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American Museum Of African American Music

Black Music’s Global Influence

National Museum of African American Music opens today in Nashville

The genres of Jazz and Hip-Hop spread around the world. These genres traveled to Africa and Asia and influenced other genres of African and Asian Music. The textural styles, slang language and African American Vernacular English influenced American pop culture and global culture. The way African-Americans dress in hip-hop videos and how African-Americans talk is copied for style and profit in the American market and the global market. Blues, jazz, and hip-hop were created in African-American neighborhoods despite African-Americans are marginalized in American society on an economic and social level, the music created by African-Americans had a global impact due to marketing and media. With the advent of the internet, African-American music and culture has become consumed more rapidly around the world on a daily basis. The internet resulted in the mass consumption and appropriation and sometimes mocking of black culture by whites and non-blacks in social media.

Tickets To National Museum Of African American Music In Nashville

  • Visit the only museum dedicated to preserving and celebrating the many music genres created, influenced, and inspired by African Americans
  • Check out the expertly-curated collections that share the story of the American soundtrack by integrating history and interactive technology to bring the musical heroes of the past into the present
  • Watch a film presentation for an overview of West and Central African cultures and the institution of slavery
  • Learn about the history and influence of the blues in the post-slavery period in the Deep South and Mississippi Delta

The National Museum of African American Music is the premier global destination for music lovers of all generations that inspires, educates, and transforms your appreciation of American Music. NMAAM has acquired over 1,500 artifacts from groundbreaking artists who have topped the charts and significantly changed the trajectory of music. These artifacts speak to the many music genres created, influenced, and inspired by African Americans. Artifact examples include:

  • African instruments
  • DJ Kool Herc designer Converse sneakers
  • Dorothy Dandridge gown
  • Kirk Whalum Saxophone with case covered with stamps from his many travels
  • Lisa Lopes outfit

List Of African American Museums

The African American museums in the United States focus mainly on the history and culture of the African American people. The museums were created with a mission of collecting and preserving African-derived culture and history. The Collage Museum was the first African American museum in the US, established in 1868 in Hampton, Virginia. Today, there are 109 such museums across the country. Here are some of the notable museums within the US focused on African American history.

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These 2 Music Museums Have Just Been Added To The Us Civil Rights Trail How To Visit

A pair of museums in Tennessee were added to the U.S. Civil Rights Trail this week, just in time for the start of Black History Month.

The National Museum of African American Music, in Nashville, and The Stax Museum of American Soul Music, in Memphis, were added to the trail, the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development announced on Tuesday.

“What happened in Tennessee changed the world and through the power of music of the movement visitors can learn about that legacy at world-class destinations like Stax and NMAAM,” Mark Ezell, the commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development said in a statement. “Visitors can walk in the footsteps of the brave men and women who stood up for equal rights.”

National Museum of African American Music opened last year, while The Stax Museum of American Soul Music, sits on the original site of Stax Records studio, paying tribute to the artists who recorded there.

There are now 14 Tennessee stops along the U.S. Civil Rights Trail, which connects 15 states and Washington D.C.

Travelers who visit spots along the trail can get a digital passport stamped and redeem those stamps for prizes like a custom T-shirt or a Tennessee Civil Rights Trail medallion and a wooden display case.

Other sites in Tennessee include the National Civil Rights Museum and the Lorraine Motel, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, as well as Woolworth on 5th, the site of some of the first lunch counter sit-ins in the 1960s.

National Museum Of African American History And Culture

National Museum of African American Music Nashville ...

The Smithsonians NMAAHC in Washington DC is the largest African American museum in the US. After years of efforts to have an African-American museum owned by the federal government, the museum was established in 2003 but was opened to the public in 2016. The building covers an area of approximately 350,000 square feet and has 10 floors . It has a collection of about 40,000 objects but only 3,500 objects are on display.

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African American Museum In Philadelphia

The African American Museum in Philadelphia was the first to be funded and built by a major city to preserve and display the heritage of the African American people. Apart from sharing stories on how the African Americans contributed to the founding of America, it also has exhibits for children to help them learn about the daily lives of the Philadelphians children during slavery. The AAMP is located a few meters away from the Liberty Bell and was opened in 1976. It has an auditorium and four galleries. The exhibitions in the museum are centered on three dominant themes the Philadelphia Story, the African Diaspora, and the Contemporary Narrative.

National Voting Rights Museum

The National Voting Rights Museum is located in Selma, Alabama and was opened to the public in 1993. It is situated near the Edmund Pettus Bridge which was an important site for the Voting Rights Movement. The museum contains exhibits and testimonies of activists who took part in the events that led to the passage of the Voting Rights Acts of 1965.

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You Can Visit The National Museum Of African American Music For Free On Wednesdays This Month

Your next visit to the National Museum of African American Music could come with admission on the house.

To celebrate Black History Month, the museum teams with corporate sponsor Nissan to offer free admission on Wednesdays in February.

The deal comes with no tickets attached: Visitors can walk up between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on a Wednesday this month to be granted free entry into the museum. The offer kicked off Feb. 2 it runs again Feb. 9, 16 and 23.

Special edition: ‘Black Progress’ special edition launches to mark start of Black History Month

“Our museum educates, preserves and highlights contributions Black artists have made to our culture and I look forward to our community celebrating with us all month long,” H. Beecher Hicks III, president and CEO of NMAAM, said in a statement.

The National Museum of African American Music opened a year ago inside the sprawling 5th + Broad complex in downtown Nashville.

The museum features interactive exhibit and artifacts such as Louis Armstrong’s trumpet, a Gibson “Lucille” guitar played by B.B. King and Billie Holliday’s performance contracts. that outline a history of Black music ranging from spiritual songs to blues, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, funk, hip-hop and modern pop.

Find more information at

Building A Legacy At The National Museum Of African American Music

Take a tour of the National Museum of African American Music

National Museum of African American Music

You are created uniquely. Live in that, own that, and find your own way and definition of success and contribution. Find a way to give and make what you do matter more than just to you, your immediate family, and your bank account. Your way will be different than anyone elses.

When Henry Hicks, a newcomer to Nashville, agreed to join the board of the National African American Museum of Music, he had no idea it was going to end his investment banking career and lead to a legacy bigger than he had ever envisioned. Our President/CEO Kimberly Goessele spoke with Henry to find out what motivated him and how he sees his legacy today, after serving as CEO for 9 years and finally opening the museum last year during the Covid pandemic.

How do you think about your legacy?

I have always thought of my own legacy very broadly as wanting to leave the world and my community, the Black community, in a better, stronger place. More personally, I have 2 sons, and I wanted to make it easier for them. I wanted to leapfrog generations in terms of their ability to go to work and live lives on a level playing fieldso they can make their own creation of their legacies that much bigger.

What was your path?
How did you become so committed to the vision of the museum?

When I became CEO, I thought it was a two-year commitment. Id get in, help write the business plan, raise the money, etc., but I was naïve.

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National Museum Of African American Music Opens In Nashville

The National Museum of African American Music opened its doors to much anticipation in January 2021. The museum is the only museum dedicated to preserving and celebrating the many music genres created, influenced, and inspired by African Americans.

Located in the heart of Nashville, the NMAAM is a perfect fit for Music City. Tennessee was critical during the Great Migration , when approximately six million African Americans left the South to relocate to large cities throughout the northeast, midwest, and western United States. Nashville also holds significance in African American music history as artists like The Fisk Jubilee Singers, Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles, and Little Richard spent time early in their careers in Nashville. NMAAM is poised to strengthen and diversify the Music City brand with compelling connections to both local and national musical distinctions. Sharing the states spotlight with other Tennessee music institutions like Chattanoogas Bessie Smith Museum, Nashvilles Country Music Hall of Fame, Grand Ole Opry, and Musicians Hall of Fame, Memphis Graceland, Stax Museum of American Soul Music, and Sun Studios, the NMAAM is a welcomed addition.

Initially proposed in 2002, the project evolved over the next decade from a local to a national initiative and refined its purpose from a broad focus on arts, culture, and music in the African American community to exclusively cover music.

Asian Pop And Asian Hip

Hip-Hop came to Korea in the 1990s. It later developed into a genre of hip-hop in Korea called Korean Hip-Hop and Korean K-pop music. Although African-American music influenced genres of Korean pop music and culture, some Korean artists are known to appropriate African-American vernacular and other aspects of Black culture.

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  • By Noelani Kirschner| Sherry L. Brukbacher

    The history of Black American music in the United States spans four centuries, and now theres a museum to honor that legacy.

    The National Museum of African American Music , which opened January 30 in Nashville, Tennessee, calls itself the only museum dedicated to preserving and celebrating the many music genres created, influenced and inspired by African Americans.

    Divided into six sections covering four centuries, the museum educates visitors about the history and influence of Black American music in the United States, all of which can be traced to the hymns and songs enslaved Africans sang in the 1600s.

    NMAAM highlights the more than 50 genres created or influenced by Black Americans, focusing specifically on spirituals, blues, jazz, gospel, rhythm and blues , and hip-hop throughout its six galleries.

    And as the museum declares, Black music is Americas music.

    National Museum Of African American Music

    National Museum of African American Music sets grand ...
    National Museum of African American Music

    Curator Dina Bennett

    The National Museum of African American Music is a museum in Nashville, Tennessee. The museum showcases the musical genres inspired, created, or influenced by African-Americans. Its location at Fifth + Broadway in Downtown Nashville, as opposed to historically-Black Jefferson Street, has been controversial.

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    National Civil Rights Museum

    The National Civil Rights Museum is located around the site of the famous Lorraine Motel the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr took place. the Memphis-based museum was opened in 1991 and contains exhibits that showcase the history of civil rights movement in the US. The NCRM became a Smithsonian Affiliate Museum in October 2016.

    Why Do We Need A Museum Dedicated To African American Music

    From production to songwriting to performance to consumption, this countrys musical landscape was formed by a distinct group who created, influenced and inspired more than 50 genres and subgenres of music. NMAAMs purpose is to tell the story that has never been told beforeone that shares how African Americans play a critical role in shaping our countrys heritage and culture. This museum will highlight the history, struggles, triumphs, and culture of African Americans. NMAAM will showcase how todays artists are connected to the traditions born out of the African American Experience through interactive technology, quotes, artifacts and creative educational programming. Weve all been touched by this music. The artists, genres, songs, dances and the history from which they emerged is the soundtrack of our lives. And the narrative will unfold right here in NMAAM.

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    About: National Museum Of African American Music


    The National Museum of African American Music is a gateway to the past that showcases the deep impact African Americans have had on shaping American music. From southern gospel to blues, jazz, R& B, and hip-hop. Across five galleries, you can see each genre against the backdrop of history, and learn how the music was shaped by the currents of time. Expect to see artifacts like instruments, stage costumes, and sheet music. There’s also a film theatre that provides context around the birth of African American music.

    Opening hours

    Lenny Kravitiz Bobby Darin And Jacquees: Trending Songs This Week

    National Museum of African-American music opens in Nashville

    NMAAM showcases Black music excellence every day, but this years Black Music Month will be a special one as we celebrate the museums opening with phenomenal music icons and Black music fans across the world, said NMAAM President and CEO Henry Beecher Hicks III. We cant wait to open our doors and share in the joy of Juneteenth weekend with our supporters, fans, and a few musical legends, as well.

    Previous recipients of the Rhapsody & Rhythm Awards include CeCe Winans, George Clinton, Gloria Gaynor, Nile Rodgers, Keb Mo, and Jody Watley.

    The fundraising benefit concert marks the first day of NMAAMs Black Music Month celebrations, held from June 17 through June 19. The celebration honoring Jones, Robinson, Richie, and the Fisk Jubilee Singers will be sponsored by Amazon, featuring live and virtual tribute performances. Though it will be live-streamed, limited seating will be available for guests to attend in person.

    We know that we can only when we all work together to recognize, elevate and celebrate all voices. We are excited to be NMAAMs partner and the presenting sponsor for this years Black Music Month celebration, said Courtney Ross, the senior manager of external affairs at Amazon Nashville. The work the museum is doing is essential to helping our wider community expand the way it thinks, and its an honor to be a part of it all.

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    General Policies And Procedures

    • No weapons allowed this includes pepper spray, knives and stun guns.
    • Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Smoking is not permitted in the museum including electronic smoking and vaping devices.
    • Luggage, carry-on bags, or oversized backpacks are not permitted in the museum. There will be storage available for guests who bring these items.
    • Still photography is allowed as long as it is for private, non-commercial use. Flash photography, selfie sticks and tripods are not permitted.
    • No video recording is allowed in the museum galleries.
    • No food or drinks are allowed in the galleries.
    • No outside alcohol can be brought into the museum.
    • Media representatives are not allowed to record or photograph anything in the museum for public use without signed consent from the marketing department.

    States By Number Of African American Museums

    Only 33 states in the US have African American museums. With 10 museums, Florida has the highest number of African American museums, followed by Alabama and Louisiana with 8 such museums each. Maryland and New York have 7 African American museums. California , Georgia , Texas , and Virginia also have a notable number of the museums.

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    What Can I Expect When Nmaam Opens In 2020

    An in-depth look at over 50 genres and subgenres of music will be explored throughout five different galleries they made on American culture. Visitors will experience everything from call-and-response spirituals and work songs from the 1600s to the mesmerizing sounds of saxophones, trumpets, and snares during the heyday of jazz in the 1900s.

    NMAAMs exhibitions and galleries have been designed around the theme of Rivers of Rhythm which creates a wave like path for visitors to follow.

    Deep Roots: The National Museum Of African American Music

    National Museum of African American Music includes ...

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    Product Spotlight
    • Deep Roots: The National Museum of African American Music

    Feature Story

    Nearly every genre of American music can be traced back to the creative ingenuity and artistic expression of African-American artists. With a tapestry of lived, shared experiences woven throughout different eras, African Americans originated and shaped musical styles from the blues to hip-hop, helping to spawn many other musical cross-pollinations in between. African-American Music Appreciation Month, observed in June each year, gives us an opportunity to illuminate those essential contributions and reacquaint ourselves with some of the people responsible for the music that forms the soundtrack to life in America and around the world today.

    What is African-American Music Appreciation Month?

    A Trip to Nashville

    A Timeline of African-American Music

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