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Interactive Art Museum Salt Lake City

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Interactive City Blocks Come To The Leonardo In Salt Lake City

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“I personally enjoyed the older version of dreamscapes cause there was more to look at and interactive with. This updated version is very pretty and nice to take pictures at but I felt it was very small and short!! Appreciate all the recycled art the museum has but was hoping for more interaction”

University Of Utah / Salt Lake City

Utah Museum of Fine Arts, 410 Campus Center Drive, Salt Lake City, 581-7332. Permanent collection of approximately 15,000 art objects representing world cultures for the past 5,000 years. Musical concerts, lectures, films, gallery talks. Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 10-5 Wednesday: 10-8 Saturday, Sunday: 11-5. Admission: Adults: $5 Seniors: $3 Youth : $3.

Natural History Museum of Utah, 301 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108, 581-4303. Paleontology exhibits include mounted skeletons of Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Camptosaurus from the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, and a fossil mammal exhibit. Extensive collection of artifacts from ancient tribal cultures. Children’s hands-on exhibits and art projects.

The Leonardo Announces New Interactive Digital Space

Salt Lake City The Leonardo will host Art Through Experience: Monet to Kandinsky, an immersive multimedia show, and debut event in the museums new state-of-the-art immersive digital exploratory art gallery.

Art through experience: Monet to Kandinsky

Hosted in partnership with MagicSpace Entertainment and Universal Exhibition Group , Monet to Kandinsky is an exciting, immersive show featuring the works of the remarkable masters of modernism in a unique combination of HD projections of nearly 1,000 works of art, animated graphics, and music. Prior to entering the IDEA space, visitors will immerse themselves in the context of the era, and into the minds of the artists to understand the forces that inspired them to transform reality into abstract art. Featured artists include Claude Monet, Georges Seurat, Paul Gaugin, Vincent van Gogh, Juan Gris, Edvard Munch, Wassily Kandinsky, and more.

Attending the exhibit

The exhibit opens to the public on Saturday, November 13 at The Leonardo, 209 East 500 South, Salt Lake City.

Adult tickets are $30 and include entry to the show as well as The Leonardos other attractions. To purchase tickets and for more information, visit

The gallery provides a safe opportunity for socially distanced and contactless experiences.

Supporting Utahs students and economy

A first for Utah and the US

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Brigham Young University / Provo

Museum of Art, North Campus Dr, 378-8256. Family interactive center, print study room, theater, art study center 75-seat restaurant, bookstore and permanent and temporary exhibits of paintings and sculpture.

Earth Science Museum, EARTH Building, -422-3680. Guided tours. Exhibits of fossils from most geologic periods and research collections of dinosaurs and other vertebrates, especially from the Jurassic period.

Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum, 290 MLBM, 378-5051. Preserved and mounted examples of animals, insects, plants, and fish. Exhibits based on the life cycles of all species,education programs and children’s hands-on Discovery Area.

Museum of Peoples and Cultures, 700 North 100 East, 378-6112. Guided tours. Permanent and temporary exhibits tracking the anthropology of world cultures.

New Love Letters Interactive Art Exhibit At The Gateway Finds Delight In The Alphabet Typography And Mistakes

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Love Letters Museum co-designer and artist John Connors slides down a giant book replica of Alice in Wonderland as part of the Love Letters Museum show opening June 21, 2109. Love Letters is the newest 15,000-square-foot interactive art installation at The Gateway dedicated to the love of letters, as well as typography, books and literal love letters. It is our attempt to use what we know best to encourage each of our visitors to find and tell their own story. And to find the art in other’s stories -Love Letters Museum.

Slide down the pages of a book. Climb through a picture frame to find a miniature art show. Discover books sorted by the rainbow or twisting overhead in an arch.

Love Letters, a new immersive art installation at The Gateway, is dedicated to the various ways people use the alphabet to tell their stories and to understand others stories. Following on the heels of similar installations Hall of Breakfast and Dreamscapes, the space opened Friday and will run through Sept. 1.

This is kind of a great way to write our own little love letter to Salt Lake, as well as create something really interactive and fun and playful for families throughout the summer, said John Connors, co-creator of Love Letters.

Guests can write their own love letters and the show will mail them anywhere in the world. The last part of the exhibit has a paper shredder 12 feet high that produces rainbow confetti.

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The Natural History Museum Of Utah Salt Lake City Ut

Located at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, the Natural History Museum of Utah is the perfect place for both nature enthusiasts and novices. Boasting expansive collections in paleontology, anthropology, entomology, mineralogy and nearly everything else under the Utah sun, this museum is equally entertaining and educational.

The Utah Museum Of Contemporary Art Salt Lake City Ut

If abstract sculpture is your thing, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art in Salt Lake City is up your alley. Originally founded in 1931, the museum has grown especially popular in recent years. The museum features exhibits by international and local artists and also offers a host of workshops, lectures and other events.

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Love Letters: Gateway Opens New Interactive Installation Art Exhibit Tribute To Typography

ByCara MacDonald for | Posted – June 27, 2019 at 4:40 p.m.

Estimated read time: 4-5 minutes

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SALT LAKE CITY Love Letters, a typography and story-based installation art exhibit, has brought another temporary interactive museum to the Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City.

The pop-up provides an immersive dive into the world of storytelling and books, according to co-founder and artist John Connors. We want a place where people can not just see art and be inspired by it, he said, But also to create something while theyre here and send that out into the world.

The exhibit begins in their bookstore, a room full of strategically chosen novels adorning colorful walls. Visitors search for books labeled one through four and push on them, which opens a door in the shelf. They then enter through an archway of books into a world of typography, writing and design.

Installation art museums often take between six months and a year to complete, according to Connors. In the beginning they invested a lot of time into determining what kind of story they wished to tell, as well as what questions they wanted to both ask and answer.

The Red Butte Garden And Arboretum Salt Lake City Ut

A Salt Lake City museum opens Art Through Experience

When we think of museums, we tend to think of paintings and ancient artifacts. If these types of museums dont suit your fancy, however, the Red Butte Garden and Arboretum is probably a welcome respite. Spanning more than 100 acres, this museum is comprised of 11 themed gardens and nearly four miles of foot paths. Visit in the spring and youll be greeted by 300,000 blossoming tulips.

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Learn About Salt Lake Citys Street Art With A New Interactive App

Muralist Chris Peterson paints a 100 foot mural dedicated to Thomas Edison at 250 S. Edison St., commissioned by THE BLOCKS in Salt Lake City, Nov. 5, 2019. THE BLOCKS will launch a new phone application this Friday that will catalog public artworks in the downtown area. The public art and mural trail app will showcase artists and their artwork.

It will be easier to find and learn about downtown Salt Lake Citys street art, thanks to a new mobile app launching this week.

The app catalogs more than 40 murals and public art pieces in downtown Salt Lake City, creating a self-guided walkable tour. People can scan QR codes on plaques near the designated art pieces to learn about each artwork and the artist behind it and be guided to other public art nearby.

The Blocks, the campaign to promote downtown Salt Lake Citys cultural district, will throw a block party to launch the app on Friday from 4 to 8 p.m. on historic Edison Street, 150 East, between 200 and 300 South.

At the party, a new mural by Utah artist Chris Peterson will be unveiled. The mural, Broadway & Edison, is an homage to Salt Lake Citys first street-lit thoroughfare. Peterson, in a statement released by The Blocks, said the mural is a nod to this cool piece of history and the neighborhoods modern magnetism.

The western side of Utah artist Chris Peterson’s Crank SLC map mural at 749 S. State Street in Salt Lake City.

Utah artist Chris Peterson’s Crank SLC map at 749 S. State St. in Salt Lake City.

Beyond Van Gogh Comes To Slc

Along with Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience, other similar exhibits have also popped up around the globe. As each caters to different cities all across the nation, they all have a common goal of deepening the quality of Van Goghs art in a way that the pieces should be experienced. The Beyond Van Gogh exhibit is one such exhibit and Salt Lake City is lucky enough to be seeing more of it this month.

French-Canadian Creative Director Mathieu St-Arnaud, the creator of Beyond Van Gogh, is bringing the exhibition to Salt Lake, starting this fall at Utahs Atmosphere Studios on Oct. 1. With multiple rooms and interactive aspects to the showcasing, visitors can also follow along with a recording to fully understand and enjoy the experience. Tickets and information can be found at

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New Immersive Exhibition Opens At Utahs Natural History Museum

SALT LAKE CITY Last year, artgoers flocked to immersive Van Gogh exhibits in droves. Visitors were invited to literally bask in the artwork as animated projections of the famous painters work swirled and swam along the walls. Shots of fields of sunflowers, cherry blossom skies, and starry nights filled Instagram feeds across the country.

Appealing to all ages, the exhibit not only provided an hour of fun and beauty, it also gave attendees a compassionate, relatable, and historical perspective on Van Goghs life and art. For many, it was a new way to look at art that was more accessible than the typical museum stroll.

Immersive Van Goghs Salt Lake iteration, called Beyond Van Gogh, closed its doors in January, and quickly made way to Monet to Kandinsky, another experience based on projecting and animating the work on famous painters.

But now, theres a new immersive exhibition in town. And rather than focusing in on a specific artist, this one focuses on an essential element in any artists palette: color.

Its a feast for the eyes, Claire Davis, an exhibit designer at the Natural History Museum of Utah , says of the new immersive experience, called The Nature of Color.But its also very immersive and very interactive. There are projections that you can interact with and manipulate, and there are opportunities to play with light and color.

Supporting Local Art Exhibits

Utah Museum of Fine Arts

In many ways, the Art Through Experience series is similar to Beyond Van Gogh, the immersive art exhibit currently open at Atmosphere Studios in Salt Lake City. The van Gogh exhibit fuses more than 300 of his artworks with music and animated elements.

Art Through Experience uses a smaller space than Beyond Van Gogh, and is therefore a more intimate experience, said Mia Caselli, senior marketing manager for The Leonardo.

Hannah Nielsen, a STEAM education specialist at The Leonardo, said she hopes people who visit Beyond Van Gogh will then want to experience even more artists at Art Through Experience.

She also said the recent hype surrounding immersive art shows may be because its an entirely new way to experience art.

Youre taking that idea of having to stand in front of painting in a museum out of the idea of experiencing art, she said. It can be transported here and you can walk through the brushstrokes. I think thats sort of putting you in the head of the artist in a way that you may not have had before.

The Leonardo launches a new immersive art exhibit that explores a variety of artists and time periods. Like the “Beyond Van Gogh” exhibit, it features digital art works in motion projected on the walls and floor.

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The Best 10 Museums In Salt Lake City Ut

  • Downtown

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    small and short!! Appreciate all the recycled art the museum has but was hoping for more interaction

  • University

    This is a placeholder

    I wasn’t much of a history museum person until this visit. I was told to check out a natural

  • Downtown

    This is a placeholder

  • University

    This is a placeholder

  • Central City

    This is a placeholder

    Great museum for kids! They have a lot of different stations for kids to see and participate in. Upstairs art area was a favorite.

  • Capitol Hill

    This is a placeholder

    Excellent museum with a plethora of Toyota Land Cruisers. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Definitely will be visiting here again!

  • Capitol Hill

    This is a placeholder

    Amazing experience…great museum! Displays really capture pioneer Utah. I would highly encourage a visit to this museum for anyone visiting SLC.

  • Downtown

    This is a placeholder

    I will preface this review with saying I am not Mormon. The great news is that this museum is very

  • The Avenues

    This is a placeholder

    What a gem to stumble upon in the park! This little museum was amazing and this is why it gets 5

  • University

    This is a placeholder

    Such a great museum! This place is relatively small but jampacked with thousands of genuine

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  • An Immersive Van Gogh Experience

    The idea of going back to museums or art exhibits with more ease concerning the COVID-19 pandemic is already exciting in todays times. Many businesses are opening up, restrictions are being lifted in the United States, and new concepts for art exhibits are motivating people to go back into public spaces. This exhibit is doing just that.

    Starting in Naples, Italy at San Giovanni Maggiore Church, the Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience began over 10 years ago. Taking inspiration from her grandfather, creator Annabelle Mauger wanted Van Goghs paintings to come to life to showcase all of the fine details.

    Imagine this: You walk into a room with lit-up walls, colorfully displayed paintings like The Starry Night or Café Terrace At Night, seeing each brushstroke, every color thats blended together to form some of the greatest art pieces in the world. There are no lines to stand behind to view the artwork, no walls holding frames instead, youre in the illustrations.

    Without the limitations museum exhibits have, like guards informing you to stand back and not to touch, or the lines on the floor keeping you at a distance, the 3D Van Gogh Exhibit allows a different perspective.

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    Exhibiting In The United States A Decade After Its Conception

    Th exhibit has finally come to the United States, sparked by the Netflix original series, Emily in Paris. In a scene where characters Emily, Gabriel, and Camille attend one of the exhibits, walking around the Starry Night room, you cant help but feel the romance and breathtaking quality the painting evokes. The buzz surrounding that episode created a demand for the exhibit in the U.S and many cities have begun hosting it.

    Interactive Fun For All Ages

    Salt Lake City art exhibits puts you inside the paintings

    I did this Museum solo, but it had so many fun interactive activities for kids to make and do. They had art project for kids to make and take home, pioneer games to play. This is not a quite fuddy-duddy museum. They do have a short & very beautiful movie on the First Vision. They have one of the only gold, prophet Moroni statues that you will ever be able to touch. You put on cotton gloves and then are able to touch it. The kids can even give it a “high five”. They also have a unique, little gift shop in the lobby. They have a coat check at the desk if you don’t want to carry around your parcels or big coats, etc. I would recommend a visit, no matter your age. There is no charge, this is a free attraction.

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    The Leonardo Salt Lake City Ut

    Although the Renaissance took place in Italy hundreds of years ago, the inspiring legend of Leonardo De Vinci lives on in downtown Salt Lake City at the Leonardoa museum keen on asking questions exploring the worlds wonders. Current exhibits range from human perception and the five senses to water and the role it plays on earth. This interactive museum has something for everybody.

    This New Immersive Art Experience Features A Wide Range Of Artists With More To Come

    The Leonardo launches a new immersive art exhibit that explores a variety of artists and time periods. Like the “Beyond Van Gogh” exhibit, it features digital art works in motion projected on the walls and floor.

    Editors note This article is part of 150 Things To Do, a reporting project and newsletter exploring the best that Utah has to offer. to sign up for the 150 Things weekly newsletter.

    The children seem unsure what to do at first.

    Colorful art is projected on the walls and floor, spinning with animated elements. Classical music plays overhead, interspersed with explanations of the featured works. The kids stand at their parents sides, looking around uncertainly.

    Then one brave toddler ventures onto the center of the floor. He jumps on the projected images, trying to catch them with his feet. Soon the other kids follow, twirling through the artwork with outstretched arms.

    With children dancing in it, the exhibit lives up to its name: Art Through Experience: Monet to Kandinsky, running now through Dec. 29 at The Leonardo.

    The show uses dozens of projectors to feature nearly 1,000 artworks along with animated graphics and music. Artists in the traveling exhibit offered by Universal Exhibition Group include Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Edvard Munch, Wassily Kandinsky and others.

    You can preview the exhibit at The Salt Lake Tribunes Salt City Best Fest on Saturday, Dec. 4, at The Leonardo museum.

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