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Corning Museum Of Glass Pumpkins

Corning Museum Of Glass

Bring the Heat: Cat Burns makes her TikTok famous Rainbow Unity Pumpkin – 2020 CMoG Annual Pumpkin

A seasonal favorite open to all ages, this experience allows you to work with hot glass up close while staying on the cool end of the glassblowing iron at all times. Youll start by choosing the glass colors you want to use and then partner with our professional glassblowers to create your design. You will use a foot pedal to add compressed air into the blowpipe and watch as the pumpkin inflates and the glassblower guides and shapes the glass with special tools. After your pumpkin is shaped, it is removed from the blowpipe, a glass stem is added and it is placed in an oven to begin an overnight slow cooling process. Pumpkins are available for pick up after noon the next day, or may be shipped for an additional fee within the U.S. and Canada.

Spots fill quickly, booking your experience online before your visit is recommended.

Pumpkin Glass Blowing Class Rocks

Thanks to all the professionals in the glass blowing studio next to the museum we all got to blow and create gorgeous glass pumpkin souvenirs! Some people pulled on hot glass to make glass flowers and a few grape ornaments were blown too. You should book your class spot in advance-its super fun! You work with a professional glass blower and mine was Janet for two years in a row- she’s great! This is well worth the $30per person!

Thank you for your review! Its’ great to hear that you spent some time with our staff in The Studio. We hope you also found some great inspiration during our live demonstrations and in our galleries as well. Also, remember when you book your appointment ahead of time online, that your confirmation letter has a $10 coupon for the museum shops too! I’ll be sure to pass your comments on to Janet and we hope to see you next year!


Went with some friends had so much fun.The staff was amazing and so patient with us.They gave us countless options and made it look so so easy.A lot more fun than I thought it would be.The glass blowing is a blast.

Thank you for your review! It sounds like you should sign up to receive our alerts for weekend and weeklong glassblowing classes to add to your knowledge of glassblowing. We hope you follow our social media and blog to keep up to date on what’s new with glass. It’s sure to inspire you to explore more, and maybe come visit us again. All the best!

The Corning Museum Of Glass

  • Glassmaking began in Mesopotamia just before 2000 B.C., more than 4000 years ago. The Museums earliest pieces date from about 1450 B.C.
  • Glassblowers work with molten glass at temperatures near 2100º F .
  • Glass can be formed in nature when sand or rocks are heated to high temperatures then cooled rapidly. Volcanic glass is called obsidian, glass formed when a meteorite strikes sand is called a tektite, and glass formed from a lightning strike is called a fulgurite.
  • There are many different recipes for making glass, but the three main ingredients are a former, flux and stabilizer. Silica in the form of sand is a common former. Soda and Potash , both alkalis, are common fluxes which lower the melting point. Lime , is a common stabilizer needed to make the glass strong and water resistant.
  • Glassblowing began in the Roman Empire around 50 B.C.
  • Glass musical instruments include the armonica developed by Ben Franklin.
  • Glassmaking was Americas first industry. Two unsuccessful attempts were made to start glass factories in Jamestown in 1608 and 1621.
  • When gold chloride is added to a batch, the mixture of raw materials used to make glass, the result is a deep red glass known as gold ruby.
  • In 1954, Corning scientist Donald Stookey left a piece of glass in a furnace and it overheated. Crystals formed in the glass, causing it to be opaque and very stronga glass-ceramic. Today, glass-ceramics are commonly used as bakeware.
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    Staying In A Hotel In 2020

    • Since our most recent hotel stay in July 2021 was basically back to normal, I think we maaay be at the point where we can just look back fondly on this section and reminisce about how strange life was in 2020!

    Oh, yeah! This is all new too! So before I wrap up this article, let me just say a quick bit about what its like to stay in a hotel right now.

    Where To Park For Corning Museum Of Glass

    Glass work on sale! Pumpkins for Hallowe

    First off, when you look up the directions, you dont want to type in Corning Museum of Glass. What you actually want is the Corning Museum of Glass Welcome Center.

    This is where you are going to park. Its incredibly easy to find, because it is right off the highway . You can see the welcome center banner from the highway. The Welcome Center is in the middle of the parking lot, and you can park on either side.

    Currently, the welcome center itself is closed. What that really means is you just cant expect to go to the bathroom there, so youll have to hold it a few more minutes till you get to the actual museum.

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    Areas And Exhibits At The Corning Museum Of Glass

    Its likely youll park in the free parking lot at the museum then walk through doors that lead to the gift shop. Theres an information desk upon entry in case you get confused.

    But the main area, where ticket admission is, is actually on the second floor. To get there, you just walk through the gift shop to the escalators and go up a level. The second floor is also where most of the museum exhibits are.

    The Shops At Corning Museum Of Glass

    The shop is HUGE, and is basically divided into two parts. The first half is the really fancy, really expensive stuff. The other half is the more fun, more affordable stuff.

    You can basically find something for everyone. From Christmas ornaments to paperweights, t-shirts to sculptures, research books to toys, its all here, and it all has to do with glass .

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    Corning Glass Artist Directory

    Independent glass artists within our community design art and functional glass that is known throughout the world. However, there?are few local stores to feature all of these artists.

    The best way to view, purchase, or discuss their work, is to directly contact the artist. Use this directory to find artist websites, email addresses, and phone numbers.

    Do You Get To Take Your Glass Home With You Right Away

    Make Your Own Glass Pumpkin

    No. Once your glass piece is finished, its somewhere in the thousand degree range. So its placed in a special oven to cool overnight.

    You can pick it up after noon the next day, or you can have it shipped to your house. We had our pumpkins shipped, and they were safely snuggled in their box with tons of paper, bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

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    Crystal City And Tiffany Studios

    Another section of the museum, which connects to 35 Centuries of Glass, is the Crystal City gallery and Tiffany Studios. The Crystal City gallery tells the story of Corning, NY as the epicenter of glass cutting in the United States. And Tiffany Studios shows incredible Tiffany glass pieces, from huge mosaics to lamps.

    Ben W Heineman Sr Gallery Of Contemporary Art

    Much like we started, we ended with a bright, open gallery of the craziest glass pieces youve ever seen. Its insane the shapes that glass can take!

    There are even more galleries housed at the Corning Museum of Glass, but these are the main ones you will see in the museum. And after seeing everything mentioned in this article, youll have spent well over 3 hours here.

    Hopefully now you are prepared for your visit to Corning Museum of Glass! Its important to support museums, and, well, basically everything right now! And you can tell yourself that while youre spending lots of money in the gift shop!

    Again, if you want to see photos upon photos of the amazing glass works at the museum,

    If you want to wait and see them for yourself, book a ticket online at their website!

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    The Corning Museum Of Glass Gift Shop

    Their gift shop is truly impressive. You can find pieces that the Corning Museum of Glass gaffers have created at the museum along with other notable artists.

    The Corning Museum of Glass gift shop is one of the largest, most impressive Ive ever seen. Make sure you set aside at least 15 to 30 minutes to explore it and pick up a few souvenirs.

    There is something for everyone here from jewelry, to housewares, small sculptural pieces and more. Thats whether you want a vase, or a sculptural piece, or holiday ornament, or statement necklace. Its truly a wonderful gift shop and theres so much talent on display there from around the world. Be sure to check out the locally made pieces that are for sale.

    Glass Craft & Sculpture

    Make Your Own Glass Pumpkin

    Chrissy works at The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass and studied Art & Design at Alfred University. She is an experienced glassblower with skills in woodworking, printmaking, and ceramics. Her work has been featured in galleries throughout NY.

    To view, purchase, and disccuss her work, contact Chrissy through her website at:

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    Craft Your Own Glass At The Make Your Own Glass Pavilion

    If you have the time and some extra money to invest in a project another favorite part of our visit was making our own glass piece.

    Yes, you read that correctly! You can purchase a piece in the Corning Museum of Glass gift shop, of course , but for a really special souvenir you can create your own.

    Its SUPER affordable to make something. Prices range from $9 to $33 depending on what you chose to make. Dedicate 20 minutes to an hour for this activity.

    Theres something for everyone whether you select a frame you create with fusing, or glass you decorate with shapes through sandblasting, or a glass formed ornament. Shipping the finished piece to your home is an option as well, since your creation needs 12 hours to cool in temperature controlled storage before you can take it.

    While Ive seen glass blowing demos before before, from Asheville to Main Street at Walt Disney World, weve never been available to participate with no prior experience, ANYWHERE.

    Where else do you have the opportunity to participate in glass blowing?! Considering children 17 and under get free admission to the museum its even more likely any visiting family can do this. Use the money saved on admission for the whole family to each partake in making their own glass piece.

    I didnt need any time to exclaim, PUMPKIN! when asked what I wanted to make.

    Why Visit Corning Museum Of Glass

    I have always wanted to go to the Corning Museum of Glass .

    And when I saw a billboard advertising their make your own glass pumpkins, I HAD to visit during the fall and make a glass pumpkin !

    At first thought, it may seem like a museum all about glass would be pretty boring. But everyone who had been here actually found it really cool. And seriouslyglass is freakin cool!

    They ARE open RIGHT NOW, and have implemented safety protocols, so now is a great time to visit.

    Ill explain everything, from where to park, what its like to visit in 2020 , to whether make your own glass was actually worth it or not.

    Plus, I have a million amazing pictures of the ridiculously cool exhibits. If you want to see all the pictures, check out this page.

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    Hand Made Glass Pumpkins

    Our hand made glass pumpkins are made by some of the best glass makers in Corning, a city with a rich history in glass blowing. Our production teams, trained in Corning, NY, Murano, Italy, and Seattle, WA, are some of the finest in the world. Our master glass workers make every effort to produce durable and beautiful pumpkins.

    We have?many color combinations and styles?to choose from. Glass colors are imported from a prominent glass color factory in Germany which prides itself on creating the highest?quality glass color in the world. Each pumpkin is hand made so no two are exactly alike.

    Do They Still Serve Breakfast At The Hotel

    Glass Pumpkins

    Yes, therewas still a free breakfast. But they did not have a hot breakfast buffet. Instead, you come down and ask for your breakfast in a bag. Theyll give you a paper bag filled with various breakfast items that you take back to your room.

    This hotel did have a coffee and juice machine open. Our other hotel on this trip did not have coffee, but they included water bottles in the bag.

    Our breakfast bag had a granola bar, yogurt and muffin.

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    The Museums Architectural Design

    Something VERY unique about this wing of the museum is natural light shines through it! Conversely to most museums, where natural light is minimized due to the suns harmful UV rays on painted canvas and some sculpture materials, glass is best shown with light shining on it.

    Thus it is a very bright and airy space!

    Natural light is welcomed through many skylights and large windows. It was intently designed as such with the museums expansion back in 2015. Sunshines Vitamin D is great for your soul and makes me very, very happy. It is an incredibly pleasant gallery to be in.

    Are The Water Fountains Open

    No! The water fountains are all closed .

    This was really the only bad thing about visiting the museum. I had a water bottle in the car, but I wouldnt dare bring it in with me and be caught taking my mask off to get a drink!

    Yes, there are drinks in the cafeteria, but I didnt even finish mine, and again, didnt dare keep it and remove my mask to take a sip! So I ended the day being desperately thirsty.

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    Showtime: Glass Blowing Demonstration

    A favorite experience from our visit was watching a glass blowing demonstration. Ive seen glass blowing demonstrations before, but this was extra special.

    They have it down to a science here and have a glass blower narrating whats going on as another gaffer creates a piece. There was even a Mandarin translator when we were there.

    I felt like we were uber fans in the stadium style seating as we watched the gaffer, Chris, create a pitcher. A screen on the right side of the stage displayed the view from inside the furnace. It was cool to see what was going on inside the piece as Chris placed the pitcher in the 2,300 degree reheating furnace to mold his creation. This not-to-miss show is included with admission.

    They pivoted a bit during COVID to limit audience seating and very much space out parties. Be sure to arrive for demonstrations a few minutes early to be sure youll get a seat, especially if its a weekend and between 11:00an and 2:30pm.

    Its Pumpkin Fever In Chelan County

    Glass Pumpkins

    You might have seen the sign outside driving by: Come and in and get your glass pumpkin! Well, it made this reporter somewhat curious. Plus, all the amusing remarks I have heard about the many different colors and design a glass pumpkin can have. However, seeing them being made in action was really something to write to all of you about. Our local area glass blowing studio has been described by visitors as a magical place.

    Boulder Bend Glasswork off Hwy 2 in Peshastin is a lively location during the autumn season. Actually, it is pretty much full of life every time I drive by. Once you get inside you can quickly see why. There are always new, often seasonal and bright items that are being created.

    The owners, Craig Sorensen and Jori Delvo who spend their days working with very large torches and glass blowing instruments, have been local residents for some years and are excited for many more of their design ideas to take on their physical form. The name Boulder Bend was chosen for the set of rapids on the Wenatchee River, and the owners love for their scenic display and salmon watching.

    They had met each other in 2005 at a Leavenworth restaurant. Jori developed a passion for the glass blowing industry when she met Craig. After retiring from the Navy he had studied glass blowing at California Polytechnic and also The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass.

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    Do You Need A Museum Ticket To Do The Make Your Own Glass Experience

    No, you do not need a ticket for Corning Museum of Glass in order to do the make your own glass experience.

    The make your own glass experience is a separate ticket. So if youre coming to the museum and also want to make glass, you need to purchase both tickets. If youve already been to the museum, or just want to make glass, you only need to buy the ticket for that.

    Is The Cafeteria Open

    Yes! The cafeteria is open at CMoG!

    The tables are all spread out, and theyre marked with a colored sign. If the sign is green, youre good to go.When you finish eating, turn the sign over so the red side is facing up. That means the table needs cleaned, and all you have to do is leave your stuff there for someone to come clean up after you! Nice!

    Of course, if you dont realize there are red and green signs on the table before you sit down you might seat yourself comfortably at the closest open table and then see the red sign.

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