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Best Dinosaur Museums In The Us

Royal Belgian Institute Of Natural Science: Brussels Belgium

Best Dinosaur Museum in the United States? – in the Paleo Mailbag

Founded in 1846, the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science has the largest Dinosaur Gallery in Europe, devoted to displaying dinosaur fossils and information about them. In 1878, there were 38 nearly complete Iguanodon skeletons found in a coal mine in Belgium, of which the museum acquired 30, which continue to be the centerpiece of the establishment to this day.

Other highlights include Ben the Plateosaurus and a replica Tyrannosaurus named Stan. They also have preserved fossils of feathered dinosaurs available for viewing as well.

Jurassic Coast Dorset Uk

Englands Jurassic Coast stretches 95 miles between Exmouth and Old Harrys Rocks. Spanning the counties of Devon and Dorset, this spectacular strip of shoreline is England’s only natural UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dating back 185 million years, the region is renowned for its rock formations, pre-historic fossils and dramatic limestone cliffs. From The Etches Collection a museum of Jurassic marine life to fossil hunting on the beaches between Charmouth and Lyme Regis, this patch of England has it all.

Ghost Ranch Museum Of Paleontology New Mexico

Better known as the home of artist Georgia OKeeffe and the shooting locale for movies like Silverado and City Slickers, Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu is also a dinosaur destination perfect for visitors of all ages and levels of interests. The resident paleontologist is always at work excavating what has been found in the quarry located on the ranch, the location of several significant finds, including the 2009 discovery of the genus Tawa, which altered theories on the geographic origin of dinosaurs. As a guest you can watch the next discovery in action. Some activities are geared toward the excavation junkies if this isnt for you, never fear, just take a hike to the quarry site and do other activities like the dinosaur bone dig or plaster bone casting perfect for kids not to mention the great displays, which range from the complete Coelophysis skeleton to fossils of huge alligator-like reptiles.

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Dinosaur Diamond National Scenic Byway

The Dinosaur Diamond National Scenic Byway spans 512 miles through Utah and Colorado and, yes, its shaped like a giant diamond. You can start at any of the fossil quarries or along the loop the town of Dinosaur, Colorado may be the most fitting spot to begin your prehistoric adventure. It takes about three or four days to traverse the entire trail and youll pass through locations like Dinosaur National Monument in Quarry Jensen, UT, the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail in Moab, UT, and the Dinosaur Garden in Vernal, UT.

Natural History Museum London

12 Worlds Best Dinosaur Museums

The Natural History Museum of Londons collection of world-famous dinosaur includes an Iguanodon , a Baryonyx , the most complete Stegosaurus fossil ever discovered, as well as an enormous T. Rex. Here, you can explore all the different time periods during which dinosaurs lived and sort through facts about what really killed off these enormous creatures. Here are all the dinosaur myths scientists wish youd stop believing.

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Australian Age Of Dinosaurs Museum Queensland Australia

Australia was founded in 1788, but its history goes back much further. The most complete pterosaur ever found in Australia was discovered in 2017 in Queensland, and its remains can now be seen at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum in Winton. The institution is home to the countrys largest collection of fossils, including 100-million-year-old sauropod tracks, and invites visitors to go behind-the-scenes at the most important Fossil Preparation Laboratory in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Paleo Lab At The Perot Museum Of Nature And Science Dallas Texas

Heres an opportunity to be the first of your friends to meet Nanuqsaurus, a newly assembled relative of Tyrannosaurus Rex featured at the brand new Paleo Lab at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. The Lab opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony held August 28, 2018, and features an augmented reality experience that puts you up close with dinosaurs such as Diplodocus, Velociraptor, and T. Rex, as well as hands-on fossil digs and opportunities to watch real paleontologists at work.

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Wyoming Dinosaur Center Thermopolis Wyoming

The Wyoming Dinosaur Center is a young paleontologists dream, with dozens of mounted dinosaur skeletons and an onsite fossil preparation lab. Kids can participate in a dig-for-a-day program or for families who are time-crunched, four daily dig site tours are scheduled to get visitors in the field without having to get dirty. Want to explore dinosaurs even further? Enroll your high schooler in the centers five-day Dinosaur Academy offered in the summer.

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Smithsonian National Museum Of Natural History

Top 10 Best Dinosaur Museums in the World 2021

Its no surprise that youll see dinosaurs when you visit the 31,000-square-foot David H. Koch Hall of Fossils Deep Time fossil hall at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, but this exhibit has an even more important story to tell. In addition to fossil specimens, youll find educational videos and various interactive elements that demonstrate how humans are contributing to Earths changing climate and how the choices we make today could impact our planet far into the future.

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Dinosaur Museums And Attractions On Our Wish List

The dinosaur museums in the U.S. and attractions listed above are the ones that we visited ourselves and can definitely recommend. Below is our wish list of dinosaur attractions for kids that we have not visited yet but we hear they are totally awesome :

  • Dinosaur National Monument, Utah
  • Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, California
  • Wonders of Dinosaurs, Redono Beach, California
  • Jurassic World/Jurassic Park attractions at Universal Studios in Florida and California
  • UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley, California
  • The Field Museum Chicago Usa

    Chicagos Field Museum is home to the largest dinosaur discovered to date, the titanosaur Patagotitan mayorum. Named Máximo, the dino is 122 feet long and would have weighed more than 10 African elephants. Other highlights include the fossil skeleton of a 42-foot-long T. rex named SUE and Illinois state fossil, the Tully monster. From talks with real palaeontologists to otherworldly dinosaur bones, this museum has something for everyone.

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    The North Dakota Dinosaur Tour

    If youre are heading to the Badlands, consider taking the whole North Dakota Dinosaur Tour of eight total museums that display some of North America’s most fascinating discoveries. For example: 30-million-year-old horse, Mesohippus, at North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame 6 million years worth of artifacts, specimens, and displays at North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum while youre in the area, dont miss the opportunity to go on actual fossil dig. The fossil above was found in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. Check out these 15 natural wonders youve likely never heard of.

    * Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions.

    * Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

    American Museum Of Natural History New York

    Top 10 Museums To See Before You Keel Over

    Did you know Ben Stillers famous dinosaur museum movie, Night At The Museum, was filmed here? Go on a self-guided tour and revisit your favorite scenes from the film at the AMNH.

    And as you explore its halls, marvel at the enormous Tyrannosaurus rex from the movie whos on display at the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs. This dino has teeth as long as six inches and a jaw as long as four! You and your family will surely enjoy and get lost in wonder as you explore the museums dinosaur world.

    Lastly, did you know the American Museum of Natural History is home to over 600 fossil specimens? And out of that, 100 are dinosaur fossils! Its no wonder the AMNH is dubbed as the museum with the largest dinosaur collection in America. Their collection is just incredible.

    • Tickets: starts at $28 , $16.50
    • Operating Hours: 10 AM 5:30 PM, Wednesday to Sunday
    • Location: 200 Central Park West New York, NY 10024-5102
    • Phone Number: 212-769-5100

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    Badlands Dinosaur Museum: Dickenson North Dakota Usa

    Formerly known as Dakota Dinosaur Museum, the Badlands Dinosaur Museum opened in 1993 and is currently overhauling its exhibits and dinosaur-related offerings. Badlands focuses primarily on exhibits of fossils, fieldwork and research programs, and public laboratory preparations for new specimen additions to its collection.

    Though they are adding more exhibits in the future, you can currently view a variety of Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Edmontosaurus, and more ice-age mammals. They also accept volunteers for their fieldwork crew in the Summer, so you can be involved if you’re interested in digging for dinosaurs!

    Dinosaur Museum In The Us Dinosaur World Plant City Florida

    Dinosaur World near Tampa is a smaller dinosaur attraction compared to other places on the list but kids have a blast here. There are no actual dinosaur skeletons at Dinosaur World. The museums exhibition consists of life size human-made dinosaurs, static and animated. The latter are a the biggest hit because they move and make sounds. There is also a dinosaur dig with lots of sand and multiple hidden bones and excavation tools.

    Our favorite gig in this dinosaur museum is the actual fossil dig where kids can search for REAL fossils and then keep 3 of their best finds to take home!

    Vacationing in Tampa, Florida? For more information check out Things to Do in Tampa with Kids.

    Pro tip: Dinosaur World attractions are also located in Kentucky and Texas where they offer similar activities.

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    Prehistoric Trackways National Monument

    Las Cruces, NM

    The Prehistoric Trackways National Monument is another government-protected region that visitors can explore. This site features plenty of dinosaur tracks and fossils from the Paleozoic Era that give scientists clues to what life might have been like during this time. Visitors can hike through the area and maybe even discover some fossils on their own. Unlike other sites on our list, this site doesn’t have any specific visitor center and is instead open for exploration and discovery. Be sure to check out the Jerry MacDonald Paleozoic Trackways Collection at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History. Much of the collection was found at this site and has since been moved for study and display.

    Universals Islands Of Adventure

    Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient Life

    There may not be any dinosaur fossils at Universal Orlandos Islands of Adventure, but there is an entire land dedicated to the film that probably got you hooked on dinos in the first place. The Jurassic Park area of the theme park is made to feel like the real thing with rides, food, and the iconic Jurassic Park gates. If youre more of a Jurassic World person, you can stay in a Jurassic World suite at Loews Royal Pacific Resort and sleep in a replica gyrosphere bed.

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    American Museum Of Natural History

    Packed with gobs of information and specimens, many of which were collected by AMNH scientists, this place wows even seasoned paleontologists. Man, it still gets me every time, Moore says. When you first walk in to the American Museum of Natural History they have those sauropods reared up on their hind limbs and they go all the way to the ceiling I mean, thats an awe-inspiring site right there. It will get anybody.

    The Children’s Museum Of Indianapolis Indianapolis Indiana

    This just might be the best dinosaur museum for kids that ever existed because of its fun activities and great dinosaur attractions. Its also the worlds biggest childrens museum with over 1 million visitors yearly.

    The Childrens Museum of Indianapolis is tailored to fit young ones who have yet to discover the wonders of science and the dinosaur world. Explore the Dinosphere and meet special dinos like Leonardo. Its a Brachylophosaurus whos a Guinness World Book of Records title holder for being the best-preserved dinosaur remains.

    Lots of interactive activities like dinosaur games, stories, and programming will keep your kids busy too as they explore the Dinospheres dinosaur attractions.

    • Tickets: starts at $24

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    Galleta Meadows Estate California Usa

    If you’re seeking culture as well as dino-related fun, then Galleta Meadows Estate ticks all the right boxes. Spread across 1,500 acres of ancient desert land in Borrego Springs, California, this unique Jurassic park is open 24 hours a day and is home to 130 large scale, meticulously crafted metal sculptures. Created by artist Ricardo Breceda, the sculpture park features sabre-toothed tigers, raptors and mammoths, as well as an array of dramatic dinosaurs.

    Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center

    Dinosaur Museum Exhibits in the US

    Woodland Park, CO

    While dinosaur exhibits can be found at many history museums and other learning centers, Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center has its very own Paleo Lab! Here paleontologists work on the preparation, restoration, molding and casting assembly, and finishing touches in a laboratory. More importantly, visitors can watch the whole process through glass and see how it’s really done. The Prehistoric Paradise Store on site also has souvenirs and gifts to take home after a day of playing and learning.

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    Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark British Columbia Canada

    The ultimate place to uncover the beauty and history of British Columbia, Tumbler Ridge is also a spot for adventure. A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Global Geopark is celebrated for its magnificent lakes, vast waterfalls and towering peaks, each harbouring hidden relics and authentic dinosaur tracks. Footprints can be found at the Cabin Pool in Flatbed Valley, while the summit of Pinnacle Peak offers spectacular views and Permian Period fossils.

    Copper Ridge Dinosaur Trackways Near Moab

    Try out this 15-minute easy trek to see tracks in the red rock likely left by the Apatosaurus and the Diplodocus. To get there, head south on U.S. 191 toward Moab. At mile marker 148, turn east on a dirt road to the trailhead for Copper Ridge Dinosaur Trackways.

  • This is an 0.2-mile easy hike above the Colorado River to a tilted boulder featuring the tracks of the three-toed Allosaurus. Its perfect for families to discover ancient trackways together.

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    Field Museum Chicago Illinois

    Perhaps the most famous dinosaur skeleton in the world, the Field Museums Sue is a 90 percent complete T. rex skeleton, the largest discovered to dateand she should definitely go on your dino sightseeing list. The skeleton is named for Sue Hendrickson, who first discovered the bones in South Dakota in 1990. In recent years, museum staff have reconfigured Sues skeleton to reflect scientists evolving understanding of dinosaur anatomy.

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    Burke Museum Of Natural History

    AWESOME Dinosaur Hall Virtual Tour – English

    The Burke Museum of Natural History is also located in Seattle, on the campus of the University of Washington.

    The Burke Museum offers a variety of family days throughout the year, including a dinosaur day, so make sure to check out their web site for event dates.

    The Life and Times of Washington State exhibit includes a life-sized saber-toothed cat skeleton, in addition to mastodon and stegosaurus skeletons.

    For more information see

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    The Field Museum Dinosaur T

    The Field Museum

    People are so familiar with the Field Museum‘s resident T. rex that it is known to most simply as Sue. This famous lady in Chicago is more than 67 million years old and is the largest, most complete and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus rex fossil in the world. Children and adults alike stand agape at the surprisingly delicate and birdlike feet of the 13-foot-tall, 42-foot-long beauty and marvel at her razor-sharp teeth and massive legs. Despite her girlish moniker, scientists actually don’t know if Sue was male or female, so she bears the name of the fossil hunter who discovered the skeleton, Sue Hendrickson. Youâll also want to stop by the âEvolving Planetâ exhibit, which features examples from every major dinosaur group.

    Dinosaur Journey Museum

    Natural History Museum: Paris France

    The Natural History Museum has 14 sites around France, with 4 situated in Paris. The museum is the third-largest collection of specimens in the world, with about 62 million in reserve.

    There are many dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals to be found at the Natural History Museum, and the vast array of animals represented will be sure to satisfy the most curious paleontologist-in-training!

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    Museum Of Natural History Berlin Germany

    Berlins Museum of Natural History is one of world’s most important research institutions. Home to an incredible exhibition hall, the museum boasts 30 million objects, including dinosaur skeletons, fossils and the remains of the ancient bird, Archeopteryx lithographica. Many of the items on display were extracted by the museum’s scientists from Tendaguru Hill in Tanzania, an expedition now considered one of the most successful dinosaur digs in history.

    Final Tips For Visiting

    The 10 Best Dinosaur Museums in the World, Ranked
    • If you are visiting with young kids you may want to take your own stroller as you will not be able to rent them at the moment.
    • Go early in the day as it gets busy. In the summer months it can also get very hot so it may be better to do the Badlands Interpretive Trail first to avoid the midday heat.
    • Discounts make sure to check here to see if you are eligible for discounted or free entry.

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