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Ships Of The Sea Museum Savannah Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions About Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum

Pirates on Georgia’s Coast | Georgia Stories

What forms of payment are accepted?

Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum accepts credit cards.

How is Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum rated?

Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum has 4 stars.

What days are Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum open?

Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum is open , Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun.

New Exhibit On Ss Pulaski Opening At Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum

SAVANNAH, Ga. – The story of the SS Pulaski and its catastrophic final voyage is about to be told like never before.

A new exhibition called Rising to the Surface: A Summoning of Savannahs Titanic is opening this week at the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum.

The exhibit will tell the story of the explosion of the Steamship Pulaski on the night of June 14, 1838… and those who perished when the ship sank off the coast of North Carolina.

There were a number of prominent citizens aboard from all areas of the country, but the passengers were mainly made up of families from Savannah and Charleston. Of the 200 or so people aboard Pulaski, only 59 survived. Were going to tell this story through a series of historical images and artifacts that came from the shipwreck which was discovered in 2018 by Endurance Exploration Group and Blue Waters Ventures International, said Wendy Melton, Shipe of the Sea Curator.

The story of the Pulaski explosion and one of the families on board is detailed in the novel Surviving Savannah by New York Times best-selling author Patti Callahan.

Her research for the book helped to build a manifest of the ship, and details of the tragedy of the night… and the impacts for months and years to come.

Patti will be speaking at a special exhibition opening event this Friday… along with shipwreck hunter, Micah Eldred – who is responsible for bringing these artifacts for life.

Tickets for that event are $25 and can be purchased here.

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Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum Visitor Information

The following is correct at the time of writing. Please verify details before planning your trip. For additional information call 912-232-1511 or visit the official website.

Opening hours Open Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm. Last admission is at 4:15pm. The museum is closed on most major holidays, plus St Patricks Day.

Admission Adults $9, seniors/children/students/military $7, young children free. A family ticket is $21.

A discount Pioneers in Preservation Pass is also available, which allows entrance to the Davenport House and the Andrew Low House in addition to the Ships of the Sea Museum for $25 per person. See details

Address 41 Martin Luther King, Jr Boulevard, Savannah, GA 31401

The Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum is located on the western border of Savannahs Historic District. Parking is available in the museums lot off Orange Street. See on map

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Things To See & Do At The Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum

Exhibits The museum, which is set up for self-guided tours, displays models of ships significant in Savannahâs maritime history, including a crecreation of the historic steamship Savannah, along with models of other famous ships such as the Titanic. It also houses collections of maritime paintings and ships in bottles.

Architecture Scarbrough House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was designed by the noted English architect William Jay. Construction was completed around the end of 1818, just in time to allow Scarbrough to offer the use of his new residence to visiting president James Monroe in May of 1819.

The house is built in the Greek Revival style, one of the earliest examples of this architectural style in the South. William Jays stay in Savannah was brief, but long enough for him to leave a legacy as one of the most talented architects of antebellum Savannah. He moved to Charleston shortly after the Scarbrough House was completed, soon after that returning to his native England.

The house underwent substantial changes during its period as a school building, most notably the addition of a stylistically-inconsistent third story. In the 1970s, the Historic Savannah Foundation restored the property, removing the third floor during the course of its renovations.

Special events Special exhibits and concerts, plus other events, are occasionally held at the Ships of the Sea Museum. See details of upcoming events

Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum/william Scarbrough House And Gardens

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum
  • Address 41 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Savannah, Georgia 31401

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum features nine galleries of ship models,maritime paintings, and artifacts. The vast majority of ship models werecommissioned by the Museum to interpret Savannah’s rich maritimehistory. The museum is housed within a National Historic Landmark built in1819 for William Scarbrough, the principal owner of the Steamship Savannah .

Scarbrough’s architect,William Jay from Bath, England, created one of the earliest examples ofdomestic Greek Revival architecture in the South. Used as a public school fromthe 1870s1960s, the mansion was then abandoned for a brief period but laterrestored by Historic Savannah Foundation in the 1970s. After another period ofvacancy, Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum restored the house again in 19961997,building a new roof based on a documented William Jay design, adding a new rearportico and enlarging the gardens.

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Research Appraisals & Donations

Given the Museum’s mission, acquisition of artifacts is limited to items relating to Savannah’s maritime history. If you have a item for donation you feel would be appropriate to the Museum’s collection, please contact Ships of the Sea’s curator through our website or via .

Ships of the Sea does not offer appraisals of maritime artifacts, nor is it equipped to provide research services.

For more information on the architecture of the Old South you many be interested in the definitive ten-volume Architecture of the Old South book series available from Savannah’s Beehive Press.

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

Whether you still remember the pledge On my honor, I will try to serve God and my country or wish to explore the life of the incredible Savannah woman who inspired it, the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace welcomes folks from all walks of life into its special house museum. Owned and operated by the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., this National Historic Landmark leads guided tours Monday through Saturday, and tickets can be purchased online or at the door beginning at 10 a.m.

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Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum

This museum is named for the late Dr. Ralph Mark Gilbert, honored as the father of Savannahs modern day Civil Rights Movement. This museum recounts the history of Georgias oldest African-American community and their pursuit for civil rights. The buildings own history dates back to its days as the Wage Earners Savings and Loan Bank. At one time, the Savings and Loan served as the largest bank for African-Americans in this county. Located on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum In Savannah Ga

Visit Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum, Just Steps From City Market

The Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum has a prime location in Downtown Savannah, Georgia.

The Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum has a prime location in Downtown Savannah, Georgia.

The Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum has a prime location in Downtown Savannah, Georgia. As the name implies, the museum focuses on the rich maritime heritage of the city dating back to colonial times. Visitors have the chance to explore various visual presentations that highlight commerce, trade, shipbuilding and other industries that have thrived in Savannah for generations. The highlight of this museum is a collection of handcrafted ship models with intricate details.

The Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum possesses the memorable William Scarborough House. Worked in 1819, this property is perhaps the best case of Neoclassical engineering in Savannah. The gallery is home to a few scale reproductions of well known vessels that have assumed imperative jobs in American history. For instance, The Anne was a boat that brought over the main settlers to current Georgia. The Steamship Savannah, The Wanderer and City of Savannah are some other business pontoons that are likewise highlighted in the lasting assortment at the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum. Apparently the most amazing boat that is in plain view is The Titanic, which unfortunately soaked in 1912 while conveying in excess of 2,000 travelers.

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Georgia State Railroad Museum

In addition to boating one of the most-used ports in the Coastal Empire, Savannah has one of the highest-rated train and locomotive-centered museums in the nations. Next to the Savannah History Museum in Tricentennial Park, the Georgia State Railroad Museum resides in the old Central of Georgia Railway Savannah Shops and Terminal Facilities. Dont miss the chance explore the many boxcars and to actually ride one of the museums historic steam or diesel locomotives. Its an adventure waiting to happen.

Ship’s Of The Sea Museum

Discover the rich nautical history of Savannah at theShips of the Sea Museum. Since 1997, The Ship’s of the Sea has been located in one of Savannah’s most historic homes — The William Scarbrough House on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. And with its focus on ships, its unique amongSavannah attractions and landmarks.

The star of Ship’s of the Sea Museum is the impressive model ship collection including TheCity of Savannah,The Anne, The SteamshipSavannah,The Wanderer, andTheTitanic. All of these ships have a direct connection to Savannah and the Georgia coast. A voyage to Ship’s of the Sea will put you on course into the past to imagine the awe of sailing on these ships in an era long since past.

Your trip to this intriguing Savannah museum will be enhanced if you read about the ship’s in the models collection before visiting. Reading and history go hand-in-hand, so here’s a list of the ship models on display. Each has their own story to tell.

The Model Ships

TheCity of Savannahwas a 245 ft. long iron hull hybrid ship that utilized both sails and steam propulsion. Built in 1877, this ship made many runs up and down the eastern seaboard between Savannah, Boston and New York as both a passenger and freight ship. Her sailing life was only 16 years and she was lost in the waters off South Carolina during a hurricane in 1893.

The Outdoor Gardens

The Ship’s of the Sea is located at 41 Martin Luther King Blvd. in Savannah.

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Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum

  • Children under 5: $0.00

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum, founded in 1966, exhibits ship models, paintings and maritime antiques, principally from the great era of Atlantic trade and travel between England and America during the 18th and 19th centuries. The museum’s collection is housed in the elegant home built for William Scarbrough, one of the principal owners of the Steamship Savannah and president of the Savannah Steamship Company. The most recent gallery explores Savannah’s naval encounters during the Civil War. The Scarbrough House is surrounded by two acres of lush gardens. Available for weddings and corporate events.


What Is There To Do

Photos at Ships of the Sea Museum

Ahoy maties! Are your sea legs ready because the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum certainly is! This Savannah museum is great for any kids and families who love all things maritime. From the ocean, the history, and the stories from maritimes past…it’s all here in these exhibits.

Since 1966, this museum has been showing families maritime antiques, paintings, ships models, and other artifacts which predominately revolve around the era of Atlantic trade and travel, which happened between America and England during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The museum’s building itself is worth a look when you arrive. It was originally built as a home for William Scarborough, who was the president of the Savannah Steamship Company – see, history starts before you even walk through the door!

The collection of ship’s models were actually commissioned by the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum in order to interpret the history so it’s easier for visitors to imagine history happening right in front of their eyes. And it really helps! The models have the most incredible attention to detail. Kids – take a good look – can you see all of the ropes and intricacies?

The adventure doesn’t just stop inside. The gardens at the museum are a great place to break up your visit through the collections, or just to sit and enjoy the largest private gardens in Savannah. Pretty impressive!

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Jepson Center For The Arts

Telfair Square might as well be called Savannahs art block, with two world-class art museums adjacent to each other on two of the Squares four sides. The Jepson Center for the Arts, one of the three Telfair Museums in Savannah, houses a stunning collection of modern art and rotating exhibitions featuring some of the art worlds most notable names. Over 7,500 square feet of glistening gallery space greets both museum guests young and young at heart.

Tours & Group Programs

The Museum is arranged for self-guided tours. Please expect to spend at least one hour on site to explore the galleries and gardens. For groups of 10 or more, Ships of the Sea can provide a guided tour of the Museum with a reservation in advance. The Museum also offers many educational opportunities for visitors of all ages. All student programs include educational tours. The Museum offers classes on the art of scrimshaw, sailor’s valentines, and women pirates. You many learn more about the Museum’s educational programs and tours here or you can contact Heather Rice at 912-232-1511, or , for reservations and information.

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