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What Does The Paris Museum Pass Include

Entry Into The Muse Du Louvre Using The Paris Museum Pass

Tips on the Paris Pass (& Other Discount Tourist Passes)

The Musée du Louvre is one of the worlds largest and famous and is the most visited museum in the world, averaging 15,000 visitors A DAY so be forewarned: it can get very crowded and I feel the best time to go is Wednesday night.

The museum was once housed in the Palais du Louvre and was made a museum during the French Revolution . The glass pyramid, designed by architect I.M. Pei is the focal point of the Louvre. There is more than just the Leonardo da Vincis Mona Lisa to see . So do explore the other parts of the museum where there are more than 380,000 objects and 35,000 works of art including:

  • Winged Victory or Nike of Samothrace
  • Liberty Leading The People by Eugene Delacroix
  • Virgin of the Rocks by Leonardo da Vinci
  • Coronation of Napoleon by Jacques Louis David
  • Venus de Milo

How To Buy The Pass

So how do you buy the Paris Museum Pass? The easiest way is to buy itin advance, online, right here.

You can also buy it at some of the participating museums/monuments . It’s also available at outlets at Charles DeGaulle Airport, at FNAC stores.

In some places you still have to wait in line . But the Paris Museum Pass can help you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the wonderful treasures of many of Paris’s top museums.

What Is The Difference Between Paris Pass Vs Paris Museum Pass

The Paris Pass includes admission to all of the above, plus these additions:

  • One day hop-on-hop-off bus tour
  • Admission to additional attractions and tours, including a guided climb of the Eiffel Tower, a walking tour of Montmarte, a guided tour of the covered passages of Paris, the Montparnasse Tower, and more
  • A Seine River cruise
  • Discount at various merchants and restaurants

It also comes in different increments, and costs a bit more:

  • 2 days: 124
  • 4 days: 169
  • 6 day passes currently not available

There is also a Paris Pass at a discounted rate for children and teens aged between 2-17:

  • 2 day child: 42
  • 4 day child: 65
  • 6 day passes currently not available

You can see details about what is included in the Paris Pass and purchase one here.

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What Is The Paris Museum Pass

The Paris Museum Pass is a card you can buy which gives you free access to over 50 museums and monuments in Paris and surrounding areas. As an added bonus, the pass also allows you to skip the lineups , allowing you to make the most of your limited vacation time. There used to be no limits to how many times you could visit a museum with the pass, but that has changed. Now the Paris Museum Pass can only be used for one admission to each site.

The Paris Museum Pass can be purchased for 2, 4 or 6 consecutive days. Each pass also includes a flyer with information about the places you can use it at.

Note: The Paris Museum Pass is not to be confused with the Paris Pass. They are two different things. The Paris Pass is all encompassing and includes the Museum Pass, an Attractions Pass, bus tour and guidebook. The Paris Museum Pass only grants free access to museums and monuments, which is why it is far less expensive than the Paris Pass.

Who Is The Paris Pass Good For

Is the Paris Museum Pass Worth it? [Review + Tips]

First-time visitors to Paris The Paris Pass is a good option for most first-time visitors. The card is super convenient, and it simplifies your experience by including most of the attractions youd want to see anyway.

Visitors who want to do as much sightseeing as possible If youd like to visit 2-3 sights per day, youll probably get a good deal with the Paris Pass.

Those who get tired of museums For those who dont want to be stuck inside a museum or monument every day, the Paris Pass provides some nice options for other activities. The walking tours, river cruise, and wine tasting are all fun experiences to break up your museum hopping. Parc Astérix is also a fun theme park that the entire family can enjoy.

Anybody wanting to avoid ticket lines Ticket lines are almost always long at Pariss busiest attractions. The fast track entry feature helps you avoid those queues.

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Alternatives To The Paris Museum Pass

The Paris Museum Pass is, in our opinion, the most interesting tourist pass for Paris. However, this does not mean this is the best pass for you! Check out our Paris Pass comparison for the list of passes available in the city and a detailed description of each pass.

Websites like Get Your Guide or Tiqets propose interesting Paris combo tickets the combination of skip the line tickets to 2-3 popular tourist attractions in Paris at a discounted pass that make you save time and money. This is ideal for people interested in visiting only the very top attractions in Paris.

Can You Skip The Line At Versailles With Paris Museum Pass

Besides offering free admission to many of Pariss top attractions , the Paris Museum Pass also provides museum access throughout the entire city. It also makes it possible to skip long lines at some of these attractions, for example the Louvre, Orsay Museum, Arc de Triomphe, Versailles) but it also allows you to skip the long entrance lines at many of these attractions).

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How Others Have Used Their Paris Museum Pass

In my nieces guest blog post, she shared how she and her husband used the 2-day pass. The following information is how my friend Laurie used the 4-day pass on her trip to Paris. One thing I should add: picking a time to visit is key. Be sure to check out JaimeAttendreto find out the waiting times at many museums and monuments not just in Paris, but around the world).

What If I Only Want A Paris Transport Pass

Paris Pass Review – Is it Worth It?

Check out our quick guide to Pariss metro, where you will find all the Paris transport passes available.

GOOD TO KNOW: To avoid overcrowding, some sites make it compulsory to reserve a time slot. This applies to all the visitors, pass holders or not. Of course, the reservation of a time slot is free since, by purchasing the pass, you have already paid for the entrance tickets. You will receive all the details and instructions with the pass purchase confirmation.

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Wrapping Up: Is The Paris Pass Worth It

And now for the question youve been waiting for: Is the Paris Pass worth it?

Likely, yes.

If youre a first-time visitor to Paris, a sightseeing pass is an efficient way to make the most of your time there. Having a pass simplifies things plus it helps prioritize your sightseeing.

A Paris Pass may also be a good fit for those who plan to do a lot of sightseeing and want to do it as cheaply and time efficiently as possible. Buying the pass while its on sale can also help you get even more bang for your buck.

On the other hand, if your plan is to visit museums only, getting the Paris Museum Pass may be a better fit. Youll still get to skip the ticket lines, but you wont get access to certain attractions like walking tours, wine tasting, or the river cruise.

If visiting museums isnt on your itinerary, you probably dont need a pass at all although youll miss out on some of the worlds best art and sightseeing!

Determine your travel style and decide what you want to experience during your trip to Paris. If sightseeing and museums are in the mix, the newly improved Paris Pass could likely save you a lot of time and money.

I hope youve enjoyed this Paris Pass review, and please let me know if you have questions. Above all, have a great time in Paris. Until next time, happy traveling!

Experience Paris for Less! Enjoy access to 80+ attractions and sights in Paris and save big on the price of regular admission. Get your Paris Pass here.

Paris Pass Review Summary

Other Sites & Activities

  • One-Day Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour 39.00-42.00
  • The hop-on-hop-off bus tour is a popular choice among many tourists. It is a bit of an expensive way to travel the city, but its circuit does hit all the major sights of Paris. It is a pleasant and convenient method of getting an overview of the city especially if the weather is nice. Plus, Paris is a beautiful city, and the bus is a nice way to see the architecture and get an idea of the citys energy.
  • Eiffel Tower Guided Climb 39.00
  • This is a guided tour to walk to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. This is a nice option assuming you dont mind walking up and you might have to pay extra to take the elevator to the very top of the tower.
  • NOTE: If you dont want the guided tour, a normal ticket to walk up to the second floor is 10.50 or a ticket to the very top via the elevator is 26.
  • Montparnasse Tower Adult: 16.00
  • Want the best view of Paris? Well, check out the Montparnasse Tower . It offers amazing 360-degree views of the city and it is largely void of hoards of tourists. I enjoyed doing this.
  • One Hour Seine River Cruise 17.00
  • This no-frills boat tour of the Seine might be touristy, but we really enjoyed it. We wouldnt waste your time on it during the day, but it is a very enjoyable experience at night when all the buildings are lit up plus its a relaxing way to end a busy day.
  • Various Walking Tours 30/each
  • The Paris Pass covers multiple different walking tours, including:
  • Hidden Gems in Le Marais
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    Cost Of The Paris Museum Pass

    The current cost of the Paris Museum Pass is below:

    • 52 ⬠for Paris Museum Pass, 48 hours
    • 66 ⬠for Paris Museum Pass, 96 hours
    • 78 ⬠for Paris Museum Pass, 144 hours

    Note that there are no separate passes for children. In most cases, these passes will not help children save money. In addition, these prices are for when you buy the pass in person. Buying the Paris Museum Pass online may cost a little more than this due to processing fees.

    Dont Forget About Travel Insurance

    Is The Paris Museum Pass Worth Buying

    Before you leave for France, make sure you have a valid travel insurance policy because accidents happen on the road. We have been paying for Safety Wing travel insurance for a little over a year now, and we happily recommend them to our family and friends.

    If you get sick, injured, or have your stuff stolen, you’ll be happy to have the ability to pay for your medical bills or replace what was stolen.

    Because, for just a couple of dollars a day , you’re going to get lots of things covered. Be smart and get travel insurance.

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    Our Review Of The Paris Museum Pass

    Overall, we found the Paris Museum Pass very easy to use. We loved being able to skip a few lines and were happy to save some money, even if it was only a few euros. Its worth noting that we could have saved an additional 8.50 on our visit to Sainte-Chapelle, but we didnt have time to visit within the two days our pass was valid for.

    In the end, we thought the Paris Museum Pass was worth buying as it included many of the places we wanted to visit during our trip, rather than a lot of sites we werent interested in.

    Where The Pass Falls Short

    In the past, you may have struggled to get your moneys worth from the Paris Pass. However, the recent improvements to the pass have added a ton of value. The savings are still more modest than some top passes in other cities , but users can now expect to receive a good return on investment provided they use what it has to offer.

    With that said, if you have zero interest in the attractions portion of the card, you probably shouldnt get the pass at all. Instead, youll save more with a simple Paris Museum Pass.

    For example, the 4-day Paris Museum Pass costs just 66. If all you want to see are museums and monuments, thats a significant savings over the Paris Pass. Of course, youll miss out on the guided Eiffel Tower climb, the Seine River cruise, several walking tours, and the wine tasting but that may not be your thing anyway.

    Also, keep in mind that the Paris Pass does not include entry to the Paris Opera House. This beautiful building served as the inspiration for Phantom of the Opera, and its one spot you dont want to miss! Whether you buy the Paris Pass or just the museum pass, these tickets must be purchased separately.

    Hiding in plain sight is the fact that the 3-day Paris Pass includes just a 2-day Paris Museum Pass. Additionally, the museum pass must be used on consecutive days. So, youll need to make sure you visit all the museums you want on back-to-back days.

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    What Is Not Included In The Paris Pass

    The Paris Attractions Pass is included in all Paris Passes, however, there is no Paris Museum Pass included with a reduced priced child Paris Pass. The Paris Museum Pass cannot be included in a child pass since most Paris Museum Passes allow free entry to children under the age of 18, provided they are accompanied by an adult at all times.

    Our Experience Using The Paris Museum Pass & Our Cost Savings


    We have used the Paris Museum Pass twice so far, once in 2012 and then again in 2017. In 2012, we purchased 2 4-day Paris Museum Passes in person at the Tourist Information Desk at Charles de Gaulle Airport. Then in 2017 we purchased two 2-day Paris Museum Passes online as part of the Paris Pass.

    In 2012, we had a week in Paris. Since we had made reservations to visit the Eiffel Tower on the first evening and had tickets to a performance at the Opera Garnier for later in the week, we validated our pass on the second day of our trip.

    All you need to do to begin using the pass is to scan it at the first place of use. It will be timestamped, and the barcode will be scanned at each attraction or museum you visit.

    During our 4-day period, we ended up visiting 8 attractions covered by the Museum Pass. We would also visit the Cluny Museum, but we did so as part of a special evening event with free admission.

    In all instances, we were able to bypass the ticket buying lines and it was great to be able to avoid a couple of really long lines with this pass. However, for a couple of the places we still had to wait in lines. Notably, the security line for Sainte-Chapelle and Versailles. These are places you should try to arrive early if you can, or alternatively visit later in the afternoons.

    As far as cost-savings, here is how things worked out for us :

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    Which Attractions Are Included In The Paris Museum Pass

    Here is a complete list of the museums and attractions within Paris currently included with the Paris Museum Pass :

    • Conciergerie, 1st

    Here is a list of the museums and attractions located outside of Paris that are currently included with the Paris Museum Pass:

    • Château de Versailles & Trianon
    • Château de Vincennes
    • Château de Malmaison
    • Château de Champs-sur-Marne

    Please note that the above list is for your reference and may not reflect recent changes to the pass and you should always double-check the museum list included with your pass for the most update information. This list may also not reflect museum closures, so always be sure to check in advance for museum opening dates and hours before visiting.

    Note that while the pass ensures general admission, the pass may not cover admission to special exhibits, audioguides, or special events taking place at a particular museum or attraction.

    Paris Museum Pass: Does It Cover The Catacombs

    The catacombs do not appear in the list of museums and monuments covered by the Paris Museum Pass.We were in Paris about a year ago, and at that time the Catacombs were not covered by the museum pass . We did go to the catacombs as well.

    From the Paris Municipal Museum Web site:They list the following information that might interest you:Visitor numbers are limited to 200 people on the site at any one time. Admission may be delayed for a short time during busy periods.- Distance covered: 2 km- Duration of the tour: 45 minutes- No toilet or cloakroom facilities- 130 steps to go down and 83 steps back up to street level- Temperature: 14°C- The tour is unsuitable for people with heart or respiratory problems, those of a nervous disposition or young children.- Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.Admission:Half price: 4Free : children up to 13 years inclusive

    If the catacombs were included I am certain they would be on the list. It’s part of the legal requirements that what you actually get is displayed somewhere, so you can check.

    While were on the subject of the catacombs, heres a little clarification of what they actually are and what theyre not.

    Are the catacombs the same as the old sewer tour?If not, is the sewer tour still available?

    No, these are not the same. And yes, the sewer tour is still available.

    All those bones making you hungry? Here are some options for where to eat when you emerge into the daylight.

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