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Metropolitan Museum Of Art Google Doodle

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Metropolitan Museum of Art | Google Doodle 151st Anniversary of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Google Doodle Celebrates The Metropolitan Museums 151st Anniversary

Tomorrow, April 13, marks the Metropolitan Museum of Arts 151st anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, Google created a special Doodle for its US homepage, highlighting artworks from the New York institutions vast collection.

The doodle was originally planned for the Mets 150th-anniversary celebrations last year, which were hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic. The animated digital artwork was created by artist Erich Nagler, lead art director of Google Doodles.

The GIF features rotating samples from the Mets permanent collection, including a sculpture from 2nd-century BCE China a 13th-century terracotta sculpture from the Inland Niger Delta region of present-day Mali The Unicorn Rests in a Garden from the Unicorn Tapestries an ornate Italian guitar from around 1800 and Samuel Joseph Brown, Jr.s Self-Portrait . A rendering of the Mets Fifth Avenue building is shown underneath the works of art, with lines indicating where each object is located within its galleries.

I actually began working on this Doodle last year, to celebrate the Mets 150th anniversary, but had to postpone due to the pandemic, Nagler said in a Q& A on . I havent yet been able to visit the museum since then, so my goal for the Doodle was to try and recreate the feeling of visiting the museum from numerous past visits.

Google Doodle Honors Metropolitan Museum Of Art On Its 151st Anniversary

Today’s Doodle celebrates the 151st anniversary of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, one of the world’s largest and most notable art museums.

The Doodle features a cartoon ground plan of the famous Central Park building, along with rotating gifs depicting some of the contents of the collections held within.

The museum, often called simply “The Met”, was founded in 1870 by a group of American citizensbusinessmen and financiers as well as leading artists of the daywho wanted to create a museum to bring art and art education to Americans.

Some of its most famous works include Caravaggio’s ‘The Denial of Saint Peter’ and the ‘Venus Italica’ sculpture.

On this day in 1870, the museum was officially incorporated and soon after acquired its first work of art: a Roman sarcophagus.

The artist behind this latest Doodle, Erich Nagler, began working on its design last year, to celebrate the Met’s 150th anniversary, but had to postpone due to the pandemic.

As New York’s largest art museum, its permanent collection consists of more than 1.5 million objects, spanning over 5,000 years from all over the world.

Some of the museum’s contents depicted in the Google Doodle include a Byzantine floor mosaic from 500-550 A.D., the armor of German Emperor Ferdinand I from the 16th century, an intricate traditional Lakota/Teton Sioux beaded dress, and the painting “Self-Portrait’ by Samuel Joseph Brown, Jr. from the 1940s.

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Metropolitan Museum Of Art Gets Google Doodle Treatment For 151st Anniversary

Google is celebrating the 151st anniversary of the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a doodle showcasing the institution’s most important pieces of work.

Each letter in the Google logo has been replaced with a different piece of art, as images in each space change to show a new painting or sculpture. Underneath is a recreation of the museum itself surrounded by trees in Central Park.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was founded and incorporated in 1870 after acquiring its first piece, a Roman sarcophagus, according to a history of The Met from Google.

The New York museum has more than 1.5 million permanent objects in its collection, spanning over 5,000 years, including works from artists including Rembrandt, Vincent Van Gogh, and Claude Monet.

Erich Nagler, who created the doodle, said he wanted to recreate the feeling of visiting the museum.

“Now that many museums are re-opening with safety precautions in mind, it feels like the right moment to celebrate one of the world’s most iconic art institutions,” said Nagler in the Google post.

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Google Doodledas Metropolitan Museum Of Art Wird 151

Am 13. April 1870 wurde das “Met” gegründet. Zum 151. Jahrestag widmet Google dem New Yorker Kunstmuseum ein Doodle.

Die offizielle Gründung des Metropolitan Museum of Art, kurz Met genannt, fällt in das Jahr 1870. Seine Geschichte reicht aber noch weiter zurück: Bereits 1866 hielt John Ray, Neffe eines berühmten, gleichnamigen Verfassungsjuristen, eine Rede vor amerikanischen Geschäftsleuten. Darin forderte er die Unternehmer auf, ein Museum für die amerikanische Bevölkerung zu eröffnen, das als nationale Institution den Menschen die Kunst und die Kunsterziehung näherbringen sollte.

Eine nationale Institution ist es wahrhaftig geworden: Heutzutage ist das Metropolitan Museum of Art das größte Kunstmuseum der USA und besitzt eine der bedeutendsten kunsthistorischen Sammlungen der Welt. Die permanente Sammlung umfasst 1,5 Millionen Objekte aus aller Welt manche von ihnen sind im Doodle abgebildet, beispielsweise ein byzantinisches Bodenmosaik , die Rüstung des deutschen Kaisers Ferdinand I. aus dem 16. Jahrhundert oder ein Selbstporträt von Samuel Joseph Brown Jr. aus den 1940er Jahren.

Mittlerweile hat das Met drei Standorte. Der bekannteste ist das Hauptgebäude, das sich in der Upper East Side von Manhattan/New York City befindet, am östlichen Rand des Central Park. Dort ist es Bestandteil der sogenannten Museum Mile einem Teil der Fifth Avenue, an dem sich eine Reihe von bedeutenden Museen befinden.

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Google Honors The Metropolitan Museum Of Art With New Doodle

April 13 — is celebrating the 151st anniversary of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City with a new Doodle.

Google’s homepage features artwork from Doodler Erich Nagler that depicts the museum and a rotating selection of items, paintings and sculptures that can be found inside.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or Met, was officially incorporated on this day in 1870 and was started by businessmen, financiers, artists and thinkers of the day.

The museum’s first work of art was a Roman sarcophagus. New York’s largest art museum now houses 1.5 million objects that span over 5,000 years.

“Happy anniversary to The Met – and here’s to many more!” Google said.

is also offering users a comprehensive look at the making of The Met that explores the history, people and artworks that make up the museum.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute announced Monday that The Met Gala will return in 2021 with the first of a two-part exhibition on American fashion.

The first part, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” will take place on Sept. 13 and the second part, “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” will take place on May 2, 2022.

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Google Will Celebrate The Mets 151st Anniversary With A Special Doodle Highlighting Some Of Its Most Beloved Artworks

The design comes courtesy of artist Erich Nagler.

Two of Americas biggest institutions are teaming up for one special day, as Google honors the Metropolitan Museum of Arts 151st anniversary with a custom doodle marking the occasion.

On Tuesday, April 13, Googles main page will feature an array of images culled from the two million artworks that are part of the Mets storied collection, 400,000 of which are digitized and available for free download.

The design comes courtesy of Google artist Erich Nagler, who was inspired by the Mets ability to connect people to art across time and place.

The Google Doodle celebrating the Mets 151st anniversary. Courtesy of Google/The Met.

Each letter of the image is an artwork, recreating some of the Mets most beloved paintings, sculptures, and instruments, alongside lesser-known treasures.

In keeping with the encyclopedic trove, the works represent a variety of cultures. Included in the image are a 1941 self-portrait by the African American artist Samuel Joseph Brown, Jr. one of the Mets famed and beloved 16th-century Unicorn Tapestries a 13th-century terracotta sculpture of a seated figure from the Inland Niger Delta region and a beaded Lakota/Teton Sioux dress from the late 19th century.

The graphic will be viewable in over 20 countries, and is part of Googles Arts & Culture program, which provides access to institutions collections to viewers around the world.

See some of the works that inspired the doodle below.

Metropolitan Museum Of Art: Seven Treasures To Discover On Its 151st Anniversary

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Google Doodle

Doodle celebrates the 151st Anniversary of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Let’s take a look at some of the treasures of the monumental building that houses some of the most valuable legacies of cultural enrichment

Happy anniversary to The Met! In honour of the 151st anniversary of the Metropolitan Museum of Art or long-standing home of the Met Gala, Google Doodle celebrates one of the largest art galleries of the world which houses over 2 million works of renowned artists.

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First Let’s Take A Look At The Memorial Head

This sleek terracotta head is a memorial portrait of an Akan ruler from present-day southern Ghana or southeastern Cote d’Ivoire. The representation of the ruler is idealised as his face expression remains serene while his facial features are soft and delicate. In the mid 18th century, portraits of previous rulers were places with sculptures like this in a cemetery called asensie where they honoured the memory of their beloved rulers. As with the Egyptian pyramids, in different periods of times, these cemeteries were the focus of prayers and offerings as they believed in offering support even in the afterlife.

Water Of The Flowery Mill

This colourful piece practically dancing off the canvas caught our eye, not because of its vibrant colours but it’s a homage to surrealism. Water of the Flowery Mill is part of a group of landscape-inspired works that Gorky produced during the last six years of his life. Gorky fled his home country Armenia twenty years prior to this painting but the images portrayed evokes the artist’s nostalgia for Armenia. His fluid interpretation of the flat landscape and overlapping fields of colour are influenced by ‘Abstract Expressionim’ which was a surrealism movement that emerged in the 1950s.

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Google Celebrates Metropolitan Museum Of Art With Animated Doodle

Doodle marks 151st anniversary with a carousel of selected pieces from the museum’s collection.

Steven Musil

Night Editor / News

Steven Musil is the night news editor at CNET News. He’s been hooked on tech since learning BASIC in the late ’70s. When not cleaning up after his daughter and son, Steven can be found pedaling around the San Francisco Bay Area. Before joining CNET in 2000, Steven spent 10 years at various Bay Area newspapers.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art — popularly known as simply the Met — is the largest art museum in the US, with more than 2 million artifacts that date back 5,000 years. On Tuesday, it’s marking its 151st anniversary and Google is joining in the party with an animated Doodle featuring 18 pieces of art from the museum’s vast collection.

The museum’s origins stretch back to 1866 and across the Atlantic Ocean, when a group of Americans in Paris decided to create a “national institution and gallery of art” that would make art and art education available to people in America. Four years later, on April 13, 1870, The Met was incorporated.

The museum’s first location was in the Dodworth Building at 681 Fifth Ave. The museum relocated in 1880 to its current site about a mile up the street on the eastern edge of New York’s Central Park.

The museum’s 2 million square feet houses 17 separate departments, including ancient art from around the world musical instruments costumes and antique weapons and armor, among other items.

Manuel Osorio Manrique De Zuiga

Lifestyle News, Latest Lifestyle News

The Spanish romantic painter depicts the son of the Count and Countess of Altamira who is shown between a cage of finches and three wide-eyed cats who appear captivated by the boy’s pet magpie. The boy is wearing a vibrant red costume whereas his pet is holding Goya‘s calling card and signature. The magpie is generally seen as an ill-omen but It appears that Goya separates the innocent world of the child from the forces of evil as the animals perhaps forebode a tragedy about to occur. Manuel died only a few years after his portrait was painted, at the age of eight.

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