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Ships Of The Sea Museum

List Of Museum Ships Of The United States Military

The Beach Institute Meets West Broad Street School: A Black Education in Savannah
This list is incomplete you can help by adding missing items.

The following is a list of museum ships of the United States military, specifically the United States Navy and the United States Coast Guard. It represents a subset of the list of museum ships comprising museum ships located worldwide.

United States Navy

Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum Tours And Tickets

Set within the elaborate Greek-revival style William Scarbrough House, the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum is a tribute to Savannahs role in maritime history. Visitors can browse exhibits on 1800s shipping, model ships, the Civil War, and William Scarbroughonce president of the Savannah Steamship Company. Surrounding the museum, expansive gardens offer a nice place for a stroll or private event.

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

Set within the elaborate Greek-revival style William Scarbrough House, the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum is a tribute to Savannahs role in maritime history. Visitors can browse exhibits on 1800s shipping, model ships, the Civil War, and William Scarbroughonce president of the Savannah Steamship Company. Surrounding the museum, expansive gardens offer a nice place for a stroll or private event.

Shackleton’s Endurance: The Impossible Search For The Greatest Shipwreck

It is one of the most unreachable shipwrecks in the world.

We know with good accuracy where Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance vessel ended up after sinking more than 100 years ago. So far, however, all attempts to sight its wooden carcass on the Antarctic seafloor have been defeated.

Although it’s deep, some 3,000m down, that’s not the major difficulty a new expedition to find the ship will face. It’s the sea-ice. The cruel, evil sea-ice, as the Anglo-Irish explorer Shackleton came to think of it.

The frozen floes that squeezed, snapped and then swallowed his polar steam yacht in the Weddell Sea between October and November 1915 smother its grave and protect it from discovery.

Even in this age of satellites and metal icebreakers, locating the Endurance has represented an impossible task.

“Believe me, it’s quite daunting,” says Mensun Bound, the marine archaeologist who’s about to set out on yet another search attempt.

“The pack ice in the Weddell Sea is constantly on the move in a clockwise direction. It’s opening, it’s clenching and unclenching. It’s a really vicious, lethal environment that we’re going into.”

So, why bother? Why put yourself forward again for what seems inevitable disappointment?

Well, that’s the fascination with Shackleton.

It’s the stuff of legend. That’s the appeal.

Mensun Bound asks: “What would it mean to find the Endurance?”

The sub technology is different this time, too.

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Museum Director Announces Im Convinced Its The Endeavour

Cooks famous ship identified and museum launches innovative web experience to bring the search to life

Mr Kevin Sumption, Director and CEO of the Australian National Maritime Museum, announced today that the shipwreck of James Cooks famous vessel, His Majestys Bark Endeavour, has been positively identified. A 22-year program of fieldwork and research has led Sumption to conclude that the Newport Harbor, Rhode Island USA site known as RI 2394 is the location of remains of the HMB Endeavour. It was scuttled by the British 244 years ago and lay forgotten for over two centuries.

Mr Sumption stated, I am satisfied that this is the final resting place of one of the most important and contentious vessels in Australias maritime history. Since 1999, we have been investigating several 18th century shipwrecks in a two square mile area where we believed that Endeavour sank, however, the last pieces of the puzzle had to be confirmed before I felt able to make this call. Based on archival and archaeological evidence, Im convinced its the Endeavour.

Its an important historical moment, as this vessels role in exploration, astronomy and science applies not just to Australia, but also Aotearoa New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Deep Dive

In launching the Deep Dive website today, the Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts, The Hon. Paul Fletcher MP, said,

Key points used in identifying the Endeavour

Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum
Info & Amenities

Its stately gardens are located at the historic Scarbrough House built in 1819. Gardens are open free to the public, free WiFi, 7 days a week. Gardens are also available for private rental.


Amenities Include: 192 Square Foot Green RoomCatering Preparation RoomEco-friendly


Wedding rentals are available using the entire compound of Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum, which encompasses two acres of garden venue space in the Historic District of downtown Savannah. The North Garden and Scarbrough House Garden serve as lush ceremony and reception space for weddings. The use of the entire facility is included in the rental cost.

  • Square Feet: 5,400 sq. ft.
  • Banquet Capacity: 350

Excellent history of sea fairing, both cargo & navy models. Also a sad but informative temporary exhibit of the slave trade. The models were big, frequently several feet long. Sailing ships were

Tremendous history of the maritime era of Savannah. Lots of reading and models of ships with very little, if at all, interactive experiences. Felt it was worth the price paid but could be so much

There is plenty of free parking here but appears to be in a bad part of Savannah. There are signs to keep your valuables out of sight. This museum is in a beautiful old mansion that is part of the

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Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum/william Scarbrough House And Gardens

  • Address 41 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Savannah, Georgia 31401

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum features nine galleries of ship models,maritime paintings, and artifacts. The vast majority of ship models werecommissioned by the Museum to interpret Savannah’s rich maritimehistory. The museum is housed within a National Historic Landmark built in1819 for William Scarbrough, the principal owner of the Steamship Savannah .

Scarbrough’s architect,William Jay from Bath, England, created one of the earliest examples ofdomestic Greek Revival architecture in the South. Used as a public school fromthe 1870s1960s, the mansion was then abandoned for a brief period but laterrestored by Historic Savannah Foundation in the 1970s. After another period ofvacancy, Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum restored the house again in 19961997,building a new roof based on a documented William Jay design, adding a new rearportico and enlarging the gardens.

Things To See & Do At The Ships Of The Sea Museum

Exhibits The museum, which is set up for self-guided tours, displays models of ships significant in Savannahâs maritime history, including a crecreation of the historic steamship Savannah, along with models of other famous ships such as the Titanic. It also houses collections of maritime paintings and ships in bottles.

Architecture Scarbrough House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was designed by the noted English architect William Jay. Construction was completed around the end of 1818, just in time to allow Scarbrough to offer the use of his new residence to visiting president James Monroe in May of 1819.

The house is built in the Greek Revival style, one of the earliest examples of this architectural style in the South. William Jays stay in Savannah was brief, but long enough for him to leave a legacy as one of the most talented architects of antebellum Savannah. He moved to Charleston shortly after the Scarbrough House was completed, soon after that returning to his native England.

The house underwent substantial changes during its period as a school building, most notably the addition of a stylistically-inconsistent third story. In the 1970s, the Historic Savannah Foundation restored the property, removing the third floor during the course of its renovations.

Special events Special exhibits and concerts, plus other events, are occasionally held at the Ships of the Sea Museum. See details of upcoming events

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Savannah: Comedy Trolley Tour

Spice up your trip to Savannah with a ride on the funny side. This original trolley tour is a comedy show on wheels that roasts nearly 300 years of Savannah lore in just 90 minutes. Hear about Savannahs deep, complex, and intoxicated past and present, from the founding of the colony of Georgia to the Civil War and from little known Paula Deen trivia to why every tourist must take a selfie on the Forrest Gump bench. Take the opportunity to enjoy an adult beverage half-way through the tour. Hosted by the infamous Moron Twins, this outrageous history lesson features entertaining skits, musical numbers, costume changes, and loads of Savannah history. Your hosts have more than 20 years of comedy and tour guide experience between them.

Ships Of The Sea Museum

Erik Calonius on The Wanderer: The Last American Slave Ship

Experience the history of the Mayflower and discover the glory of the Savannah, the first steamship to cross the Atlantic inside the Ships of the Sea Museum. Youll learn intriguing facts about seagoing vessels that date back two centuries. Through a vast collection of intricate ship models, the history of ships is brought to life. More than 75 ships are in the ship-in-a-bottle exhibit. Theres also paintings, maritime antiques and other artifacts that convey the shipping industry in a compelling display.

Save time and money and book our that includes admission to Ships of Sea Museum and more exciting sites!

  • Admissions
  • Restrooms

Founded in 1966, the museum is inside the historic Scarbrough home, who was one of the owners of the Steamship Savannah and president of the Savannah Steamship Company.

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Tours & Group Programs

The Museum is arranged for self-guided tours. Please expect to spend at least one hour on site to explore the galleries and gardens. For groups of 10 or more, Ships of the Sea can provide a guided tour of the Museum with a reservation in advance. The Museum also offers many educational opportunities for visitors of all ages. All student programs include educational tours. The Museum offers classes on the art of scrimshaw, sailor’s valentines, and women pirates. You many learn more about the Museum’s educational programs and tours here or you can contact Heather Rice at 912-232-1511, or , for reservations and information.

Ship’s Of The Sea Museum

Discover the rich nautical history of Savannah at theShips of the Sea Museum. Since 1997, The Ship’s of the Sea has been located in one of Savannah’s most historic homes — The William Scarbrough House on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. And with its focus on ships, its unique amongSavannah attractions and landmarks.

The star of Ship’s of the Sea Museum is the impressive model ship collection including TheCity of Savannah,The Anne, The SteamshipSavannah,The Wanderer, andTheTitanic. All of these ships have a direct connection to Savannah and the Georgia coast. A voyage to Ship’s of the Sea will put you on course into the past to imagine the awe of sailing on these ships in an era long since past.

Your trip to this intriguing Savannah museum will be enhanced if you read about the ship’s in the models collection before visiting. Reading and history go hand-in-hand, so here’s a list of the ship models on display. Each has their own story to tell.

The Model Ships

TheCity of Savannahwas a 245 ft. long iron hull hybrid ship that utilized both sails and steam propulsion. Built in 1877, this ship made many runs up and down the eastern seaboard between Savannah, Boston and New York as both a passenger and freight ship. Her sailing life was only 16 years and she was lost in the waters off South Carolina during a hurricane in 1893.

The Outdoor Gardens

The Ship’s of the Sea is located at 41 Martin Luther King Blvd. in Savannah.

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Human Cargo: Savannah And The Oceanic Slave Trade

The intention of Human Cargo: Savannah and the Oceanic Slave Tradeis to recognize this regions role in the African diaspora. From 1755 1858 hundreds of slave ships arrived in Savannah from the West Indies, the Caribbean, and Africa. Each of these vessels carried tens to hundreds of enslaved people destined to be sold on the auction block. The ordeals they suffered as human cargo included the loss of their freedom, families, homeland, identity, and even their names. We may never be able to recognize them individually, but we can call out the ships that were the instruments of their torture and the brokers who profited from their misery. While their names have been lost, the volume of their collective anguish has not. It is in tribute that we acknowledge their numbers and the path of their suffering through a blanketing of the Museums upper and lower atriums with a registry documenting their bitter journeys into Savannah slavery.

Research Appraisals & Donations

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

Given the Museum’s mission, acquisition of artifacts is limited to items relating to Savannah’s maritime history. If you have a item for donation you feel would be appropriate to the Museum’s collection, please contact Ships of the Sea’s curator through our website or via .

Ships of the Sea does not offer appraisals of maritime artifacts, nor is it equipped to provide research services.

For more information on the architecture of the Old South you many be interested in the definitive ten-volume Architecture of the Old South book series available from Savannah’s Beehive Press.

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Savannah: Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil Walk

Who would have thought that a story about characters in a sleepy Southern enclave would have created the stir that John Berendt did with his non-fiction novel “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”?Even the rumors whispered beneath dripping Spanish moss are enough to make a man blush, and it’s all true! Just another day in this eccentric city?Savannah Walks is proud to present A Walk through Midnight, a saunter through the pages of Berendt’s runaway 1994 bestseller, which Clint Eastwood made into a film in 1997.Guides offer personal insights and observations, as well as recently unearthed stories about the characters in what the people of Savannah have come to call “the book.” Some of the guides were even extras in the movie!The guides also have special items of interest to show you along the way. Who knows? On some days you might even see some of the actual characters strolling about the city! No other “book tour” gets you as close as this!

Savannah’s Urban Forest: The Gates And Gardens Tour

Savannah’s legacy as a garden city is firmly rooted in her humble beginnings as a novel agrarian experiment. Today, massive oaks shade stately squares and handcrafted iron gates grace elegant courtyards.This unique walking tour shows you what lies behind the gates of some of Savannah’s finest homes. It lets you explore the fauna of this lush forest city. John Berendt, author of the bestseller Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, described walking through Savannah this way: “With twenty-two luscious green squares it is like strolling through the rooms of an elegant open air mansion.Walking Magazine has rated Savannah “one of the 10 Best Walking Cities in America.” The tree-lined streets, beautiful squares, magnificent parks and slow Southern pace make it an ideal location for the leisurely yet intimate feel that only a walking tour can provide.

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Savannah: Haunted Pubs And Taverns Walking Tour

A seasoned guide escorts you around the pubs and taverns of Old Savannah, where you will be able to purchase drinks to go at discounted rates. Alcoholic beverages of 16 ounces or less are allowed and even encouraged on this tour.With so much history, Savannah is bound to have a few skeletons in her closet, and maybe just a bit more! Your guide will tell stories of how each establishment has earned its place in history. Shocking soirees. Scandalous affairs. Don’t let the Southern charm fool you.You might have been on pub crawls elsewhere, but in Savannah it’s a relaxed stroll, at least to start.

The Savannah Underground: An Immersive Ghost Hunt

West Broad Street School

Prepare to do something youve likely never before experienced on the only experience in Savannah that merges a thrilling immersive trolley ghost tour and Savannahs premium interactive attraction into one action-packed bundle.Begin the experience by diving into Savannahs dark past, which doubles as a ghost hunting Bootcamp where youll learn skills and get information that you can take back home and use to find ghosts anywhere in the world.Once completing your ghost hunting training session, youll hop off the trolley and into the exclusive Savannah Underground, a 40-minute immersive adventure that surrounds you with some of Savannahs scariest history.It’s guaranteed that you wont find anything like this anywhere else in Savannah, as its custom-built for those seeking more than an average ghost tour: A theatrical whirlwind of scary fun.This isnt your normal ghost tour.

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Savannah: Pub Crawl And Ghost Tour

The Haunted Savannah Pub Crawl meets at 7:30 pm in Madison Square. To begin, this walking tour takes you through the Historic District of Savannah.Savannah is considered to be one of the most haunted cities in the country, and this tour takes you in many directions to understand the twists and turns that make up the oddities that happen here on a daily basis.As you begin the tour you will stop off for a beverage of your choice at a local pub and, since Savannah has an open container law, you are able to walk the streets with any type of beverage. Stay hydrated and enjoy the evening tales of this city.

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