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Perot Night At The Museum

Dallassites And Dallassites: Available Space

Perot Museum hosts summer science event

We talk often about the content, status and potential growth of emerging art in Dallas, so it was nice to see that lip service transcend into a cohesive, well-curated gallery show during this extensive DMA offering. While DallasSites provided the historical framework for how things have grown into themselves, Available Space gave us the best of what’s happening right now. Through Art Foundation’s curation project, the fantastically named Boom Town, we toured a cohesive blend of styles, approaches and career-pinning all in the DMA’s main gallery. Off in the wings the story unfolded further, with performance art showcases and panels by PerformanceSW, video art through the decades by Bart Weiss’ treasured Dallas VideoFest, and hands-on workshops at Oil and Cotton’s outpost. Just to complicate matters further, regional hooligan collective HOMECOMING! COMMITTEE built its subversively splendid example of 3-D thought, Post Communique, a show that shattered and rebuilt North Texas’ art history for everyone’s thoughtful amusement. It was a snapshot, a moment to pause and in-your-face proof of how good our talent pool really is.

Outdoor Gala Revs Up Heat And Accelerates Past $4m For Perot Museum

On a chilly, windy Saturday night, Dallas partygoers bundled up and boogied outdoors at one of fall’s highest-wattage galas making its highly anticipated return.

The Perot Museum’s annual Night at the Museum benefit was transformed into a night outside the museum, which proved not only a safer way to bring it back, post-COVID, but a creative way to shake up the whole event. “Accelerate” was an appropriately forward-thinking theme for the November 13 party, chaired by Lindsay and George Billingsley, Karen and Alan Katz, and Talene and Hagop Kozanian.

Typically, the mega-gala features food, bars, entertainment, and science-y experiments on each floor of the museum. This year, the main party took place under a long pavilion-style tent set up in the parking lot. There, guests could eat, drink, mingle, and dance or make their way out to lounge seating around firepits and dozens of heat lamps.

To kick off the night, VIPs gathered on the museum plaza, where a few surprises waited. First, the big reveal that Jessica and Dirk Nowitzki will chair next year’s 10th anniversary event. Then, philanthropist Lyda Hill announced she was gifting the Perot $2 million on the spot, bringing the night’s fundraising total to “at least” $4 million, as there were plenty of ways big and small for patrons to give throughout the night.

Suddenly, fireworks shot off from the roof, and the party revved into high gear.

Night At The Museum To Kick Off Perot Museums Celebration Of Tenth Anniversary Year

Jul 12, 2021 1:30 PM by Jeanne Prejean

Has it really been ten years since the Perot Museum of Nature and Science changed the look of Dallas architecture and created a wondrous experience of science and nature? Well, indeed that landmark year is just months away and the Museums longtime and newbie fans have decided that such a decade deserves a year-long series of special events.

After all, since it opened its doors to a world of dinosaurs, crystals, out-of-this-world activities and STEM programs, the Museum has attracted a record 1.2M visitors a year, becoming a cherished community and civic institution.

To get the engines roaring, the Night at the Museum fundraiser will return after a year hiatus thanks to the pandemic. Taking place on Saturday, November 13, the night of fascination and fun will be co-chaired byKaren and Alan Katz, Lindsay and George Billingsley and Talene and Hagop Kozanian.

According to Co-Chair/Museum Board of Trustees Chair Karen, As the country emerges from the pandemic, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science is committed to accelerate its impact by making STEM learning more accessible for all our youth, ultimately helping to build a diverse workforce of the future. Our goal is to actively reach all communities throughout North Texas, providing entry points for a lifetime of scientific discovery.

The event will take place on all of the Museums five levels with Wolfgang Puck Catering providing specialty cocktails and food stations.

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Lbs Has Created Other Speed Walls Since The Perots

Since creating the Speed Wall at the Perot, 900lbs has since created two others, for the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul. A fourth one is coming soon to the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Each exhibit showcases unique content with high-profile athletes and 3D animated animals.

Night At The Perot Museum


Night at the Ross Perot Museum of Science was a blast! Every year they open the doors to adults only, offering wine, beer, food, music and fun. The DFW Black Professionals group sent out invites about this great event and I had to sign up and go. Hundreds came out in heels, boots, flats and some ladies wore cute dresses. Guys dressed in casual wear and some a little fancier.Malorie and I got a chance to play a bird game, check out the exhibits and eat at the Wolfgang Puck cafe inside. I recommend the Turkey burger, and fries.Overall it is a must see event, and must do place especially if you do have kiddos.Ross Perot Museum 2201 N Field St, Dallas · 756-5751

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Ken Price At The Nasher

What you could not understand until seeing Price’s work, assembled and justly arranged as it was here, is the sum and scale of the items he created. When he began his career in the ’50s, Price worked intimately, with a focus on jug-like vessels and petite cups. The life that would eventually spring from those the grandly bending, sensual tubes, eggs and geometric links that bridge them all grew larger in scale but remained focused on connectivity and human interaction. From a distance, the collection resembled primordial creatures on a psychedelic planet. Up close, they looked like life incubated from a beautifully vibrant petri dish. Were it not for the Nasher’s commitment to funding and curating shows of this magnitude, Dallas would never have had the privilege to experience this stunning retrospective. Perhaps more important, the exhibition was so cunningly arranged that it left us feeling elated, joyful and appreciative of Price’s lifelong drive toward innovation.

  • 2001 Flora St.,Dallas,75201Map

A Lot Of Tech Went Into That Wall

Patrick Mahomes prepares for his motion capture shoot for the Perot Speed Wall.

Each athletes run may look fast, but it took lots of time and tech for 900lbs to create it.

900lbs and our production team films the athletes through a highly technical video production process for life-size motion capture, Deitz said. Early on, there was a significant amount of R& D involved. Extensive post-production and visual effects are required in order to get the athletes in their final form.

That same effort went into making a T Rex race down the Speed Wall. To make that happen, 900lbs created a series of large-scale, life-size 3D animals over the years, including a cheetah, the worlds fastest animal.

But the T Rex is every kids favorite CG creature to take on.

We utilized the original maquette from the first Jurassic Park movie when we modeled the dinosaur, Deitz said. Paleontologists helped our team throughout the animation and rigging process.

The same work went into creating a Speed Wall version of a 40-foot-long underwater mosasaur , Tylosaurus.

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Date Night At The Museum

Went with the girlfriend to one of the museums “adult nights” , which are on Friday nights during the Summer. We had never been before and we had a good time exploring the museum and interacting with some of the stations set up on each floor . In addition, there was also a cover band that played a few songs towards the end of the night. Also, the food there was actually pretty solid.Overall, the museum was nice, the environment was preferable, and we had a good time.

An Adult Only Night At The Museum

Little Flash Races a T-REX! KIDCITY Family Fun at Perot Museum of Nature and Science!

The Perot Museum is always a great place for families especially kids but have you every thought about it being a great place for an adult only date night. Yes I said date night. Once a quarter the Perot Museum host Social Science for adult only and I promise you it will be a night to remember.Just image all the wonders of this great Nature and Science Museum with a drink in your hand and not a kid in sight. Check out their web site for the next Adult Only Social Science event.


It’s a hands on science museum that has exhibits on various branches of science. Start from space science on the top floor and walk through each floor enjoying engineering, geology, biology, paleontology all the way to the basement where you can race a dinosaur. Perot also brings interesting temporary exhibits. We finish the day with my kids running around the frogs and the water area in the entry plaza. I recommend this place for families and for anyone who is generally curious about science.

This museum is exemplary in every way. I bought a membership and encourage families with young children or grandchildren to do the same. There is LOTS to do and you can easily spend the entire day. Lots of hands on experiments that are really fun, too. Just a great place for kids. We will go back often!!

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Ok Whats The Speed Wall

Im glad you asked. The Speed Wall is in the museums Lamar Hunt Family Sports Hall. Its a 55-foot-long video wall alongside two artificial-turf running lanes. The Run Exhibit was originally created by Dallas-based interactive design agency 900lbs for the museums 2012 opening. The agency also contributed to the exhibits design, architecture, technology, and hardware.

For years, kids and adults have raced dinosaurs and other creatures running down the video wall. But for this months 10th anniversary of the Perot, 900lbs kicked things up a notch.

Perot Museum Social Science

The Perot Museum is magical enough in the daytime. Subtract children, add booze, keep the doors open extra late and it gets even better. The Perot’s quarterly Social Science event provides a new twist on the science museum experience. The programs with topics such as the science of relationships and sound are interesting and well-executed. But the real appeal is that Social Science allows you to be in a really cool museum drunk after dark. It’s every nerdy teenager’s dream.

  • 2201 N. Field St.,Dallas,75201Map

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Now Featuring Patrick Mahomes The Dallas Wings Moriah Jefferson And More

Four different Speed Wall videos feature four of the new featured athletes.

Just in time for a 10th anniversary ribbon-cutting ceremony early this month, 900lbs added to the wall a long list of athletes with local ties, including Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes Team USA sprinter RonnieBaker FC Dallas Midfielder Paxton Pomykal Team Canada Paralympics wheelchair basketball athlete Elodie Tessier WNBA Dallas Wings guard Moriah Jefferson FC Dallas Mascot Tex Hooper and national champion track star Natalie Cook.

You can race these athletes by taking your mark and waiting for your cue to try to beat them down the lane.

The large-scale visual content and scalable nature of that content makes this exhibit special, 900lbs founder and CEO Steve Deitz told Dallas Innovates. The interactive ability to choose between athletes and 3D animated creatures engages children and the audience to go round and round as they select new competitors to race. Immersive audio design and time-tracking make the experience competitive as onlookers cheer on.

More 10th Anniversary Celebrations Are Coming

Perots Night at the Museum Turns Dallas Power Players Into Kids Again ...

The Perot Museum says the revamped Speed Walls unveiling was the first of 10 community celebrations the museum will hold this year, marking a decade of impact. Perot 2.0s vision centers around inspiring even more young minds in nature and science, bridging the STEM learning gap exacerbated by the pandemic, and removing barriers to access to develop the most diverse STEM workforce in the countryright here in Dallas, the museum says.

More info about Thursdays on Tap at the Perot is available here.

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