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Museum Of The Bible Floor Map

Museum Of The Bible: What’s In It Will Truly Surprise You

What to See at the Museum of the Bible, Washington DC

Fodor’s travel says it Breaks the Mold of Museum Exhibiting, and it’s easy to see why. Enter the 430,000-square-foot building located just three blocks from the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. and you’ll experience interactive galleries, one-of-a-kind attractions and hundreds of biblical artifacts that convey the global impact and fascinating history of one of the most influential, debated and best-selling books of all time. On the Impact of the Bible Floor, the Bible’s influence is shown in many familiar though often surprising places, including arts, science, government and American culture. Don’t forget to ride Washington Revelations, where you will virtually soar over the nation’s capital and see the profound impact of the Bible on Washington, D.C.’s monuments and buildings.The Stories of the Bible Floor offers the THEA award-winning Hebrew Bible Experience, a 30-minute journey through the stories of the Hebrew Bible, a re-creation of a first-century Galilean village and a 270-degree theater depicting the remarkable story of how the followers of Jesus became a thriving community. The History of the Bible Floor features hundreds of artifacts documenting the Bible’s preservation, translation and transmission across the centuries. Drive Thru History’s Dave Stotts tells the story in an engaging and entertaining way in mini-theaters throughout the floor.Visit for more information.


The Museum Of The Bible Exists To Invite All People To Engage With The Bible

430,000 square feetthats the size of it! The Museum of the Bible showcases rare artifacts spanning 3,500 years in history, stunning museum collections, technological displays, and immersive experiences like the Hebrew Walk-Through.

Whether youre familiar with the Biblemaybe youve read from beginning to end many timesor youre curious and have a lot of questions about it, the MOTB is the most remarkable museum about the impact and influence the Bible has had on the world, both in history and today.

Heather Cirmo, MOTB Communications Manager, asks the burning question, How deep can you dive into the Bible? really engage, learn something new.

The Grand Hall hosts a long-term exhibit from the Vatican Museums and Library. The Bibles impact on the world, in the past and ongoing, acts as a beacon for the MOTB. Some places of impact might surprise you! What is the history of the Bible? What are the stories of the Bible? The 5th floor features The People of the Land of Israel a long-term exhibit from the Israel Antiquities Authority, as well as a rotating slate of special exhibits.

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Bnt Museum Of The Bible One Day Tour Details:

Our ONE DAY MOTB Tour includes a guided tour of the Top 10 Exhibits. We will pick up in Lancaster, Ephrata, and York, PA, at 7:00 am, returning at 9:30 pm. Walking Guide: 2. Meals are on your own.

BNT has scheduled six ONE DAY tours for 2019 and plan to add more as travelers fill the busses. Demand has been high, so secure your seat today!

*Photo Credits

Exterior, Hebrew Walk-through, and 6th Floor AtriumPhoto by Alan Karchmer for Museum of the Bible.

All other photos: Photo by Museum of the Bible.

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The Impact Of The Bible

On Floor 2, explore Bible in the World, where guests can explore the Bibles impact on fashion, literature, music, and more, and Bible in America, with artifacts tracing the Bibles profound influence on American culture. Check out Bible Now for a spectacular live feed of global data or Washington Revelations for a dazzling flight through the nations capital.

Interview About Museum Of The Bible


Timothy Paul Jones:Michael, thank you for taking the time to talk to readers of my blog about what Museum of the Bible will offer for families! Describe for me what families will experience at Museum of the Bible.

Michael McAfee: Museum of the Bible will be an engaging experience for everyone in the family. From our interactive kids area to our personalized tablet tours, Museum of the Bible offers a one-of-a-kind experience. We will be the tallest building in the area and will have an unobstructed view of the Capitol, the Washington Monument, and the National Mall, so be sure to bring a camera! Also, youll want to spend a full day at Museum of the Bible, and we are putting in a Foods of the Bible restaurant on top of the Museum of the Bible so you can stay as long as you like.

TPJ: Tell me a little bit about the vision and purpose behind Museum of the Bible.

MM: As we look at our country and the world, we see a decline in Bible engagement and appreciation. Museum of the Bible exists to invite all people to engage with the Bible. Our hope is by offering a fun, engaging, and thought-provoking experience, people of all ages will reconsider the significance of the best-selling book of all time.

TPJ: How about families with children who would rather remain plugged in to their iPods or smartphones than to visit a museum?

TPJ: How can pastors make use of what the museum provides?

TPJ: Thank you, Michael! I look forward to seeing you at the museum with my family this fall.

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Why Go With A Group When I Can Drive To Motb

HEADACHE-FREEFocus on the experience without the potential headaches of driving and parking. Get the best rates!

FELLOWSHIPExperience learning more about the Bible with fellow travelers.

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCEBenefit from a knowledgable museum tour guide and the organization of one of our experienced Tour Directors.

CONVERSATIONEngage in great conversation during the MOTB visit and the whole way way home.

Latest Reviews For Museum Of The Bible

My presumption was that the Museum of the Bible would exhibit some strong theological biases. I was wrong. The approach was historical more than theological. Attention is paid to Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant history and perspectives. If you like history, archeology, and old manuscripts/books, you’ll enjoy the Museum of the Bible.

Great experience to see the different exhibition of the bible and the to feel like you walking in israel. Great for the family to see and experience, Museum does has $17.00 each to enter.

This is a beautiful museum with numerous experiences. We loved the walk through Nazareth, the Magna Carta, DC flyover, the Israeli artifacts. It is a solid 4 to 5 hours longer if you eat there. It is a great museum!

A great educational experience for folks of all ages. Plan to spend more than three hours. The 3rd floor was a great place to start all the movies and visual displays were amazing! We ate a delightful, affordable lunch on the 6th floor, both the service and the food was great.We will definitely plan another visit on our next trip to DC.

If you are a fan of the Bible, you will love the Museum of the Bible. Our children range from 10 months to 16 years, and the whole family enjoyed our time. From engaging with the story of the Bible all the way to its impact, we learned and were inspired.Take your time and be prepared to be impacted. Do not miss the experiences on floor 3!

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Hobby Lobby Smuggling Scandal

Shipments of artifacts imported by Hobby Lobby in 2010 and 2011 were seized by US customs agents. The artifacts, largely clay bullae and cuneiform tablets from ancient Iraq, had in some cases been declared as “tile samples”. Federal investigation culminated in a 2017 civil forfeiture action United States of America v. Approximately Four Hundred Fifty Ancient Cuneiform Tablets and Approximately Three Thousand Ancient Clay Bullae, after which Hobby Lobby agreed to forfeit and return more than 5500 artifacts, and to pay of a fine of $3 million. The artifacts in question had likely been looted from Iraq. Hobby Lobby was found to have used couriers that had willfully used methods to conceal the provenance of the allegedly stolen items. The museum released a statement that these artifacts were never owned by the Museum of the Bible and were never intended to be part of their collection. In 2018, the items were returned to Iraq, and the company paid a $3 million fine.

Scott Thumma, a dean and professor of sociology of religion at Hartford Seminary, defended Hobby Lobby during the smuggling controversy. Thuma stated: “Many of the collections of our great national museums and universities are full of the very objects that Hobby Lobby is being fined for smuggling and are seldom required to return or pay compensation.”

Museum Of The Bible: A Photo Tour Of What To Expect

The newest museum in D.C. is about the Bible ENN 2017-11-17

On November 17, a brand new museum is set to open in Washington, D.C., that hopes to foster further dialogue on one of the most read books in the world, the Bible. The 430,000-square-foot Museum of the Bible will span across eight floors with a biblical garden, grand ballroom, and a restaurant by Chef Todd Gray, called Manna.

$42 million worth of cutting edge technology will also be featured with a digital entry arcade ceiling, a digital guide accessible through a smart phone app, and a 360-degree projection mapping employed in the 472-seat performing arts theater.

In order to get timed tickets in advance, guests will be able to reserve them online. The membership plans start at $60 for an individual and $150 for families.

Curbed DC was able to get a quick peek inside the brand new museum, which is located at 400 4th Street SW. Below, get a photo tour of what to expect.

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Family Ministry: Museum Of The Bible The One Trip To Plan For Your Family This Year

4th January 2017

On November 17, 2017, the much-anticipated Museum of the Bible will be opening in Washington, D.C. with more than 40,000 objects on display in a 430,000-square-foot structure, three blocks from the Capitol Building. The collection includes artifacts from the time of Abraham, fragments from the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as biblical papyri and manuscripts, Torah scrolls, and rare printed Bibles.

Having seen some early glimpses of what this museum has to offer, I want to encourage you to make it a priority to visit Museum of the Bible this year with your family. Make a budget now and plan to save a little bit each week, if necessary, to enable your children to enjoy this amazing experience in the fall of this year.

Michael McAfeedirector of Bible engagement at the museumspoke with me recently and described what this museum will offer for families. His wife Lauren was one of my students this past semester at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. They are delightful people, deeply committed to making the history of the Bible accessible to everyone.

Museum Of The Bible Admission Ticket With Digital Guide

  • 4.5
  • 1 – 15 participants

The Impact of the Bible FloorDiscover the Bibles global influence in areas like film, music, literature, fashion, and government. Explore the history of the Bible in America, from the first settlers to the twenty-first century, exploring the profound and sometimes complicated impact of this book on American culture.The Stories of the Bible FloorWalk through the stories of the Hebrew Bible in the Hebrew Bible Experience, immerse yourself in the World of Jesus of Nazareth, and listen to the story of how the followers of Jesus became a thriving community in the New Testament Theater.The History of the Bible FloorDiscover the Bibles history, from handwritten scrolls to mobile devices, as it was embraced by many communities with different traditions!

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Museum Of The Bible Opens In Washington Dc

“What does the Museum of the Bible own that’s not on display? How many items have they accepted as donations that aren’t on display?” asked Joel Baden, a Yale Divinity School professor and co-author of “Bible Nation,” a book on Hobby Lobby. “Nobody knows. Nobody knows what they own. They’re being completely nontransparent about it.”

Green told NBC News that the museum has done everything in its power to ensure its artifacts are real, given past controversies surrounding Hobby Lobby.

“I think there are some times that you may not ever completely know, but we are using some of the most recent technology and advancements to help us analyze items,” he said, “to make sure what we have is exactly what it claims to be.”

The items in question by Egyptian authorities include a 5th century Bible fragment that was once displayed at the Vatican, according to the London newspaper The Times. Experts say it is made of papyrus and inscribed in Coptic, and is one of the earliest known copies of the letters of St. Paul to the Galatians found in the New Testament.

The Times reported that it was put up for sale on eBay without the proper ownership sourcing. Roberta Mazza, a papyrologist at the University of Manchester, has blogged about the item’s questionable provenance and said she saw the same fragment displayed as part of the Green Collection’s exhibition at the Vatican three years ago.

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Visiting The Museum Of The Bible

In the Valley of David and Goliath

Where to Start

Most people recommend you take the elevators to the top of the museum and then work your way down, starting with the 6th level. We did not do that on our trip, however I think I would highly recommend this order, whether you are adults visiting alone or with children. Youll understand why as I go through the levels with you.

If you have very limited time in the museum, and are visiting with children, go directly to floor three. This will be a highly exciting start to your visit!

Floor 6 Manna Restaurant and Views of D.C.

The sixth floor houses Manna, Chef Todd Grays newest fast-casual restaurant, as well as stunning views of Washington, D.C.s iconic skyline.

If youre traveling alone as adults, Id skip this level first, but with kids I think it would give them a fun opportunity to look out over the city and see the skyline. You will not spend much time here though, as thats the only thing you will do on this level until lunchtime.

Floor 5 The People of the Land of Israel

The 5th floor features The People of the Land of Israel, a long-term exhibit from the Israel Antiquities Authority, as well as a rotating slate of special exhibits.

We actually did not visit this floor because of the order we took through the museum, however I agree with the recommendations that this would be a good floor on which to begin.

Floor 4 The History of the Bible

Floor 3 The Stories of the Bible

Floor 2 The Impact of the Bible

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Visiting The Museum Of The Bible With Kids

The Museum of the Bible is a newer museum that opened in 2018, right near the capital building. It showcases rare artifacts spanning 3,500 years of history, and offers visitors an immersive and personalized experience with the Bible.

The museum has six floors, each with different kinds of exhibits, showcases, and experiences.

We traveled to the Museum of the Bible with a tour bus group and with our three children . In this article, I will go over each floor level of the museum and describe what it was like for adults and for children.

A Short Visit To The Museum Of The Bible

The new Museum of the Bible in Washington is three blocks from the U.S. Capitol. CNS


The Museum of the Bible has a standing agreement with the Vatican Museum to bring different exhibits to Washington. MARY STACHYRA LOPEZ | CATHOLIC HERALD


Ill go ahead and say it: My concerns as I walked into the new Museum of the Bible in Washington this week were threefold. First, I feared that it would offer a shallow view of Scripture. Second, that the historical elements would be weak in their presentation. Third, that the Catholic Church would be negatively portrayed if not largely ignored. How serious a place will this be, I wondered.

To my great delight and amazement, I found a truly beautiful, richly textured, compelling, and powerful series of exhibits in this outstanding new museum. While not perfect and not everything I would prefer to see as a Catholic, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the Museum of the Bible exceeded nearly every expectation I had. It certainly shows what is possible with a half-billion dollar investment, largely funded by the evangelical Protestant owners of the Hobby Lobby company.

The fifth and sixth floors feature the World Stage Theater , a ballroom and gathering area, a lounge for museum members, a very nice glass-covered promenade offering skyline views of Washington DC, and the Manna Restaurant .

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Overview Or Immersive Experience

Designing for the Future of Museums

The MOTB curators designed this museum to be experienced as both an overview of the history and to show the continuing impact of the Bible on the world. So, you can move through each floor taking in the highlights: priceless artifacts, engaging with period actors, experiencing how the Bible has been delivered from ancient days to todays technological advances, checking out the latest temporary exhibit, and grabbing a bite of Israeli fare.

According to Cirmo, a visitor can make a shallow exploration of MOTB because theres something for everybody. Theres so much to see and do it can be overwhelming. However, if you want a more immersive experience, she suggests you make your first visit an overview, and then, come back to walk deeply into one or two areas. For example, one visit you might focus on art, another on living art in the theater, or reading every descriptive line of the exhibits. Eventually, youll see it allexcept for the traveling exhibitions, which are constantly rolling in and out of the MOTB.

Experiencing MOTB can be just like reading the Bible: you might hop around from scripture to scripture based on one question, or read it beginning to end, or immerse yourself in one book .

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