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Where Is The African American Museum

National Womens History Museum

An inside look at construction of the International African American Museum

Come for the deep well of biographies and digital classroom resources, stay for the wide array of virtual exhibits, many of which are enabled by Google Arts & Culture. For two decades, the National Womens History Museum has been the largest online cultural institution telling the stories of women who helped transform the U.S. Heavy with slide shows and graphics, the virtual exhibits document women making waves in politics, sports, civil rights, science and technology and more. Check out its collection of oral histories from the American Rosie Movement, relaying womens contributions to the nations defense production.

Click HERE for the experience.

We Understand The Importance Ofremembering Our History

Welcome to The Museum of African American History! We are New Englands largest museum dedicated to preserving, conserving and interpreting the contributions of African Americans. In Boston and Nantucket, the Museum has preserved two historic sites and two Black Heritage Trails® that tell the story of organized black communities from the Colonial Period through the 19th century. Exhibits, programs, and education activities at the Museum showcase the powerful stories of black families who worshipped, educated their children, debated the issues of the day, produced great art, organized politically and advanced the cause of freedom.

The Museum of African American History is committed to the truthful telling of American history. Preserving and teaching this history is part of the ongoing fight for social change and justice. The necessary work of sharing these stories gives important context to our present challenges and for a more hopeful future.

– Leon Wilson, President & CEO, Museum of African American History

Plan Your Visit Today

With dynamic permanent and visiting exhibitions open to the public year-round, there are plenty of opportunities to explore The Wright for yourself.

The Wright Museum is open year-round, with special hours throughout the holiday season, Black History Month, and on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Note: Visitors must arrive at their reserved time to avoid cancellation, as we do not provide refunds. If you would like to change your reservation, please call us at .

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Have An Object To Donate

The National Museum of African American History and Culture, like all other Smithsonian museums, hopes to benefit from donations of historical artifacts, archival documents, and works of art. Before accepting anything for the National Collection, the Museum must evaluate all material. This process involves, but is not limited to, the following steps:

  • Submission of a Collections Information Form by a potential donor
  • Consideration by curatorial staff to determine whether the object/collection warrants further evaluation for potential acquisition
  • If the object/collection warrants further evaluation, physical review of the object/collection by curatorial staff
  • Verification of the authenticity of the object/collection
  • Presentation of a proposal to acquire the object/collection by a Museum Curator to the NMAAHC Collections Committee
  • Review and vote by the NMAAHC Collections Committee to recommend accepting or not accepting the object/collection
  • If accepted, issuance of the Deed of Gift
  • If you have an important object/collection you believe the Museum should consider, start by submitting our collections information form at the link below.

    National Museum Of African American History & Culture Virtual Tour

    Smithsonian African American museum highlights heritage ...

    The National Museum of African American History and Culture is one of the many Smithsonian Institute museums located in Washington, DC. Nearly 5 million people have visited the NMAAHC since it opened in September 2016, which makes it one of the most popular museums in DC. So, now is a great time to check out the museum virtually.

    There are a number of collections available for viewing on the museums website. The site also features a Learning Lab for children ages 0-8, which could be a great addition to your distance learning curriculum. The NMAAHC is one of a number of African American History museums you can explore from home.

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    Rose M Nolen Black History Library

    Sedalia, Missouri free

    Founded in 2013 by retired white psychologist Marge Harlan, the purpose of this free-standing, one-room library is to preserve and maintain documents related to African American life in middle Missouri, both for research and education.

    Harlan also erected a replica and controversial slave cabin next to the library. The cabin was the topic of a segment on CBS news in 2016.

    Nolen was an activist and author, and for 10 years she was a columnist and writer for the Columbia Daily Tribune.

    National Museum Of African Art Virtual Tour

    The National Museum of African Art has a collection that includes 9,000 works of traditional and contemporary African art from Sub-Saharan and Arab North Africa.

    The institution was first founded in 1964, with a collection focused on traditional African art. It joined the Smithsonian Institution in 1979 and became the National Museum of African Art two years later.

    As the Smithsonian Institutions African art museum, it was the first institution dedicated to African art in the United States.

    Today the collection is exhibited in a mostly underground museum building that was completed in 1987, just off the National Mall and adjacent to other Smithsonian museums.

    The National Museum of African Art collects traditional and contemporary works of historical importance.

    The collection ranges from 15th-century sculptures and masks to multi-media contemporary art and includes 300,000 photographs with significant contributions from photojournalists covered major 20th-century events.

    The museums library has over 50,000 volumes in visual arts, anthropology, cooking, history, religion, and travel especially works published in Africa.

    The Smithsonians National Museum of African Art

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    Siting And Design Competition

    On February 8, 2005, with the site selection committee still deliberating, President Bush again endorsed placing the museum on the National Mall.

    The site selection committee did not issue its recommendation until January 31, 2006a full 13 months late. It recommended the site west of the National Museum of American History. The area was part of the Washington Monument grounds, but had been set aside for a museum or other building in the L’Enfant Plan of 1791 and the McMillan Plan of 1902. The United States Department of State originally planned to build its headquarters there in the early 20th century, and the National World War II Memorial Advisory Board had considered the parcel in 1995. On March 15, 2005, the Smithsonian named Dr. Lonnie G. Bunch III to be the Director of the National African American Museum of History and Culture.

    The design submitted by the Freelon Group/Adjaye Associates/Davis Brody Bond won the design competition. The above-ground floors featured an inverted step pyramid surrounded by a bronze architectural scrim, which reflected a crown used in Yoruba culture.

    The Smithsonian estimated in February 2012 that museum would to open in 2015. Until then, the museum would occupy a gallery on the second floor of the National Museum of American History.

    National Museum Of African American History And Culture Washington Dc

    Touring the International African American Museum

    And, yes, a clear-eyed view of history can make us uncomfortable, and shake us out of familiar narratives. But it is precisely because of that discomfort that we learn and grow and harness our collective power to make this nation more perfect. Thats the American story that this museum tells one of suffering and delight one of fear but also of hope of wandering in the wilderness and then seeing out on the horizon a glimmer of the Promised Land.

    Former US President Barack Obama, opening the NMAAHC in 2016.

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    Museums That Celebrate African American History

    At the Whitney Museum sculptures of slave children are displayed as a memorial to the thousands of children who died while in slavery. They are in a Baptist church that was moved to the grounds of the plantation.

    • Whitney Museum

    This exhibit at the National Civil Rights Museum tells the story of the work stoppage that brought Dr. King to Memphis in 1968 when 1300 African American men took a stand for dignity, better working conditions and a living wage, each one declaring I Am A Man.

    • National Civil Rights Museum

    Historically, African American history has not been widely taught in high schools or colleges, so it is no surprise to see a proliferation of museums devoted to Black history, says Calvin Riley, the founder and curator of the George B. Vashon Heritage Museum of African American History in St. Louis. The Vashon museum is one of more than 100 museums nationwide dedicated to African American history.

    Some are tiny, such as the one-room library and museum in Sedalia, Missouri, focused on preserving the history of African Americans in middle Missouri. The largest is the 400,000-square-foot National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington.

    Many have a narrow focus. For example, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City presents the history of the Negro National Leagues from 1920 through 1962.

    Mission And Objectives Of The Jim Crow Museum

    The mission of the Jim Crow Museum is to use objects of intolerance to teach tolerance and promote social justice.

    The Museums mission is achieved through the following objectives:

    • Collect, exhibit and preserve objects and collections related to racial segregation, anti-black caricatures, civil rights, and African American achievement.
    • Promote the scholarly examination of historical and contemporary expressions of racism.
    • Serve as a teaching resource for Ferris State University courses which deal, directly or indirectly, with the issues of race and ethnicity.
    • Serve as an educational resource for scholars and teachers at the state, national and international levels.
    • Promote racial understanding and healing.
    • Serve as a resource for civil rights and human rights organizations.

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    Iaam At Gadsons Wharf

    Gadsons Wharf was the first destination for an estimated 100,000 enslaved Africans during the peak of the international slave trade. It is estimated that 40% of the enslaved Africans in the United States landed at Gadsdens Wharf.

    The extraordinary percentage of enslaved peoples that came into slavery through the spot where were building the International African American Museum began to add impetus and sacredness and importance to the conversation, she says.

    The IAAM has grown from there. Weve had Henry Louis Gates, whos very interested in helping everyone, African-Americans as well, trace their genealogy and understand their history weve had the Secretary of the Smithsonian, Lonnie Bunch, talk about how rare and important it is for us to be able to talk about history and stories at the site of those histories and stories.

    Being from the Washington DC area, the Smithsonian was my backyard museum when he talks about the power of place, I think that really clicks.

    It has been about a 20-year journey, between thinking through the ideas and the storytelling, and raising the funding that we needed to pull this together.

    The Griot Museum Of Black History

    Get on the Trail: Visiting the National Museum of African ...

    St. Louis $7.50

    The Griot opened in 1997, dedicated to presenting the broad scope of Black history with an emphasis on the metropolitan area.

    The core galleries include life-size wax figures, art, artifacts and memorabilia to help interpret the stories of Black people who have contributed to our area. Visitors can meet historical figures such as Josephine Baker, Dred and Harriet Scott, Clark Terry, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Rev. Earl. E. Nance Sr., Miles Davis and Percy Green.

    As part of a cultural partnership with the Harvard University Commonwealth Project, an exhibit in 2021 showcased the work of six photography-based artists living in north St. Louis.

    The Griot also hosts national traveling arts and humanities exhibits and sponsors community education projects, gallery talks and cultural celebrations.

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    Museum Delayed Opening And Closing

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delayed opening or closing of the museum on the scheduled day of your visit. We want to make it easy for you to reschedule your visit. Please use the option that best applies to you.

    • If the museum was delayed in opening and you were scheduled to enter the museum during the delay, then you may enter the museum anytime after we open that day until closing.
    • If you cannot visit the museum today, you can use this same timed-entry pass to visit on another day. All you need to do is bring your original time entry pass. The pass is valid through December 31, 2022, with the exception of the dates listed below.

    The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement To Mass Incarceration / The National Memorial For Peace And Justice Montgomery Alabama

    Our nations history of racial injustice casts a shadow across the American landscape. This shadow cannot be lifted until we shine the light of truth on the destructive violence that shaped our nation, traumatized people of color, and compromised our commitment to the rule of law and to equal justice.

    Bryan Stevenson, Founder, Equal Justice Initiative.

    In the middle of the 19th century, Montgomery was a hub for the slave trade in Alabama, itself one of the USAs most entrenched slave-owning regions. In 2018, the Equal Justice Initiative opened the doors to The Legacy Museum, built on the site of a former slave warehouse, and just a short walk from what was one of the busiest slave auction houses in America.From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration is an unflinching retrospect of the Black experience in the United States, chronicling the history of slavery, lynching, segregation, and civil rights, as well as highlighting a legacy of economic and penal injustices for Black communities.Through digitalized first-hand accounts, videos, artworks, and interactive exhibits, the museum provides an insight into systemic inequalities suffered by the Black community throughout history, with present-day focus on mass incarceration and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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    National Museum Of African American History And Culture

    National Museum of African American History and Culture

    Exterior of the museum

    The National Museum of African American History and Culture is a Smithsonian Institution museum located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., in the United States. It was established in December 2003 and opened its permanent home in September 2016 with a ceremony led by President Barack Obama.

    Early efforts to establish a federally owned museum featuring African-American history and culture can be traced to 1915, although the modern push for such an organization did not begin until the 1970s. After years of little success, a much more serious legislative push began in 1988 that led to authorization of the museum in 2003. A site was selected in 2006, and a design submitted by Freelon Group/Adjaye Associates/Davis Brody Bond was chosen in 2009. Construction began in 2012 and the museum completed in 2016.

    The NMAAHC is the world’s largest museum dedicated to African-American history and culture. It ranked as the fourth most-visited Smithsonian museum in its first full year of operation. The museum has more than 40,000 objects in its collection, although only about 3,500 items are on display. The 350,000-square-foot , 10 story building and its exhibits have won critical praise.

    The Studio Museum Harlem New York

    Plans for new African American museum in Lakeland underway

    Im most proud that we were able to give exposure to a variety of diasporic artists. It wasnt about being a museum or being this, that, or the other. It was about making a human connection with people who were interested in the same things that we were, but out of another culture.

    Edward S. Spriggs, former director of The Studio Museum.

    From occupying a cramped space above a liquor store in 1968 to building a brand-new, multi-million-dollar home which is set to open in 2021, the Studio Museums original aim of championing Black art and culture has been a huge success.The Studio promotes the work of both up-and-coming and established artists of African descent. Every year the museum hosts an artist in residence, many of whom have gone on to forge hugely successful careers. The permanent collection boasts thousands of pieces including everything from drawings and prints to photographs and installations, all by Black American artists and members of the African diaspora.

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    Authentic Stories At The International African American Museum

    But how can a story do those things?

    I think its because people resonate with people, says Matthews. Theres a concept in sociology and psychology that talks about how its easier to relate to the pain of one person than it is to the pain of tens of millions.

    Many of these concepts, institutionalised racism, systematic racism, critical race theory, have been dehumanised. This, frankly, allows us to be a little too objective. Not allowing our emotions and our immense humanity into the story robs it of considerable power in dealing with these entrenched things.

    It robs us of our power of restoration. It robs us of our power of apology. And it robs us of our power of empathy.

    All of those things are necessary in going forward, and that is where the importance of the authentic and empathetic storytelling of these critical pieces of American history lies. The story of African-Americans well before the slave trade, because our story does not begin there.

    There is also the need to come to terms with the fact that our story doesnt end there either. I think we need authentic storytelling to get that.

    Smithsonian Launches Virtual African American Museum

    The NMAAHC recently launched a Searchable Museum, translating its archives and stories into an interactive digital experience.

    The Smithsonians National Museum of African American History and Culture takes visitors on a tour of the past from the present day back to the 15th century.

    A new virtual platform allows visitors to take the journey without leaving their homes. The museums artifacts, stories, and interactive experiences can now be explored through the websites new digital platform known as the Searchable Museum.

    Welcome to the Searchable Museum, the website states. A place to explore history and culture through an African American lens.

    The first exhibit titled Slavery & Freedom is available now. The next online exhibit coming in the spring of 2022 is Making a Way Out of No Way.

    Poet Maya Angelou narrates the digital experience while visitors see a succession of images from the past 600 years of Black history. The NMAAHC opened in 2016 using a system of timed entry passes that are both free of charge and in high demand.

    The digital museum offers visitors a look at some artifacts previously closed to the public, including a 3D virtual tour of the Point of Pines Slave Cabin in Edisto Island, South Carolina. The cabin is one of two remaining on the island. Both are closed to the public.

    This article contains information from National Public Radio. To read the story at click HERE.

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