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Movado Museum Watch Battery Replacement

Movement Overhauls And Repairs

Replacing Battery in a Movado Watch- PLEASE SUBSCRIBE

The heart of any watch is its movement. This should be done by a professional whether you need a movement overhaul or repair.

As minimal as a Movado aesthetically appears the inside mechanisms can be quite complicated. Movado are not the most reliable brand when it comes to movement despite the fact the watches are perceived by most as luxury grade. If you need a movement overhaul on a newer model, it can be done and its likely the parts are still manufactured and available. A repair or overhaul on a vintage Movado can get expensive, because used replacement parts may need to be the only option and they can be difficult to find.

Movado Mens Circa Swiss Quartz Watch

How Do I Change My Movado Battery

The process we use is time tested. When your watch arrives we give it an initial inspection for any damage, wear or immediate issues. If we find any, we’ll email you immediately to get them cleared up. If the initial Movado inspection looks good we carefully open your watch. Almost all Movado watches use a tight pop caseback system. We gently open it using a special watch back knife. If you ever do this yourself, be careful! It’s very easy to scratch the watch, damage the insides or cut yourself.

Once the Movado is open, we inspect the inside for any dirt, debris or damage. If it looks good, we remove the dead Movado battery and replace it with a brand new Energizer or sony. Once in, we inspect that it’s running and set the time to your local timezone.

Then we carefully clean the watch closure and replace the caseback with a press too. People often try and replace it themselves but we recommend being extremely careful doing this with such a nice and expensive watch. Pressing with you fingers can accidentally bend the caseback because it’s difficult to apply pressure evenly. Tools like the caseback press apply pressure equally across the whole back to ensure a tight fit and no bending!

Our Expertise At Fixing Movado Watches

At Village Watch, our modern workshop offers the best infrastructure and experienced staff who can expertly repair or restore your Movado timepiece. Our staff understands every part of high-grade modern and vintage watches, and they continually receive training in order to better serve our customers.

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Expert Movado Repair & Services

At, we perform expert Movado watch repairs by mail. From simple jobs to extensive overhauls, our highly trained watchmakers will have your Movado functioning and looking like new. Fill out the form to get your free shipping label.

How Much Is A Battery For A Movado Watch

Movado Museum Wristwatch Repair

Movado watches are known for their well-designed and high-quality watches. Despite the high price of Movado watches, people who own them do not mind paying extra for a new battery when it runs out. That is because they know that there are no other brands at this price point that can offer such superior quality and design.

Because Movado timepieces are regarded as high-end luxury goods, jewelers and watch shops may charge anything from $50 to $100 for the battery. The high cost of Movado batteries is due to their insistence on maintaining the highest standards. It demonstrates their experience and care in the area of detail. As a result, we may infer that the cost of the watch’s battery is justifiable when the price of the timepiece is so high.

However, if you visit any watch independent repair shops, they will only charge you $20 to replace your Movado battery.

Movado watches use common watch batteries, which you can find at a hardware store or supermarket. And most of the timepieces have press-on or screw-off backs that you can open and close it yourself with your hands without any tools required at some point.

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Is It Possible To Replace The Battery Of Movado Watches By Myself

Yes, it is feasible to replace the battery of Movado watches alone. Many people cant afford the battery and service charge, so they replace the Movado watchs battery by themselves.

Order For A New Battery: The vital thing you require to do is place an order for the battery. As soon as you order the watch, they will send you a padded box and a prepaid return shipping label straight at your place.

Pack It Up: After that, you have to pack up your Movado watch up safely and drop it in the mailbox.

Replace battery: With the help of a screwdriver, open the screws and take out the old battery. After that, please insert the new battery in the watch and seal it tightly.

You can get your battery replaced by yourself. There is no hassle while replacing the Movado watchs battery, so you can try it yourself and save some amount of your money.

We Come Right To Your Mail Box

Our process is simple. On average our customers tell us that it only took 10 minutes of their time! That includes ordering online, packaging their watch when our box arrives and then unwrapping it again a few days later when it comes back to their home. Our Movado watch battery replacement service has been highly praised.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are some popular services for watch repair?

Some popular services for watch repair include:

What are people saying about watch repair services in San Francisco, CA?

This is a review for a watch repair business in San Francisco, CA:

“I’ve been wearing around a watch that hasn’t worked for about a month and finally found some time to take it in to get my batteries replaced. I called around and DWR had the best price to replace a battery in my Movado watch – $10 and seriously only took 5 mins to complete. He opened up the back of the watch and noticed that the battery had leaked and I thought to myself “oh no this is going to cost me a fortune”. Fortunately for me, he cleaned the watch and removed all of the battery leaks and just charged me $10 for the battery. Amazing service and such a stand up guy. I went back to the office and just referred 3 others who need to get their watches fixed. I hope you consider bringing your watch here the next time it needs a service. Great prices and even better service!”

How Much Will It Cost To Replaces The Movado Battery Cost

Movado BOLD- How to Change the Battery

Movado is an expensive watch. So, the battery costs approximately $25. The parts of the Movado watch are also costly. Many people believe that there is no need to replace the battery as one can buy another watch from another brand at that price.

However, after doing research, we concluded that the cost of restoring a battery in a Movado watch could vary widely, being sure of who you choose to do it.

There are various jewelers and watch shops that can charge up to $50 to $100 for the battery because Movado watches are contemplated high-end luxury watches. But if you contact any watch repair shops, they will change your Movado battery for only $20. They might charge $3 if you want them to deal with all the shipping and deliver you a padded watch change box along with a prepaid return shipping label.

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Movado Rpir Srvics W Offr:

  • watch battery replacement, rsling nd prssur tsting
  • Dil rstortion nd rpir, including r-luming
  • Brclt nd strp rpir or band rplcmnt
  • Full srvic for watch Overhaul
  • Rstortion of th cs, including rpolishing nd rfinishing
  • Glss rplcmnt- minrl, spphir or crylic
  • Modrn nd vintg watch rpir

Movado Watch Repair Shop

W hv srvicd thousnds of wtchs ovr th yrs nd w provid Movado wtch rpirs nd srvicing for both currnt nd vintg Movado wtchs. longsid our srvic work, w cn rplc glsss, batteries, movments, bands, clsps nd links etc. W lso hv spcil fixd pric for ll bttry, rsl nd prssur tsts. Our workshop hs th ltst prssur tsting quipmnt to nsur your wtch is rsld corrctly. If ndd our professional watch repair vn mnufcturr prts for obsolt wtchs nd with lrg stock of obsolt prts w cn srvic nd rpir oldr Movado wtchs tht somtims th mnufcturr cnnot.

Th buty of Movado timpics is in thir prcision nginring nd fin pprnc. Thy r dsignd nd built to lst liftim or mor. Howvr, lik ny othr high-prcision instrumnt, wtch nds rgulr srvicing to mintin prfct functionlity. To nsur your wtch givs you yrs of outstnding tim prformnc it should b srvicd rgulrly to mintin its rlibility nd pprnc.

Movado r on of th most populr wtch brnds on th mrkt. Th brand collction fturs some of th most iconic fmously known wtchs. Whthr you hv vintg watch, a chronogrph wristwtch, or any one from its collections, our Mstr Wtchmkrs are xprt in th rpir nd mintnnc of ny branded timpic.

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How Long Is The Warranty On My Movado Watch

Movado provides a warranty for two years from the date of purchase that your watch will be free from defects that prevent your watch from functioning properly. In order to make claim on your warranty you will need to provide an original receipt showing your date of purchase, the model of the watch, and the price you paid for it.

What they have is a common limited warranty that covers manufacturer defects for 2 years from the date of purchase. That means anything wrong with the craftsmanship is covered. Any common wear and tear is not. It also explicitly states that any repairs performed by anyone other then an authorized Movado technician will void the warranty.

For more information on the companies warranty policy, .

Resizing The Band Or Strap

Movado Museum Classic 34.5mm Gold Electroplated Quartz Watch NOS 87 E4 ...

A popular repair service for any kind of watch is resizing. On a strap it may mean adding holes or changing to a longer strap. On a metal bracelet, it involves adding or removing links. Many classic Movados have metal bands, which are much easier to resize then a strap. In many instances you can resize a band yourself with the use of a spring pen.

Resizing services are usually requested when someone has inherited a vintage watch and wants to wear it or the owner has gained or lost weight.

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Here Is A List Of Common Watch Problems You May Face Reach Us For Any Of The Following Watch Related Issues

  • If your watch crystal is broken, cracked, showing moisture or your watch crystal need to be replaced etc.
  • If Your watch band is need a replacement or a new look.
  • If Your Watch Has Stopped Working or Just Not Showing any Movement
  • If Your Watch Works only When It is not on Your Wrist.
  • If Your Watchs Second Hand Skipping or not Moving Properly
  • If Chronograph is not Working Properly
  • If any Issue with Watch Battery Life or just wants to Replace Watch Battery
  • If Your Watch Alarm is not Working
  • If Your Watch Buttons Wont Work Properly
  • If Your Watch Stopped Ticking
  • If Your Watch is Running Fast or Running Slow
  • If any of the Buttons of Your Watch Wont Bounce back to its Actual Position
  • If any need of Watch Part Replacement
  • If Your Watch is in a need of Water Resistance Restoration
  • If Your Watch needs a Watch Cleaning Service
  • If Your Watch needs a Polishing Service
  • If Your Watch Movement is not Working Properly
  • If You need watch Engraving.

Reach us even the problem is not in the list trust us, we will make you smile.

Movado Watch Glass Crystal Replacement

If your watch-glass or crystal has broken, scratched or worse smashed, we can help. Use our watch Movado glass replacement service. It’s the SOS cost-effective solution to get your Movado fixed and looking like new again with manufacture or replacement watch glass crystals and a professional reseal and test.

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What Are The Tips To Best Take Care Of Your Movado Watch And Its Battery

Don’t expose your Movado watch to extreme or hot temperatures. If you can, avoid wearing it when you’re engaged in any type of physical activity, such as sports training. Remember to keep your Movado watch away from water, excessive humidity, and other things that may cause damage.

Wearing your watch often will prevent it from getting worn out quickly. Avoid exposing your watch to chemicals, such as detergent, which may damage its surface. Don’t forget to clean the band of your Movado watch regularly. If the tarnish is present, use a cloth to wipe it off or use a toothbrush to brush off the tarnish gently.

If your Movado has a leather watch band, avoid exposing your Movado watch to water. If ever the leather gets wet, let it dry first before putting it on again. It’s also advisable to store metal watches in a breathable box or bag and keep them away from humidity as well.

Never forget to replace the battery of your Movado watch when it’s too weak. If you’re not sure if it needs a battery replacement, take the watch to an expert who can tell you about its condition and whether or not it needs one. Ignoring and leaving a dead battery in your Movado watch may cause further damage or problems with its performance.

Never try to open the watch yourself or take it apart, especially if you’re not an expert in this field. Doing so may cause irreparable damages to your Movado watch. Always have a professional do this for you and avoid doing things by force with your Movado watch.

What Makes A Movado Watch Unique


Movado is known around the world for its Museum Watch, which features a single gold dot representing the sun at high noon and has hands that suggest the movement of the earth. The original Museum Watch was the first wristwatch to be shown at the Museum of Modern Art and was designed by an American, Nathan George Horwitt, in 1947.

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Royal Mail Special Delivery

We strongly recommend that our UK customers use Royal Mails Special Delivery service so that you are covered. If you have any questions relating to postal methods, or if you are sending your watch to us from outside the UK, please get in touch and we will happily advise you and help you find the best postal solution.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Original Movado Watch Battery

There are many benefits to purchasing an original Movado watch battery. The first benefit is the quality of the battery. Original Movado watch batteries offer a long life span and will not overheat, which means that you can use them in various climates without worry. Furthermore, they last for a very long time, so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing your battery when it dies.

The Movado watch is equipped with a unique feature that will tell you when it needs a new battery. And when it does, the battery in your watch must be changed by an authorized service center. The technician will uninstall the battery and dispose of it or recycle it in accordance with local regulations. Do not attempt to change the battery in your Movado watch yourself, as this is not recommended.

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Hassle Free Battery Replacement By Mail

Did your favorite Movado Watch battery die? Don’t worry. WatchGnome offers watch battery replacement for Movado watches and makes it fast, easy and affordable. Unlike other watch shops, WatchGnome handles the whole process for you and your Movado without you having to leave your house. We only use top quality batteries, packaging & priority USPS mail.

Movado Watch Battery Replacement Near Me


If your Movado watch battery is dead its just a matter of getting it replaced. This can easily be done by a jeweler or watch repair shop near you. It may seem like a task you can do yourself, but its best to let a pro replace the battery for you. Anytime you open the casing of your watch you run the risk of causing mechanical damage and inducting dust into the watch which can cause issues. At the Movado watch battery replacement near me, a battery costs $8 to $10.

Here are some options for Movado batteries

My best recommendation is changing the battery every 1 to 3 years. If a battery dies in your watch it could leak and cause damage to the internal components. For a reference on battery brand conversions, you can check this chart here.

If you have a water resistant Movado and need battery replacement you must have a pro do it. Once the factory seal is broken it needs to be resealed and tested for water resistance. At the Movado battery replacement near me, they will run the test and ensure your gaskets are good and the watch is sealed correctly.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Battery In A Movado Watch

by Phil Borges // in Watch

The Movado watch company is known for its distinctive styling and quality craftsmanship. If you own a Movado watch, then you may be wondering how much it costs to replace the battery in one of these beautiful timepieces. Continue reading to find out Movado watches battery replacement cost.

This 174 PCS Watch Repair Kit is the perfect tool for repairing watches at home! It contains all the essential tools you need, including a black nylon carrying case for easy storage. Whether you’re adjusting watch bands, changing watch batteries, or fixing gaskets, this kit has you covered!

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