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Museum Of Ice Cream Austin Tickets

Does It Live Up To The Hype

Inside Austin’s Museum of Ice Cream | KVUE

Get more Spoon in your feed.

The Museum of Ice Cream in NYC is officially sold out until September 4th.

But I was lucky to pick up a ticket, because Ive had my eye on this museum for awhile now . And was it absolutely amazing? Yes.

If you missed out, heres my version of a guided tour to this Instagrammable ice cream fantasy land:

Texas Just Got A Little Sweeter

Museum of Ice Cream, a fabulous wonderland for all things colorful, has opened up their third location in none other than Austin, Texas.

Let your imagination run wild this winter in the state capital as Museum of Ice Cream has brought their stunning and whimsical experiums to Austin.

MOIC, based in New York City, crafts surreal and saturated landscapes splashed with dazzling installations through which visitors are invited to connect with themselves and the environment around them.

Presently, Museum of Ice Cream has three locations: New York City, San Francisco, and Singapore. This past summer, MOIC opened up their fourth location in Austin.

Their Austin location featured 12 reimagined and never-before-seen installations, private sprinkle pool-side cabanas, and a full cafe and bar at the Domain. Additionally, a pink and yellow jungle, as well as a Prickly Pear Candy Shop.

For the holiday season, MOIC in Austin is featuring Pinkmas, from now until January 9. Here, guests can experience a pink wonderland filled with themed activities, exclusive retail products, drink specials, and more!

Tickets to MOIC are highly coveted, and tend to sell out quick. Be sure to make your reservation ASAP!

We All Scream Or At Least Smile

As far as the vibe at Museum of Ice Cream, the writing was on the wall. No, not a metaphor. In one room featuring a wall splattered with magnetic letters, I saw someone had rearranged a few of the characters to read MANIC ENERGY.

The attendants I encountered from the front door and all the way the through 12 installations were unflaggingly enthusiastic and awe-filled. The mood ranged from I chugged Mountain Dew as a baseline to blink if you need help at the height.

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The very first room is the quietest in the whole joint. Giant, shiny maraschino cherries hang from the ceiling, and sprinkles dot the wall, glowing a shade of Miami Vice pink. There, you are told to adopt a new ice cream name and write it on a name tag. I met a Cookie Dough and a Red Velvet that afternoon I chose Eric, But Ice Cream.

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How Do You Go

Oh yeah, reservations. Theres a daytime experience for all ages, which includes five treats, and a nighttime experience thats recommended for ages 16 and older, with guests of legal age getting a spiked treat. Tickets start at $39 per person. Kids 2 and under get in free. When purchasing tickets, you can add on a featured milkshake special for $12 or a summer cocktail special for $10. You can also buy those in-house.

Museum of Ice Cream is located at 11506 Century Oaks Terrace, No. 128. Its open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday-Monday. Go to museumoficecream.com/austin to make reservations.

We Are Not Your Ordinary Museum

We Have an Issue: Im OK, Youre OK ... ? On getting back ...

We create multi-sensorial installations that connect people and spread joy. To us, ice cream is more than a sweet treat. It’s a universal symbol of happiness, a vehicle for imaginative wonder, and a powerful force to bring people together.

Prepare for the extraordinary. Here, unicorns are real and every day starts with a swim in the sprinkle pool.

All restrooms in our venue are gender neutral. Racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other form of discrimination will not be tolerated at our Museum.

All captured content taken by MOIC of its guests and experience is the property of MOIC. All captured content of MOIC posted publicly, by outside persons, is released to MOIC for public use.

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Second Ice Cream Tasting

They have a really cool art installation that makes it look like a hand is coming out of nowhere and feeding you more ice cream. I love the concept.

They served Black Tap Milkshakes this time around, and it was really dang good. Ive never had Black Tap before so I was happy to try. The consensus? Sister & I loved it, Mom thought it was too sweet and passed.

Museum Of Ice Cream: What’s The Scoop

Have you seen the new bubblegum pink building in the Domain? Is your Instagram feed already loaded with images of people swimming in a pool of sprinkles? The Museum of Ice Cream has just opened a popup location right here in Austin, and were gonna give you the scoop on what its all about.

First and foremost, this is not a museum in which you should expect to learn much, or anything really, about ice cream. It is a showcase of interactive installations all tied loosely to the theme of ice cream. Its basically a silly fun house to walk through and take some cheerful photos. And yes, ice cream does come included with your admission ticket.

Museum of Ice Cream has roots as a popular New York City attraction that branched out with popup locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and Singapore welcoming in over 2 million visitors. Austin is now home to the MOICs latest location that features 12 installations dedicated to the celebration of ice cream.

When you arrive for your set ticketed time, you will be guided through several rooms in which you can take playful photos. The 3 most popular experiences are the the Sprinkle Pool, Banana Forest and Rainbow Tunnel. As you go through the MOIC, you will be served five treats like the carnival cotton candy and a Shirley Temple soft serve.

Here are a few photos from our experience on opening day:

*Header image from the MOIC Facebook page


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Yes You Will Leave With A Full Camera Roll

On to the rest of the sights. Id emphasize that your eyes will do most of the work here, despite the engage all five senses line. Pink, Warhol-esque banana splits dot yellow wallpaper, right as you enter a room where plastic bananas of the same colors hang from the ceiling, like if Josephine Baker had marketed a line of fringed curtains.

Elsewhere, you roll huge, red foam dice in a faux-candy shop before filling up a bag of Valentines Day-colored candies . Theres a Whack-a-Mole game filtered through the ice cream motif, renamed Scoop-a-Scoop, which is not how verbs work. Cheerful staff members spin cotton candy, right next to plush piñatas available for purchase. If you scarf the fluff down in time, you get to ride bouncy frosted animal cookies, like the kind you’d find in front of a grocery store.

As you might have gathered, the link to ice cream is tenuous at times at Museum of Ice Cream, but the whimsical aesthetic is consistent. Theres a mirrored, round corridor think an inverted disco ball and a neon, sherbet-hued archway that are both worth your iPhone memory space.

The International Exhibit Arrives Here August 21st

Museum of Ice Cream coming to the Domain | KVUE

Whos ready to scream for ice cream?

Museum of Ice Cream will open an Austin location at The Domain on August 21 with a dozen reimagined and never-before-seen installations that encourage guests to enjoy summers favorite treat, but also interact with it. The immersive experience in a dreamy Willy Wonka-esque setting has attracted millions of visitors at other locations, with both locals and tourists rushing to capture their time in an Instagram-friendly wonderland.

Scenes from the MOIC lobby in New York.

MOIC began as a pop-up in New York City, but went on to tour cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Singapore. Now the unconventional museum experience is set to debut in Austin and expected to fit right in with the citys culture.

We started the journey of Museum of Ice Cream in Austin as an idea at SXSW in 2016.

We knew then that the combination of Austins love of amazing food, experiences, art and, most importantly, its inclusiveness and welcoming culture would make the city a wonderful home for MOIC, co-founder and creative director Maryellis Bunn says in an announcement about the new location. We could not be more thrilled to continue our mission to spread joy and connection through the universal power of ice cream in Austin.

Austinites will be treated to tons of selfie-worthy installations.

Slide into a sprinkle-filled pool at the sweet pop-up this summer.

Visit the MOIC website and reserve your tickets now.

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Museum Of Ice Cream Is Coming To Austin

The Museum of Ice Cream will be opening a new location at The Domain, in Austin, which will become a must-stop attraction for tourists and locals alike. Following sold-out stints that have welcomed over 2 million guests in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami, as well as its first-ever international location in Singapore, the Austin location is set to debut on Saturday, August 21.

The museum will feature 12 reimagined and never-before-seen installations dedicated to ice cream and guests are welcome to enjoy a Shirley Temple soft serve in the 1960s retro diner or ride on a life-size animal cookie in the Carnival Room. Guests will also enjoy a dip and slide into the world-famous Sprinkle Pool where guests will be able to reserve one of the pool-side cabanas for their private events, giving them the opportunity to sip and enjoy the space all day.

Additionally, guests will be able to revel in fun ice-creamified takes on classic works of art while creating their very own masterpiece and enjoy five unique ice cream treats as they are guided through the experience by talented #TeamMOIC performers.

What About Pandemic Safety

Everyone is encouraged to mask regardless of vaccination status. According to Museum of Ice Cream, its staff members are regularly tested for COVID-19, and when I was there, everyone wore a face covering including pretty much every guest I saw. There are masks at the front in case you forget yours. The museum also says that staff members regularly disinfect touch points. Though, those sprinkles in that pool are probably not getting individual spit shines after every swim.

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If you consider yourself super-cautious about your leisure activities and being around other people in the pandemic, especially as Austin remains in Stage 5 risk-based guidelines, heres the real talk: Museum of Ice Cream might not be the most comfortable experience for you. Its pretty much entirely indoors, and the spaces can get a little tight. When I went, it was also pretty warm and stuffy inside.

Guests reserve entry times, meant to help with social distancing.

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Immersive Museum Of Ice Cream Experience Pops Into Austin This Summer

Courtesy of Museum of Ice CreamCourtesy of Museum of Ice Cream Courtesy of Museum of Ice Cream

An immersive museum experience returning to Austin this summer promises to be the cream of the crop.

The Museum of Ice Cream first floated as an idea at South By Southwest and then as a New York City pop-up in 2016, since becoming an international a la mode sensation with a sprinkling of sold-out exhibitions throughout the country will pop into Austin on Saturday, August 21, at the Domain, at 11506 Century Oaks Terrace No. 128.

Tickets are available on Thursday, July 8, in limited quantities through September 30. Ice cream lovers can make reservations online.

The Museum of Ice Cream will feature 12 reimagined and never-before-seen installations dedicated to the celebration and experience of enjoying ice cream.

Creamy, dreamy, interactive highlights include Creams candy shop, the yellow Banana Jungle, Shirley Temple soft serves dolloped out to museum visitors in the 1960s retro diner, available rides on a life-size animal cookie in the Carnival Room, and the ultimate MOIC experience: a dip and slide into the world-famous Sprinkle Pool.

And for the first time in Sprinkle Pool history, visitors can even reserve an exclusive poolside cabana for private events in what could be the most whimsical and bizarre pool party ever.

Guests Can Interact Eat Ice Cream And Swim In A Pool Of Sprinkles

Pop up ice

Emily Martin, Digital Producer Trainee

AUSTIN Ice cream lovers, rejoice! A new way to enjoy ice cream is coming to Austin this August.

The Museum of Ice Cream is an interactive installation that is designed to be a culturally inclusive environment and community, inspiring human connection and through the universal power of ice cream.

MOIC has locations in Singapore and New York, but it will soon add Austin to the list, making it the museums third location. According to its website, the Austin locations first day of operation is set for Aug. 21.

The museum will be located at 11506 Century Oaks Terrace #128 in the Domain area.

MOIC Austin will feature 12 multi-sensory installations where guests can interact, eat ice cream and take a swim. Thats right, you can swim in a giant pool of sprinkles to top off the whole experience.

Daytime tickets are available for all ages and nighttime tickets can be purchased as well. However, nighttime tickets are recommended for guests ages 16 and older.

Tickets start at $39 and must be purchased online.

You can learn more about the MOIC here.

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