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American History Museum Virtual Tour

The National Gallery London Virtual Museum Tour

Virtual Tour African American History and Culture Museum

The National Gallerys virtual tours allow us to enter the Gallery and explore one of the greatest collections of paintings virtually. We can experience the Gallery in virtual reality through desktop, phone or VR headset.

The Google virtual tour of The National Gallery let us explore some of the Gallerys Renaissance masterpieces with Google.

The Museum Of Modern Art

New York As one of the world’s largest and most influential art museums, The Museum of Modern Art ‘s ever-evolving modern and contemporary art collection includes almost 200,000 works and more than 86,000 works are currently available online. Virtual art highlights include Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies,” Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night,” and Pablo Picasso’s “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon,” as well as more recent works by Andy Warhol, Elizabeth Murray, and others. MoMA’s YouTube channel also offers a peek inside exhibits and live events.

National Air And Space Museum Steven F Udvar

Here we are, the National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center. This Smithsonian museum has a lot of different exhibits. They have historical artifacts like rockets, spaceships, airplanes which tell the story of aviation and space exploration.

We started our tour at the well known successful airplane built by the Wright Brothers in 1903. When looking at it, it looks very fragile along with the thin white architecture of the plane.

Next, we walk over then looking up to look at another airplane, the Spirit of St. Louis. The way this historic airplane dangles on the museums ceiling gives it more of a good idea on what it had looked like when flying in the sky.

This next plane we are looking at belongs to the amazing Amelia Earhart. The big shiny red exterior of the plane along with its silver spinner still makes it look brand new.

Over here, looking up in the corner is the X-15, a rocket powered airplane. This holds the record of the fastest and the highest.

Going up on the balcony, we are able to enter an airplane to see what it looks like from the front with its controls. Pretty cool, right?

Now lets go back down to the mid level. This is back of Skylab, Americas first experienced space station. Look how huge it is! Across there is a display of the toilets that were used in space. How interesting does that look?

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The National Gallery Of Art

The NGAs website has 53,000 images to download, and they recommend using them as backdrops for your Zoom meetings. The free D.C. museum also offers plenty of virtual programming for the whole family. You can find videos and activities that center around the gallerys collection, and for a less stringent learning experience the NGAkids Art Zone app will keep them busy creating their own portraits and abstract masterpieces.

National Museums Scotland Virtual Museum Tours For Kids

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

National Museums Scotland has been working with Google in exhibiting the museums key objects. With the help of Googles advanced technology Google StreetView, a lot of scenes at the National Museum of Scotland can be explored virtually. The main parts are: Grand Gallery, Roof Terrace, Exploring East Asia, and Ancient Egypt Rediscovered.

In the online Exhibit section, you can explore:

  • Scottish inventions that rocked the world
  • Tele-visionary genius: John Logie Baird
  • How Alexander Graham Bell Invented the Telephone
  • Scotlands Early Silver

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Walt Disney World Resort

Orlando, Florida For many Americans and others around the world, Disney symbolizes childhood fun and entertainment. Experience some of the ultimate vacation destination’s magic from home through Visit Orlando’s interactive virtual tour of Walt Disney World Resort to explore the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, waterpark, and more. Disney Parks also previously launched a series of 360-degree panoramas featuring Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, and you can experience some of the rides virtually with Theme Park Insider.

Roald Dahl Visit Museum From Home

Road Dahl Museum offers you with visit from home. The concept is rather different from other virtual museums. Here, you are presented with photos of some sections in the museum along with the description that you can read.

Although it does not provide virtual tour using 3D or VR technologies, this museum does offer good service, especially for educational purpose.

They come with a view As you cant come to us, we thought wed come to you!

In this Roald Dahl museum, you can find many things amazing. You can explore the Writing Hut, Roald Dahl Story Ideas book.

There are even great activities that kids can come along from home, like Make a chocolate wrapper ball, and make a wonka factory machine.

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First Apple Computer Apple I

The Apple I, Apples first product, was a computer released, designed, and hand-built by Steve Wozniak in 1976. The idea of selling the computer came from Wozniaks friend Steve Jobs.

In 1975, Steve Wozniak attended the Homebrew Computer Clubs first meeting and was so inspired he decided to build a computer.

After showing it at the Club and receiving a high level of interest, Steve Jobs suggested that they design and sell a circuit board for hobbyists to build their own computer.

Jobs sold his VW Microbus for a few hundred dollars to finance its creation, and Wozniak sold his HP-65 calculator for $500.

Soon, Steve Jobs successfully negotiated to sell about 50 completely built computers to the Byte Shop in Mountain View, California, for $500 each.

The Apple I went on sale in July 1976 for US$666.66 because Wozniak liked repeating digits and because of a one-third markup on the $500 wholesale price.

National Baseball Hall Of Fame America

Washington DC’s Smithsonian Museum of American History (Full Tour)

Cooperstown, New York Baseball fans can explore the National Baseball Hall of Fame America’s online exhibits and virtual tours of the museum’s unparalleled collection of photographs, documents, posters, signed baseballs, videos, and more all dedicated to America’s favorite pastime. Online exhibits include a snapshot of the museum’s photograph collection, a colorful history of the baseball uniform, and the history of the single-season home run record.

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Smithsonian Museum Of American History

James Montgomery Flagg’s ‘I Want You for U.S. Army’ poster, 1917, the most iconic image produced in support of the WWI recruitment effort.

The Smithsonians National Museum of American History bills itself as the greatest single collection of U.S. history in the world, home to more than 1.8 million objects that each, in some fundamental way, defines the American experience. The museum offers about 100 online exhibits from its encyclopedic collections, each with a mix of photos, video, graphics and text on topics ranging from the life of Abe Lincoln to the development of the first artificial heart to the evolution of voting machines and even an array of vintage lunch boxes.

Click HERE for the experience.

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United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC – Museums in DC

Fortunately, you don’t have to venture to the Unites States Holocaust Memorial Museum to experience their latest exhibit, Americans and the Holocaust, which examines the motives, pressures and fears that shaped the American response to Nazism, war and genocide. Browse through a curated list of frequently searched themes.


Take a time machine to colonial times when you step into Mount Vernons virtual tour of its property. You can step into each building, learn what its use was to the Washington family and discover what day-to-day life was like. Little known fact: You can even see the key to the Bastille prison that the Marquis de Lafayette gave to Washington as a gift, which resides in the main entrance of the mansion! You will feel as if youre receiving a solo tour of one of the most majestic sites in the DMV area.


You might recognize the necklace pictured above from a little movie that stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet called ‘Titanic’. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has this necklace on virtual exhibit for you to see and learn more about. You can also take a virtual tour of the museum, check out upcoming video programs and dive into the museum’s trove of educational resources.


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Virtual History Museums And Experiences To Explore From Home

‘Walk’ among the terra cotta warriors. Tour Anne Frank’s secret annex. Read letters to FDR. And more.

The need for social distancing may have forced museums and historic sites around the world to close their doors for now, but many have made their spaces, exhibits and collections available to anyone with a digital device and a decent web connection. Some offer 360-degree tours, like the one that takes you into every nook and cranny of George Washingtons Mount Vernon estate. Others present virtual exhibits or browsable online archives, such as the dozens on Google Arts & Cultures site, where partner museums share treasures like the Rosetta Stone and ancient Egyptian artifacts …iconic 20th century photos …or troves of sports history . Here are 10 standout virtual history sites worth exploring:

Ways To Enhance A Virtual Field Trip

Museum of Natural History :: 360° Virtual Tour :: Sam Rohn ...

Virtual field trips can be just as enriching and interactive as a physical one as long as you plan ahead. For example, print out a notebooking page or prepare a scavenger hunt for kids to fill out. Many websites provide these kinds of helps in the educational resources section of the domain. Do a little hunting prior to your virtual visit to make the most of any freebies the site offers. Some children may like to work as they explore while others will want to totally immerse themselves in the experience and make notes only after the field trip is over.

To make sure your virtual field trip doesn’t become a passive affair, incorporate a hands-on activity before or after. BookShark has Lap Book Kits for both American History Year 1 and Year 2 that could work as field trip follow up in many cases!

Your field trip will likely offer you plenty of ideas for further exploration. What do your kids seem enamored by? What do they keep asking about? Those are areas for interest-led research.

Your project may lead to questions which are answered by the virtual field trip. Or your virtual field trip may lead to fascination that is satisfied by making hands-on models or reading additional books.

Experiencing virtual field trips has become an essential part of our home education journey the internet opens up dozens of ways to approach American history. Take the extra time to organize activities along with virtual field trip, and youll reap the benefits for years to come.

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Live Virtual History Tour Of Pompeii

Rove around the ruins of one of Italys most famous sites from home on a virtual tour of Pompeii. Using video chat, your expert Pompeii tour guide shares their passion for archaeology while showing you all the best parts of the ancient city. See brightly painted frescos, intricate mosaics, and the remains of citizens preserved by the ash from Mount Vesuvius eruption.

Find more virtual history tours in some of Canadas best museums. You can also virtually travel the world through Expedias collection of online experiences.

More Articles With History

Smithsonian National Zoological Park

Flamingos at Smithsonian’s National Zoo – Guide to the zoo in Washington, DC

Go wild with online resources from one of the nations most popular zoological parks. Explore more virtual exhibits at Smithsonian’s National Zoo and check out the panda cam below, which offers a look at Xiao Qi Ji, the newest baby panda! Students and educators can Follow That Bird!

A working theater, historical monument, world-class museum and learning center, Ford’s Theatre is the premier destination for exploring and celebrating the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln in Washington, DC. You can view their many online exhibits, including one that focuses on Lincoln’s assassination, or peruse online teaching resources. If you’re missing the Theatre’s live performances, settle in for some virtual play readings.


The National Museum of Women in the Arts is the only museum in the world solely dedicated to celebrating the diverse artistic achievements of women. Check out virtual exhibits for Graciela Iturbide’s Mexico and Delita Martin: Calling Down the Spirits. There’s also ‘RECLAMATION: Recipes, Remedies, and Rituals,’ an entirely online experience that serves as an evolving exhibition of the power of food and the kitchen table. You can also search the museum’s comprehensive online collection and peruse fascinating artist profiles.


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Museum Of Natural History : : 360 Virtual Tour

The building that houses the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda is New York States official memorial to the 26th president of the United States, who not only led expeditions for the American Museum of Natural History and augmented its collections with new species, but also strengthened the cause for national conservation. Designed by John Russell Pope, the Rotunda was dedicated in 1936 and declared a New York City landmark in 1967. It serves as the Museums main entrance lobby, and is home to the Barosaurus exhibit, the worlds tallest freestanding mount of a dinosaur

Since its opening in 1936, the Akeley Hall of African Mammals at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City has been considered one of the worlds greatest museum displays. The hall is named after Carl Akeley , the explorer, conservationist, taxidermist, sculptor, and photographer who conceived of, designed, and collected for the hall. All the mammal dioramas in the Museum were created using his highly refined taxidermy and mounting techniques. The animals have been reconstructed with such scientific accuracy and detail that they appear astoundingly lifelike. Akeleys meticulous attention to veracity, which was applied to the plants, the painted backgrounds, and even the lighting in the dioramas, resulted in faithful and vivid reproductions of the worlds that he wanted to preserve.

Online Tours And Exhibitions

African American Museum Virtual Tour| Inside the African American museum| NMAAHC Washington DC|

In addition to highlighting virtual views, many Smithsonian museums offer exhibitions optimized for digital audiences. The National Museum of the American Indian has exhibitions on The Great Inka Road: Engineering an Empire, Infinity of Nations: Art and History in the Collections, and Patriot Nations: Native Americans in Our Nations Armed Forces, among others. You can also check out the National Museum of African American History and Cultures A Look at the Black Fashion Museum Collection and Designer Peter Day, the National Portrait Gallerys One Life: Marian Anderson ASL tour and Outwin: American Portraiture Today portal, Smithsonian Libraries Exploring the Meaning of Place in The Snows of Kilimanjaro, the National Museum of American Historys Abraham Lincoln: An Extraordinary Life, the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museums Willi Smith Community Archive, the Air and Space Museums Outside the Spacecraft, the Smithsonian Latino Centers D.C. Latino Street Murals, and the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition Services Men of Change.

See museums websites or Google Arts and Culture pagesmany of which feature online exhibits, subject-specific compilations and browsable collection recordsfor more options, or search the Smithsonians main collections catalog.

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National Womens History Museum

The National Womens History Museum is uploading new stories and videos daily all month that celebrate women throughout history, and they encourage you to take a womens history break each day while working from home to learn about important women. You can browse their extensive collection of stories and online exhibits or play Notable Women in History Solitaire.

Van Gogh Virtual Museum Tours For Kids

VAN GOGHs great art works:

Van Gogh Museum, Virtual Museum Tours for Kids, is physically located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. During the pandemic time, this museum is closed for visitors. However, you can still see around inside this museum through virtual museum tour. Van Gogh Museum, in cooperation with Google Arts & Culture, offers Virtual Museum Tours. This virtual museum can be explored by adults or kids, all ages.

This art museum has the artworks collection, if I may say, the largest. All art works are by Vincent Van Gogh. He was born in 1853 and passed away in 1890. There are about 200 paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. More than 500 drawings, and then 750 letters.

This museum also displays exhibitions about different subjects of art history from 19th-century.

If you want to know more about Van Gogh Museum, please visit the website:

In the virtual museum, you will be presented with 4 online exhibits: Which books did vincent van gogh read? Vincent Van Goghs love life.

The collection displayed includes paintings in: Post-impressionism , Modern Art , Oil Paint , Neo-Impressionism , Canvas , and more.

The virtual museum tour covers specific areas in the museum: Ground Floor, First Floor, Second Floor, and Third Floor.

Well, want to explore the virtual museum now? here is the link:

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How To Virtually Explore The Smithsonian From Your Living Room

Tour a gallery of presidential portraits, print a 3-D model of a fossil or volunteer to transcribe historical documents

Associate Editor, History

Beyond the brick-and-mortar buildings that make up the 19 museums at the Smithsonian Institution, there is much available in the digital sphere, making it easy for armchair travelers, creatives and lifelong learners alike to experience this vast organization’s offerings from the comfort of their homes.

To help readers narrow down their search, Smithsonian magazine has compiled a list of virtual experiences that cater to an array of interests. Whether youre in the mood to peruse the National Portrait Gallerys presidential portrait collection, explore the engineering marvels of the Inka Empire or remix one of the 2.8 million images available through Smithsonian Open Access, this roundup has you covered.

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