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This Is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist | Documentary Trailer | Netflix

Don Wildman investigates an ominous orb that mystified the nation, an interstellar sound from the dark side of the moon and the true identity of the world’s most celebrated writer.

Don Wildman examines an ancient carving that could tell of aliens visiting Earth, a scalpel used by America’s first serial killer and a piece of wood from a ship mysteriously buried beneath the World Trade Center.

Don Wildman investigates an eerie premonition about a presidential assassination, a superstorm that churned up the long-hidden plunder of an infamous pirate and the miraculous resurrection of 40,000-year-old worms.

Don Wildman investigates a legendary beast lurking in the forests of West Virginia, a ruthless kidnapping plot that targeted Frank Sinatra’s son and a string of violent attacks by the walking dead.

Don Wildman investigates a strange green orb spotted by spectators at a high school football game, a haunted hotel that inspired a bloodcurdling bestseller and the truth behind the most famous ear in history.

Don Wildman investigates a deranged nurse who became one of history’s most prolific serial killers, a tragic explosion that forever changed the NASA space program and a bizarre bunny that terrorized a rural community.

Don Wildman investigates a Civil Wars ghost who terrorized a family, a terrifying security breach by a strange object in the sky and a patriotic competition that turned into a national embarrassment.

Hurricane Ghost, Deadly Christmas Gift and Roswell Alien

Mysteries At The Museum Season 24 Release Date: When Will It Premiere

Was Mysteries at the Museum renewed for season 24?No, Mysteries at the Museum has not been renewed for twenty fourth season yet.

When does Mysteries at the Museum season 24 come out?Travel Channel has yet to be officially renew Mysteries at the Museum for season 24. As of March 2022, there is no release date scheduled for the new season. This does not mean the series has been canceled. The show may be on a break and the next season has not been announced or scheduled yet. We will update this post with more details as soon as they become available. If you want to get notified of the season 24 premiere, please sign up for updates below, and join the conversation in our forums.

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House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths

One of the more recent true crime documentaries from Netflix, this is a good one.Focusing on the bizarre deaths of 11 family members in one house in Burari, Delhi, India in 2018, House of Secrets delves into the theories behind of the strangest suicide/murder cases in recent memory. Unmissable stuff.

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The Fbi Has Named Suspects In The Crime But The Works Remain Missing

In 2013, the FBI announced that it had identified the two thieves with a high degree of confidence. In 2015, the organization revealed the names of its primary suspects: George Reissfelder and Leonard DiMuzio, two associates of the late mobster Carmello Merlino. Both resembled police sketches of the criminals and died within one year of the heist.

The investigators also said that they suspected the art was transported via organized crime networks to Connecticut and the Philadelphia region, where the thieves attempted to sell the works on the black market. After those attempted sales, however, the artworks trail goes cold.

Authorities were initially suspicious of the two young guards on duty that night. Abath, a self-described hippie and rock guitarist, was a regular on the night shift. Because art crimes of this nature typically require an inside source, he was high on the list of possible conspirators.

Abath, for his part, has long denied any role in the heist, and authorities have generally cleared him as a person of interest, reported Tom Mashberg for the New York Timesin 2015.

I was just this hippie guy who wasn’t hurting anything, wasnt on anybodys radar and the next day I was on everybodys radar for the largest art heist in history, he told NPR that same year.

Overall, the museums security director, Anthony M. Amore, told the Times, the video raises more questions than it answers.

Boston Herald

Does Netflixs This Is A Robbery Solve A 30

Is The Mysteries at the Museum renewed for a Season 25 on ...

Although he was only four when Bostons Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum was robbed, director Colin Barnicle has always been intrigued by the mystery of the worlds largest unsolved art heist. In the early morning hours after St. Patricks Day in 1990, two men dressed as cops talked their way into the Venetian-style building filled with priceless paintings, sculptures, tapestries, and decorative arts. After announcing, Gentleman, this is a robbery, the thieves tied up the museums two security guards, and spent 81 minutes cutting paintingsincluding works by Rembrandt, Degas, and Manetout of their frames without ever tripping an alarm. They got away with 13 pieces then valued at about $200 million.

Thirty-one years and a $10 million reward later, the whereabouts of the artnow worth $500 millionremains unknown. Barnicle hopes laying out the nuts and bolts of one of his hometowns most notorious crimes in the docuseries This Is A Robbery, out on Netflix April 7, jogs something loose to finally restore the missing canvases to the Gardners gallery walls.

Though no forensic evidence, like fingerprints or hair, was collected the night of the burglary, Barnicle doesnt blame the Boston Police. This was the FBIs case. This is on them, he said. They did not secure the crime scene the way they were supposed to.

Vanity Fair

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Mysteries At The Museum Plot And Series Summary

The stories behind interesting and unusual artifacts stored in museums are told.

Museums are where America displays its wondrous treasures of the past often strange and curious remnants of the momentous events that have shaped our history. Behind each artifact is yet another story to be told and secrets to be revealed tales brimming with scandal, mystery, murder and intrigue. Whether a diary from an Arctic exploration, a stone giant thought to be the remnant of a race of enormous people or a futuristic house that almost changed the world, iconic museum artifacts help us uncover who we are and what weve become. Each hour of this series will take viewers on a captivating, revealing and at times shocking tour of Americas past, revisiting its most crucial events by reexamining what has been left behind. The series casts its net wide, exploring the corners and backrooms of institutions dedicated to a variety of popular and entertaining subjects invisible spies, cold-blooded assassins, dinosaurs, the paranormal, the Old West, the Cold War and more. Well tackle some of historys most enduring mysteries both familiar tales and little-known episodes that have never been told before on television.

You may also visit Mysteries at the Museums official website and IMDb page.

The Best Movies And Tv Shows Coming To Netflix In March

Every month, the streaming service adds a new batch of titles to its library. Here are our picks for March.

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Every month, Netflix adds movies and TV shows to its library. Here are our picks for some of Marchs most promising new titles.

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Who Killed Little Gregory

Who Killed Little Gregory is a documentary focused on the horrific murder of Grégory Villemin. It’s arguably the best true crime documentary on Netflix. It’s about a murder, and attempts to solve that murder, but it’s also a lesson in media representation and the horrific sexism Grégory’s mother had to face in the wake her own son’s murder.

What Did Jack Do

Desktop Gear Clock on Mysteries at the Museum

For a truly baffling mystery, it’s time for you to watch David Lynch asking a suited monkey if he’s ever been a card-carrying member of the communist party. It’s a genuine thing that happens in David Lynch’s What Did Jack Do?, a 17-minute film which sees the director interrogating a monkey called Jack in a train carriage.

Co-presented by Lynch’s company Absurda and Parisian contemporary art museum Fondation Cartier, the film was written, directed, and edited by Lynch himself. Along with a small crew, he also did the sound editing, set design, and assisted with set construction.

We won’t spoil what happens, but look out for a cameo from actor Emily Stofle , and make sure you stick around for the catchy musical number towards the end. Yes, you read that right.* S.H.

Need even more streaming recommendations? Mashable has so many streaming guides for you to make your way through. You can find:

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How Could The Gardner Art Robbery Stay Unsolved For This Long

One of the great mysteries of the robbery is its longevity. In over 30 years, theres never been an official suspect. But Barnicle argues thats not due to a lack of leads.

I actually dont think theres any secrecy with the guys, with the criminal elements. I think they robbed the art, and then there was a small crew whose life expectancy was not long thereafter, Barnicle says.

As the documentary lays out, most roads point back to a few suspects: a team of Boston mafia members allegedly led by Bobby Donati and Bobby Guarente. It was common knowledge among local gangsters, Barnicle argues, that purloined paintings could be used as bargaining chips. If your buddy ended up in jail, you could use knowledge of a stolen artwork to get a generous plea deal.

But life was short for the Donati boys a number of the key members were killed in unrelated gang violence in the years after the robbery, leaving fewer and fewer people with direct knowledge of the theft.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, as seen in the Netflix documentary “This Is a Robbery.”

If you’re carrying around a Chinese vase, you probably think its stolen, Barnicle says. You probably don’t think its stolen in the largest art heist of all time It looks like something you might hold flowers or ash a cigarette in.

FILE – In this undated file photo released by the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum shows “Leaving the Paddock” by Degas.

Mysteries At The Museum Age Rating

Mysteries at the Museum is rated TV-PG, which means it contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children. Many parents may want to watch it with their younger children. The theme itself may call for parental guidance and/or the program may contain one or more of the following: some suggestive dialogue, infrequent coarse language, some sexual situations, or moderate violence.

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American Murder: The Family Next Door

There are a lot of true crime documentaries out there but American Murder: The Family Next Door sticks out.

It tells the story of Chris Watts, a seemingly regular guy who murdered his wife and children. The access to footage is staggering and it’s edited and produced in a unique way, using text messages and social media posts to tell the story. It’s a horrific reminder of the banal, incredibly common existence of domestic violence.

Mysteries At The Museum

Mysteries at the Museum

The stories behind interesting and unusual artifacts stored in museums are told.The stories behind interesting and unusual artifacts stored in museums are told.The stories behind interesting and unusual artifacts stored in museums are told.

  • In Summer of 2019, the time-slot for MATM was moved in favor of more inane ghost shows. As such, viewers have been unable to find the series’ time slot for months, and it appears to have been canceled, since neither search engines nor the production has indicated its new date and time of airing. The Travel Channel isn’t airing any previews nor announcement for its air date, nor does not it seem to reply viewer inquiries either.

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The Thieves Likely Succeeded Due To Canny Planning Luck And Lax Security

Wealthy American art collector Isabella Stewart Gardner constructed her namesake museum out of her private, Venetian palazzoinspired home in the hope that it would provide for the education and enjoyment of the public forever. But after her death in 1924, the museum fell into financial disrepair. By 1990, the museums security flaws were common knowledge among Bostons criminal elite, making it a bit of a sitting duck for a heist, per the Guardian.

Portrait of Isabella Stewart Gardner

Late on the night of March 18, the two thieves tricked the young guards on duty, 23-year-old Rick Abath and 25-year-old Randy Hestand, into buzzing them inside. Dressed in stolen police uniforms, the burglars pretended to be cops responding to a disturbance call linked to the rowdy Saint Patricks Day celebrations taking place outside.

Once inside, the criminals overpowered the hapless guards, disabled the security cameras and got to work removing precious works of art from their frames. The thieves departed at 2:45 a.m. after making two separate trips to their car with the artwork in tow the night guards, their mouths duct-taped shut, remained trapped in the museum basement until the police, called in by the next set of guards to arrive at the museum, found them around 8:15 a.m.

The Concert

The Best Documentaries On Netflix

Welcome to the home of documentary films and true crime series.

Editorial Director

Netflix has a bafflingly huge selection of documentary films and series. True crime, history, sports… Netflix has it all. Where do you even start?

You know where this is leading. Check out this list for each genre of documentary on Netflix. Good luck and happy watching!

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Things Heard And Seen

Dont let the low Rotten Tomatoes score put you off. Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcinis Things Heard and Seen based on the novel All Things Cease to Appear by Elizabeth Brundage is one of those films that’s sure to divide people. It hovers between multiple genres, splicing drama and thriller with horror and mystery in a balancing act that could easily be off-putting to some. The film follows a young couple Catherine and George whose decision to move into a farmhouse in upstate New York leads to the discovery of some fairly unsettling secrets . Don’t go into it expecting straight horror, though, or youll be disappointed. But if you like well-drawn characters and plenty of simmering dread, its worth checking out. S.H.

Netflix’s ‘this Is A Robbery’ Director Reveals More Mysteries Theories About Gardner Art Heist

Stranger Things | Premiere Prank! [HD] | Netflix

When you think of the biggest art heist in the world, your mind likely fills with romantic images of slinky cat burglars, “Oceans Eleven” schemers in three-piece suits or Tom Cruise dropping down from a glass ceiling. In all likelihood, you did not immediately think of seedy car repair shops and a bunch of mafia guys named Bobby.

But thats the portrait painted by This Is a Robbery, Netflixs wildly engaging four-part docuseries hitting the platform Wednesday. With a new true crime doc dropping seemingly every day, the genres a dime a dozen right now. But both novices and experts will find much to enjoy in this gripping retelling of the Isabella Stewart Gardner robbery in which 13 works of art were lifted on March 18, 1990 by a pair of mystery men dressed as cops.

For the uninitiated, heres the low down: As Bostons many St. Patricks Day parties raged on, two police officers asked to be let into the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum late at night. When a young security guard let them in, it was quickly apparent they werent cops at all they duct-taped the guard and left him in the basement as they cased the museum. For 81 minutes, a veritable lifetime, motion sensors tracked them as they took paintings off of walls and brutally cut them out of their frames.

FILE – This undated file photograph released by the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum shows the painting “The Storm on the Sea of Galilee,” by Rembrandt.

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Theories Big And Small Abound But Certain Answers Are Hard To Come By

As the Guardian reports, dozens of theories ranging from conspiratorial to credible have cropped up over the years. Most people, including the FBI, argue that the works traveled through organized crime networks in Boston: namely, the mob.

This Is a Robbery is less interested in whodunnit and more interested in tracking where the paintings might have ended up. The narrative centers on Bobby Donati, a mobster who may have organized the theft with fellow criminal Robert Guarente in order to use the art as a bargaining chip to get their friend Vincent Ferrara out of jail, per Lauren Kranc of Esquire. Both Donati and Guarente are now dead.

Another former mobster, Robert Gentile, has long maintained his innocence despite a bevy of evidence pointing to his involvement in the crime. The octogenarian was released from prison in 2019 after serving 54 months on an unrelated charge. He remains the only living person who likely has firsthand knowledge of the 1990 heist.

The series briefly considers several wilder suggestions, including the theory that members of the Irish Republic Army were involved in the crime, notes Esquire. The directors also interviewed Myles Connor Jr., a colorful character and convicted art thief who was in jail at the time of the robbery. Connor provides essential context about how the underground art market operated during the 1990s.

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