pay for your parking by debit, credit or mobile. The terminal will issue a receipt.

    Q. What do I do if I lose my ticket?

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    Handicapped Parking At The Smithsonian Natural History Museum

    There is handicapped parking on Madison Drive near the entrance to the museum. The museum has added two wheelchair accessible ramps that will take you to the top of the steps at the Madison Drive entrance. If there is a line to get into the museum, these ramps also take you directly to the front of the line. The Constitution Avenue entrance is easier, with much less uphill ramp, but there is no street parking of any kind.

    University Of Texas Parking

    Park at the Bullock Museum and walk to UT! Semester parking passes are issued for UT students, faculty, and staff for Monday – Friday entrance into the garage. Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation email and will be notified in a separate email when your access card is ready to be picked up at the Bullock Museum Information desk. Parking passes are not ready until you are notified.

    A valid University of Texas at Austin ID is required to complete the registration process.

    • Fall term – $495
    • Spring term – $495

    Please note: Rates are not prorated for partial terms.

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    Science Museum & Natural History Museum Parking

    Two of the most popular museums in London, the Science Museum and Natural History Museum are located next to each other on South Kensingtons Exhibition Road. Perfect for family visits with lively, informative and interactive exhibitions, you can take in steam trains and spacecraft at the Science Museum followed by the dinosaurs and earthquakes at the Natural History Museum.

    Nearby Alternative Locations To Parking At The Smithsonian Natural History Museum

    Behind the lens: Dome home by Vidyun R Hebbar #WPYInsights | Natural History Museum

    Two one-way streets go along the National Mall past many of the Smithsonian museums. Jefferson Drive runs east, and Madison Drive runs west. There are many metered 3-hour parking spots along these two streets, but these spots get filled fairly quickly.

    There is also some parking along the cross streets 3rd, 4th, 7th and 14th Streets all have metered parking as well. On 7th and 14th Streets, there are rush hour restrictions. If you do not move your car by 4:00 PM on weekdays, expect to have your car towed and a hefty ticket.

    On weekends and holidays, it is hard to find a spot in this area unless you arrive early .

    You cannot leave your car on the National Mall overnight. After 1:00 AM, they will tow your car.

    On-street parking on the National Mall is no longer free of charge. Three hour parking is available at $2 per hour. Parking meters only accept credit cards.


    Looking for things to see on the National Mall? Take a look at these things to do while visiting DC. Heres how to take advantage of visiting all the monuments and memorials and museums that DC has to offer.

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    Open During Neighborhood Construction

    Access to the Bullock Museum’s Parking Garage on 18th Street remains open during construction of the state office building across from the Museum. Please follow the directional signs when approaching for the best route to enter the garage as this will change throughout the construction process. Map apps may not always be up to date. More information about the Capitol Complex Master Plan is available online courtesy of the Texas Facilities Commission.

    Taking The Metro To The Smithsonian Natural History Museum

    This is a much better option. There are several nearby stations. On the Blue/Orange/Silver lines, both Smithsonian Metro and Federal Triangle are equidistant from the Natural History Museum. If you come in on the Yellow/Green lines, the Archives/Navy Memorial stop is not far away either. If you come in on the Red line, perhaps you should change trains to get on one of the other lines that are somewhat closer to the museum.

    Opening Hours at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum

    Summer hours are usually 10:00 AM until 7:30 PM. Occasionally, there are special events and the museum will close at 5:30 PM. During the rest of the year, the hours are from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM. At busy times of the year and on some weekends, the museum will stay open extended hours until 7:30 PM.

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    American Museum Of Natural History Parking Options

    AMNH offers a convenient parking facility located within the museum, and you can see the American Museum of Natural History parking map below. The map shows a part of the lower level of the museum. To reach the AMNH parking garage, use the entrance at 81st Street, which is between Central Park and Columbus Avenue. The garage parking structure is open between 6 AM and 11 PM on weekdays, while it opens at 8 AM on weekends.

    Parking At The Smithsonian Commercial Parking Lots Nearby

    American Museum of Natural History Parking Guide (AMNH ...

    There are commercial parking garages on all the cross streets north of Pennsylvania Avenue. The nearest to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum is on 10th Street between Pennyslvania and E Streets. A popular garage that never runs out of space is the parking garage under the Ronald Reagan Building. Very centrally located. Weekday rates in 2021 are $25 for up to 15 hours and $17 all day on weekends.

    Top 5 Washington DC Museums

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    Cleveland Museum Of Natural History Parking Garage

    Members and guests can now park in the Museums new 300-space parking garage, offering expanded capacity and improved access to the Museum campus and surrounding University Circle attractions! The garage entrance is located on Wade Oval Drive near the corner of East Boulevard. When Wade Oval is closed to traffic, a special auxiliary entrance opens on East Boulevard across the street from the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center.

    Parking Restrictions & Event Days

    There are no spaces allowed for parking in the Natural History Museum. Most parking spaces for the public are a few metres away, and restrictions do apply in some spots. Searching and reserving online helps to avoid parking in places with restrictions, since the parking information on the JustPark app is legal and reliable.

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    Parking At The Smithsonian Natural History Museum

    Parking at the Smithsonian is never easy, but is also not impossible. Your best chance to score a parking spot at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum is to arrive by 10:00 AM. Parking on Madison Drive is metered at $2 per hour for a maximum of 3 hours. There is no parking on Constitution Avenue.

    Be careful to read the signs. There are a multitude of special parking spots on Madison Drive. Most importantly, do not park in handicapped parking. If you do not have tags, you can count on a $250 ticket when you come out of the museum. Parking in a taxi stand, a loading zone or other special zones will usually set you back $32 for a ticket.

    Parking For The Science Museum And The Natural History Museum

    Big Nature Day Pond Discovery | Natural History Museum

    The Science Museum and the Natural History Museum are located in the west end of Central London close to the south side of Hyde Park. The museums are next to each other on Exhibition Road, which runs between the A315 and the A4 .

    You wont find any parking at the museums, and local parking is extremely limited. Thankfully, you can find a space at an NCP car park nearby.

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    How Much Is Amnh Parking

    The official garage has general parking rates that include NYC Parking Tax. See the short-term parking prices in the list below.

    The maximum cost to closing time $51

    People who search for bike or scooter parking have a nearby option, as well. Bicycle racks are available in the AMNH garage, as well as in the Rose Center for Earth and Spaces driveway. The driveway is accessible from 81st Street, and thats where you can also park your scooter. Theres another entrance at 77th Street available for scooter parking, but its currently closed.

    Get Great Deals On Smithsonian National Museum Of Natural History Parking

    When visiting the National Museum of Natural History, you’ll need a good four or five hours to enjoy your time there. Having a quick run-through wont do justice to it. For that, you shouldn’t be worrying about where youve parked your car all the time! Its best to plan for Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History parking well ahead of time.With no on-site parking and very limited street parking, pre-booking an off-site parking spot is one way to beat the clock. Using, you can book Smithsonian Museum parking garages nearby that offer great value for money and safety at the same time. Book soon to get early-bird discounts and vouchers for big savings!Heres a look at the rates and locations of some off-site garages.

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    Information About Parking Near Natural History Museum

    The South Kensington Exhibition Road hosts some of the most popular museums in London, including the Natural History Museum. Since this is one of the most visited spots in the city, open parking spaces are not easy to come by. Also, there are no spots for parking in the Natural History Museum itself. However, one can find several on-street and off-street parking spaces a few metres away. Around 100 spots are reservable, thus eliminating the worry that comes with not knowing where to park once you get near the museum.

    Parking Nearby National Museum Of Natural History

    Parking At The National World War II Museum

    We are taking a family trip to DC next month. My husband will be in a conference for part of the days and want to take my 9 and 4 year olds to the museum myself. I will be using a wheelchair also. I am hesitant to try to use the Metro with them alone and was hoping to find somewhere to park within 4-5 blocks of the museum. Would that be possible? We are staying out at Gaylord National Resort. I have a disabled parking permit also. We would be going on a Sunday morning. Thanks for any help!

    There are a limited number of free, 3-hour limit, on-street parking spaces near National Mall museums along Jefferson and Madison Drives for visitors with disabilities, vehicles must display the appropriate plate or permit while parked in designated handicapped parking spaces. On Sunday morning, you should be able to find a space.

    This map from the Smithsonian notes some of the closest garages:

    I always see empty handicapped spaces on Jefferson& Madison. Best to go early however, or later in the afternoon. The most difficult parking times down there are around 11 – 2.

    I never see handicap spots on Jefferson& Madison though I may be looking at peak times. I would either try to arrive around 9:30 or earlier since the museums open at 10 or look for a metered spot or park at the Reagan Building. A metered spot may be preferred since you can leave your car there all day as opposed to three hours on Jefferson & Madison.

    Edited: 6 years ago

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    American Museum Of Natural History Parking Guide

    Last Updated on August 19, 2021 by Nabila

    The American Museum of Natural History is a 150-year-lasting museum located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, NYC. Its placed across the street from world-renowned Central Park and is famous for its diverse scientific collections and exhibitions. The museum has tens of millions of specimens that include rocks, plants, fossils, minerals, human remains, etc. Spare a few hours to check out what AMNH has to offer, and Parking Access will help you find a suitable American Museum of Natural History parking area.

    According to AMNH, this museum is an ideal place for anyone who wants to find out more about human cultures, the natural world, and the universe. So, if youre one of those people, plan your trip to the museum by going through our guide and discovering the ticket prices and all AMNH parking options!

    NY, NJ, and CT residents The amount you pay is up to you.

    If you want to check out one special exhibition as well , such admission for adults costs $28. To gain access to all special exhibitions, adult AMNH guests have to pay $33, while seniors and students pay $27.

    Note that any student, senior, and NY/NJ/CT resident must bring a valid ID.

    Is There On

    No, there is no public parking at the Museum of Natural History. Visitors are usually asked to find parking on surrounding streets or at parking garages nearby. Thankfully, it isnt hard to locate convenient parking nearby you can find street parking along Constitution Avenue or affordable garages walking distance away.

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