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Burke Museum Of Natural History And Culture

Burke Museum Of Natural History & Culture

Burke Museum

How did Seattles oldest museum become Seattles newest museum? With a powerful, interactive vision, stunning new glass walls, and an exciting campaign to unveil it all to donors and community members alike.

In 2015, Campbell & Company partnered with the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture to develop an engaging messaging campaign for the New Burkea nearly $100 million redesign of the Museums existing campus.

  • Rendering by Olson Kundig and Stephanie Bower Architectural Illustration

  • Rendering by Olson Kundig and Stephanie Bower Architectural Illustration

About The Burke Museum

With working labs you can see into, one-of-a-kind objects all around you, and galleries filled with curiosity and conversation, at the Burke, you seeand feela world alive. The Burke Museum is located on the University of Washington campus in Seattle with a focus on dinosaurs, fossils, Northwest Native art, plant and animal collections, and cultural pieces from across the globe.

Executive Director Burke Museum Of Natural History And Culture

Published: July 23, 2021 Jobs, Museum Director / President

Please visit Executive Director for complete job posting and application instructions.

ABOUT THE BURKE MUSEUMFounded in 1885 and designated the State Museum in 1899, the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture is the oldest public museum in Washington State. Located on the northwest corner of the University of Washington campus in Seattle, the Burke Museum occupies an unrivaled position in the natural and cultural landscape of the Pacific Northwest. The Burke Museum is home to over 18 million biological, geological, and cultural objects from Washington state and around the world, preserving natural and cultural history and continuously generating new discoveries.

ABOUT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTONFounded in 1861, the University of Washington is consistently rated one of the worlds top institutions of higher learning, ranked 8th of best global universities by U.S. News & World Report, and recently recognized by Reuters as one of the most innovative public universities in the world. In 2019, the University received $1.58 billion in total research awards, more than any other public university in the United States. UW has an annual budget of $8.25 billion and employs more than 4,300 faculty and nearly 27,000 staff. Located just four miles north of downtown Seattle, the main campus offers stunning views of snow-capped Mount Rainier and the Olympic Mountains, as well as nearby Lake Washington.

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More Pepper Please: New Study Analyzes Role Of Scent Compounds In The Coevolution Of Bats And Pepper Plants

Sharlene Santana, a UW professor of biology and curator of mammals at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, Jeffrey Riffell, a UW professor of biology, former UW postdoctoral researcher Zofia Kaliszewska, and UW doctoral alum Leith Leiser-Miller have authored a new study on the scent compounds of pepper.

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  • The Burke Museum is highlighted in this article as an example of where to view totem poles.

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  • The Burke Museum is highlighted in this article as an example of where to view totem poles.

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  • Participants in the Seattle Public Library’s Summer of Learning Program may visit the Burke Museum for free.

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  • Seattle Wa United States

    Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

    10th Annual A+Awards.00000000Get Started Register for Updates Text description provided by the architects.

    We wanted to create a simple, beautiful, rational and flexible building that will serve the Burke for hundreds of years. It is an inviting place not only for the public, but also for the scientists, researchers and curators of today and tomorrow.Tom Kundig, FAIA, RIBA, Design Principal

    The Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture is the oldest public museum in Washington State with a collection of over 16 million artifacts and specimens, ranging from totem poles and gemstones to dinosaur fossils.

    Because the Burkes collection is so wide-ranging and continues to grow it is a collecting museum the new building needed to serve as a coherent, effective container that would allow for flexibility over time. The buildings rational scheme holds the complexity of the Burkes activities and collections, both now and into the future.

    Large areas of glazing maximize transparency and expose the interior experience to the street to connect the Burke to the campus, landscape and city.

    At its core, the mission of the Burke is to help everyone curators, visitors, educators and students make a connection with our natural world in all its complexities.

    The new museum empowers visitors to follow the threads of their own curiosity.Tom Kundig, FAIA, RIBA, Design Principal

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    Save Time Get Tickets Online

    Pre-purchased, online tickets are encouraged. A limited number of walk-up tickets are available on a first come, first-served basis as space allows. Book your ticket in advance to visit at your ideal time and skip the line on busy days like weekends and Free First Thursdays! You may arrive at any time during the hour of your reserved time slot.

    Burke Museum Of Natural History And Culture Seattledate: October 2019 Scope: 113000 Square Feet

    At long last, the public is experiencing the New Burkes visionary achievement of a truly inside-out museum. Adjacent to dramatic, collections-rich interpretive spaces, visitors can observe behind-the-scenes activities in a new facility that blurs the lines between working labs, collections storage and gallery spaces. The close integration of public and research functions encourages visitors to share and contribute to the knowledge and work of scientists and ethnologists while celebrating the nature and culture of the Pacific Northwest.

    Early in 2014, the Burke tapped Evidence Design to realize the visitor experience for an entirely new natural history museum model that reveals its work to the public. Over the years we collaborated with curators, collections managers and the exhibits team, along with Seattle architect Olson Kundig, to achieve this goal and create an exhibition program deeply rooted in the value and study of the Burkes extensive collections. Galleries filled with specimens and artifacts immerse visitors in the wonder and excitement of understanding our world, while hands-on exhibits and experience alcoves invite visitors to connect science and history to their own lives.

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    Marvel At The Dinosaurs

    My kids screeched in delight as soon as we parked the car. Theyd spotted the giant skeleton hanging dramatically from the ceiling at the museums entrance. Bones! It was clear that they were mainly in it for the dinos, so we started our tour on the third floor at the Fossils Uncovered gallery.

    My 5-year-old son was dying to see his favorite creatures up close and was thrilled to see a real Tyrannosaurus rex skull, an Allosaurus and a giant mastodon. Reading about dinosaurs in books is one thing, seeing their giant-sized skeletons is a whole other experience. We got to look at the types of tools that paleontologists use to unearth these historic bones. My kids were surprised to see they used simple brushes like we have at home.

    Not Sure Your Littlest Kids Are Ready For The Burke Think Again

    CityStream: The New Burke Museum

    My kids love dinosaurs. And while Seattles Burke Museum is a beloved dino destination, I wasnt sure that my 5- and 3-year-old were quite ready for it. The beautifully reimagined museums three floors cover everything from paleontology and biology to archeology and contemporary culture. That’s a lot for tots.

    So when we decided to give it a go, I didnt expect that we would see everything in the museum. But to my surprise, we toured the whole place and my kids enjoyed most of it especially the dinosaurs, of course!

    As rainy weather rolls in, The Burke can be a great choice for young kids. Here are some of the highlights for us :

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    See Everyday Things In A Different Light

    The large tree in the center of the museum is a fun feature for young kids. Mine stared at the tree in awe for a while. The cross-section of a Seattle dump also caught their imagination and they liked spotting all the cans and implements buried in the soil.

    We also saw objects found in a Seattle dump that dated back to the late 1800s. Objects such as an old metal toy horse and a porcelain doll head havent broken down in 150 years. This encouraged a good discussion about the things we throw in the garbage and the things we could recycle or donate.

    Prance About The Play Area

    With all the serious science stuff to take in, we were glad to find The Field Camp on the third floor, a play area designed for little kids. There we discovered a small pretend tide pool, a log to clamber through, a tent, a table and chairs, and a balance beam. It was enough to provide a few minutes of play time and a good excuse to jump around and get the wiggles out. After our tour of the museums exhibits, we really needed this brain break.

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    Microbes That Are Key Indicators Of Puget Sounds Health In Decline

    Paleontologists with the University of Washingtons Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture find that tiny organisms called foraminifera have a big story to tell about the health of Puget Sound. Two recent studies about the health of Bellingham Bay and inlets in the Bremerton area found the diversity and number of foraminifera single-celled marine organisms that live on the sea floor deteriorated significantly. The decline of these microscopic organisms is consistent with the deterioration of snails and other larger marine animals, even though analysis showed a reduction of chemical pollutants in Bellingham Bay and Bremerton over the same period of time.

    Famous Quotes Containing The Words Burke Museum Natural History And/or Culture:

    Pacific Northwest Seasons: Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture ...

      I came along at a time when there was a demand to give men greater visibility and opportunity. In white society they were saying, Women cant do it. In black society, they were saying, Women do too much. Its a diabolical situation.Yvonne Braithwaite Burke

      It is the space inside that gives the drum its sound.Hawaiian saying no. 1189, lelo NoEau, collected, translated, and annotated by Mary Kawena Pukui, Bishop Museum Press, Hawaii

      Yet I experienced sometimes that the most sweet and tender, the most innocent and encouraging society may be found in any natural object, even for the poor misanthrope and most melancholy man. There can be no very black melancholy to him who lives in the midst of nature and has his senses still.

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    New Name And Buildings

    When Thomas Burke died in 1925, his wife, Caroline McGilvra Burke, sought an appropriate monument for her husband that would “advance the cause of a better mutual understanding between … the people of the Pacific shores.” A collector of Native American artifacts herself, she bequeathed her personal collection to the museum following her death in 1932. The Burke estate offered to help fund a new state museum, with one major stipulation – the structure had to be named after Burke. Some University officials balked at this, as did Erna Gunther. The institution had been known as the Washington State Museum since 1899, and the Burke funds would only go toward a third of the construction costs. Other funds came from a National Science Foundation grant, but the new building was still smaller than one that Erna Gunther recommended. Nevertheless, the new facility was ultimately dedicated on May 3, 1964, with its new director, Walter A. Fairservis, at the helm.

    Skull Specializations Allow Bats To Feast On Their Fellow Vertebrates

    Over their 52-million-year history, a few bats have evolved a taste for their fellow vertebrates. Now biologists at the University of Washington and the Burke Museum of History and Culture are shedding light on how these so-called carnivorous bats adapted to the daunting task of chowing down their backboned prey.

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    Transition To The Washington State Museum

    The University of Washington moved its campus from downtown Seattle to its present location in 1895. The portion of the Young Naturalists collection that had been used in university instruction was relocated to the university’s Denny Hall while the remainder stayed in the Young Naturalists clubhouse downtown. In 1899 the Washington State Legislature designated the portion of Denny Hall used to house the collection as the Washington State Museum. In 1904 the Young Naturalists voted to donate the rest of their collection to the Washington State Museum and disband.

    See Weird And Unusual Animals Up Close

    Explore New Exhibition “Life in One Cubic Foot” at The Burke MuseumâPlan Your Visit

    The second floor is dedicated to biology with exhibits called Amazing Life.

    I usually find natural history museums and all the stuffed creatures kind of creepy, but The Burke is very bright and spacious, so it didnt seem dusty and claustrophobic as Id feared. My son spotted animals that hed only ever read about in books: a slow loris, a wolverine and a flying squirrel. We got to see a teeny tiny hummingbird up close. While we see them in nature all the time, my kids found it really interesting to examine one so closely.

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    Tyrannosaurus Skeleton To Be On Display Beginning Aug 20

    This is a carousel. Use Next and Previous buttons to navigate

    The back end of a T. rex skull discovered by Burke Museum paleontologists in Montana.

    Burke Museum paleontologists identified bone shards characteristic of a T. rex on the surface of a hill in the Hell Creek Formation in northern Montana.

    Dinosaur bone discovered on the surface of a hill in the Hell Creek Formation in northern Montana. The bone’s honeycomb-like appearance is characteristic of a T. rex.

    A T. rex tooth discovered by Burke Museum paleontologists in Montana.

    The excavation site in northern Montana where Burke Museum paleontologists discovered a T. rex skull and other bones.

    Paleontologist Dave DeMar compares his T. rex skull tattoo to the T. rex skull discovered by the Burke Museum.

    The partially excavated skull of a T. rex discovered by Burke Museum paleontologists in Montana. The skull was preserved upside-down in the rock?a black tooth from the T. rex?s upper jaw can be seen protruding from the rock in the center of the photo.

    Paleontologists prepare to remove a Tyrannosaurus rex skull from a fossil dig site in northern Montana and transport it to the Burke Museum.

    A Museum For Everyone

    The Burke Museum was founded in 1885 by the Young Naturalists, a group of curious teenagers inspired by seeing Seattle transform before their eyes. For 130 years, the Museum has built upon this legacy, collecting objects that help us understand how the Northwest has grown and changed.

    The Young Naturalists sought designation as the State Museum to ensure their collections would be a public resource for generations. Regardless of who you are or where you came fromwhether your family just got here or has called this land home for millenniathis is your museum.

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    We Can’t Wait To See You

    With working labs you can see into, one-of-a-kind objects all around you, and galleries filled with curiosity and conversation, at the Burke, you seeand feela world alive. The Burke Museum is located on the University of Washington campus in Seattle with a focus on dinosaurs, fossils, Northwest Native art, plant and animal collections, and cultural pieces from across the globe.

    Arts Roundup: Mfa Dance Concert Photomedia Graduation Exhibition And Short Takes On Orpheus

    Burke Museum of Natural History

    This week, visit the School of Art + Art History + Design for a visiting scholar lecture or graduation exhibition, and engage directly with the artists at the Burke Museums Native Art Market. Catch the annual MFA Dance Concert or a performance by the School of Musics Daana Quartet. Explore the enduring legacy of the

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    Burke Museum Receives National Award

    The Burke Museum at the University of Washington in Seattle today announced it is one of six recipients of the 2022 National Medal for Museum and Library Service, the nations highest honor given to museums and libraries that make significant and exceptional contributions to their communities. The award is given by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and the Burke Museum is the only institution in Washington to be selected.

    Burke Museum Of Natural History And Culture

    Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

    Exterior of the Burke Museum pictured in 2015
    University of Washington

    The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture is a natural history museum in Seattle, Washington, in the United States. Established in 1899 as the Washington State Museum, it traces its origins to a high school naturalist club formed in 1879. The museum is the oldest in Washington state and boasts a collection of more than 16 million artifacts, including the world’s largest collection of spread bird wings. Located on the campus of the University of Washington, the Burke Museum is the official state museum of Washington.

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