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Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum Tickets

Opening Hours Of The Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Opening hours of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam change frequently but usually only by an hour or so. This is less of an issue since time-slot tickets are essential to visit the museum

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is open daily at a minimum from 9 am to 5 pm . During the high season , the Van Gogh Museum closes at 6 pm . During the summer holidays from mid-July to early September, the Van Gogh Museum is open from 9 am to 7 pm, closing at 9 pm on Saturday and 10 pm on Friday.

The best times to visit the Van Gogh Museum are right at opening and late afternoon . The museum is very busy from around 11:00 to 15:00, especially on weekends and during vacations. Friday evenings are often lively with musical programs.

The Van Gogh Museum is at the heart of Amsterdams Museum District the Stedelijk Museum , Moco with Banksy Exhibition, and Rijksmuseum are in the immediate vicinity, as are Vondel Park, the Zuiderbad swimming pool, and the ever popular Heineken Experience.

The second-largest Vincent van Gogh collection in the world is in the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo around an hour to the east of Amsterdam day-trip tours are available in the high season.

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Why You Should Visit Van Gogh Museum In Amsterdam

The Van Gogh Museum on Museumplein in Amsterdam houses the worlds largest collection of paintings and drawings by Vincent van Gogh. More than 200 paintings, drawings and letters by Vincent van Gogh can be admired in the museum.

The museums permanent collection of Van Goghs works features more than 200 of his pieces, including his serene landscapes, beautiful still lifes and compelling drawings and letters. Together they shed a revealing light on his extraordinary life. Dont miss his legendary painting Sunflowers and his eccentric self-portraits.

The museum also exhibits works by Van Goghs contemporaries including Gauguin and Monet which place his paintings in a broader context. In addition to the permanent collection, the museum also presents seasonal exhibitions, which show different aspects of 19th-century art history.

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Van Gogh Museum: Opening Hours Busiest Days And Best Time To Visit

  • Saturday 10:00 17:00 , and
  • Sunday 10:00 17:00
  • Busiest times: Every day between 11 am and 3+ pm.
  • Best time to visit: Any day after 17:00 .
  • Note: Though this popular museum is busy at times, the timed-entry ticket system ensures that you will have a perfect experience regardless of the day and time you visit.

    Since the introduction of the new ticket system the Van Gogh Museum has received the highest visitor appreciation ratings ever.

    How To Reach Van Gogh Museum

    Van Gogh Museum

    Van Gogh Museum is at the Museum Square in Amsterdam Souths borough, close to the Stedelijk Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and the Concertgebouw. Get Directions

    Trams are the best way to get to reach Van Gogh Museum.

    You can take Tram 2, 5, or 12 and get down at Van Baerlestraat or take Trams 3, 5, or 12 and get down at Museumplein.

    From both the stops, the art museum is less than five minutes of walk away.

    You can also board bus number 347 or 357 and get down at the Museumplein stop.

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    All Your Questions About Van Gogh Museum Tickets Answered

    A. Several safety measures and guidelines have also been enforced to ensure the safety of the museum’s visitors. To ensure the safety of its visitors, the Van Gogh Museum now accepts only online reservations. You can buy tickets here.

    A. You can buy Van Gogh Museum tickets online.

    A. In light of COVID-19, multiple health and safety measures have been enforced. The Van Gogh Museum now accepts only online reservations. It is mandatory that visitors wear masks that cover their nose and face throughout their entire visit sanitizers have been placed at multiple points in the museum. Social distancing markers have also been placed throughout the exhibit.

    A. Yes. You can book your Van Gogh Museum tickets online as they now accept only digital reservations. Visitors must enter the museum specifically at the time of their booked slot.

    A. The cancelation policy varies based on the Van Gogh Museum ticket you choose. Please check before you book your tickets.

    A. There is no fixed time for visitors stay. Ideally, visitors spend about 2 hours at the Van Gogh Museum.

    A. As of now, only individual visitors are allowed into the museum. A maximum of 5 bookings can be made at a time. However, you can avail the multimedia guided tour with an immersive audio guide available in 11 languages for an educative experience.

    A. The Van Gogh Museum provides you access to all the exhibits with a valid entrance ticket, at no extra cost.

    A. No, you can show the ticket on a mobile device for checking in.

    Van Gogh Museum: Art Or Commerce

    Since the arrival of Emilie Gordenker as director, the battle for directions within the Van Gogh Museum is more visible than ever: will art or commerce win? Thats the lede to an article in Amsterdam daily Het Parool regarding what it calls a tribal struggle within the museum.The appointment of Gordenker, at the start of 2020, exposed the dividing lines between the two groups:

    • The art historians on the one hand, interested in maintaining and building the museums international reputation as a knowledge institute
    • The bean counters on the other hand, who want to make sure the museum stays as independent as possible from donors and state subsidies.

    Thanks in no small part to the latter group, the museum is only 10 percent dependent on subsidies outside of corona times. The revenue potential of 90 percent is unprecedented the Ministry of Culture sets 19.5 percent of its own revenue as the lower limit. With equity of 44 million, the museum is in good shape. Bas Soetenhorst, Stammenstrijd in het Van Gogh Museum: wint de kunst of de commercie? Parool, May 21, 2022

    hey also have a frightening example: a dog blanket with a Van Gogh print. Could it be something less ordinary? Or, in 2016, rose gold and platinum watches with Van Gogh works on the dial for 100,000 euros each. How decadent do you want it? Bas Soetenhorst, Parool

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    Is The Starry Night By Van Gogh On Display At The Museum

    No, unfortunately not. The Starry Night is at The Museum of Modern Art MoMA in New York. The Museum acquire the painting in 1941. After Vincent died, his brother Theo inherited his paintings. He died a short while later. In order to establish Vincents recognition in the art world, Jo Theos widow strategically sold the paintings to influential art collectors or well-known museums. The Starry Night was sold to Georgette P. van Stolk, the secretary of the Rotterdam Art Society . She sold the painting to French art dealer Paul Rosenberg, of Paris and New York. It was through Rosenberg that the Museum of Modern Art acquired the painting.

    Interactive Multimedia Audio Guide

    Amsterdam – Van Gogh Museum

    The Van Gogh Museum has a professionally produced interactive multimedia audio tour guide available. The guide covers both the permanent collection and the special, temporary exhibitions. It is available in 11 languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese , Japanese and Korean.As frequent visitors to the museum we highly recommend this multimedia guide. It highlights many aspects and details you would otherwise miss. The tour provides insights into the life and work of Vincent van Gogh, and further helps you to view his work in context.The small, lightweight guide hangs around your neck or is held in your hand. Either way, you can easily interact with the screen. You can either follow the suggested route through the museum or visit only the sections of your choice. And youre in control: you can go at your own pace, and skip paintings, sections, or entire floors if you wish.You can . Select the With audio guide option. Pick up your guide inside the museum. .

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    Van Gogh Museum Entrance And Amsterdam Canal Cruise

    • Save time and money with a combined Amsterdam canal cruise and Van Gogh Museum ticket
    • Get instant access to the Van Gogh Museum with the barcode on your phone – no need to exchange the ticket
    • Cruise along Amsterdams iconic canals and admire traditional merchant houses and beautiful bridges

    This unique combo ticket will save you both time and money as you explore Amsterdam’s scenery on a 75-minute canal cruise and admire world-famous artwork at the Van Gogh Museum.

    Experience two of the most popular activities in Amsterdam. Visit the Van Gogh Museum and enjoy a leisurely cruise along Amsterdams canals.

    Explore the legendary Van Gogh Museums exhibits at your own pace. Relax on a canal cruise and admire beautiful, traditional merchant houses, numerous bridges and typical houseboats. Glide past the bohemian De Pijp district and soak up the unique vibe of the city of Amsterdam.

  • Visitor numbers are limited to reduce crowds
  • The experience complies with government regulations
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative result from a recent antigen or molecular test may be required, please check the local requirements before your visit.
    • Ticket for the Van Gogh Museum
    • Canal cruise

    Stadhouderskade 29AII, 1071 ZD Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

    Visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and enter the world of painter Vincent Van Gogh. This museum has the largest collection of artworks by Vincent Van Gogh. The museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Amsterdam and because of its visitor limit you have to book your tickets in advance. During the high season, there will be no same-day tickets available at the ticket window.

    The Van Gogh Museum has a large collection of 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and letters that tell the story of this remarkable Dutch painter who cut of his own ear. In the regular exhibitions you can also witness his most famous masterpieces, such as ‘The Potato Eaters’, ‘Bedroom in Arles’, and ‘Sunflowers’.

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    Temporary Van Gogh Exhibitions

    Aside from the permanent collection, the museum also has special exhibitions focusing on various aspects of Van Goghs life and work. Often these exhibitions feature works by his contemporaries showing, for instance, how the painter was influenced by people, places, and events. The current shows are good examples:

    Issues With Online Ticket Bookings

    Tickets Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

    I did not receive my ticket, but the money has been debited from my account.

    here can be several reasons for this:

    • There might be a typing error in e.g. the e-mail address. Please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page. We will then correct the mistake and resend the tickets.
    • There may be a delay due to server problems. Check your e-mail again later.

    I am unable to complete my online booking.

    There may be several reasons preventing you from ordering your ticket online. Check your internet connection and refresh the web page. You can also try again using another browser. Sometimes it can help to restart your computer.

    I cant get past the payment page: Im constantly returned to the same place.

    There can be several reasons for this:

    • You can only go to the next page in the ordering process if all the details have been filled in correctly. When paying by credit card, make sure that there are no spelling mistakes in the card-holders details. Dont forget to enter your CVC code if you are paying with a credit card. If youre paying via your bank, the bank details must be correct.
    • NB: avoid double payments! Check whether the payment hasnt actually gone through before trying to pay again.
    • Sometimes it helps to use a different browser.
    • Is your account balance too low or has your credit card company rejected the payment? Try again, possibly using a different card.

    Im having problems downloading my ticket from the order page.

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    Van Gogh Museum Hours

    During the peak season of July to September, Van Gogh Museum opens at 9 am and closes at 6 pm.

    The rest of the year, the art museum opens at 10 am every day, and on weekdays it closes at 5 pm and on weekends at 6 pm.

    The last admission is 30 minutes before closing time.

    The best time to reach Van Gogh Museum is before 10 am.

    From 11 am, the Dutch art museum starts getting crowded, and till 3 pm there are long lines at the entrance and the exhibits.

    If you cant reach before 10 am, the next best time to visit Van Gogh Museum is after 3 pm.

    Weekends are crowded and waiting in the queues can take up anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours of your time.

    However, if you buy Van Gogh Museum tickets online, you can skip these lines and walk right into the art museum right away.

    Tip: It is better to avoid Van Gogh Museum on rainy days on bad weather days, all tourists land up at the indoor attraction.

    DISCOUNT ALERTThe Amsterdam Pass includes tickets to Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, a 1-hour canal cruise, and unlimited rides on Amsterdams public transport system for 48 hours. You also get a 10% discount code, which you can use to get discounts on future purchases.

    Opening Hours In Van Gogh Museum

    Please check specific opening hours in Van Gogh museum properly. The museum is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm . The average visit to the museum lasts around 1 hour which allows sufficient time to explore the permanent collection. But generally many visitors spend a total of 2 hours at the museum. The best time to visit the van Gogh exhibition in Amsterdam is from 9 am to 11 am or after 3 pm. The busiest times are between 11 am and 3 pm. Enjoy a relaxing time admiring the beautiful Van Gogh paintings and works by his contemporaries, as well as learning about the fascinating history of this iconic artist!

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    What Is A Price For The Van Gogh Museum Ticket Book Here

    Get your Van Gogh Museum tickets through our website and make sure you dont miss the chance to pay a visit to this colourful museum. By booking your Van Gogh Museum tickets online, you can save time and avoid the lines at the often busy ticket counter. The Van Gogh Museum is located in Amsterdam, at the Museumplein, the famous square where youll also find the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk museum and many others. It is The Netherlands second most-visited museum, attracting around one million visitors each year. Complete your Amsterdam experience and get to know the work of one of the worlds most fascinating artists!

    How To Get A Van Gogh Museum Ticket

    Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

    If you want to visit the world famous Van Gogh Museum in the center of Amsterdam you will have to plan your visit and buy your online tickets as early as possible. The museum is one of the most populair museums in Amsterdam and often sold out. If tickets are sold out on the day of your choice there are still some options. Read them below.

    Van Gogh Museum Tickets

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    Highlights Of Van Gogh Museum

    • Each year, 2 million visitors come to the Van Gogh Museum, making it one of the 25 most popular museums in the world.
    • The collection features the works of Vincent van Gogh with more than 200 paintings and 500 drawings.
    • The Van Gogh Museum is a very crowded museum. We recommend buying your online tickets in advance.
    • Every last Friday of the month there is an amazing event called Vincent on Friday. This is a unique evening with young, creative talents from Amsterdam.
    • The collection includes world-famous paintings like Sunflowers, Almond Blossom, The Bedroom, and Potato Eaters.

    How Online Tickets Work

    When you book Van Gogh Museum tickets online, you select your preferred time of visit.

    Immediately after purchase, your tickets get emailed to you. You dont need to take any printouts.

    Now all you must do is, reach the tourist attraction 15 minutes before the time mentioned on your ticket.

    Since you have a ticket and are on time, you can show it on your smartphone and walk into the Van Gogh art museum right away.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Your Museum Visit

    Do you have a question about ordering an online ticket, using a discount card or would you like to know about the museum facilities? Find answers to some common questions to help you plan your visit to the Van Gogh Museum.

    Welcome back to the Van Gogh Museum! Read more about the guidelines to ensure a safe and pleasant museum visit, and to limit the spread of the coronavirus:

    • Book a ticket with start time online in advance.
    • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer regularly.
    • Always follow directions from museum staff.
    • Stay at home if you have any symptoms of illness, even if you have been vaccinated. You can rebook your ticket to another day free of charge. If you have symptoms and visit the museum anyway, you will be refused entry.

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