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World Of Coca Cola Museum

Weird Coke Flavors Around The World: Trying All 60 Varieties

World of Coca-Cola Museum – Atlanta, GA

The last stop in the World of Coca Cola is Taste It!, the tasting room with self-serve soda machines featuring all the odd Coke flavors from around the world. I grabbed a cup and took small sippy portions of each and every drink.

Patrons sample the international Coke flavors from around the world.

Check out all the weird Coke flavors at the Coca-Cola museum!

The Smart Apple flavor from China was delicious. Interestingly, Chiles apple version was very different, and it wasnt sweet enough. Goes to show how people in different parts of the world have different taste.

Fanta Melon Frosty from Thailand was great, with a nice fruity melon flavor. I was excited by the idea of Fanta Exotic from Uganda, but it wasnt very good. I didnt enjoy very many of the African flavors, come to think of it. The Tanzania, Mozambique and Djibouti offerings left a lot to be desired.

So many Coke flavors around the world to choose from!

As weird Coke flavors go, by far the worst was Beverly from Italy. I had even been warned about this flavor and urged not to try it, so of course I had to. I would describe it as a lovely mix of sparkling wine mixed with toilet water and dishwater. It was revolting!

Most of the World of Coke flavors were fruity and refreshing, though. The winner of my 60-flavor taste test was Bibo Candy Pine-Nut from South Africa, which had a sweet coconut taste with no fizz. When I make it to Cape Town, I know what Ill be drinking!

Parking At The World Of Coke

Navigating downtown Atlanta can be a bear, especially if you dont know where you are going. The World of Coke shares a parking garage with the Georgia Aquarium and its probably the best place to park, although you can find surface lots around Centennial Olympic Park that may be a few dollars cheaper, but youll save yourself a lot of frustration if you just park in the lot.

Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity

Atlanta has a thriving and diverse community. According to a 2006 survey by the , Atlanta ranked third among major American cities, behind and slightly behind , with 12.8% of the city’s total population identifying as LGBT. The and areas have historically been the epicenters of in Atlanta. Atlanta formed a reputation for being a progressive place of tolerance after former mayor dubbed it “the city too busy to hate” in the 1960s.

With a GDP of $385 billion, the ‘s economy is the . Corporate operations play a major role in Atlanta’s economy, as the city claims the nation’s third-largest concentration of companies. It also hosts the global headquarters of several corporations such as , , , , , and . Over 75% of companies conduct business operations in the city’s metro area, and the region hosts offices of over 1,250 multinational corporations. Many corporations are drawn to the city by its educated workforce as of 2014, 45% of adults aged 25 or older residing in the city have at least four-year college degrees, compared to the national average of 28%.

Broadcasting is also an important aspect of Atlanta’s economy. In the 1980s, media mogul founded the and the in the city. Around the same time, , now the nation’s third-largest service and the publisher of over a dozen American newspapers, moved its headquarters to the city. is also based just outside of the city in suburban .

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Things You Need To Do At The World Of Coca

Youve seen it on billboards, in commercials, and even watched the biggest stars enjoy it in TV shows and movies. What was once an idea in the mind of Dr. John S. Pemberton in 1886 is now an experience that people from all around the world can share drinking a cold, refreshing Coca-Cola. Do you know how Coca-Cola became such an influential brand? Find out by visiting the World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta! You can meet the polar bear, learn about the secret recipe, and see everything from antique vending machines to authentic Olympic torches! The museum is near plenty of other fun attractions, too. Get our free Travel Guide to see them all and plan the perfect day in the city!

World Of Coke Tickets

5 Things to Expect at the Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta, GA ...

World of Coke Atlanta tickets can be purchased online and do not require a reservation. Be sure to check out the special ticket offers. All active duty, reserves and retired military receive free admission.

WOCC is within walking distance of many other attractions and part of Atlanta CityPASS, which allows you to save up to 43% off regular ticket prices. ANDits even great for locals because you now have up to 30 days to use the tickets. See more info here about CityPASS.

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The World Of Coke Tasting Room

The tasting room the kids love so much is also a lesson in world cultures. The bitter aperitif Beverly might not be popular in the US, but is in Europe. Even the gift shop offers educational opportunities in recycling. I love all the up cycled products from pop-top purses, to the gorgeous bottle chandeliers. And who doesnt love tasting beverages from around the world?

See our note above about the changes? Your group will wind their way one family/group at a time through six stations featuring 2 samples each from 6 different countries. The staff pours and you enjoy. Dont worry Beverly is not on the tasting list!

Law Enforcement Fire And Ems Services

The city is served by the , which numbers 2,000 officers and oversaw a 40% decrease in the city’s crime rate between 2001 and 2009. Specifically, homicide decreased by 57%, rape by 72%, and violent crime overall by 55%. Crime is down across the country, but Atlanta’s improvement has occurred at more than twice the national rate. Nevertheless, Forbes ranked Atlanta as the sixth most dangerous city in the United States in 2012. Aggravated assaults, burglaries and robberies were down from 2014. Mexican drug cartels thrive in Atlanta. 145 gangs operate in Atlanta.

The provides fire protection and first responder emergency medical services to the city from its 35 fire stations. In 2017, AFRD responded to over 100,000 calls for service over a coverage area of 135.7 square miles . The department also protects HartsfieldJackson with 5 fire stations on the property serving over 1 million passengers from over 100 different countries. The department protects over 3000 high-rise buildings, 23 miles of the rapid rail system, and 60 miles of interstate highway.

Emergency ambulance services are provided to city residents by hospital based , and .

Atlanta is home to nationally renowned private colleges and universities, most notably , a leading liberal arts and research institution that operates , the largest health care system in . The City of Atlanta annexed Emory into its territory effective January 1, 2018.

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The Vault Of The Secret Formula

The formula for Coca-Cola has been a closely guarded secret for more than 125 years. It once sat in a locked drawer in a non-public safe at SunTrust bank. Now the Secret Formula has found a new home at Atlantas World of Coca-Cola. Guests can get within feet of the famous formula that eventually led to my addiction to Diet Coke.

Coke has created an entire interactive exhibit around the Vault. Match the perfectly balanced taste of Coca-Cola with a virtual Taste Maker or experience a fun zone of myths and legends. Have a hand in protecting the secret in a full-body interactive game that takes you to many of the locations where the secret formula has been kept.

Go Beyond The Tasting Room

INSIDE World of Coca Cola Museum Atlanta Georgia HD

The Tasting Room may be the talk of the town but WOCC has so much more than that. Visitors can enter a vault that holds the Coca-Cola secret formula. For over 125 years, Coke has managed to keep their recipe on lockdown and this interactive exhibit explains its origins. Check out The Pop Culture Gallery to see how Coke and its iconic logo have been incorporated into our pop culture scene. Learn mind-blowing facts like this one: the image of Santa Claus we use today came from a Coca-Cola ad. Still mad about new Coke? They get into that controversy too.

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The Wonderful World Of The Coca

Years ago, I was a major Diet Coke addict . It was a bad habit of mine that I worked to break, and while I have not had any type of coke in 8+ years, I couldnt resist visiting the World of Coca-Cola museum when I had some free time Saturday morning during my visit to Atlanta.

I was there at the opening at 9am and I highly recommend visiting at that hour since there were no lines or crowds anywhere.

Since this was during the holiday season, it is decorated with red and white lighted ornaments and other holiday elements at the front of the museum. It would have been really pretty at nighttime.

The cost for the visit was $17 per adult which gave access to all of the exhibits and the tasting room.

Tips For Visiting World Of Coca

Coca-Cola and Atlantathey just go together. So if you havent been to World of Coca-Cola, its time to pay a visit to this fun, engaging attraction in downtown Atlanta. Families love learning about the most famous beverages history, getting close to the secret formula and of course, drinking A LOT of Coke.

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Get The Full Experience At Atlantas World Of Coca

1. Get a Picture With the Iconic Polar Bear

Tickets to Atlantas World of Coca-Cola museum are only $17 for adults and allow you to explore several different rooms of displays, artifacts, and unique experiences. Before journeying too far, make sure you capture a picture with the lovable and iconic Coca-Cola polar bear! This seven-foot-tall mascot will greet you in the museum, making for an excellent photo opportunity.

2. See How the Brand Evolved

Coca-Cola has grown from being a simple beverage to representing something much more. Its an experience! When you see people drinking this soda in the media, theyre always cheerful and spending time with family or friends, on an exciting adventure, or simply enjoying a relaxing day in the sun. The companys powerful marketing campaigns helped them achieve this image, and youre welcome to see how they did it. Youll find the Coca-Cola logo on posters, artwork, music records, and more. You can even hold a real torch from the Olympics that they sponsored!

3. Step Inside the Vault

4. Taste Beverages From Around the World

You may have heard of some of Coca-Colas other beverages, like Sprite, Fanta, and Dasani. But, did you know the list reaches almost 4,000 drinks from around the globe? Head upstairs to the tasting room and try over 100 of them! You may not like all of the flavors, but youre sure to have fun. Who knows, you might leave with a new favorite drink!

The World Of Coke Museum Gift Shop

4 Things You Need to Do at the World of Coca

Im not normally a fan of gift shops and their overpriced magnets and tshirts. But this gift shop has really unusual items. Ladies, forget Prada. Can I interest you instead in a purse made of Coke can tabs?

How about a table and chair set made from 111 plastic bottles?

The stained glass Coke signs are cool.

Dont forget your Coke golf balls.

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Visiting The World Of Coca Cola Museum

Hours for the museum are 9 to 7 daily, except Sunday. You can purchase tickets online. A single admission is currently $17 as of 2020, while seniors pay $15 and kids $13. Or you could go for the VIP guided tours, starting at $32 each.

Theres a parking garage on-site, but youll need to pay $10 per vehicle to use it. That fee covers four hours. You can sometimes find discount coupons that include admission to both the World of Coca Cola and the Georgia Aquarium.

Is it worth paying that much to see a bunch of Coke artifacts and novelties? Judge for yourself heres what youll see.

One of my favorite things about this place was all the giant Coke bottles decorated with designs from around the world. The bottle art began right in the lobby.

Cool Coca-Cola art bottles on display at the Coke Museum!

And there was plenty more inside.

The Vault was a video presentation that promised to reveal the secret formula of Coke. Of course, you know theyre not really going to reveal the secret, so the whole thing felt pointless. Sure enough, the big reveal ended up being a big disappointment.

The only redeeming part of the Vault was the fascinating historic information. Such as a handwritten July 1887 sales report from creator John Pemberton, which indicated that 990 gallons of Coke syrup were sold in the previous five months.

If you want to pose for a photo with the Coke polar bear, you can do that too.

Review: Is World Of Coca

World of Coke is, essentially, a shrine to Coca-Cola located in Atlanta, Georgia adjacent to the Georgia Aquarium. At first blush, visitors to Atlanta might assume its a simple Coke Museum, but its much more. It contains multiple exhibits, each centered around Coca-Cola and its history, from art displays to inside the Coca-Cola Vault to taste-testing, and beyond.

World of Coca-Cola cost $16/adult at the time we visited , with a multitude of combo tickets available. There are a number of attractions in Atlanta worth seeing, so we highly recommend purchasing one of these combo tickets.

If you have a few days to explore Atlanta, the Atlanta City Pass is the best option in terms of value. You can use that to hit the flagship Atlanta attractions, including the Georgia Aquarium , World of Coke, Inside CNN Atlanta Studio Tour, Atlanta Zoo, Museum of Natural History, and more. Pre-purchasing tickets is highly recommend to avoid waits at ticket windows on the day-of.

World of Coke could fail spectacularly. I mean, a prolonged Coke commercial that visitors pay to see? The very premise of it alone seems suspect. However, it succeeds surprisingly well and is an enjoyable and educational experience for both kids and adults. Perhaps its a testament to Coca-Colas ability to permeate our everyday lives and society in general, but it doesnt feel like a big commercial for Coke.

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Primary And Secondary Education

Fifty-five thousand students are enrolled in 106 schools in , some of which are operated as charter schools. Atlanta is served by many private schools including, without limitation, , , , , , , and parochial schools operated by the .

In 2018 the City of Atlanta annexed a portion of DeKalb County containing the and this portion will be zoned to the until 2024, when it will transition into APS. In 2017 the number of children living in the annexed territory who attended public schools was nine.

The primary network-affiliated television stations in Atlanta are 11 , 46 , 2 , and 5 . Other major commercial stations include 14 , 17 ” rel=”nofollow”> Ind.), 34 , 69 , and 36 . WPXA-TV, WUVG-TV, WAGA-TV and WUPA are network ‘s. The Atlanta metropolitan area is served by two public television stations , and two public radio stations. 8 is the flagship station of the statewide network, while is owned by . Georgia Public Radio is listener-funded and comprises one member station, , a classical music station operated by . The second public radio, listener-funded member station is , a jazz music station owned and operated by .

Atlanta’s transportation infrastructure comprises a complex network that includes a system, a light rail loop, a multi-county bus system, service via the , multiple freight train lines, an , several airports, including the world’s busiest, and over 45 miles of bike paths.

magazine, in naming Atlanta a “Place of a Lifetime”

Relocation And New Facilities: 2007present

World of Coca-Cola Museum (Full Video Tour)

The Atlanta museum was relocated to 121 Baker Street in Atlanta, just blocks away from where John Pemberton created the original Coca-Cola formula. The 92,000-square-foot building was constructed at a cost of $97 million and opened in 2007. It is located in Atlanta, Georgia at Pemberton Place . The 20-acre complex is located across Baker Street from Centennial Olympic Park and is also home to the Georgia Aquarium and the Center for Civil & Human Rights. It opened to the public on May 24, 2007, relocating from and replacing the original exhibit.

The museum features exhibits about the secret formula of Coca-Cola, a 4D movie where an intrepid scientist and his assistant set out to find the secret for themselves , and allows visitors to taste 60 different flavors from around the world. It also houses a fully functional bottling line that produced 8-ounce bottles of Coca-Cola for distribution to its guests. However, citing operation costs, since 2013, the plant runs in simulation as such practice was discontinued.

World of Coca-Cola Las Vegas, built in 1997, was located in the Showcase Mall on the Las Vegas Strip. It closed in 2000, but the Everything Coca-Cola store remains open.World of Coca-Cola Tokyo was located on the 6th floor of Mediage in Odaiba. It closed on January 15, 2007. There is also a Coca-Cola Museum in Taoyuan City, Taiwan as of 2007.

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