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National Museum Of The Pacific War

The National Museum Of The Pacific War

Discover the National Museum of the Pacific War
The Fredericksburg Landmark tells the story of World War II’s Pacific Theater.

J. Griffis Smith

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The fairwater/conning tower of the USS Pintado reminds museum patrons of the critical strategic role of U.S. submarine forces in the Pacific Theater.

Most weekends of the year, crowds flock to Fredericksburg to enjoy the Hill Country ambiance, shop along historic Main Street, or savor impromptu wine tastings. As they wander among the shops and galleries, many visitors may inadvertently miss one of the towns jewels: The National Museum of the Pacific War.

The National Museum of the Pacific War pays special homage to those who served the United States on December 7, 1941, at Pearl Harbor.

At 12:25 p.m., Dec. 7, 1941, the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, was attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy. More than 2,400 Americans were killed and the U.S.S. Arizona was destroyed. Until Sept. 11, 2001, it was the deadliest foreign attack on American soil. The event was dubbed a day that will live in infamy by President Franklin D. Roosevelt who would then declare war on Japan.

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We want visitors to have the same uncertainty the soldiers, sailors, and pilots had of not knowing whats going to happen next.

The Japanese Garden of Peace was donated to the museum by the people of Japan.

George Hw Bush Gallery

In the George H.W. Bush Gallery, youll follow the war and its impacts, from Pearl Harbor to the Doolittle Raid and Midway, Guadalcanal to Tarawa, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Artifacts from the war, both large and small, shape the exhibits which feature ships and planes, weapons, helmets, and uniforms of those who served. The stories of powerful generals and every day people come together to tell the story of Americas leadership. perseverance and heroism across the Pacific Theater.

After the Imperial Japanese bombers attacked the US at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the US entered into World War II in the Pacific. Japanese leaders worried they would wake a sleeping giant, and in fact, they did. The US rallied and began fighting back in ways never even imagined before the War. With our allies, the US pushed the Japanese away from islands they had claimed under the imperial flag and armed with a “terrible new weapon,” ended the war. Through the effort, Americas might and manufacturing were transformed, and its role on the world stage changed. The gallery is located at 311 E. Austin St.

National Museum Of The Pacific War

National Museum of the Pacific War

National Museum of the Pacific WarLocation within Texas

The National Museum of the Pacific War is located in Fredericksburg, Texas, the boyhood home of Fleet AdmiralChester W. Nimitz. Nimitz served as commander in chief, United States Pacific Fleet , and was soon afterward named commander in chief, Pacific Ocean Areas, during World War II. The six-acre site includes the Admiral Nimitz Museum, which is housed in the old Nimitz Hotel and tells the story of Nimitz beginning with his life as a young boy through his naval career as well as the evolution of the old hotel.

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Free Veterans Day Commemoration Livestream

Veterans Day is a moment to pay respect and show support for our nation’s veterans. This year, the National Museum of the Pacific War will hold an onsite program in Fredericksburg at the museum’s Memorial Courtyard on Friday, November 11 at 11 a.m. The program will also be livestreamed to YouTube and Facebook. NMPW offers free admission on Veterans Day for all veterans and all who are…

Japanese Garden Of Peace

Phannie and Mae: The National Museum of the Pacific War and Killer BBQ

A gift from the people of Japan to the people of the United States , the Japanese Garden of Peace symbolizes the complicated but firm friendship between the two countries. The garden is a tribute to Japanese Admiral Heihachiro Togo, whose leadership and strategic acumen often inspired and influenced Admiral Nimitz. The garden includes a replica of Togos study in Japan and also features the elements of a traditional Japanese garden including a fish pond, raked stones, and large rocks. The garden is located at 311 E. Austin.

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From Texas To Pearl Harbor: Remembering The Day Of Infamy

2021 marks the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The events of December 7, 1941, plunged the United States into World War II and left an indelible mark on the nation.

More than 750,000 Texans served in WWII. One of these was Doris Dorie Miller, a sailor whose heroic actions at Pearl Harbor earned him the Navy…

Admiral Chester W Nimitz


Far from the Pacific Ocean and the islands where much of World War II in the Pacific was fought, Fredericksburg, Texas seems an unlikely location for the National Museum of the Pacific War. The story of the Museums origin began here on Main Street in February 1885 when Chester William Nimitz was born. Who knew Nimitz would someday lead the Combined U.S. Force to victory over Japan in WWII?


Born February 24, 1885 to a recently widowed mother, Chester Nimitz spent his early years with his mother and paternal grandfather Charles Nimitz at Nimitzs steamship-shaped hotel on Fredericksburgs Main Street where in the 1860s, guests paid fifty cents per night for lodging. Chester Nimitz regarded his grandfather as the most important man in his life, and the advice of his grandfather provided a beacon for his lifes journey.

Nimitz as a child with his grandmother, mother, and grandfather

Nimitz as a child

As a teenager, Nimitz met two officers from West Point, and he soon longed for an appointment to West Point. That was not to be, but he was offered a chance to enter Annapolis instead. He seized the opportunity with characteristic zeal. He left high school without a diploma when he was accepted to Annapolis in 1901 at age 16. Nimitz graduated seventh in his class of 114 on January 30, 1905.

Nimitz as a teenager with his grandfather

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Texas In Wwii: Leadership

On the 75th anniversary of the Japanese surrender and the end of World War II, the Texas Historical Commission highlighted the leadership of four individuals with ties to Texas who helped bring about victory.

This presentation focuses on those four leaders and their contributions to the largest mobilization of American military and economic resources in the nations history.

National Museum Of The Pacific War Hours

FDR and the End of World War II

Located in the heart of the Hill County town of Fredericksburg, the National Museum of the Pacific War is truly an exceptional place. This six-acre museum is home to one of the largest collections of World War II memorabilia and equipment, along with in-depth displays that provide insight into the origins, events, and aftermath of the conflict. The centerpiece of the complex is the Admiral Nimitz Museum, housed within the inn that once belonged to the famous admirals family. Explore the main building, stroll the Memorial Garden to see plaques dedicated to those who served in the Pacific Theater, and take a few moments to reflect as you tour the Japanese Garden of Peace.

You can visit the museum almost any day of the year. Read on for more information about hours and the cost of admission.

National Museum of the Pacific War Hours

Wednesday – Monday: 9 AM 5 PM

Closed Tuesday.

Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

National Museum of the Pacific WarAdmission Prices

World War II Veterans: FreeAdults: $20.00Active or Retired Military w/ID: $14.00School Teacher with ID: $14.00College Student with ID: $10.00Student age 6-17: $10.00Children age 5 or younger: Free

Additional Information:

  • A ticket is good for both galleries which include the George H. W. Bush Gallery and The Admiral Nimitz Gallery.
  • A ticket is good for the entire day.
  • Become a member for free admission for the whole year.

World War II Pacific Combat Program Hours

Friday – Sunday: 11 AM 3 PM

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Fredericksburg Texas: National Museum Of The Pacific War

Walk-through airfield staged on an anonymous Pacific atoll populated by animatronic dummies and rats. Outdoor Pacific Combat Zone warfare include reenactments with real landing craft and flamethrowers. George H.W. Bush Gallery piece of the lifeboat that rescued the downed pilot. Over 1,000 miles from the Pacific.

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