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What Is The Intrepid Museum

Is The Intrepid Museum Outside

The Awesome Aircraft at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

The Museum offers both indoor and outdoor exhibits and activities year-round.

The Flight Deck is entirely outdoors and accessible by an outside staircase. There is also an enclosed elevator, as it is a few stories up.

If you walk down Pier 86, you can check out the British Airways Concorde, although tours and experiences are still on hold. You can also catch a glimpse of the Growler Submarine, which is parked beside the pier. There is a snack shop open as well, and plenty of places to sit.

Stand beneath the enormous space shuttle Enterprise while exploring cool exhibits about life aboard.

West Side Elevated Highway

Various proposals circulated in the 1920s to build an expressway on the west side. Among the proposals:

  • Rail/Highway Double Decker The proposed building a highway/rail double decked highway from 72nd Street to Canal Street, which would be constructed privately at no cost to the city. It would eliminate 106 grade crossings over 84 blocks. It ran into opposition because of fears that it would create a rail monopoly.
  • Hencken’s Ten-story Train/Car/Office/People Mover Engineer John Hencken proposed an exotic ten-story complex with a rail line underground, a road at street level, and a people mover built above that, topped by ten stories of apartments and offices. The highway would run on top of the ten-story buildings. A similar alternative was offered by Benjamin Battin.

The Universe Is Running Away

The universe is expandingfast! The reason for this puzzling behavior is dark energy, a mysterious phenomenon that causes all stars and galaxies to run away from one another at an amazing pace. Hear from astrophysicist Viviana Acquaviva and discover what makes the universe accelerate and what will happen to it after billions of years.

Stargazing on the flight deck will follow the presentation .

Family Astronomy Night will be primarily standing room only because of reduced seating capacity. Registration does not guarantee a seat.

7:00pm: Doors open

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Is All Of The Intrepid Museum Open Now

Mostly! The majority of the 350,000 square foot Intrepid Museum Complex is open to visitors, including all exhibitions, the entire collection of aircrafts on the flight and hangar decks, and the Space Shuttle Pavilion, which houses the space shuttle Enterprise. The Submarine Growler is also inviting guests to climb aboard, but note that limited capacity does mean longer wait times. 3D Films, 3D Simulators, food service, and gift shops are also back up and running.

Guided and audio tours, experiences on the Concorde, and some of the Simulators are still unavailable. In-person public programming is also still on hold. Visit the museums website to keep an eye on when they might reopen, and check out the free virtual tours too.

Kids will love picking their favorite plane from more than two dozen aircrafts stationed up on the Flight Deck.

When Is Intrepid Museum Closed

Visit the Intrepid Museum with Free Virtual Events

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is closed on two days in a year Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Occasionally, specific areas of the Museum close down maintenance, construction, or new exhibit development.

Buy one discount Pass and save up to 40% on ticket costs during your New York holiday. Buy New York Explorer Pass

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History About The Intrepid Museum

  • The Intrepid was commissioned in August 1943. The boat participated in several campaigns in the Pacific Theater of Operations, most notably the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

  • In November 1944, two kamikazes crashed into the carrier, killing at least six officers and five crew members within five minutes.

  • In her second career, she served mainly in the Atlantic but also participated in the Vietnam War.

  • Because of her prominent role in battle, she was nicknamed the Fighting I.

  • The Intrepid was the fifth Essex-class aircraft carrier to be launched and was sponsored by the wife of Vice Admiral John H. Hoover.

  • After the World Trade Center attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, the Intrepid was made the temporary emergency headquarters for the FBI.

  • In August 2005, the Intrepid welcomed its 10 millionth visitor.

Aboard The Legendary Aircraft Carrier

  • Learn about American military and maritime history onboard an aircraft carrier
  • See four famous crafts in one visit: The aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, the USS Growler submarine, the Space Shuttle Enterprise, and a British Airways Concorde
  • The Growler is the only former missile-launching submarine that can be visited anywhere in the world
  • 26 aircrafts are exhibited, including the famous A-12 Black Bird

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Is The Intrepid Museum Available For Group Visits Birthday Parties And Other Private Events

It is! A variety of group experiences are now available, as long as they follow all health and safety guidelines. Note that events are subject to city and state restrictions, including capacity limitations, to help ensure safety.

Visit these pages for more details on group visits and birthday parties, and private events.

What Is The The Intrepid Sea Air And Space Museum

Intrepid Museum Aircraft Collection

The Old Hudson Dockyards was once a thriving and bustling industrial area, however, when the heavy industries that fueled the trade moved elsewhere the Docklands, like so many others, became derelict and disused. Many efforts have been made to regenerate the area, one such effort is the Intrepid Sea, Air, And Space Museum.

The Intrepid is an Essex Class Air Craft Carrier, commissioned during World War II she served extensively in the Pacific and later also in the Vietnam Wars. Retiring after 31 years she was saved from the Scrap heap and brought to the Hudson Docks to serve as a museum to all things Air and Sea. In Addition to this is the Space Shuttle Pavillion that serves as a Space Museum, housing one of 4 remaining Space Shuttles, Enterprise.

The Museum is a pretty unique experience, A living War Museum right in the heart of one of the busiest cities in the world, You would never imagine walking the decks of an aircraft Carrier right in the heart of Manhattan. It is not the usual New York Attraction and is all the better for it.

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Intrepid Museum Free Fridays

The Intrepid Museum also offers free admission on select Friday nights from 5 pm to 8 pm.

The last entry on Free Fridays is at 7.30 pm.

During these free entry Fridays, you get to explore the Intrepid Museum and enjoy various free after-hours programs.

Intrepid Museums Free Fridays for 2021 are yet to be announced due to the pandemic.

Free Fridays at the Museum come with some restrictions

  • A few programs may require registration at the venue
  • The Concorde is not available for visitors entering for free
  • The queues to Submarine Growler and Island bridges may close early
  • Transporte Pblico A Intrepid Museum En Manhattan

    ¿Te preguntas cómo llegar a Intrepid Museum en Manhattan, Estados Unidos? Moovit te ayuda a encontrar la mejor manera de llegar a Intrepid Museum con indicaciones paso a paso desde la estación de transporte público más cercana.

    Moovit proporciona mapas gratuitos y direcciones en vivo para ayudarte a navegar por tu ciudad. Mira los horarios, las rutas, los servicios y descubre cuánto tiempo lleva llegar a Intrepid Museum en tiempo real.

    ¿Buscas la estación o parada más cercana a Intrepid Museum? Mira esta lista de paradas más cercanas a tu destino: 12 Av/W 46 St 12 Av/W 42 St 50 St Midtown / W. 39th St. Midtown West/W 39th St-Pier 79 34 St-Hudson Yards.

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    The best deals for parking near Metropolitan Museum of Art can be found online across parking websites like Theres no need to worry if the Metropolitan Museum of Art parking lots fill up you can pre-book cheap parking near the museum before heading out and gain the advantage of discounted Metropolitan Museum of Art parking rates.

    The Space Shuttle Exhibit Is Limited

    intrepid museum

    Again I have mixed feelings about the Space Shuttle Exhibit.

    On one hand it was extra money and since we didnt know this beforehand I had to trapse all the way through the museum to buy tickets which werent cheap. It was expensive and inconvenient and since it was 100 degrees I was a little crabby.

    This didnt set me up to have a great experience. The exhibit itself was not as interactive as much of the museum and I was disappointed you couldnt get a closer look at the Space Shuttle.

    On the other hand, the Space Shuttle is awesome. You basically walk around and under it and that should be boring. However, something about its size and existence is impressive.

    It was very cool. If your child likes space I would definitely recommend this additional area.

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    Bronx County Historical Society

    The Bronx County Historical Society, founded in 1955, is a private, non-profit, educational and cultural institution chartered by the New York State Board of Regents. The BCHS, the historical agency for The Bronx, a county of New York State and a borough of the city of New York, is dedicated to the collection, preservation, documentation and interpretation of the history of The Bronx and lower Westchester County from its earliest historical references in the 17th century through the present.

    Address: Museum of Bronx History, 3266 Bainbridge Avenue, Bronx, NY 10467Address: BHS Research Library, 3309 Bainbridge Avenue, Bronx, NY 10467Address: Edgar Allan Poe Cottage, 2640 Grand Concourse at East Kingsbridge Road, Bronx, NY 10458Phone: 718-881-8900Website:

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    Metropolitan Museum Of Art

    The Met presents over 5,000 years of art from around the world for everyone to experience and enjoy. The Museum lives in three iconic sites in New York CityThe Met Fifth Avenue, The Met Breuer, and The Met Cloisters. Millions of people also take part in The Met experience online.

    Since it was founded in 1870, The Met has always aspired to be more than a treasury of rare and beautiful objects. Every day, art comes alive in the Museums galleries and through its exhibitions and events, revealing both new ideas and unexpected connections across time and across cultures.

    Address: 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10028Phone: 212-535-7710Website:

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    What To See At The Intrepid Sea Air And Space Museum

    There is an awful lot to see at the Museum. From the Ship itself, the different Decks and Aircraft Exhibits, the Space Shuttle Pavillion, Concorde, The Growler Submarine, even just the views from the Flight Deck and Dockside. Here is our rundown of what not to miss when visiting the Museum.

    You can view the Full Aircraft Collection here but we highlight our favorites in the below sections

    Select Participants And Date

    The USS Intrepid arrives in Manhattan

    Meeting point may vary depending on the option booked.

    Know before you go

    • Due to ongoing Covid-19 preventive measures, some attractions may be temporarily unavailable, have reduced opening hours, or require advanced reservations prior to your visit. Please check the included digital guide and attraction websites for the most up-to-date information and make reservations, where needed, well in advance
    • Operating hours of each attraction are subject to change without notice
    • Your pass is valid for 2 years from purchase date until first activation. Visiting your first attraction or tour activates your pass. After which it remains valid for the number of calendar days purchased
    • The bus tours offered can fill up very quickly and a seat cannot be guaranteed
    • It is not possible to book or reserve in advance for specific attractions
    • You can visit each attraction once

    FromCOL$ 642,900per person

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    Tourist Attraction Discount Passes

    Entry to the Intrepid is free or heavily discounted with the purchase of several tourist attraction discount passes.

    These passes bundle many popular attractions and tours together into one lower price and can save you up to 55% off the retail ticket prices.

    If you’re curious about which activities and locations are included at no extra cost, here are a few excellent examples to consider:

    • American Museum of Natural History
    • Whitney Museum of American Art
    • Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Active and retired U.S. service members receive free admission with proper identification. Spouses receive 20% off.

    How Long Does It Take To Visit The Intrepid Sea Air And Space Museum

    The Museum does not take particularly long to visit. After all, there are probably less than 100 Exhibits! Its just some of them are the Size of Aircraft Carriersliterally. So after getting a good look at each plane there is little to do but grab a selfie and move on. Honestly, we think we spend the most time there waiting for people to clear out of the frame so we can get good photos!

    You can get a good in-depth visit to the Museum in a couple of hours. There is no need to commit a half-day to the Museum. Its a great stop-off when using the Big Bus Tour on your way back to mid-town after visiting the Downtown Area.

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    Video Result For Parking Garages Near Intrepid Museum

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    Parking garage suddenly closed after structural issues
    Abandoned truck in ABQ Museum parking lot finally moved
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    Intrepid Museums Health & Safety Video
    19-year-old accused of kidnapping a woman in a parking

    Who Does The The Intrepid Sea Air And Space Museum Suit

    Pin on Worldwide

    This is really a two-part question, for a large number of people, those with an interest in military history, the Intrepid is a wonderland. It s filled with incredible iconic Aircraft that will literally have you jumping up and down with excitement to see. This is me, I absolutely adore the Intrepid and if your interests align with mine, just head straight to the booking section below!

    However, not everyone shares these interests. They have no real idea what a Blackbird is , The Space shuttle is all very impressive but they dont really need to look at a retired one and while they are obviously aware of the sacrifices of the war generation and eternally grateful, the miniature of the history is not that interesting. If this is you Will you still enjoy the Intrepid?

    The answer is probably not, at least not as much as something else in New York. You should easily be able to tell your likely enthusiasm for the Museum by reading our What to See at the Intrepid section below. If the different exhibits excite you, as they do me, then you will love the Museum. If you are a bit, EhI dont really know what all this means, then it might be a pass!

    Its also a great treat for kids, who largely love the Intrepid! Its great too to drag than round something boring with the offer of this as a reward.

    Kate for example would never visit the Museum without me but does have a good time when I drag her along. In her own words Oh god, not there again!!!

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    History Of The Intrepid

    The Intrepid had a long and illustrious career, starting in World War II. The Ship was the third Essex Class Carrier off the production line and was immediately sent into Battle. The Ship had a distinguished campaign against the Japanese but did not come away without some serious war wounds.

    For her opening skirmishes, she joined the Marines in the Island hopping campaigns ousting the Japanese from the various islands in the Indo-Pacific, with notable success. It was her she was hit by a torpedo bomber and had to retire for repairs before heading to the Philippines for continued service.

    It was here the Vessel earned her medals. Assisting in the Battle of Leyte before playing a starring role in the naval battle of the Sibuyan Sea. Here she sunk several vessels in including the Battleship Musashi and the Carrier Zuih while inflicting damage on several others including the Pacific Flagship Yamato! Eventually, Intrepid was taken out of action again by a series of raids including Kamakaze Strikes, but she survived and was repaired once again in San Francisco.

    After returning to the Frey to assist in the Battle for Okinawa, the ship was again badly damaged from Kamikaze and headed home for repairs. This time her return was too late as she arrived back in the Pacific the Japanese surrendered bringing the war to a close.

    The Ship really is a piece of US Military History and exploring the Decks really is an honor and a fantastic privilege.

    New York Hall Of Science

    A visit to NYSCI is a hands-on, energetic educational experience where you can indulge your curiosity and nurture your creativity. NYSCI offers professional development for teachers, produces curricula and resources for classrooms, and studies how technology and play affect how we learn.

    NYSCI was founded at the 196465 Worlds Fair and has evolved into New Yorks center for interactive science, serving a half million students, teachers, and families each year.

    Address: 47-01 111th St. Corona, NYPhone: 718-699-0005Website:

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    Is It Easy To Find Metropolitan Museum Of Art Nyc Parking

    Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC parking spots are available depending on when you need them. During the peak tourist season, when there are ongoing exhibitions and galas at the Met, you can expect the Metropolitan Museum of Art parking lots to be packed almost the entire time. The next best option would be discount parking near Metropolitan Museum of Art at any safe parking garage. If you book a spot in advance through, you can take advantage of cheap Metropolitan Museum of Art parking rates in nearby garages. Some garages even offer Metropolitan Museum of Art parking coupons at slashed prices.

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