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V And A Museum London

Beatrix Potter: Drawn To Nature

Victoria and Albert Museum London Virtual Tour V& A Art Design 4k

In a major partnership with the National Trust, the V& A is bringing to life the vivid imagination of beloved childrens author Beatrix Potter. Showcasing original watercolours, drawings and manuscripts by Potter as well as personal artefacts Beatrix Potter: Drawn to Nature will explore the many inspirations that made some of British literatures favourite characters so prominent. From Jemima Puddle-Duck to Peter Rabbit, visitors can revisit Potters legacy in this nostalgic exhibition. 12 February 2022 8 January 2023

Exhibition: Beatrix Potter: Drawn To Nature

This exhibition runs from Sat, 12th Feb 2022 to Sun, 8th Jan 2023. See all dates

This event runs over several days/weeks. Dates include:

Coronavirus: Events may be cancelled and venues closed at short notice, you are advised to check on their websites before making a trip.

Cost: £14

Celebrating the life and work of one of the best loved children’s authors of the 20th century.This family friendly exhibition will take visitors on a journey to discover Potters life as a scientist and conservationist, exploring the places and animals that inspired her most beloved characters. In collaboration with the National Trust.

Cast Courts At The Victoria And Albert Museum

The Cast Courts of the Victoria and Albert Museum house a collection of famous sculpture reproductions from around the world. In a few cases, the originals have been destroyed, and the casts are a unique record of lost works.

Most of the copies were made in the 19th century, and in some instances, they have better resisted the ravages of time, including 20th-century pollution, and various conservation efforts.

The practice of reproducing famous sculptures in plaster dates back to the sixteenth century, but early in this initiative most were private collections and remained modest. By 1800 there were more extensive collections in Berlin, Paris, Vienna, and elsewhere.

The 19th-century interest in medieval art led to casts being made of national monuments in Europe. In Britain, from 1841 onwards, a collection from all periods and countries was being assembled by the Government School of Design.

The collection at the Victoria and Albert was conceived as being international in scope. Casts were acquired throughout the late 1800s. Many of the casts were commissioned by the Museum or purchased from European firms.

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Samson Slaying A Philistine By Giambologna

Samson Slaying a Philistine by Giambologna depicts Samson wielding the jawbone of an ass to slay one of the Philistines who have taunted him.

It is a famous example of the multiple viewpoints available in Giambolognas sculptures. Its spiraling movement of the bodies meant that there is no one main viewpoint.

The dramatic pose is based on a composition by Michelangelo, who was in his late seventies when Giambologna met him in Rome.

The sculpture was created from just one block of marble and is supported by only five narrow points at the base. Although the statue is weathered from three centuries outdoors, it still shows Giambolognas delicate carving.

Main Building Level 0

The Main Café at the V& A Museum

The Energy Hall

The Energy Hall is the first area that most visitors see as they enter the building. On the ground floor, the gallery contains a variety of steam engines, including the oldest surviving James Watt beam engine, which together tell the story of the British industrial revolution.

Also on display is a recreation of James Watt’s garret workshop from his home, Heathfield Hall, using over 8,300 objects removed from the room, which was sealed after his 1819 death, when the hall was demolished in 1927.

Exploring Space

Exploring Space is a historical gallery, filled with rockets and exhibits that tell the story of human space exploration and the benefits that space exploration has brought us .

Making the Modern World

Charlie Brown

Making the Modern World displays some of the museum’s most remarkable objects, including Puffing Billy , Crick’s double helix, and the command module from the Apollo 10 mission, which are displayed along a timeline chronicling man’s technological achievements.

Stephenson’s Rocket used to be displayed in this gallery. After a short UK tour, since 2019 Rocket is on permanent display at the Railway Museum in York, in the Art Gallery.

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If You Have Three Hours

Take your pick of one of the V& A Museums bigger temporary exhibitions – youll want to have an hour or so to see everything properly. Afterwards, wander through the Asia collection, where youll find art and design treasures from Japan to the Middle East.

Finish with a visit to the V& A Museums Rapid Response Collecting room, a fascinating experiment into how museums can collect items that respond to the contemporary moment. So far it includes items as eclectic as an EU referendum campaign poster, Katy Perry-branded eyelashes and an Oculus Rift headset – all acquired for what they say about the possibilities of design and how we live now.

How Does The V& a Have Such An Extensive Assortment

The V& A was opened in 1852, at a time when London was in every sense the geographic and political centre of the world. The enormous success of the Universal Exhibition which was held the previous year had pushed Prince Albert to create a sort of permanent exhibition of art objects, so that people could admire them in a unique context for ever.

This is how the V& A was created and as a result it became not just a thematic museum, but rather a wonderful container of objects. And the building itself can also be considered a true architectural wonder. It is difficult to find another museum that can be compared to V& A, with its maze of halls and galleries, its collection of art and design. To enjoy it fully, the V& A deserves to be seen more than once, in order to familiarize yourself with the difficult distribution of its masterpieces. But not everyone has the chance to do so, therefore a list of things to see at the V& A can be even more useful here than in any other London museum.

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The Three Graces By Antonio Canova

The Three Graces by Antonio Canova is a Neoclassical statue of the three mythological charities who were daughters of Zeus .

This version was initially made for the Sculpture Gallery at Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire, and was initially housed in a specially designed Temple of the Graces.

The three sisters are identified as Euphrosyne, Aglaea, and Thalia, from left to right. They represent youth/beauty , mirth , elegance . The Graces presided over banquets and gatherings, to delight the guests of the gods.

The Three Graces have inspired many artists and have served as subjects for many artists.

V& a Images Terms And Conditions

An Introduction to the V& A
  • Definitions:
  • ‘V& AE’ is V& A Enterprises Ltd of the Victoria and Albert Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL
  • ‘The Client’ is the individual or company whose details appear on the invoice from V& AE
  • ‘Licence’ means the licence terms set out on the V& AE invoice
  • ‘Image’ is any digital copy of an image, licensed or supplied to The Client for the purpose of Reproduction
  • ‘Reproduction’ includes any form of analogue or digital publication or copying of the whole or part of any Image, altered or not, whether by printing, broadcast, presentation or any other recreation permitted by the terms of the Licence
  • ‘Terms and Conditions’ means V& AE’s terms and conditions of image use, as set out within this document
  • ‘Trade Marks’ means the trade names, trade marks and logos used by V& AE and the trademark registrations and applications pending
  • Reproduction rights shall be granted strictly in accordance with the Licence as specified on the V& AE invoice. Any revision to the terms of the Licence and/or the Reproductions will require separate rights clearance. In the event of an unauthorised reproduction, the Client shall pay a minimum fee of £250 per unauthorised reproduction of each Image in addition to the normal fee for the Reproduction
  • Reproduction rights are granted by way of a non-exclusive, revocable licence and no partial or other assignment of copyright shall be implied
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    Exhibition: On Point: Royal Academy Of Dance At 100

    This exhibition runs from Sun, 20th Jun 2021 to Sun, 28th Aug 2022. See all dates

    This event runs over several days/weeks. Dates include:

    Coronavirus: Events may be cancelled and venues closed at short notice, you are advised to check on their websites before making a trip.

    Cost: Free of Charge

    Explore the 100-year history of the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance.Discover a host of costume, designs, film and unique material from the last century including shoes worn by Dame Darcey Bussell DBE at her 2007 farewell performance.With over 60 original objects, including costumes, designs and posters, alongside a wealth of photographs and film material, this display traces the prestigious dance academy’s roots and influence, from its founding in 1920 through to its ground-breaking work to make dance accessible for all today.Other highlights include a 1942 harlequin sculpture by Alfred Gilbert, the sculptor behind the famous Eros statue at London’s Piccadilly a unique 1950s pamphlet ‘Ballet Exercise for Athletes’ featuring original artwork by Punch illustrator Fougasse, famous for his ‘Careless talk Costs Lives’ Second World War posters and shoes worn by Dame Darcey Bussell at her farewell performance as a member of The Royal Ballet .Ian has visited – review here

    Wedding Suit Of James Ii

    The wedding suit of James II includes two items of an ensemble that James, the then Duke of York, wore to his wedding in 1673. It represented a new fashion in mens wear introduced by the Dukes older brother, Charles II.

    The style came from France, where it derived from a version of a military coat made fashionable by Louis XIV.

    The Duke of York married for the second time in 1673 to Mary of Modena, a fifteen-year-old Italian princess. James and Mary were married by proxy in a Roman Catholic ceremony.

    When Mary arrived in England, the Bishop of Oxford, performed a brief Anglican service that did little more than recognize the marriage by proxy.

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    V& a Museum Kensington London

    The Victoria & Albert Museum in Kensington, London is quite simply one of the best museums anywhere in the world.

    It is also one of the biggest art museums anywhere with a collection of more than 2.27 million objects.

    Covering more than 12 acres, if you were to spend just 5 minutes in each of its 145 galleries it would take you more than 12 hours to see everything, which is why it is best to plan on at least a day for a visit, if not more.

    The focus of the museum’s collection is on applied and decorative arts and sculpture. It tries not to overlap too much with other major collections, for instance objects from the classical world of the West and the Ancient Near East will be found at the British Museum, and Western paintings will be at the National Gallery.

    The exhibitions cover all of history from 5,000 years ago up until contemporary times, and cultures from most parts of the globe are included.

    London Walks Private Walks

    The seven wonders of the V& A

    If you cant make one of the regularly scheduled, just-turn-up, public V & A tours do think about booking one as a private tour. If you go private you can have the V & A tour or any other London Walk on a day and at a time that suits your convenience. Well tailor it to your requirements. And always with private London Walks and tours we go to great lengths to make sure the guide-walker fit is well nigh perfect. Ring Fiona or Noel or Mary on 020 7624 3978 or email us at and well set it up and make it happen for you. A private London Walk theyre good value for an individual or couple and sensational value for a group makes an ideal group or educational or birthday party or office or club outing.

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    Main Building Level 3

    Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery

    One of the most popular galleries in the museum is the interactive Wonderlab:The Equinor Gallery, formerly called Launch Pad. The gallery is staffed by Explainers who demonstrate how exhibits work, conduct live experiments and perform shows to schools and the visiting public.


    The Flight gallery charts the development of flight in the 20th century. Contained in the gallery are several full sized aeroplanes and helicopters, including Alcock and Brown‘s transatlantic Vickers Vimy , Spitfire and Hurricane fighters, as well as numerous aero-engines and a cross-section of a Boeing 747. It opened in 1963 and was refurbished in the 1990s.

    Old Bess

    Tomorrow’s World

    The Tomorrow’s World gallery hosts topical science stories and free exhibitions including:

    • Our Future Planet : Can Carbon Capture help us fight climate change?
    • Mission to Mercury : Bepi Columbo
    • Driverless : Who’s in control?

    IMAX: The Ronson Theatre

    The IMAX: The Ronson Theatre shows educational films and live events.

    Who Am I?

    Visitors to the Who Am I? gallery can explore the science of who they are through intriguing objects, provocative artworks and hands-on exhibits.

    Atmosphere Gallery

    The Atmosphere gallery explores the science of climate.

    Engineer your Future

    The Engineer your Future gallery explores whether you have the problem solving and team working skills to succeed in a career in engineering.

    Fashion At The Victoria And Albert Museum

    The Fashion or Costume Collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum is one of the most comprehensive, containing over 14,000 outfits plus accessories, mainly dating from 1600 to the present.

    The collection is dominated by fashionable clothes made for special occasions. One of the more important items in the collection is the wedding suit of James II of England.

    Some of the oldest items in the collection are medieval vestments. The museum continues to acquire examples with modern fashion to add to the collection.

    Evening dress, 1912, by Lady Duff-Gordon

    This Evening Dress is a graceful satin gown by Lady Duff Gordon in a reasonably restrained mood. The long slit skirt is an attractive feature, although its draped construction is not too revealing.

    Lady Duff Gordons claim that she had: loosed upon a startled London . . . draped skirts that opened to reveal the legs.

    Lady Duff-Gordon , was a leading British fashion designer centuries who worked under the professional name Lucile.

    She was the first British-based designer to achieve international acclaim, she was also widely acknowledged innovator in couture styles.

    Zemire Evening Ensemble

    This Zemire Evening Ensemble by Christian Dior was part of Diors collection in 1954-5. It is one of his most historical designs, echoing the shape of riding-habits.

    A ready-to-wear version was licensed to a British company that made copies for Harrods. It sold for 22 guineas, a fraction of what a made-to-measure version would have cost.

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    What Is There To See At The V& a

    The V& As permanent collection contains 2.3 million objects. Youll find examples of architecture, painting, sculpture, fashion, textiles, ceramics and jewellery from around the world.

    Just some of the highlights of the museum include the and the Cast Courts, where youll find copies of Michelangelos David and Trajans Column. You should also drop by The Raphael Cartoons, showcasing seven full-scale tapestry designs by the Renaissance master for the Sistine Chapel.

    The V& As blockbuster temporary exhibitions are among some of the most popular in London. Recent hit shows include displays celebrating Christian Dior, Tim Walker and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

    About V& a East Museum

    AL_A unveils new entrance and subterranean gallery for London’s V& A museum

    Set across five floors, V& A East Museum will offer welcoming spaces to socialise, meet and relax, as well as major exhibitions, festivals, commissions, immersive installations, live performances, pop-ups and late-night events. The main exhibition hall will present thematic shows celebrating the leading global artists, designers and performers of our time.

    Two collection galleries will explore global making and creativity with new acquisitions, commissions and live activations presented alongside collection displays, bringing the spaces to life. The galleries will also showcase east Londons creative and manufacturing heritage, spotlighting local makers past and present. An installation and events space on the top floor will be the focal point for V& A Easts global partnerships programme, hosting interdisciplinary collaborations and new commissions and events, and a creative studio will host both drop-in and pre-booked activities. There will also be a café, shop and three outdoor terraces with stunning views across the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

    Sustainability has been key to the design and construction of V& A East Museum, which will meet BREEAM Excellent standard on completion, with features including photovoltaic panels and planting on the roof and terraces to encourage biodiversity.

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    Temporary And Touring Exhibitions

    The museum has some dedicated spaces for temporary exhibitions and displays, on level 1 , level 0 , level 1 and level 2 . Most of these travel to other Science Museum Group sites, as well as nationally and internationally.

    Recent exhibitions have included:

    • Cosmonauts: Birth of Space Age .
    • Wounded Conflict, Casualties and Care timed to commemorated the centenary of the Battle of the Somme explored the development of medical treatment for wounded soldiers during the First World War.
    • The Sun: Living with our Star .
    • The Last Tsar: Blood and Revolution .
    • Top Secret: From Cyphers to Cyber Security .
    • Art of Innovation from Enlightenment to Dark Matter explored the interaction between science, the arts and society included artworks by Boccioni, Constable, Hepworth, Hockney, Lowry and Turner.

    Reactions To Sponsorship By Fossil Fuel Companies

    The museum’s director, Ian Blatchford, defended the museum’s sponsorship policy, saying: “Even if the Science Museum were lavishly publicly funded I would still want to have sponsorship from the oil companies.”

    Scientists for Global Responsibility called the museum’s move “staggeringly out-of-step and irresponsible”. Some presenters, including George Monbiot, pulled out of climate talks on finding they were sponsored by BP and the Norwegian oil company Equinor. Bob Ward of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment said the “carbon capture exhibition is not ‘greenwash'”.

    There have been protests against the sponsorship in May 2021, a group calling themselves ‘Scientists for XR’ locked themselves to a mechanical tree inside the museum. The UK Student Climate Network carried out an overnight occupation in June 2021, and were threatened with arrest. In August 2021, members of Extinction Rebellion held a protest inside and outside the museum with a 12 ft pink dodo.

    In 2021 Prof Chris Rapley, a climate scientist, resigned from the musems advisory board because of oil and gas company sponsorship.

    In 2021 more than 40 senior academics and scientists said they would not work with the Science Museum due to its financial relationships with the fossil fuel industry.

    In 2022 more than 400 teachers signed an open letter to the museum promising to boycott it following sponsorship of the museums Energy Revolution exhibition by the coal mining company Adani.

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