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South Dakota Air And Space Museum

Aviation Hall Of Fame

Doolittle Raid’ 78th anniversary commemorated by the South Dakota Air and Space Museum kiosks

Come celebrate and remember those who first aspired greatness in the world of aviation with our Aviation Hall of Fame. This stunning collection of the worlds top aviation pioneers from SD who propelled the science of aviation and created history will not only amaze you, but allow you to keep their stories and legacies alive. Remember history, the American journey, and those peoples brace sacrifices and inventions in this collection of people, history, and the power of aviation.

For more information on the SD Air & Space Museums Aviation Hall of Fame please contact us.

America’s Founding Fathers Exhibit

Featuring a life-size, three-dimensional version of John Trumbull’s famous painting, this captivating exhibit details the historic moment with an accompanying light and sound show.

Thanks to the realistic rendering of the 56 patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence and the interesting narrative played overhead, it’s hard not to feel captivated by the scene. Beyond the exhibit, visitors can ring a replica Liberty Bell and fire an authentic Revolutionary-era Kentucky long rifle.

Address: 9815 US-16, Rapid City, South Dakota

Official site:

Cold War Bombers Interceptors And More At The South Dakota Air And Space Museum

Check out incredible historic aircraft like a B-29, a B-52 and an incredible B-1B at this delightful air museum.

Nestled among the verdant, rolling hills of western South Dakota, adjacent to historic Ellsworth Air Force Base, is the South Dakota Air and Space Museum. Focusing on aircraft from the early Cold War to the present day, there’s everything from an enormous B-52 bomber to a B-1B Lancer.

The “space” part of the name isn’t just for show. There’s an entire Titan I ICBM on display as well as Nike Ajax and Minuteman missiles. The latter is especially appropriate, given how many Minuteman launch sites there were in the area.

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On a brutally hot midsummer day, I decided to check out some of the amazing aircraft at this small and impressive museum. Here’s a look around.

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Skies Above South Dakota

Photos: South Dakota Air and Space Museum

There’s a lot to see in this part of South Dakota, not least the natural beauty of the Badlands and the Black Hills National Forest. You can also tour a and one of the best Saab museums in the world — where you definitely wouldn’t expect it.

The South Dakota Air and Space Museum is worth checking out if you’re in the Rapid City area. Most impressively, the museum is free.

If your travel plans aren’t bringing you to the Mount Rushmore State anytime soon, check out the gallery above.

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Petit Fut’s Opinion On South Dakota Air & Space Museum

Ellsworth’s air base welcomes visitors all year round with the beautiful Black Hills Mountains. Possibility to opt for a bus tour and visit the museum free of charge.

The bus tour. The visit of Ellsworth’s air base includes a visit to Minuteman II’s basic missiles, where you can measure the power of this defensive system that protected the United States during the Cold War. An hour’s visit is based on the first arrival, first served, so you can arrive early and think of having your ID card on you. Registration in the office just left after the museum entrance.

The museum. Located just outside Ellsworth’s air base, the Air and Space Museum offers several exhibitions dedicated to the famous aviation people and traces the country’s air and aerospace history on the basis of anecdotes, innovation and exhibition of unique objects and machines. You can observe, among other things, historic bombers, different types of aircraft or missiles.

South Dakota Air And Space Museum

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South Dakota Air and Space Museum

Ellsworth AFB

The South Dakota Air and Space Museum, part of the museum system of the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, is located in Box Elder, South Dakota, just outside the main gate of Ellsworth AFB. The South Dakota Air and Space Museum serves to educate and entertain the public. Not only does it give information about the history of U.S. Air Force aviation, it promotes South Dakota aviation history. Major exhibits include the B-1B Lancer and the B-29 Superfortress.

During the summer months, visitors can take a base bus tour for a nominal fee. This includes touring a Minuteman missile Training Launch Facility as well as seeing a number of sites on the base.

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Indoor Exhibits / Galleries

Take a walk through our indoor exhibits and galleries at the SD Air & Space Museum. Our galleries are filled with aerospace exhibits that showcase engineering, innovation, science, and history. Learn about military history, celebrate innovation of aviation, and become inspired for the future of aviation.

Our indoor exhibits include various aircraft showcasing our nations rich history and examines several different aspects of aviation from aerospace technology, Cold War history, pioneers of aviation, and aspects of Ellsworth Air Force Base. These stories that our models, aircraft, and other artifacts tell illustrate the importance that aviation has had in not only Americas rich history, but South Dakotas history.


Vultee BT-13 Valiant s/n 41-22204

Bell H-13 Sioux s/n 58-1520

Stinson L-5G Sentinel s/n 45-35046


North American AGM-28 Hound Dog s/n 59-2791

Dont miss one of our many indoor aviation exhibits, so contact us today for more information.

Raid Across South Dakota

South Dakota Air & Space Museum and Tour of Ellsworth Air Force Base

Come and experience the fascinating past, take a look at present aircraft technology, and learn about the great possibilities to come in aviation and space exploration.

Experience your American Journey at the SD Air & Space Museum located just outside the main gate at Ellsworth Air Force Base in the beautiful Black Hills of SD. Our legendary exhibits showcase our American journey, celebrates those military personnel who have sacrificed so much for our country, and tells the stories of not only past aviation but inspires the future of aerospace.

Our museum is filled with treasured artifacts that showcase the wonderful journey of America and the history of those who risked it all for the innovation of aviation and sacrificed for the science of aerospace.

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Hotels Near South Dakota Air And Space Museum In Rapid City

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  • 3333 Outfitter Road, Rapid City MapAround 7.84 Km from South Dakota Air And Space Museum
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  • 815 East Mall Drive, Rapid City MapAround 10.33 Km from South Dakota Air And Space Museum
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  • 1314 Luna Avenue, Rapid City MapAround 10.54 Km from South Dakota Air And Space Museum
  • Nearby:
  • South Dakota Air And Space Museum Ellsworth Afb

    The South Dakota Air and Space Museum, operated by the 28th Bomb Wing of the Air Force, is home to a large collection of aircraft and missiles. Nearly 30 are on display outside the Museum and represent military aviation from the close of WWII through the present day. Each connects to a rich history of national defense, human experience, and technological innovation.

    Studio Tectonic led the interpretive planning, content development, and design of a new wayside system to provide a glimpse into their relevance. The work was based on careful audience segmentation, including Ellsworth Airmen and their families, the local community, and a broader general public. Visitors baseline understanding varies widely from deeply expert to no prior knowledge. Interpretive approaches provide access and interest to this large audience. Airmens experience in flying and maintaining the aircraft takes center stage in the interpretation. Stories about technological and military significance go beyond the expected facts of payload, size, and range.


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