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Las Vegas Neon Sign Museum Tickets

When Should I Visit The Neon Museum

Plaza in downtown Las Vegas donates iconic sign to Neon Museum
  • The best times to visit the Neon Museum are early morning or late afternoon/evening. We went at around 2pm in April and almost drowned in our own sweat. Direct overhead sun isnt great for photos either, so save yourself the heat and avoid a midday visit.

  • If you absolutely must go between 11.30 and 3pm, take advantage of the Museums umbrellas, theyre free to use and will keep the worst of the sun off!

  • If you can, visit the Neon Museum at dusk. Time it right and therell be enough daylight to see all the signs and experience the magic of those that still light up as night sets in. Google when dusk will fall during your visit, but dont leave it too late – the Neon Boneyard doesnt stay open after dark.

Neon Museum Ticket Price

General Admission During the Day: $20 One hour experience in the Main BoneyardGuided Tours at Night: $28 45-minute guided tour of the Main BoneyardBrilliant! at Night: $23 25-minute light show in the North GallerySpanish Tours at 7:30 pm or 8:30 pm $28 45-minute guided tour of the Main Boneyard in Spanish

Children six and under are free.

Whether you are going on a guided tour or general admission, you will purchase tickets for a specific time. This helps the Neon Museum make sure the Boneyard doesnt become too crowded.

When Should You Go

Honestly, sunset was by FAR the best time. We went right at 7:00pm with a GA ticket. You need to check ticket availability though because some days might not have GA tickets available for sunset. We got to walk around with some daylight hours left and had a fantastic sunset as a backdrop. And once the sun went down, we got to see the signs lit up at night. Definitely worth going at this time.

And by the way, if you go during the day, the lights are still turned on. You just wont be able to see them as well.

We had such great lighting at sunset!

Though if sunset is not an option, I think I would prefer going in the day rather than at night. You can see more of the sign details.

But night is pretty awesome too..sooo either way, youll enjoy it.

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Las Vegass Neon Museum History

Are you excited to experience this eclectic mix of mid-century modern and 20s glamour? You should be because this was one of our favorite things to do in Las Vegas! A little backstory is fun to know before you go if youre not doing the guided tour. Here are a few pertinent details about Las Vegas signs and neon in general.

THE HISTORY OF NEON: Neon is a naturally occurring gaseous element discovered by two scientists in London, 1898. The first neon lamp wasnt invented until 1902 by Georges Claude. Keep in mind, this is actually pretty remarkable considering that electricity, in a bulb anyways, was only invented 21 years earlier!!! Then in 1923, Frenchman Georges Claude and his company Claude Neon brought neon signs to the USA. Dubbed liquid fire, the first neon signs in the USA were for the Packard car dealership in Los Angeles!

Its More Than Just The Boneyard

Behind the Scenes the Neon Museum Las Vegas

The Neon Museum is set on a 2.25 acre campus which has the main outdoor exhibition space called the Neon Boneyard , a visitors center inside the retro cool old La Concha Motel lobby, and a North Gallery that holds more unrestored neon signs.

General admission or a regular tour will explore the Neon Boneyard, while the North Gallery generally can only be viewed if you buy tickets for Brilliant!, which is a special light exhibition.

Or, you can book the North Gallery space for a special event or photoshoot. Now Im definitely regretting not having my wedding in Vegas how cool would it be to get married at the Neon Museum???

Nine restored neon signs from the Neon Museum are also on display as public art in the city of Las Vegas. You can find a map with the locations of those restored signs here.

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The Best Time To Go To The Neon Museum Las Vegas

The best time to go to the Neon Museum is in Las Vegass shoulder seasons on a weekday. From February to April and September to November are considered to be off-seasons for the City of Lights, meaning accommodations are cheaper and everything is less crowded.

  • THE BEST TIME OF DAY: We also suggest early morning or in the last tour of the evening for specific times of day. The half-light shows off these vintage Las Vegas signs to perfection!

We went to the Las Vegas Neon Museum in November on a Thursday. For a first-timer like Shelbs this was ideal. Vegas can be incredibly fun, but there are street performers and millions of people milling about everywhere you go. Walking The Strip and visiting attractions like the Neon Museum are much more enjoyable when Vegas isnt crazy busy. Especially if youre a photographer or travel blogger!!

P.S. Did you know you could get married at the Neon Museum!? If ever there was a time to start planning a small wedding, it would be now!!

The Neon Museum Announces Summer Hours

Home to the iconic neon signs chronicling Las Vegas history, The Neon Museum will offer adjusted summer hours of operation beginning May 1.

Open seven days a week, the museum will open at 3 p.m. and close at 11 p.m. every day.

The revised hours take into account the later sunset and lower evening temperatures of Las Vegas in the summer, allowing guests to enjoy guided tours among the lit neon signs in the museums Neon Boneyard during the optimal viewing hours in the summer months.

Specifically, general admission will be available from 3 to 6 p.m. then guided tours lasting 45 minutes from 7 to 10:15 p.m.

The Neon Museums spectacular show, “Brilliant!,” that transports visitors into the history of Las Vegas through sight and sound, will continue to be offered from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. in the museums North Gallery. The 25-minute show uses light projection to illuminate unrestored signs and incorporates music and archival footage to transport guests into Las Vegas history.

General admission tickets cost $20 and guided tours are $28 per person . Tickets to Brilliant! are $23 and $19 with the locals discount.

Children ages six and under are free for general admission, guided tours and the show.

Guests should allow 15 minutes between Brilliant! and guided tour tickets if purchasing both.

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Can I Take Pictures In The Neon Museum

Cameras, camera equipment, and video recording arent allowed during regular visits. If you are interested in bringing a camera and equipment into the Neon Museum you can book a photography tour that runs once a month.

You are allowed to take pictures on your phone or tablet. Pictures are for personal use only. You cannot use them for promotional or business purposes.

What To Do In Las Vegas Near The Neon Museum

New sign at the Neon Museum

As we mentioned, there are three major attractions withing walking distance from the Neon Museum. Some of these are great for groups and kids, but youll definitely want to get tickets before you go if youre trying to get your timing right!

  • The Mob Museum: Tons of immersive exhibits showcasing organized crimes history throughout the USA and the history of law enforcement around these times. Address: 300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • The Las Vegas Natural History Musuem: If youre in Las Vegas with kids, this is a great stop. There are interactive displays, lifesize dinosaur replicas and even shark feeding events!Address: 900 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Fremont Street Experience: We loved this one! There are light shows, concerts and performers in the walk through area under old Fremont Street. When youre walking through during the evenings, youll also find food trucks and bars open to keep the merriment going. If you love neon signs, this is another great destination to continue the galmorous feel of the city lights at night. Address: E Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

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Tickets + Tour Information

Tickets are required to visit the Neon Museum. They go on sale a month in advance, but we were able to book our midweek tickets the day before our visit with no problem.

If youre visiting the Neon Museum, you can opt to take a 1 hour tour of the Neon Boneyard, get a general admission ticket, see the Brilliant! light show, or do both a tour and Brilliant! combo. Ticket prices are listed below.

We elected to buy general admission tickets so that we could explore the Neon Boneyard at our own pace. Volunteers were stationed throughout the Neon Museum and approached us to share interesting facts and stories, but were pretty hands off.

Ive heard the 1-hour guided tours offer a deeper insight into the history of the neon signs and the old Las Vegas. Id love to go back and take a tour next time. They offer tours 7 days a week, and tour times vary by season.

Brilliant! is a 30-minute light show that uses archival footage to bring the signs and history of Las Vegas to life. Brilliant! incorporates flashing and/or strobe lights so may not be for everyone.

What To Expect On The Guided Tour

During our visit, we did the combo ticket. The guide on our tour shared a lot of information about the history and uniqueness of the signs. Had we wandered the Boneyard on our own, we wouldve missed out on all the history this has to offer.

The guide allowed adequate time for us to take photos as well. There are some pretty tight alley-ways, so I would use the panoramic feature on the phone to capture long signs. It worked out pretty wall, as you can see from some of the photos in this article.

Our guide shared the history with humor. He kept us engaged in the history of the signs and Las Vegas. He also mentioned that many of the signs are donated after all, they are a non-profit organization. I give them a lot of credit for what they are able to do and the signs and history they are able to preserve.

Once the guided tour is complete, we were allowed to hang out in the large open area, but couldnt wander freely throughout the boneyard. We grabbed a few photos there before checking out the gift shop and heading to watch Brilliant!

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Las Vegas Neon Museum Frequently Asked Questions

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Standing in the lobby on a 96-degree day trying to take in as much water as possible before spending an hour in the desert sun. Not just any lobby though, absolutely not. This shell-shaped relic served as the La Concha lobby, a Strip motel that opened in 1961 just south of the Riviera. The motel was closed in 2004 and later met the wrecking ball. La Conchas lobby, however, was disassembled and with the aid of $600,000 in donations, given a new lease on life as the Neon Museums first stop for visitors.

The tour hadnt even started and my imagination was already running wild. Can you imagine what those walls had seen and heard over the years?

The Neon Museum is a nonprofit organization that salvages and restores as much vintage Vegas neon as they can. They offer day and night tours that are led by engaging and knowledgeable guides making the experience a special one.

If youre anything like me, the layers of historic signage will leave you a combination of overwhelmed and elated. Especially for those that experienced Vegas of yesteryear, the display will leave you feeling plenty nostalgic. After the tour, youll be released into the gift shop which offers unique books and memorabilia that celebrates the history of Las Vegas.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Neon Museum and boneyard in downtown Las Vegas.

Neon Museum Las Vegas Is A Hidden Treasure

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada  Jetset Jansen

Las Vegas is known for lighted signs on casinos, hotels and more. But when the older lightbulb or neon signs are replaced with more modern designs, the old signs arent sent to a landfill. Theyre donated to the Neon Museum Las Vegas as a way of preserving the cities history.

My wife and I checked out the Neon Museum during a weekend getaway to Las Vegas. We took a guided tour of the Boneyard and enjoyed the show Brilliant! The Neon Museum was one of the highlights from our trip, and I would encourage everyone checking out Vegas to spend some time at this local treasure.

COVID-19 UPDATE: The Neon Museum is open. Temperature checks are done for all guests, and capacities are reduced to allow social distancing. Masks are required at all times.

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Las Vegas Neon Museum Faqs

For all of you who just need quick and simple answers, this section is for you!

  • Can visitors stay at the La Concha Motel? No. The La Concha Motel was converted in 2011 for historical purposes only, and serves as the face of the Neon Museum Las Vegas today.
  • Are strollers allowed in the Neon Museum? Yes.
  • Can I take my bags in? No. Youll have to check them at the Neon Museums Visitors Center.
  • Is photography allowed at the Neon Museum? In short, only for personal use and a strict no videography policy is enforced. Even for TikTok!!
  • What time does the Neon Museum open? 2PM
  • What time does the Neon Museum close? 10PM
  • Where to buy tickets for the Neon Museum?From their online portal here.See more below.
  • Does the Neon Museum refund tickets for inclement weather? No. They provide umbrellas for the sun and rain, but thats the extent of the weather related help.

Filming And Photography At The Neon Museum

You are allowed to take personal photos as long as you dont disrupt the tours and operations. With regular tickets, you cant bring a camera besides your phone.

If you want to shoot with a camera or shoot for editorial purposes, you must have a reservation. They typically ask for a two-week notice and will send you any prices involved based on what you want to do . A reservation can be made here.

They have Photo Walks and Portrait Hour as well, which is much more affordable. This is where up to 15 hobby photographers can wander the museum with their gear and take photos. These photos are for personal use only. The cost of these photo walks and portrait hour is $50 .

If youre on a tour, you are not allowed to bring a tripod nor is there even time to set one up because you have to stay with the group.

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Best Day Trips From Las Vegas After The Neon Museum

Immediately outside of Las Vegas, theres a ton to do! After visiting the Neon Museum and exploring the main attractions, youll want to head away from the city. Within an hour of Las Vegas youll find kayacking trips to Emerald Cave, day trips to the Grand Canyon with stops at the Hoover Dam , and even day trips to Antelope Canyon.

**A day trip to Antelope Canyon can be so worth it if youre not used to traveling in Native American regions. Buying tickets, finding bus stops, etc. can be a little challenging!

The Neon Sign Museum Is Close To The Las Vegas Strip

Neon Museum offers deal to locals who want to visit Neon Boneyard

Depending where on the Las Vegas strip youre coming from, the driving time to the Neon Museum can be between 10 and 20 minutes. The address of the Neon Museum is 770 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas, NV 8910. Having it located so close to the strip makes it easy to get there and back between activities, and your valuable vacation time doesnt getting wasted being stuck in a car for too long.

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Brilliant At The Neon Museum

A great add-on if you want to lengthen your experience at the Neon Museum is the Brilliant show. It is a 25-minute show that uses lasers and projectors to shine lights onto the signs. The signs do not light up on their own but appear to be lit up through the lasers.

There is a light show as well as an audio soundtrack that augments the vintage Vegas vibes. There is seating in the show area. We really enjoyed the Brilliant show and would highly recommend adding it to your visit. There is a separate ticket needed for the Brilliant show.

Besichtigung Vom The Neon Museum In Las Vegas

Das bekannteste was Las Vegas zu bieten hat sind die vielen bunten und blinkenden Reklameschilder die das in der Metropole sind. Besonders bei Nacht sind die Neonleuchtzeichen besonders sehenswert wenn alles blinkt. Natürlich benötigen diese sehr viel Strom aber das scheint in Las Vegas keine Rolle zu spielen.

Touristen die sich für die alten Reklameschilder in Las Vegas interessieren können das The Neon Museum besuchen wo man die besten Neonleuchtzeichen ausgestellt hat. Das bekannteste Schild was man sich anschauen kann ist das The Hacienda Horse and Rider aus dem Jahre 1996. Ein Pferd in Form von Neonröhren das einmal vor dem Hacienda Hotel angebracht war. Sehr schön ist auch die Aladdin`s Lamp das einmal vor dem Aladdin Hotel zu sehen war.

Wann wurde das Museum eröffnet:27 Oktober 2012

Was ist dort so besonders:Man kann sich die alten Reklameschilder anschauen

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