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Scottsdale Museum Of Contemporary Art

Todays Norms Are Tomorrows Luxuries Luis Alfonso Villalobos

New art from the world arrives in Scottsdale

The first US solo exhibition of Guadalajara-based artist Luis Alfonso Villalobos features painting, video, and installation that opens an inquiry into the functions of architecture and art, while also expanding into ideas of history and place. A large-scale installation integrates paintings within a complex built environment. With references to Modern architecture and design, Villalobos brings

Bridges: Spanning The Ideas Of Paolo Soleri

Of all things that are man-made, bridges are the most structural, single-minded and imposing. As connectors at a breaking point, they have a heroic force that is aided by a challenging structuralism. To bridge is a symbol of confidence and trust. It is a communication medium as much as a connector. Paolo

Bruce Munro: Ferrymans Crossing

Shimmering rows of reflective compact discs lit by pulses of light comprise Bruce Munros Ferrymans Crossing, an installation that evokes sunlight bouncing off the surface of flowing water. Throughout his work, Munro uses light to animate environments in ways that activate myriad associations. Munro conceived this installation as a meditation on Herman Hesses 1922 novel, Siddhartha. At

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What Our Clientele Say

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  • Architecture + Art: Everything Falls Into Place When It Collapses

    Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

    Mexico City-based artist Santiago Borja works internationally at the intersection of art, architecture and ethnography. He is known for creating large-scale installations and architectural interventions that cross cultural boundaries and contrast traditional crafts with contemporary theory and modernist design. Architecture + Art: Everything Falls into Place When It Collapses is Borjas site-specific project in response to the

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    Mel Roman: Coming Out Under Fire

    Artist, civil rights activist and clinical psychologist Mel Roman had an accomplished 50 year-career uniting provocative visual art, explicit political critique and the scientific study of the human psyche. A straight, white man, Romans lifes work focused on achieving social justice for the disenfranchised. In 2000, SMoCA presented the artists controversial

    May 16, 2016 – Sep 13, 2015

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    Covert Operations: Investigating The Known Unknowns

    Covert Operations: Investigating the Known Unknowns is the first major survey of a generation of artists working in the violent and uncertain decade following the 9/11 terrorist attacks to collect and reveal previously unreported information. This group of international artists includes Ahmed Basiony, Thomas Demand, Hasan Elahi, Harun Farocki, Jenny Holzer, Trevor Paglen and Taryn Simon.

    May 30 – Aug 30, 2015

    Scottsdale Museum Of Contemporary Art

    Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

    Located in Scottsdale’s popular Old Town district, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art features the most compelling modern and contemporary art, architecture and design from around the globe. Designed by award-winning architect Will Bruder, SMoCA’s minimalist building includes a public “skyspace” by the acclaimed artist James Turrell , where visitors can experience the ever-changing light of the desert sky. SMoCA also presents a wide variety of changing exhibitions, educational programs, docent-led tours and special events for adults and families.

    Open Noon-5pm, Tues, Wed, Sun Noon-9pm Thurs, Fri, Sat Closed Monday

    Museum is free all day Thursday, and Fri & Sat 5-9pm

    Scottsdale Arts manages Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art , Scottsdale Public Art, and Scottsdale Arts Education and Outreach, and annually presents Canal Convergence and Scottsdale Arts Festival.

    • Number of Outdoor Function Spaces1
    • Outdoor Square Footage1438

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    The Human Touch: Selections From The Rbc Wealth Management Art Collection

    Stimulating. Challenging. Engaging. These are just a few adjectives that aptly describe RBC Wealth Managements art collection. With the human figure as its focus, the collection reflects the rich cultural diversity and complexity of contemporary society. From realistic to abstract, serious to whimsical, its works of art offer a breadth of approaches and subjects. Appropriation,

    James Marshalls Spring Break

    Enjoy spring break fun here at SMoCA with games and activities inspired by artist James Marshall . Last spring, Marshall transformed SMoCA Lounge with his dynamic mural Radiate. In the process of completing that project, he often commented that he wished the space could be activated with games, movies, andhis most frequent requestpink Astro Turf.

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    Architecture + Art Chris Fraser: Aura

    Chris Frasers outdoor sculpture, Aura, will remain on view through January 31, 2016. Oakland-based artist Chris Fraser brings his experiments in light, shadow and movement to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts fourth iteration of the groundbreaking series, Architecture + Art. Inspired by Arizonas exquisite sky and the experimental architecture found at Biosphere II, Kitt Peak National

    Southwestnet Sama Alshaibi: Silsila

    Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in Scottsdale

    Sama Alshaibis epic series of photographs and videos is named for the Arabic word silsila, or linka simple noun describing a point of connection. As a verb, link also describes the act of joining two discrete units. Silsilarepresents the joining of individuals to one another, humans with the natural world, and the

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    A Museum Should Exist At The Heart Of A Community

    The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art , situated on a twenty-one acre, beautifully landscaped park in the middle of downtown Scottsdale, presents the best of contemporary art, architecture and design from around the world and from around the corner. Our nine to twelve exhibitions per year rotate continually so that a visitor will always experience the most current works of art that represent the thinking of the best and the brightest.

    Our diverse and exciting programming embraces the worlds of music, literature, dance, performance and film. We create education opportunities for all ages and for all backgrounds and interests. Arizona and world politics, Japanese flower arranging, the science of optics, piñata making and the latest ideas about food production and distribution have all been examined in recent SMoCA community programs.

    SMoCA frequently collaborates with institutions and communities both in Arizona and outside of the state. The City of Scottsdale, Arizona State University, the Phoenix Art Museum, the Warhol Foundation, the Graham Foundation and the Tremaine Foundation have all assisted the museum in its creation of exhibitions and programs. Thousands of individuals, business, and groups have also given time, money, ideas and energy to help the Museum grow and prosper over a fifteen year history.

    Visit SMoCA and discover the heart of a community.

    Tim Rodgers

    A museum dedicated to contemporary art, architecture and design.

    Public Trust: Its About What We Do

    According to the Association of Art Museum Directors, the body that governs museum standards and practices in the United States, an art museum is a permanent, not-for-profit institutionessentially educational and humanistic in purposethat studies and cares for works of art and on some schedule exhibits and interprets them for the public. However, the publicly visible

    May 21 – Oct 2, 2016

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    Functional: Products Of Conceptual Design

    Walk the line between art and design. This exhibition showcases a selection of objects that playfully question the expected utilitarian roles of good design and its relationship to art. The works ignore traditional views of mass consumption and emphasize non-essential luxury that straddle the territories of art and design. The beauty of the dysfunctional encourages

    May 6 – Sep 24, 2017

    Afghan War Rugs: The Modern Art Of Central Asia

    360º VIDEO: Ocean of Light interactive exhibit

    In Spring 2015, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art presents the most distinct collection of Afghan war rugs in the world. Afghan War Rugs: The Modern Art of Central Asia brings to the United States more than 30 large and small-scale contemporary weavings from Afghanistan. These compelling examples of contemporary crafttraditionally made by women artists and sold

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    Permanent Collection / Impermanent Museum

    Peel back the layers, peer behind the curtain and peruse the collected ephemera that remains after an exhibition has been packed up and shipped out of the museum. Permanent Collection / Impermanent Museum explores the physical residue of the first seventeen years of SMoCAs exhibition history. Looking down, the footprints of past artworks remain visible on the gallery

    Refik Anadol: Infinity Room

    In this immersive installation by Turkish-born, Los Angeles-based artist Refik Anadol, museum guests will step into a mirrored room that uses light, sound and technology to create a three-dimensional kinetic and architectonic space. The installation uses projection mapping to conceive a constantly changing virtual landscape an imagined environment that attempts to merge the space

    May 19 – Sep 30, 2018

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    Architecture + Art Chris Fraser: Looking Back

    Oakland-based artist Chris Fraser brings his experiments in light, shadow and movement to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts fourth iteration of the groundbreaking series, Architecture + Art. Inspired by Arizonas exquisite sky and the experimental architecture found at Biosphere II, Kitt Peak National Observatory and ArcosantiFraser will create a luminous room-sized environmental sculpture. Among the

    Narrow Road To The Interior: Contemporary Japanese Artists


    The months and days are the travelers of eternity. The years that come and go are also voyagers. Matsuo Bash , from Oku no Hosomichi , 1689 The 17th-century Zen Buddhist masterwork of prose and haiku, Narrow Road to the Interior, takes readers on a pilgrimageboth worldly and immaterial. The contemporary artists in this

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    Collective Dissent: The Sms Portfolios

    In 1968, artist William Copley launched a utopian project that he titled slyly, but emphatically, SMSan acronym for Shit Must Stop. Intended to sidestep the hierarchical system of museums and galleries, SMS offered collectors a bi-monthly portfolio of artwork by subscription. Every two months, for the annual price of $125, subscribers to this experimental publication received a small

    May 14 – Oct 2, 2016

    The Five Senses: Janet Cardiff Olafur Eliasson Spencer Finch Roelof Louw And Ernesto Neto

    The Five Senses begins with a simple premise: five senses, five works of art. However, as with many perceptual, cognitive and phenomenological questions, a more complex web of interrelationships emerges under closer examination. It is natural to assume one will see, or even hear art in a contemporary art space it is more challenging to imagine

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    Kelly Richardson: Tales On The Horizon

    Drama and stillness, beauty and strangeness, hard science and science fictionthese dualities come together in the work of Kelly Richardson. Taking cues from 19th-century landscape painting, 20th-century cinema, and 21st-century planetary research, the artist crafts video installations that offer imaginative glimpses into the future and prompt a careful consideration of the present. Richardson sees science

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    360º VIDEO: Infinity Room art piece at SMoCA
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    Peter Sarkisian: Video Works 1996 2008

    Video artist Peter Sarkisian explores the spatial and perceptive possibilities of video, film, and sculpture. Sarkisian combines three-dimensional screens and objects with video projections, which cause the viewer to question his or her own observations. This small retrospective focuses on the various approaches Sarkisian has taken to involve his audience in perceptual

    David Maisel/black Maps: American Landscape And The Apocalyptic Sublime

    DAVID MAISEL/BLACK MAPS is a survey of four chapters of Maisels larger ongoing series titled Black Maps. Composed of large-scale photographs, this exhibition leads the viewer on a hallucinatory journey through landscapes in the American West that have been transformed through the physical and environmental effects of industrial-scale water diversion projects, open-pit mineral extraction, and urban sprawl.

    May 25 – Sep 1, 2013

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    Betye Saar: Still Tickin

    There is a touch of alchemy to Betye Saars artwork: transforming the simple and mundane into powerful art. Since the 1960s, her compelling, astute and expressive works reflect on African- American identity, spirituality and the interconnectedness between different cultures. This timely retrospective brings together recent work as well as historical pieces created over her six

    Architecture + Art: Hctor Zamora

    7. Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

    Architecture + Art: Héctor Zamora is a site-specific project in response to the environmental and architectural context of the Museum in Scottsdale, as well as the Arizona desert. Artist Héctor Zamora creates dynamic installations that explore the social implications of architecture. Focusing on urbanism/suburbanism in the wake of the U.S. housing collapse, Zamoras installation at SMoCA

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    Learning To See: Josef Albers And The Interaction Of Color

    In his publication The Interaction of Color, artist and teacher Josef Albers argued that there is no way to understand colors except in relationship to one another. Advocating practical experience over the study of artistic theories or scientific principles, he laid out a series of exercises by which to explore the ways adjacent colors appear to

    West Of Center: Art And The Counterculture Experiment In America 1965 1977

    In the heady and hallucinogenic days of the 1960s and 70s, a diverse range of artists and creative individuals based in the American Westfrom the Pacific coast to the Rocky Mountains and the Southwestbroke the barriers between art and lifestyle and embraced the new, hybrid sensibilities of the countercultural movement. The exhibition West of Centerilluminates the

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    Home To Scottsdale Az Greatest Art

    Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art makes for a perfect place to visit for art lovers. The museum is situated in Arizona and is home to contemporary art, architecture, and design from all over the world. Being an art enthusiast and a student of humanities, I decided to visit the museum with my friend, Manas. Since both of us were ardent on saving money, we decided to visit the museum on Thursday when there is no visitation fee. The museum had a lasting impact on both of us, and I would surely recommend art lovers to visit the museum at least once. The museum is located at 7374 E 2nd St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. Phone: 874-4666.

    • What To Expect On Your Visit To Scottsdale Museum Of Contemporary Art?
    • Souvenir Stop At The Gift Shop
    • Things You Must Keep An Eye Out For

    Before visiting the museum, we familiarized ourselves with its schedule, and we found that it remains open from Sunday to Saturday and is closed on Monday. On its working days, it remains open from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, so we made sure that we planned our visit accordingly. If you are a student, remember to carry your student ID in order to pay only $7 instead of the usual $10. It is a good idea to visit the museums website on a regular basis because there are many exhibitions that the museum organizes from time to time. After visiting the museum, we signed up for their Newsletter, which keeps updating us with relevant information.

    Tile Installation Scottsdale

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    Mashup: New Video Art

    Phoenix Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    What do you get when you combine a maudlin scene from Little House on the Prairie with the Thompson Twinss 1980s pop hit Hold Me Now? A mashup. A mashup recombines elements of two or more pre-existing songs or videos, usually by two different artists. Of course, mashing-up artwork is nothing new. Dadaists, and later beat generation authors, introduced

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    Become A Part Of The Art Community

    The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art provides a variety of opportunities for those wishing to gain exposure to the workings of a contemporary art museum. Whether youre a student looking to gain college credit through an internship, or youd like to share some of your talents, skills and enthusiasm as a volunteer or as a Docent, theres an exciting opportunity that awaits you here at SMoCA!


    SMoCAs internships offer undergraduate students, recent graduates, and graduate students access to the entire staff as well as the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of museum practice.



    Are you looking for ways to give back to the community or to share some of your skills and experience with a local arts non-profit? Would you like to become involved with the world of dynamic contemporary art and museum practice? SMoCA volunteers serve the Museum in crucial ways by assisting with programs, events and administrative operations.


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