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Virginia Museum Of History And Culture

Renovated Virginia Museum Of History And Culture Opens This Weekend

Washington at the Plow: The Founding Farmer and the Question of Slavery

After being closed for months and more than $30 million in renovations, the Virginia Museum of History and Culture is re-opening this weekend in Richmond.

Workers are still putting the final touches on the museums new bright and airy spaces. That includes a cafe, research library, conference rooms, and 50-percent more exhibition space.

The largest new exhibit is organized by Virginias geographic regions, and is immersive in stories, sounds and visuals.

And so each one of these living murals is slightly animated to give you a sense of the landscapes and the people of that region, describes Andy Talkov, curatorial director. He says the renovation and re-opening is a huge step toward goals museum leadership set back in 2018. But its not the finish line.

In fact when we open the doors on Saturday its really just the beginning of fulfilling the promise that were making by doing all of this construction work and re-doing exhibits, Talkov says.

That promise is to reach more people. The museum was an exclusive historical society for much of its nearly 200-year history. That long history means theyve amassed a huge collection, including many personal diaries and letters. But expanding and diversifying that collection will begin with expanding and diversifying who comes through the doors.

Joseph Rogers is the Museums Manager of Partnerships and Community Engagement. He says the museums mission is to tell the stories of all Virginians.

Lost Attractions: The Parks And Places That Built The Tidewater

For generations, many have flocked to the shores of southeastern Virginia for its beaches, resorts, and seasonal fun at its many destinations. In this lecture from June 2, 2022, award-nominated nonfiction author and historian Nancy E. Sheppard takes a trip down Memory Lane to visit some of the beloved but lost attractions of Hampton Roads, including Buckroe Beach and Ocean View amusement parks. Learn more about the places that brought so much joy to many but are no more.Nancy E. Sheppard, a writer and historian of her native Hampton Roads, Virginia, is the author of several books, including The Airship ROMA Disaster in Hampton Roads Hampton Roads Murder & Mayhem and Lost Attractions of Hampton Roads.The content and opinions expressed in these presentations are solely those of the speaker and not necessarily of the Virginia Museum of History & Culture.

  • 52 min

Virginia Museum Of History And Culture To Reopen After $30 Million Renovation

RICHMOND, Va. – The Virginia Museum of History and Culture is reopening its doors this weekend after a dramatic $30 million renovation.

Two-thirds of the 250,000-square-foot building has been completely renovated with a new two-story entrance atrium, a new theater, more research space and 50 percent more room for exhibitions.

A new exhibit called Our Commonwealth will be the museums centerpiece. It is described as a multi-sensory exploration of Virginias five major regions.

The building has been completely transformed so even the people who have been here before are likely not to recognize the museum they saw a few years ago, said Senior Director Andrew Talkov.

The museum will be hosting a grand reopening celebration free to the public on Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15 featuring live music, food and museum programming.

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Virginia Museum Of History And Culture Unveiling Multi

May 12, 2022 / 05:53 PM EDT

May 12, 2022 / 05:53 PM EDT

RICHMOND, Va. The city of Richmond is soon to be home to a newly revamped collection of Virginia history, art and culture.

The Virginia Museum of History and Culture reopens to the public Saturday, May 14, after nearly two years and more than $30 million in renovations.

The updated gallery boasts new exhibits, an immersive theatre experience, a new cafe, as well as an updated research library.

In a preview visit, 8News reporter Sierra Krug spoke with Andrew Talkov, the museums Senior Director of Curatorial Relations, to learn more about what the community can expect when stepping foot on the new grounds.

Its not only objects about the people who we know, Talkov said. The collections here and the stories we tell are also very personal stories about people like you and me that we can all relate to.

Museum management said the expanded museum aims to educate and bring Virginians closer together fostering a sense of community where all feel welcomed and represented.

We want people to see themselves, all Virginians to see themselves in the stories that are being told here. Talkov added.

The grand reopening begins Saturday at 10 a.m. Attendees can purchase food, explore the various new galleries, and the youngest Virginians will have access to a bouncy house and an entire exhibit dedicated to education.

Virginias Five Major Regions Highlighted

Virginia Museum of History &  Culture

As part of its reopening, the Museum of History & Culturewhose collection includes more than nine million objectswill debut exhibitions and galleries the present new approaches to learning. For example, Our Commonwealth, a more than 5,000-sf long-term exhibition with a 15-ft-wide video mural, will provide an in-depth, multi-sensory exploration through the five major regions of Virginia, featuring stories and artifacts from partner organizations and cultural institutions throughout the state. The exhibition will include living muralslarge-scale, changing digital projectionsand custom soundscapes that immerse them in the arts, culture, food, music, industry, and people of each region.

Through dynamic and immersive, technology and artifact-rich displays, Our Commonwealth will provide an in-depth journey through the five major regions of Virginia transporting students and museum guests alike to the diverse landscapes and traditions of our state.

This renovation included the Museums biggest investment in exterior landscaping in its history.

Beyond new physical spaces, the Museum is investing time and resources into a long-term collections partnership with the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia. In addition, the Museum is a key partner with educators across the state, enhancing the stories that can be told and supplementing the curricula that are pivotal for developing an informed citizenry.

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Virginia Museum Of History & Culture

The Virginia Museum of History & Culture, owned and operated by the Virginia Historical Society, is the oldest cultural organization in Virginia, and one of the oldest and most distinguished history organizations in the nation. The museum features exhibitions with objects from its collection of nearly nine million items as well as traveling shows from around the nation. On long-term display, The Story of Virginia exhibition tells the story of Virginia from pre-colonization to recent events. Adjacent galleries features paintings of the variety of landscapes across the Commonwealth and an extensive silver collection.

The building itself is a striking landmark on Richmonds Boulevard perfect for a variety of events. Brides have used the galleries and the front steps for both ceremonies and receptions. Offering multiple spaces, the museum can accommodate a wide range of party sizes for either seated dinners or standing cocktail hours. The venue is unique and makes for memorable photos and an extraordinary experience for guests.

Interested In A Museum Internship

Are you looking for an internship position? Whether you are interested in museum collections, public relations, or education, the Virginia Museum of History & Culture is a great place to learn about the different skills necessary to work in a museum. All interns must be at least eighteen years old. Internship applications require a cover letter and resume. In order to qualify for a PAID internship, you must be enrolled in undergraduate or graduate school.

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Citizenship Ceremony Monday At Virginia Museum Of History And Culture

6/30/2022, 6 p.m.

Along with fireworks and other festivities, Richmond will mark Independence Day with a ceremony at which more than 50 people from around the globe will be sworn in as citizens of this country.

The Virginia Museum of History and Culture will host the naturalization ceremony 10:30 a.m. Monday, July 4, in the Commonwealth Hall, the museums new two-story event space, in honor of the 246th anniversary of the nations issuance of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain in 1776.

Judge Gregory

Chief Judge Roger L. Gregory of the Richmond-based U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals will administer the oath at an event that will be open to the public at the museum, 428 N. Arthur Ashe Blvd.

Attendees can purchase admission to see the museums latest exhibit, American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith, a traveling exhibit created by the Smithsonian Institution. The exhibit examines the foundation of Americas government and the story of the nations experiment in a government of, by and for the people, according to the museum.

Details: Taylor Fuqua, 342 9665 or

Latest Issue

Virginia Museum Of History And Culture

Freedom and Unfreedom in the Great Dismal Swamp

Each museum faces the same seemingly insurmountable mountain: how do you translate vast, diverse histories into a coherent and engaging manner? This challenge seems all the more impenetrable for state history museums, as they attempt to provide visitors with a clear sense of a states identity, the good and the bad alike. The Virginia Museum of History and Culture in Richmond more than rises to this challenge, though, with an interesting and nuanced tour of Virginia history. As a recent Texas transplant in the Commonwealth, I was interested in expanding my historical knowledge of Virginia beyond my own very niche research interests, I left the museum with a wealth of information regarding the history of my adopted home.

Upon entering the museum, I was faced with a variety of permanent and visiting installations. My eye, however, was drawn to a powerful and poignant exhibit, which will be the focus of this review. Determined: The 400-Year Struggle for Black Equality demanded full attention and reflection upon the painful obstacles thrown in front of racial progress in Virginia. The intent of the exhibition clear: Freedom and justice are precarious and precious things to hold. Virginia still has a long way to go in the fight for equity and justice, but there is a long history of courageous folks who have worked hard in the service of progress in the face of tremendous odds.

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Virginia Museum Of History & Culture Reopens To The Public After Two Year Renovation With New Exhibits And Programs

The Virginia Museum of History and Culture is welcoming Richmond back into its 250,000 sqft facility with more thanjust a new paint job. After two years of renovation, the ~200-year-old museum returns with renovated classics, new exhibits, explorations + even snacks for anyone to enjoy.

The Virginia Museum of History & Culture has a gift shop just to the left of right of this photo. | Photo by RICtoday

For history buffs

The Story of Virginia, an existing exhibit in the North Gallery, takes visitors through a timeline of VA history from 1607 to around the mid-1970s. It was updated with new displays, artifacts + cultural finds from across the commonwealth.

Treasures of Virginia is a rotating collection of artifacts, including George Washingtons diary from his first term as president + the Thalhimer counter where the Richmond 34 protested segregation in 1960, on loan from the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia.

For families with students

Commonwealth Explorers is VMHCs new way to present historical experiences to its youngest visitors. The whole room is decorated with native animals, wildlife, local exports + a few famous faces. Plus, theres a shelf of colonial costumes, recreations, and old-school toys to enjoy.

For all Virginians

The five regions of VA are Tidewater, Central Virginia, Northern Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley + Southwest Virginia | Photo by RICtoday

For those with special interests

Coming soon

Museum Store & Museum Caf

The Museum Store and Museum Café are open daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm to provide guests with opportunities to refresh, relax, and explore products related to Virginia history and enhance their gallery experience. The Museum Store features books, gourmet goods, home decor, toys, art, apparel, accessories, and more. The Museum Café features coffee from Virginia-based vendors, tea, and espresso beverages wraps, sandwiches, and salads baked goods and wine and Virginia beer that can be enjoyed in a cozy indoor atmosphere or al fresco on the patio.

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Smaller Exhibits Along The Way

In its reimagining, the Virginia Museum of History & Culture has made use of even some tucked-away space, displays tucked along the hallways and in the halls. An old coat room has become Uncommon Strength. Though small, the exhibit uses archaeological artifacts from the Virginia Department of Historic Resources to illuminate the resistance and culture of enslaved Africans.

Commonwealth Explorers offers an opportunity for children to engage in learning about history, too: Virginias wildlife and plants, professions, foods and ingredients, and more.

Treasures of Virginia houses a rotating display of iconic objects of national and international significance Like our crown jewels, said Bostock. At the same time they speak to Virginias past, they speak to Americas. Currently, visitors can view George Washingtons diary the lunch counter from the F.W. Woolworth Store in Richmond where Black civil rights activists staged a sit-in in 1960 Lynchburg poet Anne Spencers writing desk a World War II flight jacket and a celeron plate that marked early French claims to land along the Ohio River.

Finding the Familiar reminds us again that history is all of us. Sure, there are artifacts from famous people, like Ralph Sampsons PUMA sneakers . But other artifacts could have come from many homes, like the Thalhimers shopping bag and credit card, Richmond Braves promotional baseball, a 1930 nursing diploma from Stuart Circle Hospital, and a Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Virginia Museum Of History And Culture To Hold Landmark Reopening

Virginia Museum of History &  Culture

Posted: Apr 18, 2022 / 12:59 PM EDT

A preview of the Virginia History & Culture Museums sate of the art Rare Book and Manuscript Suite.

RICHMOND, Va. The Virginia Museum of History and Culture, located on Arthur Ashe Boulevard will reopen on May 14 after a dramatic transformation.

This grand reopening will showcase what museum staff are calling the most extensive renovation in the nearly 200-year history of this institution.

After two years of work, we simply cant wait to welcome guests from around the state and across the nation to this special place. This extensive project, the most important in our own institutional journey, was done for them, said Virginia Museum of History and Culture President & CEO Jamie Bosket.

We are committed to thoughtfully saving and sharing the story of this Commonwealth in a way that better welcomes and reflects all its people.

Multiple new exhibits, experiences and amenities have been incorporated to welcome and reflect all Virginians, while engaging, informing and inspiring those who attend.

The renovated museum looks to open minds young and old, offer different perspectives and make connections between yesterday and today by presenting history through a fresh and accessible lens, a press release from the museum said.

The project cost over $30 million and renovated nearly two-thirds of the museums 250,000 square-foot space. The renovations include:

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Virginia Museum Of History & Culture Tells Story Of All Virginians

Learn about how Virginias story is Americas story at the reimagined Virginia Museum of History and Culture, re-opening this weekend. Explore the natural & socioeconomic forces that converged in Virginia through the short film Imagine Virginia in the new VMHC Orientation Theater.

Enjoy FREE museum admission, live music, family activities, food trucks, and more all weekend. Plan your visit at

The museum offers outstanding exhibits. When Lindsay Garrison visited with her family they enjoyed exhibits full of interesting artifacts, interactive galleries and gorgeous works of art.

In the Landscapes of Virginia, we marveled at the beauty of our state. Of course we know Virginia has beautiful mountains, bodies of water and presidential estates but, the breathtaking gallery truly brought it to life. To further engage children, consider working through the activities via the VMHC Educator Resource page. Using the activities from the site, we discussed the five regions of Virginia, its climate and furthered the experience by writing a short story based on the landscape.

Journey to Freedom display at Virginia Museum of History & Culture. Photo credit: Lindsay Garrison

Oliver Hills desk at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture. Photo credit: Lindsay Garrison

Artifact from the Story of Virginia exhibit at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture. Photo credit: Lindsay Garrison

By Lindsay Garrison

The Fascinating New Exhibits

This is where the rubber meets the road, in the galleries and halls. After the renovations, the museum boasts 50% more gallery space, more geography to share its more than nine million artifacts one of the largest history collections in the country, said Bosket.

First on your visit to the exhibits should be the Imagine Virginia film at the Orientation Theater, offering a stunning dramatic overview of the forces that have shaped the state.

After you exit the theater, youll enter the exhibition halls. Previous visitors will note that the first halls themselves have changed little. As before, the gallery on the left houses changing exhibitions. Currently, the museum is hosting American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith, a traveling Smithsonian collection of artifacts and contemporary objects that examine the founding of the U.S. government and the continuing story of the attempts to define and operate a democracy .

Virginia has played an outsized role in the shaping of the American experience, noted Bostock. A lot of the changing exhibits will be national in scope with specific enhancements to the story of Virginia. American Democracy is a great example. Thats a national exhibit produced by the Smithsonian Museum of American history, but weve added to it artifacts specific to Virginia.

Without a doubt, this exhibit is appropriate for our time a must see for anyone who cares about democracy in America.

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