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Corning Museum Of Glass Store

Highly Recommend Classes Here

Jim Mongrain Guest Artist Demonstration

My husband and I took a week of classes at the Corning Museum of Glass School through a Road Scholar progam. The Museum Studio facility and instruction were both top notch. We had 3 classes per day for 4 days and got to make a paperweight, glass flowers, beads and a bowl. The classes were Fusing, Hot Glass and Torchwork. The instructors were excellent, helping you through each step but also allowing you to be creative. It was a wonderful experience for both of us and we had so much fun were thinking of going back! Because the Museum is a non-profit, the cost was less than we expected. The Road Scholar program would also be good for a solo glass student who enjoys the community of older learners.The month of November, there is no charge to veterans for the Museum or for a one hour class.Their website recommends reservations for the short classes. Its a popular place and things fill up quick!

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Showtime: Glass Blowing Demonstration

A favorite experience from our visit was watching a glass blowing demonstration. Ive seen glass blowing demonstrations before, but this was extra special.

They have it down to a science here and have a glass blower narrating whats going on as another gaffer creates a piece. There was even a Mandarin translator when we were there.

I felt like we were uber fans in the stadium style seating as we watched the gaffer, Chris, create a pitcher. A screen on the right side of the stage displayed the view from inside the furnace. It was cool to see what was going on inside the piece as Chris placed the pitcher in the 2,300 degree reheating furnace to mold his creation. This not-to-miss show is included with admission.

They pivoted a bit during COVID to limit audience seating and very much space out parties. Be sure to arrive for demonstrations a few minutes early to be sure youll get a seat, especially if its a weekend and between 11:00an and 2:30pm.

Why Dont The Blowpipes Get Hot Where The Glassmakers Hands Are

Our blowpipes dont get hot for a number of reasons. Mostly, the pipes are only briefly exposed to heat themselves when gathering. When re-heating, the glass is heated and not the pipe. Glass is an excellent insulator, and does not conduct heat into the pipe. Today, our pipes are made of stainless steel which also helps, since stainless is a poor conductor of heat. In addition, pipes are long enough that the glassmaker can always hold the pipe safely.

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Do You Need A Museum Ticket To Do The Make Your Own Glass Experience

No, you do not need a ticket for Corning Museum of Glass in order to do the make your own glass experience.

The make your own glass experience is a separate ticket. So if youre coming to the museum and also want to make glass, you need to purchase both tickets. If youve already been to the museum, or just want to make glass, you only need to buy the ticket for that.

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Tickets And Hours At Corning Museum Of Glass And Gift Shop

At a Glance Series: Corning Museum of Glass « American Bus Association

The museum is open everyday except major holidays:

  • 9:00am to 7:00pmduring summer, from the end of May to the beginning of September
  • 9:00am to 5:00pm through fall and winter, from the beginning of September to the end of May
  • Closed most major bank-observed holidays, including Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas time.

Tickets are free for ages 17 and under. Otherwise, adult tickets are $20.00 each. All tickets are good for two consecutive days of entry if you feel one day isnt enough or you want to break your visit into multiple days.

Veterans and active military are given a 15% discount offer and are granted free admission during November. Senior citizens, local residents and college students are also offered a discount.

Buy tickets ahead of time on Viator to guarantee yourselves spots!

**If you plan on visiting Cornings Rockwell Museum during your trip to Corning, New York, buy a combo ticket for both museums. An adult ticket is $28.00 and free shuttles between the museums run every 15 minutes.**

Disclosure: We thank Corning and the Finger Lakes for generously hosting us. All the opinions in the post are ours and we bring you genuine content with real facts, photos and thoughts. Always.There are affiliate links in this post, which means we may earn a small commission if you click the link and proceed with a purchase. We truly only recommend products or services we personally use.

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Why Must Glass Be Cooled Slowly

When glass is cooled too quickly below 950º F tremendous strain is created. Like many materials, glass expands as it heats and shrinks as it cools. When glass is allowed to cool quickly it cools unevenly, which in turn creates strain . Slow cooling forces the entire object to cool evenly, minimizing strain.

What Is Your Shipping Policy

If you are unable to pick up your projects the day following your Make Your Own Glass experience, we offer shipping within the United States, starting at $18. The cost will increase depending on the shipping distance and/or the weight of the package. We also offer shipping to Canada. The base charge for Canadian shipping is $45 for the first piece and $3 for each additional. We cannot ship to other international addresses at this time.

We must ship to a home address and cannot ship glass projects to a hotel . Additionally, with the exception of flameworking projects , we are not able to ship to P.O. boxes.

If you are not sure of your travel plans, you can add shipping at a later time by calling The Studio directly at at 732-6845 or +1 438-5000 . You will be asked for payment over the phone.

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Joining A Class At The Corning Museum Of Glass

In a perfect world, youd go to CMOG every week for an hour or two for scheduled classes, private tutors, and open studio time. Glass blowing is fun, but it takes a lot of practice.

Despite the stress I had with my so-called drinking glass, I had a good time. I was starting to get into the groove and would love to learn more about the nuances so I can appreciate the art thats next door at the museum.

For those of us who live far away, its not feasible to attend regularly, which is exactly why there are shorter Corning glass blowing classes like the one I took. Classes are also available for other types of glass art, like flameworking, fusing, and jewelry. Corning is a really cool town, so if you have the time to spare, a weeklong class is the way to go. If youre short on time, the 1 or 2 day courses give you far more exposure than the 40-minute make your own glass projects.

All students attending these workshops also receive free admission to the museum throughout the dates of their course. Course offerings change, so check the calendar and register in advance since classes are small.

* * *

Have you ever taken an intensive course like this? What did you learn?

I was a guest of the Corning Museum of Glass for this workshop . Special thanks also to Steuben County Conference & Visitors Bureau for helping to arrange my trip.

Director Collections And Curatorial Affairs

Eusheen Goines Guest Artist Demonstration

The foremost glass museum in the world, The Corning Museum of Glass seeks a Director, Collections and Curatorial Affairs to provide leadership, stewardship, and strategy as a member of the Museums leadership team. The Director, Collections and Curatorial Affairs reports to President and Executive Director Karol Wight and leads the Curatorial, Exhibitions, Collections Management, Conservation, Photography and Publications departments of the Museum .

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Can I Take Pictures Of My Family Participating In The Myog Experience

Yes, photography is allowed in the Make Your Own Glass Studio. We ask that you stand behind the glass barrier to take your pictures so as not to crowd the Studio staff and other guests participating in a Make Your Own Glass experience. For your safety, no selfie sticks may be used in the Make Your Own Glass Studio.

We Are Only Visiting For 1 Hours Will I Have Time To Make My Own Glass

We recommend planning for each Make Your Own Glass experience to take 40 minutes. There is a lot to see and do at the Museum, so we recommend allowing 2-3 hours for your visit. If you have limited time, our Guest Services staff can assist you in planning the most efficient way to see as much of the Museum as possible.

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Were There A Lot Of People

This was really the best part of visiting a popular museum right now: there were hardly any crowds!

There were a lot more people at CMoG than at the other big museum we visited, The Strong Museum of Play, but even so, it definitely did not feel overcrowded like museums sometimes get. It was a pleasant experience all day long.

What Is A Curator

Corning, New York: More Than Glass

A museum curator is a specialist who is responsible for acquiring, exhibiting, cataloging and researching objects in the museums permanent collection, and helping to build the permanent collection by researching and proposing new acquisitions. Curators also help develop and organize exhibitions, answer public inquiries, and give tours and lectures. Curators work closely with other collections management staff including registrars, conservators, photographers, and preparators to ensure the long-term preservation, safety, and accessibility of the collection for visitors, artists, and researchers to enjoy.

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The Museums Architectural Design

Something VERY unique about this wing of the museum is natural light shines through it! Conversely to most museums, where natural light is minimized due to the suns harmful UV rays on painted canvas and some sculpture materials, glass is best shown with light shining on it.

Thus it is a very bright and airy space!

Natural light is welcomed through many skylights and large windows. It was intently designed as such with the museums expansion back in 2015. Sunshines Vitamin D is great for your soul and makes me very, very happy. It is an incredibly pleasant gallery to be in.

Is Glassblowing Really All Ages

Yes, we offer a selection of Make Your Own Glass experiences for participants of all ages. If you are still unsure if your child is old enough to blow glass then ask yourself, Can they follow directions? Can they blow out a birthday candle? If the answer is yes, then your child will be able to make a blown glass project.

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Should You Visit The Corning Museum Of Glass

If youre trying to decide if visiting the Corning Museum of Glass is for you, the answer is yes! As Ive covered, this is not your typical museum, and there is truly something for everyone to experience. Theres something for art, history, and design lovers to enjoy. But its also enjoyable if you love some quality entertainment and can appreciate the beauty of colorful glass

Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes are a destination on their own, so you can easily plan an entire trip around visiting the Corning Museum of Glass. But a stop at the Corning Museum of Glass also makes a great addition to a New York road trip. Corning is a great spot to stop between NYC and Niagara Falls. Visiting this museum would be a great way to break up your drive and allow you to experience something exceptional.

Explore Our Collection Of Glass

Bring the Heat: George Kennard makes an incalmo glass vase live

Spend some time in our Collections Browser where youll browse by type of glass: contemporary, ancient, European, science + technology, or search for anything you can possibly imagine in glass. Find out about the incredible works we care for and make plans to come see them in person when the Museum reopens.

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Check Us Out On Netflix

Watch Netflixs glassblowing competition show Blown Away, which prominently features the Museum. Then check out our many related videos on YouTube, including behind-the-scenes footage from the set and interviews with the production team, glass experiments with the shows host Nick Uhas, and Guest Artist demos with the finalists.

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How To Get From The Welcome Center To The Museum

There are two ways to get from the welcome center to the actual museum: walk, or take the shuttle.

The Free Shuttle

There is a shuttle stop that will take you from the welcome center to downtown Corning, and then to the museum.

This is a bit out of the way, because it goes downtown first, but if you dont want to walk, or if you want to stop and explore downtown , this is a good option.


Its actually not a long walk at all! The walk is just to the end of the parking lot, which is on the corner of a busy street. You cross the street at the crosswalk, and then youre just walking up the sidewalk to the museum front doors! Its that simple!

Theres even a little red trail for you to follow, to make sure you dont get lost.

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How Much Time Do You Need At Cmog

If you go and Google how much time to spend at the Corning Museum of Glass, the most common answer is going to be 3-4 hours.

And I would agree that 3 hours is probably the absolute *minimum* amount of time you can spend here and still get a good overview of things. But tickets for CMoG are actually good for two consecutive days, which should tell you all you need to know about how much time you could conceivably spend within the Museumâs walls.

If you truly want to be able to browse each exhibit, watch a couple Hot Glass Demos, AND work on a glass project of your own, then youâre probably looking at at full day at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Why Visit Corning Museum Of Glass

Priest Pilot: Tour of Corning Museum of Glass

I have always wanted to go to the Corning Museum of Glass .

And when I saw a billboard advertising their make your own glass pumpkins, I HAD to visit during the fall and make a glass pumpkin !

At first thought, it may seem like a museum all about glass would be pretty boring. But everyone who had been here actually found it really cool. And seriouslyglass is freakin cool!

Ill explain everything, from where to park, what its like to visit in 2020 , to whether make your own glass was actually worth it or not.

Plus, I have a million amazing pictures of the ridiculously cool exhibits. If you want to see all the pictures, check out this page.

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Techniques Of Renaissance Venetian Glassworking

The Techniques of Renaissance Venetian Glassworking is an investigation of the probable working practices of some of the most skilled artisans of all time: the glassblowers of Renaissance Venice. The videos featured in the publication are available below and on YouTube.

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Is The Cafeteria Open

Yes! The cafeteria is open at CMoG!

The tables are all spread out, and theyre marked with a colored sign. If the sign is green, youre good to go. When you finish eating, turn the sign over so the red side is facing up. That means the table needs cleaned, and all you have to do is leave your stuff there for someone to come clean up after you! Nice!

Of course, if you dont realize there are red and green signs on the table before you sit down you might seat yourself comfortably at the closest open table and then see the red sign.

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Corning Museum Scavenger Hunt

My kids loved this! They walked around with their scavenger hunt book and pencil and learned about inspiration and art. I was so impressed with this activity. Teaching kids about art and inspiration is not always easy. The scavenger hunt made it fun and exciting. My 4 year old, 6 year old, and 8 year old were all very entertained.

After the class we were all hungry so we headed over to the cafe. This is inside the main building. We walked through the gift shop again!! My husband and I had already looked at the menu online and decided the best plan would be to order a pizza. I never really think of sharing at food courts but it saves a lot of money and everyone is happy.

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With that being said if you are looking for great food this is the place to be. This is not a typical museum food court. They had a great variety of food from Asian to salads to sandwiches. The pizza was good but I watched a lot of plates of spaghetti pass by and they looked delicious!! The portions were huge and we could have easily shared two of them with our family of five.

On our second visit to the glass museum we tried the butternut squash salad and it was amazing!

For the afternoon we planned to explore the museum and see the Glass Demos.

We had about an hour left to explore the museum. We let the kids take the lead and explore the exhibits of glass throughout the museum. I was a little concerned about this part.

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