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Pop Up Museum Los Angeles

More Than Just A Selfie Museum: Elsewhere At The Madcap Motel

Britney Spears pop-up museum in Los Angeles

We were impressed at just how large this museum stretched. And felt like we should have followed our Google Maps in navigating the place. I cant tell you how many times we asked each other, Wait, did we go through this room yet? It was fun just wandering and getting thoroughly lost.

Hanging out in the levitating room.

Look, Im on TV!

Kevin pushes the red button. Wait, in movies, thats not the best idea, right?

In total, we spent about 1 hour inside the Madcap Motel. Though, we took our time checking out each display, talking with the actors and snapping photos. Before transporting back to reality, the experience wraps up with a big magical surprise . No spoilers here!

Inside the garden at the Madcap Motel, where you wait to return back to reality.

We personally loved that the drop off point back to reality is at the motels gift shop. So appropriate, right? Its here where you can purchase all of the Madcap Motel swag that your heart desires.

The Madcap Motel is located right in the heart of DTLAs Arts District, making a fun date night out. We made it a whole evening experience, and grabbed some late-night dinner and drinks afterward at Cha Cha Cha, a rooftop restaurant that specializes in Mexican food .

Dinner afterward at Cha Cha Cha in LAs Art District.


An Interactive Exhibit Of The Newest Advances In Digital Art

The design concept of MAX is inspired by art designs from East Asia and the brand-new developments in digital art. The aim of MAX is to provide an immersive and magical experience to visitors. Plus a great environment for those who are social media savvy.

MAX is one of kind space with a goal to be out of the ordinary, to be extraordinary. Using state-of-the-art technology to break the limitation of physical media. MAX provides our visitors the freedom to use their imagination to create the experience and the memories that they wont forget.

Entering The Portal To Elsewhere

We are going in deep, inside the world of the Madcap Motel.

As we ventured to room 433, rumored to give us access to a hidden portal to another dimension, I could tell my husband looked concerned as he asked, This isnt going to be scary, is it? In short, it isnt! Everything about the Madcap Motel is upbeat and fun. Without giving TOO much away, the general gist is that youre following the wild ride of the motel founder J.P. Sando to reach elsewhere .

Meeting the mad scientist, who picks Kevin to lead us through the portal to elsewhere.

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Zen Running Clubs Zr 01

The release of Zen Running Clubs ZR 01 running shoe proves that sleek, stylish and effective performance gear can be eco-friendly and vegan too. The kicks come in a minimalist design and wearable colorways, made from sustainable sugarcane and tree fibers. They have a rocker midsole, versatile enough to propel you forward as you run with your club on the weekdays or run errands on the weekends.

Los Angeles Is Now Wrapped Next Market Announcement Coming Soon

A Visit To the Pizza Experience Pop Up Museum in Los ...

Knock out your financial aggression and learn how to champion your money in our Debt Boxing Gym.

Relax and learn how to make more money in our Side Hustle Salon.

Wash away financial stress in our Money Showers.

Hold onto your hat and watch your savings compound in our Retirement Rodeo.

Visualize your financial future in our Infinite Wealth Room.

Ask for what you want in our Money Moves Room.

Celebrate financial victories – past, present and future in our Gold Bar.

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Gabriella Sanchez Partial Pictures At Molaa

Gabriella Sanchezs first solo exhibition, Partial Pictures, is a must-see at the Museum of Latin American Art, curated by MOLAA chief curator Gabriela Urtiaga. Bridging the power of words with photographs which the artist treats as fragments of reality the show mixes Sanchezs concerns about social and political psychology with the binary definitions surrounding gender, race and migration. 628 Alamitos Ave., Long Beach, through January,

Second Home Serpentine Pavilion

Running from June 28 through November 24, Second Home Serpentine Pavilion is a temporary architectural creation by SelgasCano that you can find at the La Brea Tar Pits. It features rainbow tunnels with multiple entrances and exits and a utopian center area where maze-runners are bathed in stained glass light. Second Home Pavilion is hosting free public talks, film screenings, and other events throughout the duration of the show.

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From Van Gogh To Warhol Afrofuturism And More

As impressed as weve been with our art communitys creativity as theyve pivoted away from in-person exhibitions to give us live streamed discussions, virtual experiences, and more, weve been counting down the return of IRL art shows like a bunch of kids on Christmas Eve. Theres truly no better way to experience the gift of art and culture than in person. From immersive experiences to never-before-seen pieces, were happy to report that LAs art scene is back and we have quite the bounty to choose from.

While things are back-ish, public spaces do have protocols. You can rest assured that the places listed below are taking precautions by limiting visitors, frequently sanitizing spaces, requiring face masks, and some may ask to do a temperature check. Here are all of the cool new art exhibits to check out in LA:

The Street Artist Mr Brainwash Is Opening Up A Museum Dedicated To Himself In Los Angeles

A pop-up museum celebrating the Dodgers 60 years in Los Angeles will opens at Dodger Stadium | ABC7

The pop-up space will open at the former Paley Center for Media.

Street artist Thierry Guetta, better known as Mr. Brainwash, is opening his own pop-up museum in Los Angeles. Hes renting the former Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, designed by architect Richard Meier in 1996, to house the temporary institution.

Its a dream come true I still cannot believe it, Guetta told the Art Newspaper. I want to show different sides of myselfall I have kept inside for so many years. Imagine a pressure cooker, about to explode. Thats me!

For a sense of what a Mr. Brainwash museum might look like, its worth recalling his 2018 pop-up at New York Citys Starrett-Lehigh building. The Instagram-ready exhibition included lots of neon lights and uplifting messaging reminding viewers to smile, as well as paintings and sculptures rife with appropriation of art-historical imagery ranging from Vincent van Gogh to Jean-Michel Basquiat. There were also displays of found objects such as suitcases, typewriters, and giant bouncy balls.

Installation view of Brainwashed, Mr. Brainwashs 2016 exhibition at Taglialatella Galleries in New York. Photo courtesy of Taglialatella Galleries.

The gallery ended up extending the exhibition from one month to three in order to meet visitor demand. I have no doubt the LA project will be even bigger, Swarts added.

Mr. Brainwash created this poster to announce his forthcoming Los Angeles Museum. Image courtesy of Mr. Brainwash.

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Maria Maea Ours At Lapau Gallery

Dont miss Long Beach-born artist Maria Maeas exhibition, Ours, at LaPau Gallery. The work investigates life cycles through Maeas harvesting of plants and weaving of family histories, says the gallery. Over a span of two years, Maea has kept a garden, cultivating it and bearing the fruits of her harvest, mainly the Three Sisters squash, beans, maize as bodily sustenance for herself and her art practice. 3006 W. 7th St., Suite 208, Los Angeles, noon to 5 p.m., Thursday to Saturday, through Dec. 18,

Listen To Man One Talk About Sneaker Culture

Artist Man One is taking part in the exhibition and he explains his involvement and what he knows about this exciting new pop-up pop-culture museum!

Listen as Man One talks about his own experiences of sneaker culture and collecting, the industry at large, the intersection of music, design and sport and some cultural landmarks to do with sneakers!

We talk RUN DMC, documentaries, famous collections, and sneaker hoarding. For all this and more, join us today for this great episode!

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Pr Newswire Internationally Acclaimed Immersive Van Gogh

One of the pandemics most popular art events is heading to the West Coast Immersive Van Gogh, a multisensory experience that made its debut in Toronto in July, will open in San Francisco in March and Los Angeles in May. The exhibits will run through the summer. Immersive Van Gogh opened in Chicago earlier this

Since Unveiling: Selected Acquisitions Of A Decade At The Broad

A Visit To the Pizza Experience Pop Up Museum in Los ...

Theres a massive collection exhibition at the Broad right now, highlighting some of the work the museum has acquired within the last decade. Fifty-three works, 27 artists, themes as diverse as place, identity and narrative Since Unveiling: Selected Acquisitions of a Decade features work from Kara Walker, Cindy Sherman, Kerry James Marshall, Catherine Opie and more. 221 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, through April 3,

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The Underground Museum Returns

The peoples museum is back! After what felt like an eternal hiatus for art-loving Angelenos who found a home in the Arlington Heights space, the Underground Museum is reopening with an exhibition by its late founder, artist Noah Davis, on Jan. 12. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for ticket information at

Museum Of Dream Space

Touting the title of the first digital art museum in the US, the Museum of Dream Space is inspired by Yayoi Kusamas work, the artist of the famous infinity rooms. You can find the exhibit at the Beverly Center, making it a convenient stop if youd like to get some shopping done before or afterward.

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Time To Check In: A Motel That Is So Much More

Waiting for our room to open as we walked inside the Madcap Motel.

We love Instagram museums and over the years have done everything from the famed Ice Cream Museum to the COVID-era drive through pop up experiences and even a pizza pop up museum that made us a little sick to our stomach for a few days after. Clearly, some pop ups are much better than others! However, the creators of the Madcap Motel have done something unlike any of the others before it. Theyve created a theatrical experience that channels the fun and carefree spirit of the 1960s, mixed with artistic photo backdrops.

Kevin enjoys the 60s-era lobby.

Upon walking in, we were greeted by the motel check-in staff who informed us that our room was nearly ready. And suggested that if we had any emotional baggage we would be able to check it at the front desk before entering our room. Amazing!

Checking in just like at a real hotel. Though, you definitely wont get the same questions from the hotel staff.

My husband Kevin is always up for any adventure I spring on him. I gotta give him credit. But he looked a little confused and asked, Wait, are we staying here tonight? Clearly, I need to do a better job explaining our date night plans. And in case youre wondering, no, this isnt a real hotel where you can stay overnight. But it is very convincing.

Instagram Pop Up Museum In Los Angeles: What Sets Apart Elsewhere At The Madcap Motel

Pop-Up Weed Museum Is Hollywood’s Hottest Joint

Kevin is so excited to check out the Madcap Motel, the latest and greatest pop up museum in Los Angeles.

The Madcap Motel combines experiential trends like Instagram playgrounds and immersive theater into a wondrous experience. Through a seemingly normal 1960s-themed motel room, guests merge through different dimensions to uncover an interactive series of 19 whimsical and thought-provoking adventures.

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Best Pop Up Museums In Los Angeles

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From ice cream and pizza to selfies and digital worlds of wonder, interactive, Instagramable pop-up museums and experiential art exhibits are the hottest trend in Los Angeles right now. These immersive experiences throughout Southern California invite guest participation, interaction and, of course, lots of photos!

Unlike a traditional museum where visitors arent allowed to touch the exhibits or encouraged to take photos, newer pop up museums in Los Angeles are designed to be highly photogenic and interactive. The musems have lots of bright colors, flattering lighting and a variety of fun, interactive displays to play with. Guest are encouraged to laugh, smile, and have fun, all the while doing crazy things like riding a colorful cookie carousel or diving into a bowl of fruit. If you agree, here are 10+ Los Angeles Pop Up Museums that are worth a visit! And investing in a selfie stick!

Visit These Pop Up Museums In La Before Their Runs Are Over

Los Angeles has plenty of museums for aesthetically motivated travelers to explore. Within the bounds of LACMA you have the ancient La Brea Tar Pits and other permanent outdoor exhibits that you can browse for free. Downtown, The Broad Museum and MOCA are practically across the street from one another, making it easy to museum hop all day, only breaking to refuel at nearby Grand Central Market.

And for those occasions when youre craving something different, or perhaps just some fun, insta-pressive pictures, there are always a handful of touring pop-up museums to visit. These are our favorites that are running from late summer throughout the Fall:

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Key Points From This Special Sneakertopia Episode:

Pop-up museums and the exciting prospect of this new initiative.

Man One’s work for the event and what he will be taking part in.

The brief that they gave Man One and the new territory he will be covering.

The size of the sneaker industry and how much it has grown in the last decades.

Excessive collecting, hoarding and the right amount of sneakers to purchase.

How Man One got into hip hop culture through breakdancing.

Fashion first, utility and pragmatism second! The fusion of form and function.

The focus at the Sneakertopia exhibit and the experience they are trying to create.

Some recent documentaries that focus on hip hop fashion and sneakers.

The monumental event that was RUN DMC’s My Adidas!

The sneaker cleaning and maintenance industry stores, products, and services.

The low-down on tickets, dates and running times for the Sneakertopia event!

Amazing Experiences You Can Gift In Los Angeles

Louis Vuitton Xâs pop

5 amazing experiences you can gift in Los Angeles Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Why not step outside the box and gift an amazing experience instead of more stuff? There are so many fun and unforgettable experiences on offer in Los Angeles, weve put together a list to help you: 1.

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Deciem X Good Good Good Pop

Beauty giant Deciem is collaborating with good-news-only company Good Good Good for its L.A. debut, hosting a pop-up at the Original Farmers Market from Dec. 14-19. The Deciem Good Newsstand will feature products from brands under the companys umbrella including the Ordinary, the Chemistry Brand and Hylamide. 6333 W. 3rd St.. Los Angeles, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily,

Saint Laurent Rive Droite X K

Saint Laurent Rive Droite has collaborated with clothing brand K-Way on a limited-edition waterproof and windproof bomber jacket thats available IRL exclusively at Saint Laurent Rive Droite locations in L.A. and Paris . The unisex jacket features a tiger-print flair and color blocks, with practical thermo inner seams perfect for protecting yourself against the elements this winter season . 469 N. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.

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Best Pop Up Museums Los Angeles

Featuring eight fruit-forward rooms, World of Fruit takes guests through an interactive exhibit that is wholly unexpected and unforgettable swing into our Watermelon Playground and grab a special treat from our watermelon ice cream truck, enjoy the light show in the Pineapple Disco Derby, and jump into our Dragon Fruit Pool before entering the World of Fruit Garden where our fruit specialists hand serve the very best in-season fruits from all over the world like jackfruit, baby pineapples, rambutan, durian, Australian mangos, kiwi berries, strawberry papayas, and more! Partnering with one of the largest fruit distributors in California, World of Fruit also serves and sells fruits on-site of the highest-quality from regions all over the world.

Museum of Dream Space in Los Angeles

For centuries, artistic expression has been expressed through static media using physical objects, like paint on canvas, clay, and stone. The Museum of Dream Space explores primarily digital art, inspired by Yayoi Kusama. They display an immersive exhibit of unique art and magical experiences for their guests to explore their imaginations. Digital animation, movement, and complex designs and patterns allow for complex detail but also change to occur, so each experience is unique. Get discount tickets to Museum of Dream Space in Los Angeles on Goldstar or Groupon.

Museum of Selfies in H0llywood

Museum of Illusions in Los Angeles

PetPop in Los Angeles

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