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Van Gogh Exhibit Dali Museum

Making Its Mark In The Heart Of Nashville

Van Gogh Alive at The Dali Museum | Giant Adventure

Located at 4416 Ridgefield Way, Nashville, this amazing building will be transformed into an unforgettable art experience featuring a 25,000 square foot exhibit space where the art of Vincent van Gogh will come to life around you!

Renowned for transforming venues into unforgettable art experiences, the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit strives to highlight the unique architecture of its spaces while integrating influences from its history and community. Get ready to be transported the second you step inside.

The Salvador Dali Museum First North American Museum To Host Van Gogh Alive

Van Gogh Alive one of the best experiences of my life. The exhibit was an incredible way to view his paintings. Upon arrival, you step foot into a maze. The only light in the room is shining from the projectors, beaming life size images of Van Goghs work onto every surface. The paintings were so large you could see each brush stroke. The entire presentation of images, starting at his birth, leading to his tragic death, is 45 minutes. Accompanied by classical music of his time, the images move and dance, creating more movement.

In addition to the paintings, a carefully curated collection of quotes is shown next to each painting. His words give an extra level of insight into his mind while you ponder his works projected at enormous scale.

I cant change the fact that my paintings dont sell. But the time will come when people will recognize that they are worth more than the value of the paints used in the picture.

Vincent van Gogh

Finally, the presentation ends with a violin crescendo followed by the sound of a single gun shot. Everyone in the room jumped at the sound, it was startling and heart wrenching. When Vincent was only 37 when he took his own life, and we are left wondering what could he have done had he chosen to stay.

The exhibit leaves you inspired, and in awe of a man who created so much beauty while experiencing inner torture. The Van Gogh Alive exhibit leaves the Dali Museum on April 11th, 2021. Get tickets here:

Being Immersed In The Art Of Van Gogh Is A Joy That Will Stay With Me

The exhibition features more than 3,000 Van Gogh images at enormous scale, viewed through high-definition projectors and synchronized to a powerful classical score. Cinema-quality surround-sound amplifies the emotion generated by the works themselves. In addition to the iconic works featured, visitors can examine Van Goghs inspiration via photographs and video displayed alongside them. The installation is powered by SENSORY4, a unique system developed by Grande Experiences of Melbourne, Australia.

The Dalí is the first North American venue to host this mesmerizing version of Van Gogh Alive. The Dalís presentation of this experience builds on the Museums commitment to artistic innovation, inviting visitors to experience another provocative artist in an entirely new, entirely accessible and entirely transformative way.

Advisory:Van Gogh Alive is a multisensory art experience that involves high-level cinema-quality sound, large scale moving images, theater level lighting and at times loud abrupt sounds.

As a safety precaution, strollers are not allowed in this special exhibit. Stroller parking is available near the entrance to the exhibit.

This exhibition has been created by Grande Experiences.

Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture .

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Dal Museum Van Gogh Alive Tickets Hours And Location

To control capacities and ensure safe physical distancing, advanced-purchase, timed tickets are required for all visitors. Tickets for The Dalí are all-inclusive and include the unparalleled collection of Dalís works, the Museums gardens and other on-site features.

Coinciding with the run of Van Gogh Alive, The Dalí is open daily from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. with extended hours until 9 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays to offer more opportunities to welcome visitors while operating at reduced capacity for health and safety reasons.

The Dalí Museum is located at One Dalí Boulevard, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701. For more information visit

Continue Your Date Night

Pictures: " Van Gogh Alive"  at the Dali Museum

If you get hungry, pop over to Cafe Gala to try the Starry Night Cheese Plate which has roasted red wine pear, Danish Blue cheese, aged Gouda, Holland Apricot Jam, spiced cashews, sliced starfruit, caper berries and grilled artisan breads along with The Boterkoek-a Dutch butter cake.

If you loved the experience so much and want to bring a piece of it home with you, the gift shop at The Dali has plenty of merchandise from prints, coffee cups, to clothing. You can even purchase a thumb drive with the musical soundtrack of the show which we definitely plan to do when we go back. The music selection was soooo good!

Keep in mind that as part of its health and safety plan, all payments for parking, the store and cafe are credit card only.

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Dal Museum Van Gogh Alive Experience Extended

The Dalí Museum Van Gogh Alive experience has been extended due to popular demand. The immersive Van Gogh Alive,which provides an illuminating view into the life and work of the brilliant artist, will now remain on view at The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, FL through June 13, 2021.

Tickets through May 2 are available now on with a final set of tickets, through the shows end, to be released subsequently.

Experience The Unforgettable Van Gogh Alive During Your Anna Maria Vacation

Surrounded by incredible beaches and warm turquoise waters, Anna Maria Island is a relaxing place that will provide you with everything you need to have a rewarding escape.

Whether you are looking for a place to bring the entire family, to enjoy an exciting but relaxing getaway, or looking for a romantic retreat for two, Anna Maria Island, and Island Vacation Properties has everything that you could possibly want including Anna Maria Island pet friendly rentals for those wanting to bring the family dog.

Once you have spent some of the day lounging at the beach or pool, you are going to want to head out to see some of the amazing Anna Maria Island attractions. You can try your luck at a new outdoor activity like kayaking or surfing or visit some indoor exhibits like local Anna Maria Island museums or local theatres. One of the absolute best Anna Maria attractions involving art is the Salvador Dali Museum, which is currently featuring the Van Gogh Alive exhibit.

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Other St Petersburg Attractions

Enjoy Van Gogh Alive before exploring the rest of St. Petersburg, which is well worth your time. Its downtown is filled with charming cafés, galleries, restaurants, and green outdoor spaces.

The La Déjà Vu Café is highly recommended, the perfect place for snacks and coffee in a quiet corner of downtown. For something heartier, Rococo Steak and Il Ritorno and provide fine dining while The Lure, The Cider Press Café, and Aropolis Greek Taverna offer something a little more casual.

Van Gogh Inspired Items At Museum Store And Caf

Van Gogh Alive at The DalÃ

Inspired by one of Van Goghs most famous paintings, Café Gala features a Starry Night Cheese Plate, featuring roasted red wine pear, Danish blue cheese, aged Gouda, apricot jam, spiced cashews, sliced starfruit, caper berries and grilled artisan breads, in addition to Boterkoek, a Dutch butter cake.

The Museum Store showcases a selection of gifts and souvenirs celebrating Van Goghs canvasses Sunflowers, Starry Night and Almond Blossom.

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Set Your Melting Clocks: A Salvador Dal Immersive Exhibit Is Coming

Van Gogh AliveDalí Alive

The same company that produced an immensely popular immersive Van Gogh exhibition is creating another traveling immersive experience for Salvador Dalí. It will visit open in the fall and tour over 30 cities around the country.

The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg on Floridas Gulf coast is working with the company, Grande Experiences, to put together the exhibition Dalí Alive. Dates and cities have yet to be announced.

Back in September 2020, St. Petersburgs Dalí Museum was the first North American stop for Grande Experiences Van Gogh Alive, which sold 8.5 million tickets worldwide and is still touring, according to the company website. (Confusingly, this exhibition is different from Immersive Van Gogh, which set New York City abuzz last summer. In September, a producer for that show told Bloomberg the still-touring exhibition had sold 3.2 million tickets.

Tickets for these exhibitions range from $30 to $80, plus booking fees more money will buy you perks like yoga and mindfulness classes held in the installation drinks at a bar, including a specialty elderflower cocktail purportedly inspired by The Starry Night and accessories from the gift shop.

Jeff Cornelius, head of North American commercial operations for Grande Experiences, told Hyperallergic that tickets for Dalí Alive will start at $40, with discounts for groups, kids, and seniors.

Interview With Composer Luca Longobardi

Alongside the launch of the playlist he curated for Spotify, Italian composer Luca Longobardi joins us to discuss his latest project: the soundtrack for the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit. Coming off their highly acclaimed Atelier de Lumières exhibition in Paris, Longobardi once again partners with Artistic Director Massimiliano Siccardi to create an imaginative soundtrack for

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Van Gogh Memorial Exhibitions

Exposition d’Oeuvres de Vincent van GoghMarch 15 31, 1901

Exposition de la Société des Artistes Indépendants, 21e exposition: Exposition rétrospective Vincent van GoghMarch 24 April 30, 1905Grandes Serres de lAlma, Paris, France

Tentoonstelling Vincent van GoghJuly 15 August 1, 1905Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

A Quick History Of Vincent Van Gogh

Dali Museum extends super popular Van Gogh Alive exhibit

The Dali shared this background about Van Gogh which is a good start before you go. As we mentioned above, you’ll definitely want to download The Dali’s app to explore before you go.

Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch post-impressionist painter who is considered one of the most influential figures in the history of Western art. The son of a Protestant pastor, Van Gogh made an unsuccessful attempt at theological studies before turning to art at the age of 27. Completely self-taught, Van Gogh was one of the most prolific artists of his time. In 10 years, he produced more than 2,000 works but only sold one work during his lifetime. His suicide in 1890 brought him into the public imagination as a misunderstood genius who continues to inspire new generations.

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Persevering Despite The Lockdown: Interview With Founder Of Show One Productions

Just over a year ago, a groundbreaking partnership between Show One Productions and Starvox Entertainment created Lighthouse Immersive to bring you the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit. The world has changed significantly since Svetlana and Corey combined their efforts to create a permanent arts space in downtown Toronto, but Lighthouse Immersive perseveres

What Is Van Gogh Alive

Everyone has a favorite painting by Van Gogh, whether it be his Starry Night, Sunflowers, or one of the many other greats, however, it is a rare occurrence to be able to see one of his works of art up close and personal. That is why Van Gogh Alive was created!

This art exhibit is located inside the Salvador Dali Museum until April 11th, 2021.

You will be able to explore the work and life experiences of this prolific artist during the period of 1880-1890. You will attempt to interpret his thoughts and feelings as you travel through the various areas in which his famous masterpieces were created. The best part is the incredibly fine detail that you will be able to view all of these works in.

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What Makes It Special

Utilizing a unique Sensory4 system, you are actually able to walk through some of these incredible paintings and truly immerse yourself in his work! Imagine walking through the various exhibits of a museum and hearing the classical score of music coming from a room ahead. You head towards to music only to find yourself surrounded by incredible works of art from the Van Gogh collection.

The Van Gogh Alive exhibit gives you the opportunity to see some of these incredible works of art at an enormous scale, with displays that fill giant screens, walls, columns, ceilings, and even the floor.

Dal Museum Van Gogh Alive

Experience Van Gogh Alive at the Dalà Museum!

The experience blends art and technology to educate visitors about Vincent van Goghs development as an artist and the rhythms of his turbulent life, Hank Hine, executive director at The Dalí Museum, said.

From his famous Starry Night to his radiant Sunflowers, Vincent van Goghs vibrant work invites viewers to revel in color, light and sound. Dalí Museum visitors will experience Van Goghs works in an immersive art experience that harnesses multi-sensory technology, including projection and synchronized music, to open a new window into the celebrated painters artistic genius.

Visitors will feel the sensation of walking right into Van Goghs paintings an experience that is both educational and inspiring.

The exhibition features more than 3,000 Van Gogh images at enormous scale, viewed through high-definition projectors and synchronized to a powerful classical score. Cinema-quality surround sound amplifies the emotion generated by the works themselves. In addition to the iconic works featured, visitors can examine Van Goghs inspiration via photographs and video displayed alongside them. The installationis powered by SENSORY4, a unique system developed by Grande Experiences of Melbourne, Australia.

Van Gogh and Dalí shared a passion for landscape and the portal it provides to a hidden world, Hine said. A glimpse of Van Goghs world will be transformed onto the walls and floors of our gallery, providing a dramatic and awe-inspired experience for our audience.

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An Immersive Exhibition Of The Artists Most Famous Works Projected Onto Large

Van Gogh Alive, an immersive exhibition that lets visitors step into massive projects of the post-Impressionist Dutch painters work, opens this Saturday at The Dalí Museum in St Petersburg, Florida.

Those familiar with Van Gogh will see his works in a brand-new way, says Hank Hine, the museum’s executive director, adding that the exhibition explores the underlying changes in Van Goghs state of mind and shifting emotional states through sound and movement, something that may not be as easily understood through a painting alone.

Curated and produced by Grande Experiences of Australia, which creates transformational environments using projection mapping and music, the exhibition feature more than 3,000 images of the artist’s most famous paintings displayedon 360-degree screens, including Starry Night, Almond Blossoms, and Sunflowers, as well as Tree Roots, the final canvas Van Gogh worked on, painted just hours before his suicide in 1890 at the age of 37. Viewing the artists paintings at such a large scale underscore his distinctive thick brushstrokes, bold use of colour, and emotional undertones.

Van Gogh Alive Exhibit At Dali Museum Extended Through Mid

Immerse yourself in Van Goghs art

If you’re looking for an escape, a first-of-its-kind Vincent Van Gogh exhibit is open at the Dali Museum in St. Pete.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – An immersive exhibit at the Salvador Dali Museum has been so popular that officials said Tuesday it will be around longer than planned.

On Tuesday, the museum announced its “Van Gogh Alive” exhibit was extended to June 13. It was initially supposed to close on April 11.

This is the first immersive Van Gogh display in the country, which opened at the Dali back in November.

For months, visitors have been quickly grabbing tickets as they are released and filling time slots to see his paintings on an enormous scale. Its brought to life through high-definition projectors, and synched to a powerful classical music score.

PREVIOUS: Immersive ‘Van Gogh Alive’ exhibit opens at Salvador Dalí Museum

“It is fully immersive. It is a sensation you do not get from seeing art on a wall,” marketing director Beth Bell told FOX 13 last year. “Its not about the technology and using technology. Its more about finding an innovative way to tell a story about art and the artist.”

Tickets can be purchased on the Dali Museum’s website.

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The Dali Museum Presents Van Gogh Alive

The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg has a unique exhibit on display called Van Gogh Alive. I had the opportunity to see the exhibit firsthand. It is one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen, and I highly recommend a visit. Van Gogh Alive is available now through Saturday, April 11.

Van Gogh Alive is an immersive, multisensory art installation. The fascinating artwork of Vincent Van Gogh is projected on walls, floors and ceilings. Captivating music such as Clair de lune by Claude Debussy transports you to Van Goghs birthplace, the Netherlands to the streets of Paris and to the tranquility of the South of France. You will see many of his famous works, including Starry Night and his radiant Sunflowers.

The exhibit is inspired by the changing landscapes and people that Van Gogh painted. Van Goghs artistic journey lasted a mere 10 years. Van Gogh, a Dutch post-impressionist painter, is among the most famous and influential artists in the history of Western art.

Van Gogh Alive begins with self-portraits. You then see the stylistically dark Dutch period. Suddenly, images change and you then begin to see the bright energy of Paris during a period when Van Gogh discovered a new sense of beauty. Next, you see works created by Van Gogh during his most productive and happiest time while he lived in the South of France.

The exhibit features more than 3,000 images. Cinema-quality surround sound amplifies the emotion generated by the artwork of this beloved master.

The Dal Extends Van Gogh Alive Through June 13

âVan Gogh Aliveâ brings multimedia art experience to Dali Museum ...

Responding to extraordinary ticket demand in this tumultuous time, the Museum is expanding access to ensure more visitors can experience the unique, multisensory exhibit

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. The Dalí Museum will extend the popular, immersive experience Van Gogh Alive, which provides an illuminating view into the life and work of one of the most iconic artists of all time. The show will now remain on view at The Dalí, with health and safety protocols in place, through June 13, 2021. Tickets through May 2 are available now on with a final set of tickets, through the shows end, to be released subsequently.

We are overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to Van Gogh Alive from a wide range of audiences, said Hank Hine, executive director of The Dalí. The experience blends art and technology to educate visitors about Vincent van Goghs development as an artist and the rhythms of his turbulent life. We are pleased to be able to extend its run. Such meaningful art experiences are particularly needed and important at this historic moment.

A fascinating new way to look at art, Life altering, Filled my heart with joy, I could feel the artwork, Mesmerizing, It brought me to tears and I was blown away, are just some of the comments shared by viewers after exiting Van Gogh Alive at The Dalí.

Related Programs and EventsSpecial programs have been organized in conjunction with the show.

# # #

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