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Museum Of Ice Cream San Francisco Tickets

How Much Are The Tickets For The Ice Cream Museum In San Francisco

Money Talks: Ice Cream Museum attracts Instagrammers in San Francisco

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. Regarding this, how long will the Museum of ice cream be in San Francisco?

The experience is self paced, but takes about 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Peace, love, and ice cream! over a year ago. 1 hour was plenty for us.

Beside above, is the ice cream museum worth it? Rhiannon Valerie Fisher recommends MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM.The ice cream is delicious and the treats you get throughout are definitely worth it if you’re not into the picture/instagram aspect.

Similarly, it is asked, is the Museum of ice cream free?

Children 2 and under free and encouraged to love ice cream but must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

What do you do at the Museum of ice cream?

Every room will make you feel like you‘ve transferred to a different world, that’s all pink and weird. You‘ll dance, you‘ll eat a lot of ice cream and other sweets, you‘ll swing on a banana swing and even climb a wall.

Museum Of Ice Cream San Francisco Sports Tickets

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Museum Of Ice Creams San Francisco Debut And How To Get Tickets

By Chris Ellis | August 22, 2017, 11:29 pm

Stand back Color Factory, theres a new buzz-worthy experience in town. The news of a downtown San Francisco location is melting the hearts of ice cream lovers who have been anxiously waiting for the doors to open and reveal an interactive sprinkle pool, an ice cream sandwich swing and maybe some new SF-only features.

The Museum officially opens on Sunday, September 17th from 11am-10pm. Pre-purchasing a ticket is required and will go on sale this week, you can purchase them here for a cool $38 a pop starting this Friday September 14th at 9am each ticket also includes tastings and edible treats. If you have money to burn, the private tours will likely run you between $1500-$2000 for groups up to 20.

The Museum of Ice Cream1 Grant Avenue, SF, CA 94108Wednesday-Monday: 11am-10pm Tuesday: Closedwebsite: museumoficecream.com/san-francisco/

Have an AMEX card? Theres an advance sale ticketing option on Wednesday 8/23 and Thursday 8/24 at 9am.

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San Francisco Museum Of Ice Cream Tour

Come with me on a photo and video tour of the San Francisco Museum of Ice Cream! See what the fuss is all about the sprinkle pool, swings, disco room and more.Have you seen the San Francisco Museum of Ice Cream blowing up your Instagram feed? The museum opened here in SF last month and as you can imagine, its gone viral! Its basically a big colorful playland where you can feel like a kid again, all while capturing those perfectly Instagrammable moments.

In addition to taking a million photos, I also made a video tour of the museum. I hope it makes you feel like youre actually visiting the museum for yourself. If you havent already, make sure you check out my YouTube channel for more recipes, travel and more.

I was lucky to score tickets to the Museum as a part of a takeover by My Mo Mochi Mochi Ice Cream Snacks. It was basically like winning the lottery tickets to the Ice Cream Museum and unlimited delightful mochi treats, all in one night.

Highlights of the Museum of Ice Cream include freshly made cotton candy, a room of giant gummy bears, and lots and lots of Instagrammable moments.

Oh, and the sprinkle pool. No really, an actually pool filled with sprinkles.

The staff that guided is through the museum did a great job making the experience fun and interactive. There was trivia, games, jokes and even a flash mob.

Make sure you make time for the last stop of the tour the swings! Its the perfect ending to the childlike fantasy.

What To Expect At The San Francisco Museum Of Ice Cream

Tickets sellout for Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco ...

While people freak out about the sprinkle pool, I actually thought it was the least fun of all the rooms. The time in the pool is very limited, simply because everyone wants to hop in. The pool holds over 100 million custom-designed sprinkles that visitors can dive right into, and they get everywhere. My husband is still dropping sprinkles around and its been a few days

Every room will make you feel like youve transferred to a different world, thats all pink and weird. Youll dance, youll eat a lot of ice cream and other sweets, youll swing on a banana swing and even climb a wall.

Its definitely not just for photos. I actually saw a lot of people not taking photos at all and just enjoying their time.


Wednesday 18th of October 2017

Yes, it was. It’s all coming in the video 😀

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If you find yourself in your dorm wanting to explore and go out to different places, but don’t know where to go, keep reading this. As a college student living in one of the most amazing cities, you can find plenty of activities that match what you like and what you would enjoy.

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The Museum Of Ice Cream Will Be In Sf All Summer Here’s How To Get Tickets

The popular and extremely photogenic Museum of Ice Cream announced it will be staying in San Francisco through the summer.

Because nothing says summer like ice cream, right?

A new batch of tickets is going on sale Wednesday at 11 a.m., as the exhibit announces it’ll stick around through Sept. 3.

If you haven’t heard of the museum, you’ve probably seen the pictures show up in your social media feeds. The exhibit is less of an educational museum and more of an Instagram backdrop, with its bubblegum-pink walls, oversized gummy bears and massive sprinkle pool with a few facts about ice cream thrown in.

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Museum Of Ice Cream San Francisco Concerts

There are a ton of top concerts coming to Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco this year. Annually, Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco hosts country, rock, hip-hop, R& B, pop and many other genres of music from many top musicians. Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco concerts are sure to be a top draw for shows in San Francisco each time they come to town.

Museum Of Ice Cream: Tickets On Sale Friday

Museum of Ice Cream Comes to San Francisco

Submitted by the Event Organizer

Classify this under worth the splurge. Get ready to dive into sprinkles the Museum of Ice Cream is officially coming to San Francisco in September 2017.

This pop-up museum has already melted hearts in New York and Los Angeles and soon it will be opening up at 1 Grant Ave. at Market Street in SF.

Our museum will open in September with tickets costing a whopping $38 So even though this is FunExpensive rather than FunCheap weve gotten a lot of requests to keep people updated, so here you are. Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, August 25th.

General Public on Sale Friday 8/25 at 9 amTickets: $38 You can book dates through October 30th

  • Opening day is September 17th for the general public
  • September 16th is Platinum Opening Day with a pop-up Platinum Lounge with a special tasting, interactive experience and more.
  • Multiple ice cream treats are included with your admission.
  • You can purchase up to six tickets.
  • There are no tickets for sale at the venue.
  • These are timed tickets, giving you a 20-minute window to arrive. If you miss your window, your tickets are no longer valid.

The reviews of the LA museum were mixed with people concerned the experience is too short and over-hyped , but it still looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Plus the event organizers say they will be creating new immersive installations and totally re-imagining the sprinkle pool for San Francisco.

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We Are Not Your Ordinary Museum

We create multi-sensorial installations that connect people and spread joy. To us, ice cream is more than a sweet treat. It’s a universal symbol of happiness, a vehicle for imaginative wonder, and a powerful force to bring people together.

Prepare for the extraordinary. Here, unicorns are real and every day starts with a swim in the sprinkle pool.

All restrooms in our venue are gender neutral. Racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other form of discrimination will not be tolerated at our Museum.

All captured content taken by MOIC of its guests and experience is the property of MOIC. All captured content of MOIC posted publicly, by outside persons, is released to MOIC for public use.

How To Get Tickets To The World’s Coolest Museum

Ice cream upon ice cream upon ice cream.

The Museum of Ice Cream has become one of the most popular places in America for narcissists to photograph themselves, ever since Beyoncé and The Kardashians hit up the Los Angeles outpost this past spring. Indeed, museum is kind of a misnomer since there’s no real cultural benefit to it, save from snapping photos, applying a gentle filter, and putting them on Instagram. But regardless of how you feel about social media, selfies and Stories , the museum is a pretty awesome place for the kids.

We took our two youngins last month and while we learned probably just two things about the history of ice cream itself , we had a blast walking through the life-sized popsicle sculptures, swinging on a random set of swings before walking through a room where tons of bananas hung from the ceiling, and jumping into the Sprinkle Pool. Don’t worry, the sprinkles are plastic. Another bonus? The musuem serves a special ice cream treat in every room you enter. #sugaroverload.

The overall experience took about an hour and a half. Wisely, the museum lets people into the space in timed batches, so that each group has enough time to photograph themselves in each room. Seriously. Just beware, there is a gift shop at the end of the tour and your kids, all hopped up on sugar, are going to want a few things. Plan accordingly.

Check out this video of the museum that we took for Condé Nast Traveler on their Snapchat channel.

UPDATE: 8/23/17

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Museum Of Ice Cream San Francisco Events

Are you searching for Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco events? Look no further, we have tickets to all Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco events in 2022. If you look at the list above, you will see all sorts of concerts, sports and family events that will take place at Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco shortly. Some of the most exciting country, rock and rap artists appear at Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco when they are in town.

Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco has a storied history hosting many top concerts over the years from many of the worlds top recording artists. Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco events will be sure to continue to host some of the best musical acts.

Also another important fact is that Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco events will be sure to sell out. So its even more important to look for tickets as soon as Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco events are announced.

The Only Learning Part

Alert: Museum Of Ice Cream Opens September 17, Tickets On ...

I should disclose now that the usage of the word museum for the Museum of Ice Cream is a pretty loose this is not an educational museum besides a brief section at the very beginning after descending the stairs from the street where there are some facts printed on the wall and the group is quizzed on a few of the facts, but thats about it. Some things we learned include

  • The origins of ice cream can be traced to the Tang Dynasty in China, 1,500 years ago
  • In the 1770s, during his presidency George Washington spent $200 on ice cream in one summer
  • Waffle cones were invented in the 1904 at the St. Louis Worlds Fair
  • The ice cream bar was invented in 1920 when Harry Burt saw people struggling to hold their Eskimo Pies and inserted a stick as a handle he eventually created his own company, Good Humor
  • Soft serve ice cream was invented in the 1930s by accident when Tom Carvers ice cream truck had a flat tire and he chose to serve his ice cream treats at a higher temperature
  • In the 1945 during WWII, the Navy spends $1MM converting a concrete barge into a floating ice cream factory

But, then you see a pink velvet rope and glimpse the Ice Cream Vault and you get excited and dont want to read! Welcome to your transformation into being excited and back into being a kid.

Think of this more as a mashup of a pop art exhibit combined with a fun house that you interact with.

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Sf’s Museum Of Ice Cream Is Dunzo

One of SF’s first big Instagram-trap “museums,” the Museum of Ice Cream, has scooped its last scoop and swept up its last plastic sprinkle.

The interactive attraction, best known for its sprinkle pool, closed its SF location at the start of the pandemic and never reopened, and its New York-based owners confirmed the closure via where else? Instagram late last week. The SF Business Times first reported the news, noting that signage on the Savings Union Bank building at 1 Grant Street came down in the last week.

Like some other Instagram traps and “selfie factories” before and after it, the MOIC was relatively popular and light on substance. The New York museum lives on, and the creators recently announced upcoming iterations in Austin and Singapore.

The MOIC opened in San Francisco in 2017 to a fair bit of fanfare, about a year after its ridiculously popular New York debut. The first batch of tickets for the SF iteration sold out in less than 90 minutes. In the spring of 2019, the SF museum did a sort of relaunch with something they called the “Sprinkle Spectacular,” adding some sort of theatrical element to the experience.

The SF museum had hoped to get a license to sell beer and wine, and wanted to host a complementary bar at the end of tours called the “Dive-In” presumably adjacent to the sprinkle pool. But the SF Board of Supervisors denied that bid after two attempts.

The Chronicle’s John King has posted an appropriately withering mini-obit for the place.

Sign Up For The Moic Newsletter

Please keep in mind that this is a pop-up exhibit so each museum is open is for a short amount of time and tickets are limited. My biggest piece of advice is to go to and sign up for their newsletter. That is how we found out they were adding more dates/tickets to their museum in San Francisco and bought tickets immediately. They can sell out quickly!

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Best Sites About Discount Tickets For Museum Of Ice Cream

Take advantage of the most recent discount tickets for museum of ice cream at CouponsDoom to save up to 80%. Other than that, we offer thousands of checked coupons and deals that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have diff erent types of coupons varied in different shopping categories like F& B, clothes, shoes, electronics, medical, technology, etc.

Things That Will Happen At The Museum Of Ice Cream

San Francisco MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM Tour

This post is part of the Mommy Shorts Guide to Manhattan, a series where I share all of our favorite family-friendly spots in NYC.

The Museum of Ice Cream has been traveling around the country for the last few years, popping up in San Francisco, LA, New York City and Miami with its colorful photo ops and unique flavors of ice cream. MmmmmChurro. The tickets usually sell out before I get a chance to go, so this time, I was NOT going to let that happen.

When I found out the Museum of Ice Cream was coming back to NYC and setting up shop in SOHO, I got on their mailing list and bought tickets before it even opened. Their new location opened in December and will be here until May 31st, which means, it should still be possible to get your hands on some tickets. Especially if you go during the week. We rolled up on a Wednesday after school.

What happens at the Museum of Ice Cream exactly? Will your child learn about the science behind the making of ice cream? Or the benefits of a balanced diet and how to incorporate cold creamy treats in moderation?

No. No, they will not.

At the Museum of Ice Cream, your kids will be provided with a sugar and adrenaline rush that will take them from 3pm until way past their bedtime. That much I can guarantee.

What else is on offer, besides spiking blood sugar levels?

Lets take a look.

Up front, its a store and an ice cream shop that is open to the public.

Youll show off your best banana split.

Youll play DJ and scratch a tune.

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