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Museum Of Ice Cream Los Angeles

Museum Of Ice Cream Opens In Los Angeles

Museum of Ice Cream opens in Los Angeles

Fantasy comes to life at the Museum of Ice Cream! The museum will be opening its doors this Saturday, April 22 in the Arts District of Los Angeles. The wildly popular New York location sold 30,000 tickets in a matter of days, leading to a wait-list of more than 200,000 people. So, needless to say, get your tickets now! And go hungry!

The mission for the museum is to create an environment that brings people together and provokes their imagination. The Los Angeles pop-up location will be four times bigger than the wildly popular New York installation, which also presumedly means there will be four times the ice cream! In a Willy Wonka-esque display of everyones favorite after dinner or dessert, the LA outpost located in the Arts District, will feature ice cream-inspired artworks such as a mock banana split with 10,000 bananas, a melted popsicle jungle, a mint grow house, and a sprinkle swimming pool filled with 100 million custom-made sprinkles. And, yes, you will be actually able to jump in and take a dip!

And dont worry, ice cream will also be available at the museum. Tickets include two curated ice cream tastings and surprise edible treats. Los Angeles-based creameries McConnells, Salt & Straw, Coolhaus x Cuisinart, CREAM, and others will provide their delicious ice cream flavors.

All photos courtesy of Museum of Ice Cream.

About The Museum Of Ice Cream

Remember those crazy ideas you dreamed up as a kid? The Museum of Ice Cream, founded and creative directed by Maryellis Bunn, is the place where whimsical ideas and products are transformed into real life experiences.

The Museum of Ice Cream captivated a global audience with its 2016 launch in New York City, selling out in five days and attracting a waitlist of over 200,000. The Los Angeles location is four times larger than the New York City incarnation and showcases 10 completely reimagined installations.

We Are Not Your Ordinary Museum

We create multi-sensorial installations that connect people and spread joy. To us, ice cream is more than a sweet treat. It’s a universal symbol of happiness, a vehicle for imaginative wonder, and a powerful force to bring people together.

Prepare for the extraordinary. Here, unicorns are real and every day starts with a swim in the sprinkle pool.

All restrooms in our venue are gender neutral. Racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other form of discrimination will not be tolerated at our Museum.

All captured content taken by MOIC of its guests and experience is the property of MOIC. All captured content of MOIC posted publicly, by outside persons, is released to MOIC for public use.

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Are You Ready For The Sprinkle Pool

You should know that this museum takes cleanliness very seriously. The sprinkle pool is actually filled with close to 100 million sprinkles made of antimicrobial plastics. Guests flock to the sprinkle pool to see the wide assortment of colors.

This pool features beach balls and a decorative diving board. The addition of the decorative objects adds a nice touch to the piece. You wont be able to actually eat the sprinkles, but visitors are more than welcome to get inside of the pool. Viewing all of the multicolored sprinkles is an experience that every guest will want to have.

Helpful Information for Visiting the Museum of Ice Cream

The LA installation of this museum will run from April 22 through May 29, 2017. This museum will be open six days a week and will be closed on Tuesdays. Each day, the museum will run from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. You can find it at 2018 E 7th Place in Los Angeles, California.

Tickets to this museum will need to be purchased in advance. Children under 3 do not require the purchase of a ticket. You can find more information about the Museum of Ice Cream at their official website.

What To Expect At The Museum Of Ice Cream

Visit the Museum of Ice Cream

Visitors to the Big Apple installation of this museum were greeted with actual ice cream. Every guest in the LA pop-up will also receive a one-scoop serving of dessert upon entering the museum. Everyone will also have the opportunity to add to their scoop with many different toppings.

Another popular exhibit at the museum offers a one-of-a-kind experience. This exhibit will have you take a small tablet that changes the way you process tastes. The tablets effects are very short-lived and wont be noticeable after leaving the museum.

Next, you sample a range of different foods, including some that are sweet and some that are not. The cool part of this exhibit is that your taste buds will be playing tricks on you. These tablets make sweet-tasting food taste sour and vice versa.

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Inside The Museum Of Ice Cream In Los Angeles

A banana split made of ten thousand bananas or a jungle of melted popsicles? Sounds like one of those crazy ideas you dreamed up as a kid and it just became true. The Museum of Ice Cream opened its doors until the end of May in Los Angeles, showing fancy art installations, whimsical rooms and a lot of new flavours of ice cream to taste!

You find the museum at the gritty Downtown L.A. neighborhood: The pink flashing building at the outside, already promising what you can find at the inside. From the California room to the crazy popsicle room by an artist known as Bakers Son, you wont be disappointed to have paid 29 US Dollars for the ticket.

The Magical Museum Of Ice Cream

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One of my favorite childhood memories is of the birthday when my mom baked cake in ice cream cones and served them with ice cream on top. I thought it was so amazing and its still my favorite cake and ice cream combo ever!

The moment I learned about the magical Museum of Ice Cream I was dying to visit it. To say I love ice cream would be an understatement. A museum dedicated to my favorite treat, yes please! By the time I found out about it tickets were already sold out through August of 2017. Thankfully tickets opened up again and fellow blogger, Debora Dahl and I snagged tickets in September!

A museum full of art installations inspired by ice cream is what a childs dreams are made of. The Museum makes you feel all the magic of childhood again. I found myself giddy with delight as we moved from room to room.

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Museum Of Ice Cream Offers An Unconventionally Cool Way To Celebrate Sweet Treats

Installation by Keith Magruder

For people that love sweet treats, the Museum of Ice Cream just might be the happiest place on Earth. Calling themselves an experimental ice cream journey, the unconventional institution recently opened its doors in Los Angelesthe second location after a wildly popular debut in New York City in 2016. The west coast iteration is four times larger than its predecessor and features 10 art installations and of course, a curated selection of the best ice cream around.

There are interactive elements to the Museum of Ice Cream. One of the most striking examples is an installation by Keith Magruder, aka Bakers Son, who created a selection of melted popsicle sculpturesone of which you can lay on. Affixed to the floor and ceiling, the larger-than-life artwork drips vibrant colors into the industrial-style space. But, thats not all. Other highlights include a swimming pool flooded with one hundred million sprinkles . Artist and professional melterAbel Bentin also filled another gallery with a mesmerizing motif of upside-down ice cream sculptures made with shimmering gold cones.

In addition to feasting your eyes on ice cream art, MOIC suggests you arrive hungry. Each week, theyve got something to sample from artisan ice cream makers in California, as well as special mochi tastings from My/Mo and golden chocolate from Dove.

Room 1: Ice Cream For Breakfast

Get the Scoop: F21 x Museum of Ice Cream!

This sandwich ice cream themed room has an ice cream sandwich swing and table tennis area.

Towards your left you will see a sign that says, Ice Cream for Breakfast along with a lot of empty pans. Go stand next to the one closest to the corner wall.. They are actually serving pancakes with ice cream between it. Its not very noticeable but its another opportunity to get to eat.

There is also the cutest little melting ice cream bench.

Before you exit:There is a little gift shop where you can purchase some memorabilia.

Final thoughts and Museum Of Ice Cream Review

We really enjoyed our time in the Downtown Los Angeles location. It was definitely a unique out of the box experience where we had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. It is definitely worth taking the kids to!

There was definitely room for improvement in terms of the flow of people but like any other popular museum, theres always going to be other people around.

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Have you visited the Museum Of Ice Cream? What did you think of it?

Check out the following post for even more summer fun!

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You Had Me At Sprinkle Pool

The sprinkle pool was easily our favorite experience in the entire museum! The feeling of immersing yourself into a pool filled with 100 MILLION sprinkles is equally weird and great!

If youre wondering, the sprinkles arent real, theyre plastic, so dont try to eat them! Im still finding sprinkles around the house, and even though I zipped my bag the sprinkles found their way in, but I dont mind, in fact I kinda like it!

Our last stop in the museum was a game room of sorts with this fun ping pong table, a giant swing and a gift shop. We were offered freshly made delicious and very pink pancake ice cream sandwiches.

Our visit to the Museum of Ice Cream took about 90 minutes, and we all agreed that it was a really fun family experience! We ate five different treats and participated in everything the museum had to offer. Do you Scream for Ice Cream? If so, whats your favorite flavor?

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The Museum Of Ice Cream Is Opening In Los Angeles

Grab your spoons, Los Angeles. The wildly-popular Museum of Ice Cream that opened in New York last July is headed to the west coast, Los Angeles Magazinedishes. The “museum,” located in the Meatpacking District, sent New Yorkers into an immediate sugar rush upon opening, selling 30,000 tickets in just five days. The location hasn’t been officially announced yet but the museum will likely open in the Santa Monica or Venice Beach area, as early as next month.

The museum’s popularity stemmed from it’s colorful, perfectly-Instagrammable, neon-filled interior and deliciously interactive installations that would put a Katy Perry music video to shame. Edible helium balloons, taste-bud changing pills, and chocolate abounded. And don’t forget about the museum’s pièce de résistance: a sprinkle pool, allowing visitors to literally swim in their favorite topping.

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

The ice cream experience was created by Willy Wonka Maryellis Bunn and Manish Vora, and was sponsored by the dating app Tinder.

The New York location closed in August, but the website still sells ice cream-themed accessories for those who need a sugar fix.

Instagram content

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What To Expect Inside The Museum Of Ice Cream In Los Angeles

Something important to note is that there is very pinkish lighting in the museum. This can make it very difficult to take pictures and you will definitely end up with pink tinged skin tones.

Parking: There is valet parking available for $6. This was very convenient! Its Downtown LA and this particular area doesnt have much going on so you arent going to want to walk around much. Plus the Valet is perfectly priced. There is also $3 garage parking as well as non-metered parking on the street. Make sure to read the signs!! I never want to take a chance though so if valet is affordable I go with that.

There are beautiful pink walls around the whole building. Use that to your advantage! We took family pictures, whimsy pictures and fun pics!

Arrive early! Come at least 20 minutes early. There is a waiting area that has many play opportunities for the kids. PLUS, the waiting area has the most beautiful flower backdrop. We got some beautiful family pictures on the bench here as well as standing poses.

We got to this area about 15 minutes before our scheduled time slot. The kids enjoyed this area so much that they didnt want to leave. When we were done with the Museum we came right back here to hang out for another 15 minutes.

A few minutes before your scheduled time slot someone will come over and let everyone know that you can begin to line up for your appointment time.

Room #1:

This room is the last room with natural lighting

Room #2:

Room #3:

Room #4:

The Museum Of Ice Cream Los Angeles Review And Tips

Museum of Ice Cream Los Angeles

Please note that this post may contain affiliate links.

Before you leave home: Plan out an outfit that will coordinate or pop against the pastel colors all around you! I knew that I wanted my girls to wear their fairy themed Cotton On Tutu skirt and tops that I purchased a few weeks ago.

There are A LOT of photo opportunities so you definitely want to come armed with your DSLR camera or your cell phone with a good amount of storage space available.

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Guide To Los Angeles’ Museum Of Ice Cream

May 14, 2017 / 2:19 PM / CBS Los Angeles

Museum of Ice Cream

The Museum Of Ice Cream Is Open Until August 19, 2017!

What To See

California Room

Your first stop is the California room, where a rotating “scoop of the week” will feature one of California’s finest creameries. Waffle cone trunked palm trees and punny Hollywood stars set the scene, and are a nod to founder Maryellis Bunn’s Cali roots. Samples are scooped up for your enjoyment as you continue your journey through ice cream nirvana.

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

Scratch and sniff wallpaper a la Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory guides you past the the most adorable pair of swings, into a den of ten thousand bananas hanging from the ceiling. The yellow and pink “banana split” is just the first of countless photo op stops along the way. Go ahead and pretend to answer a banana phone, nobody will judge you.

Sherbert Room

As you pass through a mint “grow house,” munch on a minty mochi and inhale the scent of mint plants growing in beds of crushed cacao. Continue on through the rainbow adorned Sherbert Room where you can try your hand at a cotton candy claw machine. As you pass through, give your photo taking hand a break and hit up the instant gif-creating video booth on your way to the next colorful installation.

Popsicle Art!

Gummy Bear Room

Abel Bentin Art Room

Sprinkle Pool

Ice Cream Sandwich Swing Room

Ticket Information

First published on May 14, 2017 / 2:19 PM

Exploring Los Angeles California: The Museum Of Ice Cream

Obligatory selfie at the Museum of Ice Cream

One of my favorite things about Los Angeles is how many interesting and quirky events there are to check out. Last week I got a chance to visit the highly instagramable Museum of Ice Cream in the downtown LA Arts District.

Great people watching at the Museum of Ice Cream

Part pop-up art gallery, part interactive ice cream experience the Museum of Ice Cream is an offbeat place to explore and get a sugar high while learning some interesting ice cream facts and history.

Popsicle art

25 year old Laguna Beach native Maryellis Bunn came up with the idea for the MoIC was recently profiled in Forbes magazine. The Los Angeles version of the MoIC opened in late April and is currently sold out for its extended run through August. It may be extended, so sign up here for updates.

Pink telephone room at the Museum of Ice Cream

Ms. Bunn hopes to open Museum of Ice Cream locations in San Francisco and Miami by the end of the year, and is rumored to be thinking about a permanent location in New York City.

The banana swing room was my favorite installation

My friend, photographer Rebecca Adler joined me at the museum of ice cream and shot this video in the banana swing room.

Sweet decor details at the Museum of Ice Cream

Slow motion sprinkles = good times

Be warned those sprinkles get EVERYWHERE!

Cute museum of Ice Cream goers

Getting cozy with a giant gummy bear at the Museum of Ice Cream

The sprinkle pit

Unicorn snot for sale in the gift store

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You Scream I Scream We All Scream For Ice Cream

I love museums, and consider myself something of a museum collector. Over the years my collection has grown and is quite varied including museums about science, art, natural history, diamonds, children, and chocolate to name just a few! Weve had the good fortune to visit some of the worlds most amazing museums in cities around the globe, so when I hard a museum about ice cream would be coming to Los Angeles, our home town, I knew wed be adding it to our list! The funny thing is, I dont love Ice Cream, or at least thats what I tell myself

Ive been eating the same flavors of ice cream my entire life, at first it was chocolate chip mint. Every. Single. Time. At some point I switched to Pralines and Cream and that was my flavor. These days, I have been trying to branch out a bit more in the flavor department. My current favorite is salted malted cookie dough at Salt & Straw.


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