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Indianapolis Museum Of Contemporary Art

Free Admission To Newfields: Indianapolis Museum Of Art

Campos Pons Exhibit Walkthru – Indianapolis Museum of Art

Newfields, also known as the Indianapolis Museum of Art is a campus rich with art, indoor and outdoors. Family programming and other popular programming helps create a space that children and adults can come into contact with art and nature in meaningful ways.

Visit Newfields for free:

  • Free admission on First Thursday of the month March-September. Reserve tickets online.
  • In addition to the dates above, visitors can obtain free or discounted admission:

    • Marion County students, in grades K-12, receive free admission to campus if visiting for a school assignment.
    • BofA Museums on Us Bank of America, Merrill or Bank of America Private Bank credit or debit cardholders must use promo code MOUDEC20 during online checkout to reserve their complimentary admission. Cardholder is required to present their ticket confirmation, active credit or debit card and photo ID upon arrival.
    • Access Pass -Families that receive Indiana state assistance may qualify for the museums Access Pass program.
    • Blue Star Museum Newfields offers free admission to active duty military personnel including National Guard and Reserve and their families, Memorial Day Labor Day.
    • Free Parking Newfields offers free parking to visitors.
    • Under 6 Years Old Children under the age of 6 are admitted free to Newfields.

    Free Admission To The Indiana State Museum

    Dont let the name fool you. Packed with Hoosier history, the Indiana State Museum also houses the pendulum clock, interactive exhibits like Birth of Earth and Frozen Reign, and IMAX! Admission includes access to the new early childhood play area, Firefly Landing .

    Visit The Indiana State Museum for free:

    Free admission to the Indiana Historic Sites is also offered on the same dates, but reservations must be made by calling the sites.

    In addition to their admission days, the Indiana State Museum also offers the following discounted admission:

    • Blue Star Museum The Indiana State Museum offers free admission to active duty military personnel including National Guard and Reserve and their families, Memorial Day Labor Day.
    • Special Discounts The Indiana State Museum offers discounts for educators, military, AAA members, state employees, and more.
    • Campus Discounts Visitors to the IMAX Theater at the Indiana State Museum receive a discount on museum admission.
    • Access Pass Families that receive Indiana state assistance may qualify for the museums Access Pass program.
    • Under 3 Years Old Children under the age of 3 are admitted free to the Indiana State Museum.

    Sites Off The Main Campus

    The Miller House and Garden

    The Miller House is a Mid-Century modern home designed by Eero Saarinen and located in Columbus, Indiana. The residence was commissioned by American industrialist, philanthropist, and architecture patron J. Irwin Miller and his wife Xenia Simons Miller in 1953. Design and construction on the Miller House took four years and was completed in 1957. The home was declared a National Historic Landmark in 2000. In 2009, the home and gardens, along with many of the original furnishings, were donated to the Indianapolis Museum of Art by the Miller family. In addition to Eero Saarinen, the house and gardens showcase the work of leading 20th-century figures such as interior designer Alexander Girard, landscape architect Dan Kiley, and principal design associate at the Saarinen office, Kevin Roche.

    Westerley House and gardens

    AristotleThe Flageolet Player on the CliffMa Jolie, Nature Morte

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    Its Part In The 10 East Art + Design District

    In December 2018, the Lilly Endowment formally awarded $4.3 million to eight arts and community development groups to transform vacant buildings and program under-used public areas along a mile stretch of East 10th Street. It is one of the biggest projects that’s part of an overall $48.8 million the endowment gave to promote creativity and neighborhood connection in Indianapolis.

    “We were incredibly saddened to hear of the news of Indianapolis Contemporary,” 10 East art director Joanna Nixon said. “They have been an important partner and arts partner on East 10th Street and the near east side and beyond for a significant period of time.”

    As a formal partner, Indianapolis Contemporary helped to rehabilitate a former auto service station into an art space and operate it with Hoy Polloy, an east-side artist collective. Called Re:Public, the space opened in mid-February at 2301 East 10th St. with “Intelligence Countered,” an exhibit by Justin Brown about surveillance and its adverse effect on African Americans.

    The museum’s shutdown will leave a void, Nixon said. While Re:Public is closed as a nonessential business, the rest of the 10 East organizations will take the time to figure out how to best use the building for a neighborhood that will have new needs as the pandemic rapidly changes American life.

    Cronin said the board was not happy about the decision it believed it needed to make.

    Indianapolis Contemporary Closes Due To Pandemic

    Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art
    Jill Ditmire

    Indianapolis Contemporary is the first local nonprofit arts organization to close its operations due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    A press release from I/C Board president Casey Cronin says an internal review shows it would no longer be economically feasible to continue its mission as the impact of the coronavirus will create more economic hardships and reduce exhibition opportunities.

    Indianapolis Contemporary began in 2001 as the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art. It hosted monthly First Friday shows and a variety of local and national contemporary art exhibitions in the Murphy Building in Fountain Square.

    In 2016 IMOCA, moved out of the building and began offering exhibitions at City Way downtown. Last year it relaunched as Indianapolis Contemporary, or I/C. Its new vision included the curation of numerous pop up art exhibits, an online magazine called ABSTRACT and a collaborative effort hosting lectures and programs at the near East side art space known as Re:Public.

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    The Gardens At Newfields

    The outdoor areas east of the Indiana Central Canal are collectively known as The Gardens at Newfields. The campus contains distinctive features that have been modified over time to create a greater connection between the museum building and The Gardens. Immediately outside the museum is the Sutphin Mall and Fountain. The Sutphin Mall previously featured the original rendering of the iconic pop art sculpture Love designed by Robert Indiana. The sculpture has since been moved inside for preservation reasons. It is now the site of Five Brushstrokes by Roy Lichtenstein. At the end of mall, opposite the IMA building, is the wheelchair accessible Garden for Everyone. A bronze sculpture, La Hermana del Hombre Bóveda is displayed in the center of the garden.

    Other nature areas include the Tanner Orchard, the Dickinson Four Seasons Garden, Nonie’s Garden, and the Rain Garden.

    Free Admission To Rhythm Discovery Center

    Bang that drum! The Rhythm! Discovery Center is an interactive percussion museum located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. Not only do they provide educational exhibits and performances, every Saturday there are two interactive family programs.

    Visit Rhythm! Discovery Center for free:

    In addition to free admission days, Rhythm! Discovery Center also offers the following discounted admission:

    • Under 2 Years Old Children under the age of 2 area admitted free.

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    Guests Can Visit The Creative Workshops Of Renowned Artists Designers And Photographersthere Are Also Various Educational Projects Functioning Here

    In search of an answer to the crisis of modernity, philosophy associates itself with art.Differences are understood here as a resource for mutual understanding and mutual enrichment of understandings. Distancing in relation to the imposed identity is proposed aestheticization of ones own personality self-presentation in the context of cultural diversity the politicization of the self in individual aesthetic experience.

    The world of art becomes a place where active self-formation and comprehension of the future fullness of human existence takes place. The Museum of Contemporary Art can be viewed as a space for self-identification. Research into the processes of identity formation with the help of contemporary art remains relevant.

    I Always Loved The Fact That When Children Came To The Contemporary Galleries For Example They Got The Art Immediately They Didn’t Need To Get Over Any Sense Of What Art Was Supposed To Be

    The Indianapolis Museum of Art

    Jennifer: In You Are An Artist, the reader is guided to try making art by completing assignments written by artists with very different processes.Why do you think it’s important for people to experience the process of making a specific type of work of art?

    Sarah: The book has 53 different assignments or prompts in it because I’m not imagining that people do all of them. Of course, if people want to, they can. But I didn’t write the book or invite artists to come up with these assignments with the thought that everyone would have to do them all. What I hoped about people doing these very specific assignments is that it would give a window into the way artists today are working.

    And I also think that especially if you’re not much of a maker to start with you don’t necessarily know until you try it. I like to think of each of these assignments as trying on a way of making, and then you decide if it works for you or not. You decide if you adapt it for your own.

    Jennifer: In 2014, you started a video series called The Art Assignment with PBS Digital Studios. What was the feedback from your audience like? Did you get to see any completed assignments?

    Jennifer: How was the idea for the book born after doing the video series?

    Jennifer: How did you decide how to organize the content?

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    I/c Board Announces Plans To Close

    The Board of Directors of Indianapolis Contemporary, Inc. has voted to begin the process of closing down operations. The decision was reached after an internal review which determined it was not economically feasible to continue operations.

    I/C Board President Casey Cronin explained further, The challenges of operating a contemporary art nonprofit organization in Indianapolis have been considerable since our founding in 2001. After navigating our relaunch and new direction during the last year, the impact of the coronavirus is certain to exacerbate economic hardships and reduce exhibition opportunities. We have concluded our operations are not sustainable. We are not alone as other arts institutions struggle in this crisis.

    iMOCA and I/C curated many engaging and sometimes challenging exhibitions over the last 19 years, fulfilling its mission to connect people to inspiring and innovative art of our time. Since art celebrates the human spirit, gives meaning, and expands our perspectives, we hope this mission will persevere as others continue to exhibit living artists”, Casey continued.

    Casey Cronin, I/C Board President

    Boosters Employer Mandates Drive Increase In Us Vaccines

    After facing a passel of challenges since its founding 19 years ago, a local art organization dedicated to contemporary work has finally met an obstacle it couldnt overcome.

    Indianapolis Contemporaryknown as the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art up until 11 months agoannounced Thursday that it was calling it quits after an internal review determined it was not economically feasible to continue operations.

    The COVID-19 pandemic was cited as the final straw.

    The challenges of operating a contemporary art nonprofit organization in Indianapolis have been considerable since our founding in 2001, Indianapolis Contemporary Board President Casey Cronin said in written remarks. After navigating our relaunch and new direction during the last year, the impact of the coronavirus is certain to exacerbate economic hardships and reduce exhibition opportunities. We have concluded our operations are not sustainable. We are not alone as other arts institutions struggle in this crisis.

    The museum hasnt had a permanent home since late 2016, when it closed its storefront space at 1043 Virginia Ave. in the Murphy Arts Center building, where it had been based since 2009. It vacated the space to make way for an expansion of the neighboring Hi-Fi music venue.

    In May 2019, the museum changed its name and announced it would operate as a more nomadic organization, exhibiting artwork and staging related programs in the city without maintaining its own dedicated space.

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    I Wanted People To Be Cognizant That The Actions And Activities Of A Lot Of Contemporary Artists Relate To Things That Have Been Done In The Past

    Jennifer: Did you include every single assignment from the video series?

    Sarah: In the video series there are 60 assignments. I chose 40 of them and then added 13 new ones.

    Jennifer: What are some new assignments fans of the show can look forward to?

    Sarah: Lonnie Holley’s. All you need is a wire coat hanger that’s one that I’ve done. It doesn’t take very long: you take the wire coat hanger and you bend it and then reshape it into your own profile. And it doesn’t have to look exactly like you mine doesn’t particularly look like me but you’re supposed to work at it until it sort of reminds you of yourself. Then, you hang it up on the wall and take a picture of the shadow it casts on the wall. That’s the one that I want to see people’s responses to.

    But I’m really excited about Gina Beaver’s Virtual Seescape. You take your phone and you find your most recent screenshot or screen grab and then just using whatever image editing software you have on your phone to transform that image in certain ways. Its an activity that encourages you to elevate the images a little bit or to think about them in a different way. Or just to take something that seems very much offhand and give it a new life.

    Jennifer: The timing of the release of your book has coincided with a time in which people all over the world are finding themselves with lots of free time. Do you see your book as having a healing or soothing potential?

    About Indianapolis Museum Of Contemporary Art


    Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, located in Indianapolis, IN, promotes research and public education through its Museum collection. Visitors to the Museum can see Museum exhibits, attend events at the Museum, and access Museum educational programs. The Museum supports itself through ticket sales, membership, fundraisers, and donations.

    You may contact Museums for questions about:

    • Museum exhibits and collections

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    Madeline F Elder Greenhouse And The Beer Garden

    The Madeline F. Elder Greenhouse originally provided plants and produce to the residents of the Oldfield estate. The present structure was constructed in the late 1940s. In addition to the plants, the greenhouse is also the site of the Beer Garden. Started in March 2017, it features rotating taps of seasonal beers and ciders, including Among the Leaves, a custom beer from Indianapolis-based Sun King Brewing Co. only available at Newfields.

    Eiteljorg Museum Will Show Native American Art In New Way

    The Eiteljorg Museum.

    DOMENICA BONGIOVANNI – The Indianapolis Star

    INDIANAPOLIS The Eiteljorg Museums revamped Native American Galleries will show works spanning more than 170 years when they reopen in June. But visitors wont start at the beginning, middle or even the end of that timeframe. Instead, theyll be greeted by artwork with stories that fuse past, present and future.

    Hannah Clauswater song: peemitanaahkwahki sakaahkweelo, for example, wraps the Miami peoples origin story into a work she created as a 2019 Contemporary Art fellow at the Eiteljorg. She took photos around their homelands in the Mississinewa and Wabash river areas, between Marion, Peru and Wabash.

    In doing so, Claus, who is a member of the Bay of Quinte Mohawks First Nation, explored the story of how the Miami first reached from the water in the area of present-day northern Indiana and southern Michigan to grab tree branches and pull themselves onto the land to walk. Digital imagery printed on acetate film in the form of discs will hang delicately from threads affixed to the ceiling, reflecting the story and the sound waves of a song written about it.

    water song will be an introduction to about 300 artworks, with more cycling into the installation over time, that will tell the story of tribes from across North America through a thematic presentation that centers Native cultural values in the galleries.

    Youll be in this jewel box-like setting, Phelps said.

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    Free Admission To Museums In Indianapolis

    The Childrens Museum of Indianapolis Free Admission | Conner Prairie Free Admission | Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art Free Admission | Indiana State Museum and Historical Sites Free Admission | Indiana Historical Society Free Admission | Rhythm! Discovery Center Free Admission | Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum Free Admission | Soldiers and Sailors Monument Free Admission | Fan Museum at Fanimation | Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art Free Admission | Indiana State Police Museum Free Admission | Indianapolis Zoo Free Admission

    Local museums are a family favorite for my eclectic crew, but the admission prices can be a real deterrent. Thankfully, many of our local museums offer free and/or discounted opportunities throughout the year. Check out these budget friendly opportunities. The laundry can wait!

    Why It Took Museum Out Of Its Name

    Breaking The Mode Trailer – Indianapolis Museum of Art

    Indianapolis Contemporary or I/C for short is a stripped-down version of the museum’s former name. And, perhaps most important for its new mission, it jettisons the “museum” part. I/C has never been a collecting organization, Kaufmann points out.

    “When we originally started, museum was aspirational and I think we’re still equally aspirational, but it was also kind of a play on this sort of museum without walls,” he said.”

    The new name avoids confusion with the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields, which has remained an issue even after the latters 2017 rebrand, Kaufmann said.

    The shift away from a space also goes along with a national trend of contemporary art museums finding ways to stay sustainable regardless of economic circumstances, Kaufmann said.

    “If you look historically at what happens with museums and contemporary art centers, when the market is good, they expand,” Kaufmann said. “And when the market contracts, it becomes a real challenge for the philanthropic community to sort of step up and try to support them through those times.”

    More on the mission is in the first edition of “Abstract,” a monthly online publication that rolled out Monday. It includes artist interviews, essays, visual art and playlists.

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