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Branson Mo Titanic Museum Hours

Titanic Museum Location And Hours

Titanic Museum VIP Guided Tour in Branson, Missouri

The Branson Titanic Museum is located at 3235 76 Country Blvd. in Branson, at the intersection of 76 and Highway 165. It is located a few miles west of downtown Branson, near other local attractions like Ripleys Believe It or Not!. Unless youre staying near the museum, driving is the easiest way to reach it. There is a parking lot at the museum with ample space for visitors.

The museum schedule varies throughout the year, so it is recommended to confirm hours of operation before planning your visit. Visitor experiences vary, but plan to spend at least three hours exploring the museum.

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Christmas And Winter Celebration

With the important historical content and fun interactive displays for all ages, the museum allows you to enjoy an interactive exhibit while you learn about the story of a passenger or a crew member. It is an interesting chance to tell their stories and allows visitors to experience life on the huge ocean liner! Every person that walks through its doors will learn something new.

Experience history and tons of interesting artifacts at the Titanic Museum Branson. After you have completed your self-guided tour, head out to experience the other amazing attractions in Branson, MO. From Dolly Parton’s Stampede to Silver Dollar City, there is a great attraction for every vacation! Plus, add a hotel or stay at one of the gorgeous cabins in the area during your getaway.

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Save Time And Money With A Stampede Discount Combo

Celebrate the American Spirit at Bransons Most Fun Place to Eat and explore Americas history with tickets to Dolly Partons Stampede and Titanic Museum for one great price! Experience first-hand what it was like aboard the ship Titanic during its final hours. Touch a real iceberg, walk the Grand Staircase and try to stand on the sloping decks inside Bransons Titanic Museum. Then bring your family to Dolly Partons Stampede filled with friendly North and South competition, thrilling horse riding stunts, spectacular special effects, phenomenal musical productions, and a four-course feast! As part of this special offer, tickets for Branson Titanic Museum must be picked up at the Stampede box office located at 1525 W. 76 Country Blvd., Branson, MO 65615. Contact Titanic for more information on hours of operation.

Great Museum And Gift Shop

The Titanic Museum in Branson

We went on the tour in Sept. Came back for shopping this time. Anything you could possibly want on the Titanic is available, books, videos, and gifts for all ages.


For people that are interested in history and historic events you will be able to view countless documents about the Titanic and view many items on display that were actually onboard at the time the ship sank. The staff is very knowledgeable about the Titanic and willing to answer any questions.

The admission was a little expensive for a museum, but the museum was very well organized and had a lot of information. The crew added to the environment and gave a lot of information as well. The exhibits were very well done. I am glad I stopped by for 11/2-2 hours.

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Titanic Interactive Childrens Displays 28 Degree Water

Interactive childrens displays allow you and your family to hear survivor stories while sitting in a lifeboat, and offer a play area for your kids who are able to climb the deck of the Titanic as she began to sink. Other attractions include a display of 28 degree water which was the temperature of the surrounding ocean that many unfortunate passengers were subjected to and also learn how to send and SOS signals.

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If youve ever driven down Highway 76 in Branson, Missouri , youll know its impossible to miss the Titanic Museum Attraction as you pass.

I visited once waaaaay back when it first opened and then again recently. Theyve definitely added a lot to their collection since my first visit, and a few things have changed. Ill fill you in on all of it!

Most of the exhibits are permanent, but they also have temporary ones that last for a few months. During my visit, there was a collection of fashion designed by Lady Duff Gordon, one of the first class passengers.

The second one from the left reminded me a lot of this dress from the Titanic movie:

As you exit the museum, youll find a small gift shop with an array of memorabilia and an impressive selection of Titanic-related books.

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Titanic Branson Recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Monthyour Browser Indicates If Youve Visited This Link

The TitanicMuseum Attraction in Branson is once again calling attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the return of their giant pink ribbon and other pink pieces this month.

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What Is The Titanic Museum Branson Mo

TITANIC (The Largest Titanic Museum in the World)

The Titanic Museum allows you to explore the history of the Titanic and its voyage. All of the tours are self-guided, and you can explore 300 artifacts from the ship. You’ll be able to climb up a full-scale replica of the grand staircase, and you can steer the ship, touch an iceberg, and more.

When you enter the museum, you’ll receive a “boarding pass” with the name of a person who was a passenger on the Titanic. As you walk through the museum, you’ll learn about your passenger’s journey. Once you reach the end of the tour, you can find out what happened to your passenger.

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About Titanic Branson Worlds Largest Titanic Museum Attraction

Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson is a celebration of the ship, passengers and crew!It is said that the best way to respect and honor those who gave their lives is to simply tell their stories.

As the whole world remembers the worlds most famous luxury liner, Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson. MO. will continue to open the door to the past in its one-of-a-kind way letting passengers experience what it was like to walk the hallways, parlors, cabins and Grand Staircase of the Titanic while surrounded by more than 400 artifacts directly from the ship and its passengers. As visitors touch a real iceberg, walk the Grand Staircase and third class hallways, reach their hands into 28-degree water, and try to stand on the sloping decks, they learn what it was like on the RMS Titanic by experiencing it first-hand.

Each guest entering the ship will receive a boarding pass of an actual Titanic passenger or crew. Feel their spirit presence in the galleries where over 400 personal and private artifacts are on display. Many are on display for the first time in the world. This collection is valued at over four and a half million dollars. This is a self-guided tour.

Discover your passenger or crews fate in the Titanic Memorial Room where 2,208 names line this historic wall.

Titanic Museum Attraction In Branson

All aboard for a trip back in time.

Its hard to miss the museums ship-shaped facade as you drive along 76 Country Boulevard in Branson. No, its not a mirage, its Bransons own Titanic Museum Attraction! This unique attraction houses collection of historical artifacts related to the ships ill-fated attempt to cross the Atlantic. Whether youre an aficionado of nautical history, a fan of the blockbuster movie, or just interested in trying something new during your vacation, the museum offers plenty of interesting and unique experiences to enjoy during your visit.

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Explore History At The Titanic Museum Branson

When you step inside the Titanic Museum Branson, you’ll feel like you’re stepping onto the Titanic itself. With over 20,000 square feet, more than 300 artifacts, a full-scale grand staircase, a growing iceberg, and interactive exhibits, you’ll walk in the footsteps of the passengers as you journey through the museum.

The museum is designed as a half-scale model of the original ship. It includes cabins, parlors, and hallways that are scaled-down replicas of those found on the real Titanic. The first-class suites and third-class cabins in the museum are built to the original scale.

The Titanic Museum Branson is open throughout the year, and you’ll want to allow at least two hours to fully enjoy your visit. Since all the tours are self-guided, you can explore the exhibits at your own pace.

You can park at the museum for free, and the attraction is easily accessible for wheelchair users. If needed, wheelchairs are available at the museum.

If you enjoy your visit to the Titanic Museum Branson, you may want to explore other museums in town. Stop by the World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex, and don’t forget to check out the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center.

Titanic Branson To Display 4000 American Flags

Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri

Starting on July 1, the Branson Titanic Museum Attraction will have 4,000 mini-American flags on display in the lawn surrounding the attraction.

The Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson is going all out for Independence Day this year as they prepare to display 4,000 mini-American flags to surround the larger than life attraction.

Starting on Thursday, July 1, anyone driving by the intersection of 76 Country Boulevard and Gretna Road in Branson will be treated to a sea of waving red, white and blue.

While the thousands of waving flags are a tribute to the upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend, its also the start of something much bigger being planned, according to Titanic Museum Attraction President, COO and Co-Owner Mary Kellogg.

Looking ahead, I hope this November all businesses fronting 76 Country Boulevard will take part in blanketing the Branson Strip with American flags for the entire month of November, when we honor all service men and women for Veterans Day. Branson is already recognized as a preferred veterans destination, so you can just imagine their reaction when theyre greeted with a miles-long display of American flags flying in their honor, what a glorious greeting that would be, Kellogg said in a press release. But for now, I invite everybody to visit or just drive-by our Branson ship to see how 4,000 waving symbols of freedom can make you feel proud to be an American.

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The Titanic Museum In Branson

The Titanic Museum at Branson, Missouri, is a two story museum dedicated to the doomed ship, shaped like the RMS Titanic itself. The museum is housed inside a half-scale replica of the front half of the ship, and is anchored in a small pool of water to create the illusion of the Titanic at sea. A stucco iceberg is wedged into the side of the ship and acts as the entrance. Inside, there are more replicas the ships Grand Staircase, the Dinning Hall, First Class and Third Class cabins, the bridge and about 400 artifacts from the wreck of the ship displayed in 20 different rooms. It also has various interactive exhibits such as a touchable iceberg, the Captains bridge from where the ship is steered, the Telegraph room from where one can send SOS message, and lots of actors dressed as the crew.

As you enter the Titanic, youll be handed a ticket with the name of one of the actual passengers who sailed the ship. You wont find out whether you lived or died, until almost to the end of the self-guided tour, when you reach the Memorial Wall where is displayed the names of all the 2,208 passengers and their stories. All throughout the ship costumed characters wander about: men in double-breasted officer uniforms, women dressed as chambermaids, and of course, the ships Captain himself. Audio recordings of foghorns, clanking bells, and muffled voices played back from hidden speakers create a make-believe atmosphere.

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Self Guided Tour Many Interactive Exhibits A Family Experience

  • Receive a Boarding Pass of an actual Titanic passenger/crew member
  • View $4.5 million + of Titanic artifacts
  • Walk the $1 Million exact replica of Titanics Grand Staircase
  • Touch an iceberg and feel 28-degree water
  • Shovel coal in Titanics Boiler Room
  • Learn how to send an SOS distress signal
  • Experience the Sloping Decks of the ships stern as she descended
  • Sit in an actual size lifeboat and hear true passenger stories
  • Discover your passengers fate in the Titanic Memorial Room

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What Is There To Do

Iceberg.dead ahead sir! Those infamous words associated with the Titanic can be felt once again at the Titanic Museum in Branson an incredible experience where the family can explore the history of the most famous ship in the world, and even see some real artifacts that were recovered!

There are also amazing interactive experiences to be had, because YOU become the passengers for the day!

During your unforgettable experience, you can see what it was like to walk the hallways of the ship, and explore the parlors, cabins, and even that amazing Grand Staircase.

The Titanic Museum has over 400 REAL artifacts too, which were used by passengers and the ship itself on that fateful night.

When you arrive, you will be given a boarding pass of an actual passenger or crew member that stepped onto the Titanic. It will give kids an incredible experience where they can put names and faces to the event.

Have you ever touched a real iceberg? You can now! Brrrr.imagine what it would have been like that night. You can try and stand on sloping decks, and really have a first hand experience to what the Titanic would have been like.

You can even shovel coal into the boilers, and send an SOS distress signal! There is so much to see and do at this incredible museum.

At the end, this self-guided tour lets you discover what happened to your passenger or crew member, when you look for their name on the memorial wall.

Will Kids Enjoy The Titanic Museum Branson

Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri

Yes, the museum has an interactive area, “Tot-Titanic,” that’s designed for kids ages 8 and under. Children enjoy playing the piano in the museum, and they love touching the iceberg and immersing their hands in 28-degree water.

To personalize the museum experience for younger guests, each child is given a boarding pass with the name of a young person who was a Titanic passenger.

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A Souvenir From The Titanic Museum

Titanic Museum is a wonderful tourist attraction in Branson that features great display of over 400 artifacts and countless exhibits. Titanic Museum is one of the largest museums in the world that gives visitors the chance to learn the tragic maiden voyage of RMS Titanic. The sensational tour to the museum allows visitors to walk through the Grand Staircase, first class staterooms, beautiful hallways, and public rooms. This amazing museum in Branson features a store where you can enjoy unique shopping with souvenir items that are mostly related to historical treasures and priceless artifacts of RMS Titanic.

Inside the museum, you can explore the Titanic Store if you want to own some of the exceptional replications of collectibles, select artifacts, giftware, and jewelries. In the Titanic Store, you can get the chance to own collectibles such as Titanic Coal, Titanic Newspapers, Titanic Coins, and Titanic Ship Replicas. The RMS Titanic Goldtone Necklace Replica room key is a beautiful 25 inches chain with 5extender that you can buy that was based on a recovered artifact. You will also find in the Titanic Store Titanic Mens Apparel, Titanic Ladies Apparel, and Titanic Youth Apparel.

The Titanic Store is a beautiful shopping spot inside the Titanic Museum where you can buy different souvenir items of replications of collectibles, artifacts, books, and novelty items.

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