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Cleveland Museum Of Art Virtual Tour

Cupid And Psyche By Jacques

‘Revealing Krishna’ exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art links Northeast Ohio with Cambodia

Cupid and Psyche by Jacques-Louis David depicts the challenge of between idealized love and physical reality. Cupid is the lover of the mortal Psyche, and he visited her nightly on the condition that she does not know his identity.

Cupid was usually depicted as an ideal adolescent, but in this painting, David presents him as an ungainly teenager smirking at his sexual conquest.

Davids inspiration for the depiction of Cupid included a recently published Greek poem that described Cupid as a trickster with flashing eyes and curly hair.

Salvator Dalis The Dream

Daliwas a famed Suurealist artist. He had an unrestricted imagination. He was also a superb draftsman.

Dali created deliberate images of seemingly impossible, hallucinatory worlds. His realistic canvases are diamond sharp. They have a strange airless quality.

Dali ambiguously called his work handmade photography of concrete irrationality. Dali also fancied himself a Freudian painter of dreams.

In this strange painting, ants cluster over the central female figure, obscuring her mouth. She has bulging eyelids. Here hair floats all around her, almost as though underwater.

The man on the far left is bleeding. He has an amputated left foot. This may be a reference to the classical myth of Oedipus. Oedipus tragically killed his father and married his mother.

Age of Bronze

Armor Court Virtual Tour

The much-beloved Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Armor Court is unique among the galleries of the Cleveland Museum of Art. It showcases a breathtaking installation of arms and armor, complete with regimental banners and tapestries, and is the only gallery to have remained in its original location since the museum opened in 1916. The museum continually adds to its collection of arms and armor through acquisitions and loans. It is an enduring favorite of the museum, which many consider to be the heart and soul of the building.

To explore the space, click and drag on the window below. Select any pin with a plus symbol to see a wealth of information from the Collection page for each object, including provenance, 36 fields of metadata, and additional views with zoomable images. In the gallery view, the square icons will open an additional detail view, which can be closed with the ‘x’ in the upper right corner of the window.

  • Free general admission

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Uncover Arts Most Startling Secrets

on a hilarious, history-packed tour that will get your group to bond, laugh, and have more fun in a museum than you ever thought possible. Youll see the best of the Cleveland Museum of Art by following clues through the galleries and collaborating with your team to answer tricky, humorous questions about the surprises in works ranging from ancient Greece to modern America. But you dont need to know anything about art or the museum to win: you just need sharp eyes and comfy shoes.

Overview Of The Cleveland Museum Of Art

Pin by Ted Gersdorf on The Cleveland Museum of Art

The museum is well organized. There are plenty of velvet covered benches, if your feet grow weary from standing and walking.

The museum has everything from Roman antiquities to modern art. Heres a quick overview of the layout.

The first floor casts you back in time to the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Islamic periods. The most impressive pieces, I thought, were the Cleveland Apollo and the statue of .

Theres a beautiful collection of Greek vases. Youll also find beautiful tapestries that were originally housed in the Chateau Chaumont in Frances Loire Valley.

Lots Wife

Theres also a goodly collection of Medieval and early Renaissance art. You dont find those pieces terribly often in the United States.

My favorite piece was a tondo by Filippino Lippi. But there are also works by Botticelli, Fra Angelico, and Filippo Lippi.

On the second floor, youll find an impressive collection of French, British, and American art and furnishings from the 16th to 18th centuries.

Youll see works by Jacque-Louis David, Thomas Eakin, John Singer Sargent, and a stunning collection of Tiffany stained glass.

In the East Wing, youll find the museums modern art collections. There are pieces by Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet , Degas, Matisse, and Dali.

Theres also quite a few pieces by the great French sculptor Auguste Rodin, including a version of his magnificent Age of Bronze.

You can download the museums ArtLens App to get a preview of the museum before visiting.

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Statue Of Marcus Aurelius

This is a beautiful, finely carved monumental statue. The figure is most likely the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. Aurelius was a student of Stoicism, which was a popular philosophy of the day in Rome.

The bronze statue is impressively draped. This elaborate detail also signifies that the statue is an imperial portrait.

The emperor posses with his left leg forward. His right arm is raised to the chest. This pose was one used by Greek artists.

Red-Figure Column Krater

Practical Information For Visiting The Cleveland Museum Of Art

Address: 11150 East Blvd, Cleveland, Ohio Hours: Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun 10am5pm | Wed/Fri 10am9pm | closed MonCost: General Admission is always free .Parking: CMA lot , $10

Heroic Head of Pierre de Wissant

I hope youve enjoyed my guide to the Cleveland Museum of Art. You may enjoy these other United States travel guides.

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Van Goghs Adeline Ravoux

This painting is by the beloved Post Impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh. It was painted in Auvers-sur-Oise, a beautiful town in northern France. Van Gogh moved there after leaving an asylum in Provence.

Van Gogh finished this portrait during the last few months of his life. The subject is the 13 year old daughter of an innkeeper.

Van Gogh didnt want a photographic resemble of the girl. Rather, he wanted to show the impassioned aspect of contemporary life. The portrait has Van Goghs trademark swirling lines, emotional honesty, and bold vivid color.

If youre a rabid Van Gogh fan like me, make a pilgrimage to Paris. The worlds largest collection of Van Gogh art works are in the Musee dOrsay.

Dancer Frieze

Your Team Might Tackle Such Questions As

Cleveland Museum of Art: Stories from Storage exhibit now open

In galleries of art from the Americas, find a well-fed pet that might have said, ¡Yo quiero Taco Bell! He was very good at obeying the command to stay! for centuries. For the living, what did he serve as? Answer: A sculpture of a dog from a tomb represented a source of food. Man best friend indeed!

Walk like an Egyptian and find a box that would let you call a mummy four eyes. Talk about a tomb with a view: What does the magical pair help him view each day? Answer: An ancient coffin has eyes painted on the outside so the mummy of Senbi could see the rising son.

Find an animal that might be thinking, I just gotta get this monkey off my back What factory put him in this predicament? Answer: A perplexed pooch with a monkey on his back was made by the Mennecy Porcelain Factory.

You might also seek answers to quirky questions about actual scratches from someone who attacked evil in a painting a gilded container for an apostles arm an 18th-century man who seems to invented 3D glasses a Rodin sculpture that caused a scandal a scheming monkey that dupes a hungry cat and more.

Those are just a few of the unusual highlights on this adventure across centuries and continents. Looking for a team-building boost? Ask about the Mixed Alliances Edition, in which teams and players mix and mingle, and your opponent might become your best ally. Contact us to learn moreand find more fun in Cleveland!

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Toledo Museum Of Art Virtual Tour

The Toledo Museum of Art is an art museum that houses a collection of more than 30,000 objects. The museum was founded in 1901 and moved to its current location, a Greek revival building in 1912.

The museum holds significant collections of glass art and 19th- and 20th-century European and American art, as well as collections of Renaissance, Greek, Roman, and Japanese art.

Cleveland Museum Of Art Takes It Tour

Reader ROI

See how an IT champion can influence an organization

Learn how one museums IT projects save time and money in procuring and managing works of art

Explore how museums use technology to bring collections to patrons

Deep into the Cleveland Museum of Art , past the main exhibit hall, past the special exhibit of Impressionists, beyond the famous armor court, Chief Registrar Mary Suzor inspects a diminutive statue. Hunched over an antique mahogany desk, Suzor works in the shadow of a series of huge oak file cabinets that line the back wall of her office. More than 100 drawers across, the cabinet contains nearly 45,000 fading index cards with information about every item the museum has owned since it opened in 1916.

Collections managers of yesterday referred to these cards 20 to 30 times a day, constantly updating information by hand as it became available. Today, however, the catalog is more of a museum relic, thanks to a new, Windows-based collections management system and museumwide strides in information technology. The system, named after the Greek painter Apelles, enables Suzor to manage datadetails about a works provenance, its artist and materials usedabout every museum object electronically, with some keystrokes and a few clicks of her mouse.

My job has changed dramatically over the last few years, she says with a hint of nostalgia and a touch of relief. Technology is responsible for it all.

The CIO in His Studio

Drawing On a Large Canvas

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Combat Of A Tiger And A Buffalo By Henri Rousseau

Combat of a Tiger and a Buffalo by Henri Rousseau is a highly stylized and unique depiction of simplified images of animals and nature painted in flat, bright colors.

ousseaus imaginative visions and the technique of painting was unique. He applied one layer at a time, creating multiple layers, and he carefully blended his brushstrokes to create a smooth surface.

Andy Warhols Marilynx 100

Article: Museums and the Web

Her star burned brightly. But she was the victim of her own success.

Immediately after her death in 1962, Warhol created devotional day glow silkscreens of her face for months on end. The silkscreens make clear that Monroe herself had become an actual object.

Her face was no different from a Warhol soup can. Whats unclear, however, was whether Warhol was celebrating Americas fascination with stardom or satirizing it.

You cant tell whether he was expressing horror at Monroes suicide or depicting compassion fatigue. Id like to think there was a subversive element or some cynicism at work.

The Dream

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Muhammad Shahs Royal Persian Tent

This is the only imperial Iranian tent in an American art museum. The tent is a legacy of the 19th-century Qajar Dynasty. Its inscribed with the name of Muhammad Shah, who ruled from 1834 to 1848.

These imperial tents were not only considered shelter. They were also symbols of wealth and power.

The circular tent measures roughly 12 feet high and 13 feet in diameter. Its made of wool embroidered with silk, flowers, vines and exotic birds.

When viewed from inside the tent, the embroidered panels create the effect of being enveloped in a warm and cozy paradise garden.

Cleveland Museum Of Art Virtual Tour

The Cleveland Museum of Art is an art museum, internationally renowned for its holdings of Asian and Egyptian art, the museums collection has a diverse permanent collection of more than 45,000 works of art from around the world.

The Cleveland Museum of Art, in addition to its permanent collection, provides special exhibitions, lectures, films, and musical programs.

The department of performing arts, music, and film hosts a film series and the museums Performing Arts events.

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Seaside By James Tissot

Tissot left Paris after the Franco-Prussian War and resided in London from 1871.

He knew James McNeill Whistler and Edgar Degas, but turned away from Impressionism and focused mainly on portraits and genre paintings of the Victorian upper classes in a more polished academic style.

These pictures are typical of Tissots work, depicting his subjects with almost photographic realism. He composed ambiguous narratives that hinted at risqué behavior among the wealthy classes and the boundaries of propriety.

The Dr John And Helen Collis Lecture: Viewing Saint Catherines Monastery At Sinai

Cleveland Museum of Art – 5 galleries you should see

Speaker: Maria Vassilaki, Professor Emerita, Byzantine Art History, University of Thessaly , and Member of the Benaki Museum Board of Trustees

Egypts Sinai Peninsula, associated with well-known events narrated in the Old Testament, became the ultimate locus sanctus . A fortified monastery built by the emperor Justinian in the mid-sixth century at the foot of Mount Sinai, on the site of Mosess Burning Bush, remains intact to this day. In this lecture, Maria Vassilaki investigates how and when the Sinai landscape transformed from mere background setting into an independent composition.

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Why Is Gudea Famous

Gudeas commissioned many statues depicting himself with life-like realism, to be placed in temples throughout Sumer. He also funded many offerings to the temples with his name inscribed to highlight his generosity and loyalty.

Other than Sargon , Gudea was one of the early rulers to claim divinity, and some of his achievements were later added to the Gilgamesh Epic.

Unfortunately, after Gudea died, the influence of Lagash, the city-state he governed, declined until it suffered a military defeat. Was it these new conquerors who decapitated many of the statues or the idols of Gudea?

Cleveland Museum Of Art Announces Mix: Move Featuring Virtual Dance Tour Through Art Galleries

CLEVELAND Cleveland Museum of Art has announced a new MIX event featuring a virtual dance tour of the galleries and artist-created visuals to enjoy from the comfort of your home is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 5.

MIX: Move will feature a virtual dance tour led by movement and performance artist Marcia Custer, who will aim to liberate, connect and re-energize everyone in the depths of winter, the museum said.

The event will feature a magical green-screen visual by artist Ben Oblivion and a live DJ set by Haley Himiko Hudson Morris.

Ahead of the event, the museum is offering a virtual tool kit that will feature a Spotify music playlist by the DJ, virtual zoom backgrounds, a themed cocktail recipe and artist bios.

The CMA encourages virtual attendees to wear something colorful and/or inspired by your favorite work of art.

What used to be an in-person themed celebration of the arts inside the museum has turned virtual since the coronavirus pandemic.

How to join MIX: Move:

Join the party through Zoom for a chance to be featured in a live dance cam that will spontaneously occur throughout the hour. A link to join will be posted to or on the museums You can also send an email to to receive a link in your inbox.

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Cleveland Museum Of Arts Big Krishna Exhibit Uses Technology Great Storytelling To Reveal History Of A Prized Sculpture

The Cleveland Museum of Art’s big Krishna exhibit

CLEVELAND, Ohio Art museums are understandably fixated on the idea that theres nothing like seeing authentic works of art in real time and space, rather than glowing images on a screen.

But the Cleveland Museum of Art, which has a global reputation for digital innovation, is taking its deepest dive yet into educational uses of technology in a new show that unfurls the fascinating story behind one of the most prized items in its collection: a rare, 7th-century Cambodian statue of Krishna.

Revealing Krishna, which opened a week ago, mixes real works of art with video projections, motion-activated displays, and holographic simulations. The goal is to narrate the discovery of the head and torso portion of the Krishna in southern Cambodia in the early 20th century, and multiple attempts to reattach it to fragments of arms, legs, and feet later unearthed at the same site.

The technologies used in the show are vivid and compelling. But instead of upstaging the real artworks in the show, the digital displays are likely to leave viewers feeling more impressed, better informed, and perhaps even awed, by the survival of Clevelands 1,500-year-old Krishna and the museums admirable quest to reassemble it.

Ravages of time

A documentation of stages in the restoration of the Cleveland Museum of Art’s “Krishna Lifting Mount Govardhan.”Courtesy Cleveland Museum of Art

Changing a narrative

The big tell’

The Emperor As Philosopher Marcus Aurelius

Tour the New MOCA Cleveland

The Emperor as Philosopher is a bronze statue which is probably of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

He was Emperor of Rome from 161 to 180 AD and was a practitioner of Stoicism. His writings, known as Meditations, are a significant source of our understanding of the ancient Stoic philosophy and is one of the notable works of philosophy.

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Cleveland Museum Of Art: A Virtual Tour

Tuesday, August 032:00pm – 3:00pm

Richfield Branch virtual museum tour


Join us for a virtual tour of the world-famous Cleveland Museum of Art. Please register online, by phone, or in person at the Richfield Branch for a program link.

Explore the architecture and galleries of the renowned Cleveland Museum of Art.

This casual look at the collection includes recent installations of art and enduring favorites such as works in the Armor Court.

Participants will travel through the museum, enjoying special focus on highlighted pieces such as the medieval table fountain and Queen Isabellas book of hours, a compilation of lavishly illustrated manuscripts.

Opportunities abound to ask questions and learn more about the institution whose mission is helping the broadest possible audience understand and engage with the worlds great art.

This program will be presented on Zoom. You will receive an e-mail with the participation link two days before the program. Please contact the Library if you are unable to attend. If you do not have an e-mail address, please contact Mike Daly at 330.659.4343 to learn how to participate by phone.

A webcam and microphone may be necessary to participate fully in this interactive event. If you have one or neither of these, your participation may be limited.

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