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Corning Museum Of Glass Shop

Why The Corning Museum Of Glass Is The Coolest Museum In New York State

In Sparkling Company Hot Glass Live Stream with Helen Tegeler

After multiple visits to the Corning Museum of Glass, I have to say that this is one of the most extraordinary museums in New York! Scratch that. The Corning Museum of Glass is one of the best museums in the world! And this is coming from someone who is not a typical museum-goer. While I will visit museums from time to time on my travels and have found some that I love, a standard museum visit for me is one to two hours max. But with the Corning Museum of Glass, that is not the case.

On my first visit to Corning, I spent four hours exploring the Corning Museum of Glass. This visit left me awestruck and gave me a newfound appreciation for glass. When I had the opportunity to revisit the museum recently, I was so excited to have a chance to visit again. This time, I spent over six hours at the Corning Museum of Glass, having to drag myself away to make the drive back to Buffalo.

The Corning Museum of Glass had me so engrossed because it is not a typical museum. The exhibits tell a captivating story, and there are interactive and entertaining experiences to have. You truly get the whole scope of how glass is made, from getting to watch a glass blowing demonstration, trying your hand at the Make Your Own Glass experience o and learning about the history and science of glass.

Advanced tickets are required for the Corning Museum of Glass. Get your ticket here!

Where Is The Make Your Own Glass Experience

Corning Museum of Glass is a huge complex of multiple buildings. The Make Your Own Glass experience is not in the same building as the actual museum.

If you take the escalator down from the main entrance to the the gift shops entrance, right across from the gift shop is the exit/entrance to the courtyard area.

Right now, there is a certain door you are supposed to go out, and a certain door to come back in. The door on the far side of the escalator is the one to go out to the courtyard. There are plenty of staff members around to point you in the right direction.

Across the courtyard is another building that houses the Frederick Carder Gallery, and the Make Your Own Glass studio, among other things. To get to the studio, youll walk straight across from the museum, and then turn to the right. Youll see the big banner hanging out front.

Ben W Heineman Sr Gallery Of Contemporary Art

Much like we started, we ended with a bright, open gallery of the craziest glass pieces youve ever seen. Its insane the shapes that glass can take!

There are even more galleries housed at the Corning Museum of Glass, but these are the main ones you will see in the museum. And after seeing everything mentioned in this article, youll have spent well over 3 hours here.

Hopefully now you are prepared for your visit to Corning Museum of Glass! Its important to support museums, and, well, basically everything right now! And you can tell yourself that while youre spending lots of money in the gift shop!

Again, if you want to see photos upon photos of the amazing glass works at the museum,

If you want to wait and see them for yourself, book a ticket online at their website!

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The Corning Museum Of Glass Gift Shop

Their gift shop is truly impressive. You can find pieces that the Corning Museum of Glass gaffers have created at the museum along with other notable artists.

The Corning Museum of Glass gift shop is one of the largest, most impressive Ive ever seen. Make sure you set aside at least 15 to 30 minutes to explore it and pick up a few souvenirs.

There is something for everyone here from jewelry, to housewares, small sculptural pieces and more. Thats whether you want a vase, or a sculptural piece, or holiday ornament, or statement necklace. Its truly a wonderful gift shop and theres so much talent on display there from around the world. Be sure to check out the locally made pieces that are for sale.

Visit Two Museums And Save

At a Glance Series: Corning Museum of Glass « American Bus ...

You also may save money by purchasing a combination ticket to visit both The Corning Museum of Glass and The Rockwell Museum located in Corning’s Gaffer District.

The pass is valid for two consecutive days at each museum, and you may enter and exit both museums as you please. A free shuttle runs between The Corning Museum of Glass and Tioga Avenue every 15 minutes. Combination Passes purchased online must be picked up at The Corning Museum of Glass Admissions Lobby before visiting The Rockwell Museum.

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How To Spend One Day At The Corning Museum Of Glass

Home » United States » New York » How to Spend One Day at the Corning Museum of Glass

When someone tells me that an attraction has something for everyone, I’m sometimes skeptical. Everyone? Really?

But in some instances, it’s just true! And I’m convinced that it’s true of the Corning Museum of Glass in New York.

The Corning Museum of Glass is the largest museum dedicated to glass in the world. And while it has some art museum elements to it like you might expect, it’s not just an art museum at times it feels like a history museum and science museum, too, meaning that, yes, there kind of IS something for everyone here.

I first visited the Corning Museum of Glass back in 2017 as part of a short trip to the Finger Lakes region of New York. My husband Elliot and I spent a few hours wandering through gallery exhibits, watching glass-making demonstrations, and even trying our hands at hot-glass working.

And as someone who often admits that she gets bored at conventional art museums, I was genuinely surprised that we spent nearly half a day at CMoG without even realizing it.

I guess that’s why tickets here are good for two consecutive days!

History And Innovation: 35 Centuries Of Glass And Innovation Center

Have you ever thought about the history of glass? When was it discovered and who discovered it? Or innovations in glass over the years, particularly in the 19th and 20th centuries?

If your answer is no youre in good company. I never thought about it either. Thats the great thing about the museum it gets you thinking about wonderful things, like how the heck beer bottles are made. Learning about it was so interesting and intriguing it made me contemplate glass bottles, glass windows, and glasss influence on the arts, overall.

We walked through the museums carefully crafted exhibits that tells the story of glass. It was thought provoking to see centuries-old artifacts on display. For instance, before humans realized they could blow glass to created air pockets inside pieces , for it to be created in mass centuries ago a core of some sort had to be put in it. The glass would be be formed around it, then hollowed out. This would allow the core to be scooped out after it was created, then the vessel would be a hollow center.

Youre taken through various civilizations through time to help tell this story, including: Roman, Islamic, Venetian, European and Asian.

It was here we learned that natural glass is green because of the iron in it. Or that if you add gold to clear glass it creates a pink or rose color. Just check out this pink Chihuly piece. The pink is actually a result of the addition of gold! Mind = blown.

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Do They Still Serve Breakfast At The Hotel

Yes, therewas still a free breakfast. But they did not have a hot breakfast buffet. Instead, you come down and ask for your breakfast in a bag. Theyll give you a paper bag filled with various breakfast items that you take back to your room.

This hotel did have a coffee and juice machine open. Our other hotel on this trip did not have coffee, but they included water bottles in the bag.

Our breakfast bag had a granola bar, yogurt and muffin.

Corning Museum Of Glass

In Sparkling Company Hot Glass Live Stream with Eric Meek

The Mobile Hotshop takes the live glassmaking experience on the road, bringing the artistry and education of glassmaking beyond the walls of The Corning Museum of Glass to the public, the design community, and museums worldwide.

The Corning Museum of Glass Mobile Hotshop uses unique glassmaking equipment to recreate a state-of-the-art studio environment. At venues around the world, in conjunction with exhibitions, events and art and design initiatives, Museums gaffers demonstrate complex hot glassmaking techniques.

For more information, email .

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Do You Get To Take Your Glass Home With You Right Away

No. Once your glass piece is finished, its somewhere in the thousand degree range. So its placed in a special oven to cool overnight.

You can pick it up after noon the next day, or you can have it shipped to your house. We had our pumpkins shipped, and they were safely snuggled in their box with tons of paper, bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

Do You Need A Museum Ticket To Do The Make Your Own Glass Experience

No, you do not need a ticket for Corning Museum of Glass in order to do the make your own glass experience.

The make your own glass experience is a separate ticket. So if youre coming to the museum and also want to make glass, you need to purchase both tickets. If youve already been to the museum, or just want to make glass, you only need to buy the ticket for that.

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How To Join And Connect Live

Watch this live-streamed demo on Wednesday, January 19 at 11:00 am EDT on The Corning Museum of Glass YouTube channel.

Unable to watch the live event? A recording of the live stream will be uploaded to The Corning Museum of Glass YouTube channel at a later date.

Plus, find hundreds of hours of live-streamed demonstrations on the Corning Museum of Glass YouTube channel.

Tickets And Hours At Corning Museum Of Glass And Gift Shop

Corning, New York: More Than Glass

The museum is open everyday except major holidays:

  • 9:00am to 7:00pm during summer, from the end of May to the beginning of September
  • 9:00am to 5:00pm through fall and winter, from the beginning of September to the end of May
  • Closed most major bank-observed holidays, including Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas time.

Tickets are free for ages 17 and under. Otherwise, adult tickets are $20.00 each. All tickets are good for two consecutive days of entry if you feel one day isnt enough or you want to break your visit into multiple days.

Veterans and active military are given a 15% discount offer and are granted free admission during November. Senior citizens, local residents and college students are also offered a discount.

Buy tickets ahead of time on Viator to guarantee yourselves spots!

**If you plan on visiting Cornings Rockwell Museum during your trip to Corning, New York, buy a combo ticket for both museums. An adult ticket is $28.00 and free shuttles between the museums run every 15 minutes.**

Disclosure: We thank Corning and the Finger Lakes for generously hosting us. All the opinions in the post are ours and we bring you genuine content with real facts, photos and thoughts. Always.There are affiliate links in this post, which means we may earn a small commission if you click the link and proceed with a purchase. We truly only recommend products or services we personally use.

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How Much Time Do You Need At Cmog

If you go and Google how much time to spend at the Corning Museum of Glass, the most common answer is going to be 3-4 hours.

And I would agree that 3 hours is probably the absolute *minimum* amount of time you can spend here and still get a good overview of things. But tickets for CMoG are actually good for two consecutive days, which should tell you all you need to know about how much time you could conceivably spend within the Museum’s walls.

If you truly want to be able to browse each exhibit, watch a couple Hot Glass Demos, AND work on a glass project of your own, then you’re probably looking at at full day at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Stroll Through The Exhibits

Stroll through the contemporary exhibits, where the artistry of glass is being reimagined. And take your time to appreciate the history of glassmaking in the glass collection galleries. Here you can see the history of glass, dating back 3,500 years. There is so much glass art to see, including a Chihuly piece in the museums lobby.

No matter how many times you visit the Corning Museum of Glass, there is always something new to see. The pieces in the galleries are constantly rotating, and temporary exhibits offer a completely new experience.

Here is a small taste of the exhibits at the Corning Museum of Glass:

Contemporary Glass Galleries

The Contemporary Glass Gallerieshold over 70 pieces from the museums permanent collections, showcasing glass art from the past 25 years. Contemporary art is one of my favorite parts of the museum. The space is bright and airy, flooded with natural light. The stunning natural light makes you feel like you are far removed from an art gallery. While most museums tend to be darker to protect the pieces from light damage, the natural lighting illuminates the glass, further beautifying these pieces.

And the pieces on display in the Contemporary Glass Galleries are primarily large-scale pieces that are indeed works of art. I was amazed to see how these artists reimagined glass and created stunning contemporary works of art.

35 Centuries of Glass

Blown Away

Fire and Vine

In Sparkling Company

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More Glass Return Pass

Don’t miss a single thing!

Between the dates of December 26, 2021 and March 31, 2022, purchase a paid adult admission ticket to The Corning Museum of Glass and receive a More Glass Return Pass at check-in.

This pass grants you unlimited, free return visits between your purchase date and April 30, 2022.

Corning Museum Of Glass With Young Kids: A Kidsoutandabout Review

David Colton Guest Artist Demonstration

A bull in a china shop. A toddler in a glass museum. Similar images come to mind, right? I was nervous my recent trip to the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY might have a disastrous outcome with my four-year-old and one-year-old let loose in a building full of glass. Fortunately, I was dead wrong. We stayed for four hours and easily could have continued. Even if youve been before, the recent addition of the Contemporary Glass Gallery, which was completed in March 2015 and doubled the size of the museum, will make the Corning Museum of Glass worth another trip. KidsOutAndAbout is here to let you know how to make the most of the experience, even with the littlest ones in tow.

The Contemporary Glass Gallery

Meant to resemble a cloud, the new gallery is spacious, airy, and bursting with natural light. Its a completely unique experience because, unlike most art museums where light is blocked to prevent fading in the artwork, light only enhances the natural beauty of these glass works. Similar to an art museum, however, you truly must take the time to hear the story behind the pieces to really appreciate them and uncover their secrets. IPads are available all around the gallery to give you the extraordinary story behind the thought process and creation and even the precarious installation of these pieces.

Prompt your kids to go beyond simply looking at the works by using the KidsOutAndAbout scavenger hunt.

1. Find the piece that looks like a set of lungs.

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The Shops At Corning Museum Of Glass

The shop is HUGE, and is basically divided into two parts. The first half is the really fancy, really expensive stuff. The other half is the more fun, more affordable stuff.

You can basically find something for everyone. From Christmas ornaments to paperweights, t-shirts to sculptures, research books to toys, its all here, and it all has to do with glass .

The Worlds Most Complete Collection Of Glass

  • Explore a 26,000 square feet museum that cares for and displays the world’s largest collection of contemporary and historical glass objects
  • Travel back in time by visiting a glass portrait of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh that is thousands of years old
  • Learn about the science, skills, and technology behind the innovation of glass
  • Watch live shows or take classes to get first hand experience of the creation of glass

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How Much Time Do You Need At The Corning Museum Of Glass

To get the whole experience of The Corning Museum of Glass, I would plan on spending four hours at the museum. This timeframe will allow you to check out the exhibits, watch a glass blowing demonstration, do the Make Your Own Glass experience, grab lunch, and browse the shops.

If youre planning on spending a lot of time viewing the exhibits, you could spend quite frankly spend the entire day at the museum if you have the time. There is a great cafe and outdoor areas to break up your day.

However, if you are on a time crunch, the minimum amount of time I would suggest visiting is within a three-hour timeframe. Make sure to check out the blowing demonstration and stroll through the exhibits. However, you most likely wont have time to Make Your Own Glass in this amount of time.

Colorful Glass Window Display

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