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Nyc Natural History Museum Tickets

Rose Center For Earth And Space

American Museum of Natural History NYC Tickets, Tours, and Planning Tips

The Hayden Planetarium, connected to the museum, is now part of the Rose Center for Earth and Space, housed in a glass cube containing the spherical Space Theater, designed by James Stewart Polshek. The Heilbrun Cosmic Pathway is one of the most popular exhibits in the Rose Center, which opened February 19, 2000.

Tom Hanks provided the voice-over for the first planetarium show during the opening of the new Rose Center for Earth & Space in the Hayden Planetarium in 2000. Since then such celebrities as Whoopi Goldberg, Robert Redford, Harrison Ford and Maya Angelou have been featured.

Founded in 1869, the AMNH Exhibitions Lab has since produced thousands of installations. The department is notable for its integration of new scientific research into immersive art and multimedia presentations. In addition to the famous dioramas at its home museum and the Rose Center for Earth and Space, the lab has also produced international exhibitions and software such as the Digital Universe Atlas.

The exhibitions team currently consists of over sixty artists, writers, preparators, designers and programmers. The department is responsible for the creation of two to three exhibits per year. These extensive shows typically travel nationally to sister natural history museums. They have produced, among others, the first exhibits to discuss Darwinian evolution,human-induced climate change and the mesozoic mass extinction via asteroid.

Advanced Tickets Are Recommended For Entry For All Guests And Are Available Online

  • Save when you buy Becoming Jane exhibition tickets online.
  • Admission tickets require a date selection.
  • L.A. County Residents get free Museum Admission from 35 pm. Tickets are available at the Natural History Museum ticket windows.
  • Members, click on the button below to be taken to your Member Portal where you can select your tickets.
  • In accordance with the L.A. City Municipal Code Ordinance all eligible patrons are required to show proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test performed within 72 hours. Full vaccination is 14+ days after receiving a one-dose vaccine or 14+ days after receiving both doses of a two-dose vaccine. Visitors 18+ must also show a valid photo ID. Children 11 and under are currently exempt from this mandate.
  • Face coverings are required indoors for ALL guests over age 2, regardless of vaccination status. Read our safety guidelines before your visit.
  • Tickets are currently available through January 31.


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Becoming Jane: The Evolution of Dr. Jane Goodall

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What Museums Are In New York City

  • New York City museums are known worldwide for their high-quality exhibits and permanent collections. Most NYC museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the eclectic Frick Collection, are located in Manhattan, on the stretch of Fifth Avenue between 82nd and 105th Streets known as “Museum Mile.”.

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American Museum Of Natural History Tours And Activities

With more than 30 million specimens and artifacts and almost 50 exhibits, the American Museum of Natural History is one of the largest scientific and cultural museums in the world. Displays highlight the wonders of our planet and the wider universe, spotlighting everything from dinosaurs to human origins to the solar system.

American Museum of Natural History

With more than 30 million specimens and artifacts and almost 50 exhibits, the American Museum of Natural History is one of the largest scientific and cultural museums in the world. Displays highlight the wonders of our planet and the wider universe, spotlighting everything from dinosaurs to human origins to the solar system.

Whitney Memorial Hall Of Oceanic Birds

American Museum of Natural History

This particular hall has undergone a complicated history over the years since its founding in 1953. Frank Chapman and Leonard C. Sanford, originally museum volunteers, had gone forward with creation of a hall to feature birds of the Pacific islands. In the years up to its founding, the museum had engaged in various expeditions to Fiji, New Zealand, and the Marianas to collect birds for the exhibit. The hall was designed as a completely immersive collection of dioramas, including a circular display featuring birds-of-paradise. In 1998, The Butterfly Conservatory was installed inside the hall originally as a temporary exhibit, but as the popular demand of the exhibit increased, the Hall of Oceanic Birds has more or less remained closed by the museum.

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Milstein Hall Of Ocean Life

The Milstein Hall of Ocean Life focuses on , botany and . The hall is most famous for its 94-foot -longblue whale model, suspended from the ceiling behind its dorsal fin.

The upper level of the hall exhibits the vast array of ecosystems present in the ocean. Dioramas compare and contrast the life in these different settings including polar seas, kelp forests, mangroves, coral reefs and the bathypelagic. It attempts to show how vast and varied the oceans are while encouraging common themes throughout. The lower, and arguably more famous, half of the hall consists of several large dioramas of larger marine organisms. It is on this level that the famous “Squid and the Whale” diorama sits, depicting a hypothetical fight between the two creatures. Other notable exhibits in this hall include the Andros Coral Reef Diorama, which is the only two-level diorama in the Western Hemisphere. One of the most famous icons of the museum is a life-sized fiberglass model of a 94-foot long Atlantic blue whale. The whale was redesigned dramatically in the 2003 renovation: its flukes and fins were readjusted, a navel was added, and it was repainted from a dull gray to various rich shades of blue. Upper dioramas are smaller versions of the ecosystems when the bottom versions are much bigger and more life like.


Best Time To Visit Amnh

The best time to visit the American Museum of Natural History is as soon as they open at 10 am or at 3 pm when you still have two and a half hours left for it to close.

As with most New York attractions, the Natural History museum is most crowded during the middle of the day, from noon to 3 pm.

If possible, avoid weekends, school breaks, and winter holidays.

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Schomburg Center For Research In Black Culture

Located in Harlem, this is one of the worlds top institutions devoted to the preservation and exhibition of materials focused on African American and African experiences.

They have over 10 million objects, artifacts, documents, recordings, art pieces, and more.

Find out more information here.

The Shomburg Center is a stop on several of our tours of Harlem, including our GPS-led audio tour.

Sanford Hall Of North American Birds

The American Museum of Natural History in New York City

The Sanford Hall of North American birds is a one-story hall on the third floor of the museum, above the Hall of African Peoples and between the Hall of Primates and Akeley Hall’s second level. Its 25 dioramas depict birds from across North America in their native habitats. Opening in 1909, the dioramas in Sanford Hall were the first to be exhibited in the museum and are, at present, the oldest still on display. At the far end of the hall are two large murals by ornithologist and artist, Louis Agassiz Fuertes. In addition to the species listed below, the hall also has display cases devoted to large collections of warblers, owls, and raptors.

Conceived by museum ornithologist Frank Chapman, construction began on dioramas for the Hall of North American Birds as early as 1902. The Hall is named for Chapman’s friend and amateur ornithologist Leonard C. Sanford, who partially funded the hall and also donated the entirety of his own bird specimen collection to the museum.

Species and locations represented in Sanford Hall
“Eastern Upland Gamebirds”
California condor

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Erics Visit In 90 Minutes

To be completely honest: You could spend a whole day at the American Museum of Natural History NY and still not see everything. The museum is 190,000 square meters big after all! My first visit is usually to the dinosaurs. Go to the fourth floor and find the exhibit AMNH 5027 in the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs. It has a jaw that stretches up to 1,2 meters and really tiny arms. Better known under the name Tyrannosaurus rex or Rexy, this predator really lived up to its name.

Afterwards, I head straight down to the third floor in order to see the mammal dioramas. Its easy to lose track of time so know in advance where your favourite animals are. In my opinion, the most interesting are the Asian and African sections. Dont get confused though, both departments have elephants.

My last point on a short visit is the underwater world on the first floor. The spot with a view of the blue whale is popular for photos commemorate your visit with a selfie of yourself and the marine mammal! If you still have time, go and see the Rose Center for Earth and Space.

American Museum Of Natural History Will Reverse Pay

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The American Museum of Natural History announced that it will reopen its doors to the public on September 9, pending approval from New York State and New York City. Members will be able to visit the museum a week earlier, starting September 2. But if youre not from the Tri-state area , prepare yourself to pay a higher price for an admission ticket.

The museum made the announcement on Thursday, July 30, more than four months after it closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic on March 13. When it reopens, it will limit capacity to 25% and reduce its operating days to five instead of seven .

Reversing a pay-what-you-wish admission policy for all visitors, the museum will start charging a fixed admission fee from visitors who are not from the Tri-state area: $23 for adults $18 for students and individuals above age 60 and $13 for children ages 3-12. Residents of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut will still able to pay as they wish, but they will have to present identification.

Visitors will be required to reserve timed-entry tickets online in advance and face masks will be mandatory for all patrons above the age of two. Staff will undergo daily temperature checks.

Visitor amenities like food service, coat and bag check, and water fountains will not be available.

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How To Visit The American Museum Of Natural History Nyc

The most important rule of visiting this natural history museum is knowing where to go. So dont forget to take a floor map at the entrance! Otherwise, you might get lost and feel like you are wandering aimlessly around while not seeing the best exhibitions.

Due to its extensive size, topic and the many different displays, its a perfect activity with kids in New York. Its also great when its a rainy day or when you want to warm up a bit in winter. With good weather, you can go afterwards for a stroll or picnic in Central Park, which is located on the other side of the street. The size and the location of the building are outstanding, you really cant miss the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Even the Hop on Hop off bus stops right in front of it on the Uptown tour.

The museum has several shops where you can buy all kinds of unique and quirky things, from t-shirts to books and educational toys. If your kid is into dinosaurs be warned: it might be hard to get them out of there without buying a Triceratops plushie or a T-Rex skeleton kit.

There are two cafés, one on the first floor in the Grand Gallery, where you can drink wine and beer and another café on the fourth floor, where light meals and snacks are served. On the lower level, across the subway entrance, youll find the food court, where the selection is bigger and good for dining with the whole family.

New York Public Library Tours

American Museum of Natural History, New York City

This library is an NYC icon. You will instantly recognize the two lions on the side of the grand staircase up to the entry.

You can explore the librarys exhibits on your own or you can take one of their free tours.

Find out more about their tours here.

The NYPL is a stop on our guided Midtown Manhattan Tour as well as our GPS-led audio tour.

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Getting To Know The New York Museum Of Natural History A Little Better

After enlisting the support of personalities such as Theodore Roosevelt Sr. , naturalist Albert S. Bickmore succeeded in fulfilling the dream of creating the New York Museum of Natural History in 1869 for the study of the universe, the Earth, human beings and the dissemination of science.

From then on, the museum’s team traveled to every continent and was involved in expeditions that discovered the North Pole, traversed Mongolia and the Gobi Desert, penetrated the thick forests of the Congo, and charted unexplored areas of Siberia. Since then the museum has not let up and sponsors some 120 expeditions annually and employs more than 225 scientists.

American Museum Of Natural History With Citypass

If you are in New York on an extended holiday and want to visit the American Museum of Natural History, we recommend the New York CityPass.

With CityPASS, you can save up to 41% on New Yorks top attractions and also skip the ticket lines at all places.

With the best New York discount card, you get to see some of the citys most popular attractions, such as the Empire State Building, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim Museum, Statue of Liberty, American Museum of Natural History, etc.

CityPASS includes general admission to AMNH, one Special Exhibition, and entry to Rose Center for Earth and Space.

Adult Pass : $136Child Pass : $112

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Map Of American Museum Of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History comprises 26 interconnected buildings and has 45 permanent exhibition halls and a planetarium.

The massive museum contains more than 34 million exhibits, out of which only a small portion is on display at any time.

Being aware of the museums floor plan helps avoid getting lost and missing out on significant exhibits.

Besides helping you with the location of the exhibits and exhibitions, the American Museum of Natural Historys map also helps spot visitor services such as restrooms, cafes, souvenir shops, visitor assistance booths, etc.

Later Additions Restorations And Renovations

New York City video tour of the Museum of Natural History 4K

Since 1930, little has been added to the exterior of the original building. The architect Kevin Roche and his firm Roche-Dinkeloo have been responsible for the master planning of the museum since the 1990s. Various renovations to both the interior and exterior have been carried out. Renovations to the Dinosaur Hall were undertaken beginning in 1991, and the museum also restored the mural in Roosevelt Memorial Hall in 2010. In 1992 the Roche-Dinkeloo firm designed the eight-story AMNH Library. However, the entirety of the master plan was ultimately not fully realized, and by 2015, the museum consisted of 25 separate buildings that were poorly connected.

The museum’s south façade, spanning 77th Street from Central Park West to Columbus Avenue was cleaned, repaired, and re-emerged in 2009. Steven Reichl, a spokesman for the museum, said that work would include restoring 650 black-cherry window frames and stone repairs. The museum’s consultant on the latest renovation is Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc., an architectural and engineering firm with headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois.

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Buy Tickets For The Museum At The Box Office

The Natural History Museum is one of the essential tourist attractions. Both children and adults like it and it is, therefore, one of the most visited museums in the city where you are sure to find long queues. It is best to avoid the museum ticket offices and book in advance the entrance to the Museum of Natural History to save time and go directly to tour the rooms, as there is much to see.

Still, if you like to improvise and plan your trip on the fly, there is the possibility to buy tickets at the box office at the following prices:

  • Adult $ 23

Hall Of Reptiles And Amphibians

The Hall of Reptiles and Amphibians serves as an introduction to herpetology, with many exhibits detailing reptile evolution, anatomy, diversity, reproduction, and behavior. Notable exhibits include a Komodo dragon group, an American alligator, Lonesome George, the last Pinta Island tortoise, and poison dart frogs.

In 1926, W. Douglas Burden, F.J. Defosse, and Emmett Reid Dunn collected specimens of the Komodo Dragon for the museum. Burden’s chapter “The Komodo Dragon”, in Look to the Wilderness, describes the expedition, the habitat, and the behavior of the dragon.

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What You Can Expect

A sculpted showdowncast from real dinosaur fossilsbetween a Barosaurus and an Allosaurus greets you beneath the soaring ceilings of the museum’s rotunda as you enter, setting the scene for the dramatic and lifelike exhibits to come. From here, journey to the African savanna to spy on gorillas, lions, elephants, and giraffes in detailed replicas of their natural habitats.

In the Rose Center for Earth and Space, wind your way up the space-bound Cosmic Pathway, following the history of the universefrom the formation of the Milky Way to the beginnings of life on Earth. Learn about the astrophysical mystery known as dark energy and gaze up at galaxies, constellations, and nebulae inside the Hayden Planetarium.

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