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Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum

This Present Moment: Crafting A Better World Renwick Gallery

Cooper Hewitt – Smithsonian Design Museum

An American craft show meant to be more wide-ranging than in the past, the exhibition highlights the role of activism and resilience in art, centering on often-overlooked histories and contributions of women, people of color and other marginalized communities. “This Present Moment” unfolds across both floors of the gallery with nearly 150 artworks from the museums permanent collection. About 135 are new acquisitions unveiled for the first time. Among the artists are Nick Cave, Christian Cordova, Alicia Eggert and George Nakashima. .

A Splendid Land: Paintings From Royal Udaipur National Museum Of Asian Art

From the palaces of northwest India come large immersive paintings of the 1700s, conveying human emotions as well as lakes and mountains over a 200-year period in a rapidly changing part of early modern South Asia. The large works on paper and cloth, many on view for the first time In “A Splendid Land: Paintings from Royal Udaipur,” will be accompanied by a soundscape by filmmaker Amit Dutta .

The Smithsonian museums, along with the National Zoo, are operating on a modified schedule through January 17. The National Air and Space Museum and the Anacostia Community Museum will be closed through January 17 other D.C. museums will be open for two to five days a week during this period. Check here for further updates on openings and museum hours.

American Revolution And The Early United States

Manhattan was at the heart of the , a series of major battles in the early . The was forced to abandon Manhattan after the on November 16, 1776. The city, greatly damaged by the during the campaign, became the British military and political center of operations in North America for the remainder of the war. The military center for the colonists was established in New Jersey. British occupation lasted until November 25, 1783, when returned to Manhattan, as .

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Falcons: The Art Of The Hunt National Museum Of Asian Art

The trained precision of hunting falcons has long been fascinating to humans. As long ago as early 8th-century Syria, falcons were being trained to become skillful hunters for the royal courts. The fad spread across the globe, from the Byzantine Empire to China in the east. A new show collects paintings and objects from ancient Egypt to China celebrating the hunting prowess of the birds. .

Powerful Partnerships: Civil War

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

From the Mathew Brady Studio comes the compelling photographs of the 19th-century’s most influential couples. The National Portrait Gallery show includes the visages of President Ulysses S. Grant and his wife Julia, as well as generals Nathaniel Banks and George McClellan and their wives Mary Banks and Ellen McClellan and explorer and military officer John C. Frémont and his wife Jessie Benton Frémont, a writer and activist. As famous as any of them was the actor Charles Stratton, better known by his stage name, Gen. Tom Thumb. He and his wife Lavinia, also a circus performer, met while they were both working for P.T. Barnum. .

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Immerse Yourself In A Room Of Wallpaper

The Immersion Room brings the museums vast collection of wallpaper samples to life with an array across two projection walls. As visitors create and project their own designs, the system recognizes their approach and presents feedback from renowned designers. By turning visitors from observers to designers, we transformed how they relate to the collection.

Mind Over Matter: Zen In Medieval Japan National Museum Of Asian Art

The Freer Gallery of the National Museum of Asian Art has one of the greatest collections of the spontaneous monochrome ink Zen paintings, and its full scope will be shown for the first time since the museums founding nearly a century ago in the exhibition “Mind Over Matter: Zen in Medieval Japan.” Rare works from Japan and China reflect the philosophy of Zen, which has grown to influence people globally. Monastic Zen painters in turn inspired centuries of Japanese art. .

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The Molina Family Latino Gallery National Museum Of American History

It will be more than a decade before the opening of a National Museum of the American Latino, the latest Smithsonian museum signed into law in late 2020. But the Smithsonian Latino Center’s curators offer a preview with the opening of ¡Presente! A Latino History of the United States, a 4,500-square-foot exhibition space documenting centuries of Latino heritage and culture in the U.S.. Among the show’s 200 artifacts will be a refugee raft used by those fleeing Cuba, a dress worn by Salsa queen Celia Cruz and a registration form for enslaved people in Puerto Rico. .

The New York Pass: 100+ Attractions Including Empire State Building Provided By The New York Pass

Design Talk | Curator, Computer, Creator: A Discussion on Museums and A.I. in the 21st Century
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  • All sales are final and incur 100% cancellation penalties.
  • Avoid the crowds, with included skip-the-line admission at numerous sights
  • Make more of your time with a multi-day pass, for up to 10 days of discounts
  • Enjoy great inclusions, with entry to more than 100 New York City attractions
  • Food and drinks, unless specified
  • Transportation to and from attractions unless stated
  • Gratuities
  • Food and drinks, unless specified
  • Transportation to and from attractions unless stated
  • Gratuities
  • Returns to original departure point

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Preston Singletary: Raven And The Box Of Daylight National Museum Of The American Indian

Pacific Northwest soundscapes, music and projects accompany a major show at the National Museum of American Indian by Tlingit glass artist Preston Singletary. Organized by the artist with the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington, it was originally supposed to open in the fall of 2020. The show tells the tribal story of Raven and his transformation of the world by bringing light to people from the stars, moon and sun. .

We Are Made Of Stories: Self

This exhibition highlights some of the 93 works of art in the collection of Margaret Z. Robson, featuring the works of 48 major self-taught artists. The collection was gifted in 2016, the largest of its kind in two decades, and it expanded the museum’s extensive holdings of what was once referred to as folk art. Among the 11 new artists are Howard Finster, Bessie Harvey, Judith Scott, William Edmondson, Ulysses Davis and Bill Traylor, who was the subject of a major survey in 2018. .

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Early Flight National Air And Space Museum

While favorite galleries such as “America by Air” and “The Wright Brothers & the Invention of the Aerial Age”will be enhanced and reimagined in the refurbished west wing of the National Air and Space Museum, the new exhibition Early Flight will look at the busy decade between the Wright discoveries and World War I in 1914. The newly transformed gallery will include the bird-like wings of a glider from German pioneer Otto Lilienthal and the Blériot XI, from Louis Blériot, who made the first airplane crossing of the English Channel in 1909, reaching Calais from Dover in 36 minutes, 30 seconds. .

One With Eternity: Yayoi Kusama In The Hirshhorn Collection The Hirshhorn Museum And Sculpture Garden

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

The big polka-dotted Pumpkin of 2016 gets its own polka-dotted room theres an early painting and a Flower Overcoat. But everyone will be lining up to peek into Yayoi Kusamas infinity mirror roomsone with red spotted phalli, the artist’s first the other, one of her most recent, festooned with orbs changing colors. The show from the popular Japanese artist was supposed to open in April 2020 and was ready, but alas the pandemic world was not. Timed passes will be required throughout the run. .

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Ik Ud: Nollywood Portraits National Museum Of African Art

The success of Nigerias film industry has also meant the rise of glamor and celebrity in what is called Nollywood. Enter Iké Udé, who returned to Lagos in 2014 after three decades as an artist in New York City, to photograph the leading stars, often in costumes from their films, as well as directors and producers in the $3 billion industry. The result reflects the changing nature of African identity in the 21st century. .

I Dream A World: Selections From Brian Lankers Portraits Of Remarkable Black Women National Portrait Gallery

Maya Angelou, Lena Horne, Barbara Jordan, Rosa Parks, Leontyne Price and Alice Walker are among the famous faces that appeared in a popular 1989 book by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Brian Lanke,I Dream a World: Portraits of Black Women Who Changed America. Those and other images of women who made their contributions in writing, activism, theater, athletics or journalism will be presented at the National Portrait Gallery in a two-part show that will run for more than a year. .

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Culture And Contemporary Life

Manhattan is the borough most closely associated with New York City by non-residents regionally, residents within the , including natives of New York City’s boroughs outside Manhattan, will often describe a trip to Manhattan as “going to the City”. Journalist characterized the streets of Manhattan as being traversed by “hurrying, feverish, electric crowds”.

Manhattan has been the scene of many important American cultural movements. In 1912, about 20,000 workers, a quarter of them women, marched upon to commemorate the , which killed 146 workers on March 25, 1911. Many of the women wore fitted tucked-front blouses like those manufactured by the Triangle Shirtwaist Company, a clothing style that became the working woman’s uniform and a symbol of , reflecting the alliance of labor and suffrage movements.

The in the 1920s established the African-American literary canon in the United States and introduced writers and . Manhattan’s vibrant visual art scene in the 1950s and 1960s was a center of the American movement, which gave birth to such giants as and . The downtown pop art movement of the late 1970s included artist and clubs like and , where he socialized.

Since 1990, the largely powerless Borough President has acted as an advocate for the borough at the mayoral agencies, the City Council, the New York state government, and corporations. Manhattan’s current is , elected as a in November 2013 with 82.9% of the vote. Brewer replaced , who went on to become .

Designing Peace The Cooper Hewitt The Smithsonian Design Museum New York City

Design at Home: Design a Dinner Party (with Audio Description)

What is the role of design in pursuing peace? The new exhibition “Desiging Peace” at the Cooper Hewitt in New York City collected 40 design projects from around the world that look at ways to create a more sustainable peace. They range from confrontations that challenge existing situations to designs that demand justice and truth in a search for reconciliation.

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Watergate: Portraiture And Intrigue National Portrait Gallery

The 50th anniversary of the botched break-in of the Democratic National Committee offices at the Watergate complex that led to the resignation of Richard Nixon is marked by an exhibition that combines portraiture and visual biography from the Portrait Gallery collection. The show features not just Nixon, but other key figures including Rose Mary Woods, John and Martha Mitchell, and Deep Throat himself, Mark Felt, as rendered by artists that include Richard Avedon, Marisol Escobar and George Giusti. An array of scathing political cartoonists, among them Jack Davis, Patrick Oliphant and Edward Sorel, document the scandal. Many of Time magazines 40 covers devoted to Watergate are also a part of the exhibition. .

Baseball: Americas Home Run National Postal Museum

This long-delayed celebration of the national pastime will feature hundreds of U.S. and international stamps commemorating baseballs finest players, augmented by dozens of objects loaned by other Smithsonian museums and the National Baseball Hall of Fame. First organized to mark the 150th anniversary of professional baseball in 2019, Baseball: Americas Home Run will feature some historic objects that have never appeared on public display.

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Design And Healing: Creative Responses To Epidemics

This exhibition, curated by MASS Design Group and Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, was organized during the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic revealed what some have known for a long time: breathing is spatial. This fact has implications at the scale of the body, building, city, and planet. Everyone on Earth has been affected by the pandemic. Unequal access to housing, jobs, and health care ensured that COVID-19 hit marginalized communities harder than others.

This exhibition presents architectural case studies and historical narratives alongside creative design responses to COVID-19. Every designer, artist, doctor, engineer, or neighbor featured in the exhibition asked, How can I help? They used open-source collaboration, rapid-response prototyping, product hacking, and social activism to create medical devices, protective gear, infographics, political posters, architecture, and community servicesall with the shared aspiration to reduce structural barriers that keep us from accessing the care we all deserve.

Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Library

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum Reopens

The Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Library is the major resource in the United States for books, trade catalogs, serials, pictures, and archival material covering design and decorative art from the Renaissance to the present. Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and the Library explore the theory, history, process, material, pattern, use, and social aspects of designed objects as well as the design of gardens, buildings, interiors, theater sets, and cities. The Library also features more than 15,000 Rare and Restricted Use treasures including several 16th century lace patterns guides, rare 18th century brass and furniture trade catalogs, approximately 2,000 pop-up books, and historic home decorating periodicals.

The online catalog of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries is available on SIRIS, the Smithsonian Institution Research Information System. This catalog shows the holdings of all of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries. The Cooper Hewitt Library collections are housed both at the Miller-Fox houses at 9 East 90th street, New York City, and at an offsite facility in Newark, New Jersey. Materials in SIRIS indicating that they are located in Newark can be obtained for researchers with advance notification. Library staff is happy to provide guidance in searching SIRIS, electronic databases, and all other on-site resources. Library staff accepts reference inquiries by letter, telephone, or e-mail.

Access and Public Transit

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Health & Safety Measures

Effective December 27, 2021: In accordance with the New York City mandate, all visitors age 5+ must show proof of vaccination to enter the Museum, SHOP, and cafe. Visitors age 12+ must show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 and a matching ID visitors age 5 11 must show proof of at least one dose of the vaccine. The Museum will not save or store your vaccine information.

Visitors to the garden only are not required to show proof of vaccination, but those who are not vaccinated should wear a face covering outdoors and practice social distancing.

We ask that all visitors follow these safety measures to protect everyones health. Visitors who do not adhere to safety policies and guidelines may be asked to leave.


Visitors age 2+ are required to wear a face covering in indoor areas during their visit. Face coverings should fit properly, covering the nose, mouth, and chin with no large gaps on the outside of the face, and they should have at least two layers. Face shields are not permitted as a substitute for a face covering but may be worn over a face covering or mask. Face coverings or masks with an exhalation valve are not permitted.


Please maintain a safe social distance of six feet or more between households or groups at all times. Social distancing signage and directions will be found throughout our facility.



Fodor’s Expert Review Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum

The Cooper Hewitt is a slick 21st-century museum that has taken an ornate, century-old mansion and outfitted it with the latest technologies and amenities to create a highly interactive experience. You dont just look at design you engage it and then take it home. Visitors receive a digital pen that acts as a key to the museums entire collection of more than 200,000 objects, everything from antique cutlery and Japanese sword fittings to robotics and animation. Museum highlights include giant touch-screen tables where visitors can summon random-yet-relevant items from the museums collection by drawing a squiggle or a shape the Immersion Room, where visitors can view and save their favorite wallpapers from the museums incredible collection or create their own designs and the Process Lab, where visitors get hands-on to solve design dilemmas.

The focus on design and discovery extends to “SHOP,” where limited-edition…READ MORE

The focus on design and discovery extends to “SHOP,” where limited-edition objects are for sale. There is a café, and an outdoor garden is free and open to the public. Guided tours run daily at 11:30, at 1:30 on weekdays, and at 1 and 3 on weekends. Admission is pay-what-you-wish Saturday evening from 6 to 9.

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