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Houston Art Museum Van Gogh

Hockney Meets Van Gogh At The Museum Of Fine Arts Houston

Art Beat – Van Gogh at MFAH

The world is full of things that at first blush dont go together at all. Peanut butter and chocolate, anyone? And in the world of art, no less so. This week, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston brought together the illustrious late-19th-century Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh and the major contemporary British multimedia artist David Hockney. Didnt see that coming, did you?

David Hockney, Woldgate Vista, 27 July 2005, oil on canvas.

These are trying times for Texans and Houstonians, of course, as they recover from the whims of nature and human hubris, so how apropos that the title of this new exhibitionHockney-Van Gogh: The Joy of Naturereminds us that the natural world is still to be celebrated. Mounted originally in Amsterdams Van Gogh Museum in 2019, the Houston show is made up of forty-seven works by Hockney in his usual mix of material, from sketches to iPad creations, and ten paintings and drawings from the hands of Van Gogh.

The obvious difference between the two geniuses is that Hockney paints much larger than Van Gogh ever could , and Hockney being always on the cutitng edge now prepares his studies by filming landscapes with multiple cameras on an SUV. And, of course, it’s Hockney who has had the benefit and great joy of studying Van Gogh over his career, as active as ever going on sixty years now.

Vincent van Gogh, Field with Irises near Arles, 1888, oil on canvas.

Portrait Of Doctor Flix Rey

Portrait of Doctor Félix Rey by Vincent van Gogh depicts the trainee doctor at Arles Hospital, where Van Gogh was taken for treatment of his mental illness.

After cutting off part of his left ear in December 1888, Vincent van Gogh was taken to the hospital of Arles and placed in the care of Doctor Felix Rey. Dr. Rey was a 23-year-old intern at the time.

This portrait is distinguished by its bright color, flatness, and the absence of modeling. The decorative background of the wallpaper with orange ornamental curls on green presents the doctor in a non-clinical setting.

Doctor Félix Rey is presented with a full face and a carefully and neatly trimmed beard with an elegantly curved mustache. He is presented sympathetically in his fashionable blue jacket, orange buttons, a striped tie, and a green vest.

Vincent Van Gogh And Japanese Art

These portraits of the Postman Joseph Roulin by Vincent van Gogh reflected his deep interest in Japanese prints.

Van Gogh discovered Japanese Art in magazine illustrations of artwork created by woodblock prints using Japanese techniques that depicted Japanese life.

In 1885, van Gogh started collecting ukiyo-e prints that he bought in small Parisian shops.

Van Gogh shared these prints with his contemporaries and organized a Japanese print exhibition in Paris in 1887.

One version of Van Goghs Portrait of Pere Tanguy featured a backdrop of Japanese prints.

Japanese woodblock prints inspired him, and in his works, he reflected the vibrancy of color and light that he observed in Japanese woodblock prints.

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Olive Trees With The Alpilles In The Background

Olive Trees with the Alpilles in the Background by Vincent van Gogh depicts green olive trees twisting and swirling as if reflecting the radiating heat from the ground on a hot day in June 1889 in southern France.

The olive grove is capped by the rolling blue hills of the distant Alps, beneath a light-washed sky with bundled clouds engaged in their own twisting dance of nature.

The Chaîne des Alpilles in the background of this painting is a small range of low mountains in Provence, southern France. The landscape of the Alpilles is one of the arid limestone peaks separated by dry valleys.

Vincent van Gogh painted many images of the Alpilles landscapes during his time in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence on the north side of the mountains.

About Frida The Immersive Dream

At the Van Gogh exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in ...

Explore the world through the eyes of the legendary Frida Kahlo a brilliant, uncompromising painter who created some of the historys most iconic artwork. The groundbreaking team behind the smash hit Immersive Van Gogh now turn their eye for innovation towards the work of a woman who boldly told the story of her life in brushstrokes.

As you stroll through the Lighthouse Immersive gallery, you will see the Mexico-born artists work come to life on a grand scale and discover the people, events, and obstacles that made her the extraordinary woman she was. The mesmerizing, large-scale projections, accompanied by a ravishing musical score, will sweep you up as you encounter Frida as never before.

Frida Kahlos art is not only beautiful on an aesthetic level it has also become a universal symbol of resilience and perseverance.

Brave and brutally honest, Kahlo transferred her fears and pain onto canvas in a way that resonates even more powerfully with us today. Kahlo used art to empower herself and, in so doing, has become one of the most beloved and popular artists of all time.

Kahlos art has been described as magic realism blending realistic depictions of her life with fantastical elements to reflect her inner thoughts and struggles. Using state-of-the-art technology, the 360-degree experience invites you to step inside the colorful and vibrant world of Frida Kahlo as never before with Frida: Immersive Dream.

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Memory Of The Garden At Etten

Memory of the Garden at Etten by Vincent van Gogh depicts the artists mother and sister. The garden refers to the parsonage garden at Etten, now Etten-Leur, in the Netherlands, where Vincents father, a pastor, had been appointed.

Vincents father, Theodorus van Gogh, had been assigned to Etten as a pastor. Vincent spent periods there, notably from Easter to Christmas 1881, when he returned to join his brother Theo, an art dealer.

This period at Etten represents the beginning of Vincents ten-year career as an artist. He had returned to Etten intending to set up a studio there.

However, that summer, Vincent became obsessed with his recently widowed cousin Kee Vos-Stricker, who had been invited to stay over the summer with her eight-year-old son Jan.

Vincent and Kee started taking pleasant walks together, and Vincent developed tender and romantic feelings.

Within the fortnight Vincent proposed marriage. She famously rebuffed him and quickly left for Amsterdam and never wanting to deal with him again. Museum: Hermitage Museum

Each City Has Its Own Twist On Immersive Van Gogh

Social distancing circles at the “Immersive Van Gogh” exhibit in Chicago.

Will that pie be available in Houston? Its impossible to say because, as Shedletsky points out, every city provides a slightly different experience because of the different venues. There are unique experiences in each city organizers are still working out the details of what Houston will offer.

Each market has a unique story that the venue offers and unique items, Shedletsky said. So, while the show itself is the same show and the content is the same content, each experience would be quite different for you.

For example, in some cities the show includes a Letters to Vincent experience in which viewers can write and send a letter to Van Gogh, then receive a personalized response using phrases from the 800-plus letters he wrote in his lifetime.

I had someone come through the exhibit who told me about a family member struggling with mental health and how this exhibit gave them real inspiration, Shedletsky said. The letter this person got back was a very meaningful letter to this person. It gave them hope.

Organizers must look for a venue that is relatively well-located, has parking and has large enough ceilings to install anywhere from 40 to 60 8K projectors. Space and ceiling height are the most important aspects of a potential venue, organizers say, as they are integral to bringing the projections to life and creating scenic elements of the experience.

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The Original Immersive Van Gogh Is Coming To 1314 Brittmoore Rd

Located at 1314 Brittmoore Road, this amazing building will be transformed into an unforgettable art experience featuring a 25,000 square foot exhibit space where the art of Vincent van Gogh will come to life around you!

To help reimagine this massive venue, Immersive Van Gogh has joined forces with internationally known Set Designer, Rowan Doyle. Known for his set design including Christmas in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition Game of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition, and the museum of ice cream in New York.

Dueling Van Gogh Immersive Experiences

Step into works of art at the new Original Van Gogh Immersive Exhibit Houston | HOUSTON LIFE | K…

An international obsession with Atelier des Lumières, a Vincent Van Gogh-inspired light show on the Netflix series Emily in Paris, instigated the race to bring similar experiences to major cities Houston included. Thats how two immersive events surrounding the life, death and work of the Dutch, post-impressionist painter landed in town: Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Houston and Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience.

The former has actual street cred Massimiliano Siccardi is the Italian director behind Atelier des Lumières and the film shown inside Immersive Van Gogh, which also counts Emily in Paris star Lily Collins as a fan. Its competition, however, packs a mean art history punch. Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience boasts a towering, 3D sculpture of the artist, an in-depth career timeline, a series of 11 Sunflowers canvas wraps, a re-creation of his Bedroom in Arles and a dazzling virtual-reality experience.

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The Starry Night Over The Rhne

Starry Night Over the Rhône is one of Vincent van Goghs most famous paintings. The painting of Arles at night time was painted from the quay on the east side of the Rhône River.

This spot was only a two-minute walk from the Yellow House, which Van Gogh was renting at the time. Museum: Musée dOrsay, Paris

Imagine Van Gogh: The Immersive Exhibition

Imagine Van Gogh is the creation of French artistic directors Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, who have worked on other immersive shows at the digital art museum in Les Baux-de-Provence, France. After stints in Vancouver and Edmonton, Canada, Imagine Van Gogh will come to the United States in December for shows in Boston and Tacoma/Seattle, featuring 200 van Gogh paintings set to the music of Saint-Saëns, Mozart, and Bach.

When: December 21, 2021February 20, 2022Where: SoWa Power StationBuy Tickets: Prices start at $40 , with group and flexible tickets available in addition to the standard timed ticket options,

When: March 5April 16, 2022Where: Tacoma ArmoryBuy Tickets: Prices start at $41 , with group and flexible tickets available in addition to the standard timed ticket options,

This article was originally published on March 2, 2021 it was updated on April 20, 2021, May 3, 2021, August 19, 2021, and December 14, 2021, with additional information.

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Rediscovering Vincent Van Gogh: His Life In Art

Wednesday, Jul. 8, 2020 Sunday, Jul. 12, 2020

Revisit Vincent van Gogh: His Life in Art, the landmark 2019 MFAH exhibition of masterworks by one of the most iconic artists in the history of Western art. See highlights in this special video presentation, featuring commentary from MFAH curators David Bomford and Bradley Bailey, and director Gary Tinterow.

  • Wednesday, 11:00 am – 5:00 pmThursday, 11:00 am – 9:00 pm Friday – Saturday, 11:00 am – 6:00 pmSunday , 12:30 pm – 6:00 pm
  • Monday | Closed.
  • Tuesday | Closed.
  • Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day | Closed.
  • General Admissions

  • Seniors $16
  • Military Free
  • College Students $12
  • Youth $12
  • Children FREE
  • Certain special exhibitions are ticketed, with an additional charge.
  • *The Museum provides free admission to active members of the U.S. military and reserves with valid ID, as well as to military families with dependent cards. Available in person at any admissions desk. General admission to the Museum is free on Thursdays, courtesy of Shell Oil Company.Health & Safety Protocols:

    Intense Projections Command Viewers

    Welcome to Houston Dear Vincent!

    Viewers can sit on the floor to take in the projections, as seen in this image from the “Immersive Van Gogh” exhibit in Chicago.

    Siccardi, a former dancer who became a video artist, designed the experience traveling the country. Hes joined by Composer Luca Longobardi, a classically trained musician who incorporates contemporary electronic music into his pieces.

    Unlike a standard museum experience, “Immersive Van Gogh” immediately captures multiple senses. Moody music greets audiences as they enter and wraps them into the artwork.

    Weekday shows: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.

    Weekend shows: 9 a.m. – 10 p.m.

    While the work is instantly recognizable as Van Gogh, this is not a simple slide show projection. The space repaints his masterpieces before your eyes, with constant swirls of paint rippling across the tall walls and floors. It adapts his colors and creates new art based upon his work.

    While there are no rules barring conversation, the crowd at a recent Chicago viewing was nearly silent, spell-bound by the experience. The music and video were intense, commanding attention and transporting its audience back in time to the world of Van Gogh with its sunflowers, rugged portraits, candles and buzzing flies.

    It is an opportunity to experience the gestalt of Van Gogh while it sometimes holds on a single iconic subject, it brings out the details of his work and magnifies them, taking the audience through his major works in 45 minutes.

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    You Can Now Get Tickets To This One

    Youve never experienced Van Gogh like this before. Instead of standing and staring at one of the iconic artists beautiful framed paintings from afar, imagine being able to walk inside one the vibrant colors swirling around you while you take in the stunning, post-impressionist works in an otherworldly way.

    Well, thats exactly what youll be able to do at the brand new Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience coming to the MarqE Entertainment Center in Houston this August!

    This magical event from renowned European edu-tainment company Exhibition Hub utilizes a unique combination of several dozen projectors, 1000m2 screens, plus a separate high-tech VR adventure, to create a mind-bending 360° digital art experience. Their cutting-edge videomapping process is only used by a few companies around the world. And tickets to the exhibit have just been released to the public!

    Lighting up 20,000 square feet with two-story projections, Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience will take you on a stunning ride through the incredible works of one of historys greatest artists.

    And since its digital, its entirely hands-free, making it a perfect COVID-19-safe and socially-distant activity. And made for all ages to enjoy!

    Using technology to recreate animated displays of these masterpieces youll be immersed directly in the paintings themselves, looking up at Starry Night and watching the stars dance around the room in Van Goghs iconic style. Get a taste of the magic below:

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    Both Offer Art Lovers A Unique Way Of Viewing The Post

    ByEmma SchklovenMarch 15, 2021

    Immersive Van Gogh

    Image: courtesy Immersive Van Gogh

    Youve heard about dueling pianos and dueling banjos, but what about dueling Vincents?

    Well, Houston art lovers, youre about to, because not one, but two immersive Van Gogh-themed art exhibits are heading to the Bayou City. Not only do they both promise to bring the legendary post-impressionists works to life in a completely transformative 360-degree experience, but also they both have similar names to boota coincidence were sure.

    Immersive Van Gogh, presented by Lighthouse Immersive and Impact, arrives in August with the promise of a digital exhibit that lets Vincent fans feel like theyre literally stepping inside iconic paintings like The Starry Night and those in the Sunflowers series, thanks to 500,000 cubic feet of moving projections that bring the artists individual brushstrokes to life. Combine all that with an evocative original score, and its no wonder that this particular exhibition was featured in an episode of Netflixs Emily in Paris.

    Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

    Image: courtesy Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

    The similarity in name, which has led to some confusion among art fans, has led the Better Business Bureau to issue a warning: Make sure you read everything carefully so you know which ticket youre buying.

    Immersive Van Gogh. Aug 12Oct 10. $39.99$99.99. More info and tickets at

    From Forever 21 To Artist Pop

    Two different Van Gogh immersive exhibits are coming to Houston

    From Houston, With Love, a 60-day collaborative exhibition, transformed a former Forever 21 store into a temporary art gallery last June. The 23,000-square-foot space contained nearly 150 works by 30 artists. Emmanuel Alia, a Houston native who founded Prauper Studios in 2014, pulled the concept together in less than a month.

    Alias goal was to encourage big businesses to tap Texas creatives and painters for art projects and commissions instead of looking to Los Angeles or New York. Cary Fagans Chairs are People sculptures were a standout. As was Chandrika Metiviers commission: a single-story mock-up house sculpted with BoPET, a polyester film resembling aluminum foil, better known as Mylar.

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    From Color Explosions To A Tropical Plant

    ByCarolina LarracillaJune 23, 2021

    Houston is still raving about Seismique, the futuristic edition to the Museum District, as is the entire countryUSA Today readers ranked it the third best immersive art experience. Plus, weve been talking nonstop about the return of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-worthy Candytopia, board game-tastic Houstonopoly, and the Dr. Seuss Experience straight out of our story-time daydreams.

    These experiences are sure to whisk you off to Great Places, but lets not forget about all the other art immersions around town this summer. If youre anything like us, you could also use a break from real life. Here are five spots you won’t want to miss.

    Color Factory Houston

    This interactive museum is a dream come true for your Instagram, complete with a massive ball pit, an iridescent hallway, floating orbs, and other exhibits designed to give you a sensory overload. Take your family or friends, get showered in confetti, see the world through rose-colored glasses, and top it all off with anti-gravity ice cream. Color Factory promises that no two locations are the same and a color palette unique to Houston.

    From $28. 3303 Kirby Dr. 347-378-4071


    Thru Aug 8. Free. Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, 5216 Montrose Blvd. 713-284-8250

    The FOMO Factory

    Thru Sept 15. From $18. 5085 Westheimer Rd, Ste 4710. 713-338-9833

    Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Houston

    Opens Aug 12. From $39.99. Location TBA.

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