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Santa Cruz Museum Of Art And History

Development Of Heritage Properties

Evergreen Restoration 2022

Heritage building specialists

Richmond Hill has a list of Heritage Building Specialists in Ontario. The list helps you find qualified people to work on a heritage property or prepare a Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment. They have experience and products specializing in heritage structures.

Heritage permits

Heritage property owners may need a Heritage Permit in order to complete any work on their property. A permit is needed when changes affect the “Reasons for Designation” listed in the designating by-law. Permit applications are submitted to the Heritage Planner and are approved by Council before any work can start.

Some permits require a fee. Minor changes cost $406 and major changes cost $3,480. Contact the Heritage and Urban Design Planner to find out where your plan fits and how much a permit will cost. Once confirmed, you can submit your Heritage Permit online.

Cultural Heritage Assessments

Cultural Heritage Assessment defines a property’s value using the Cultural Heritage Assessment Terms of Reference. These terms of reference for a CHA explain:

  • The CHA’s purpose
  • Who can prepare a CHA
  • What information is included
  • What resources can help with preparing a CHA

Contact the Heritage and Urban Design Planner at 905-771-5529 for help with getting a CHA.

Cultural Heritage Impact Assessments

How It All Started

From the very beginning, we understood the power of partnerships.

Way back in the mid-1980s, the Santa Cruz Historical Society and the Art Museum of Santa Cruz County joined forces to build a museum of art and history on the site of the former county jail. The new projectthe McPherson Center for Art and Historywas sparked by a generous donation from the McPherson family. As Bruce McPherson put it, the dream was to transform the former jail from a place of incarceration to a place of inspiration. Listen to the MAH’s origin story.

The Big Idea 202: Without Walls: Mah Outdoors

The MAH seeks support for an initiative featuring multi- and interdisciplinary collaborations in outdoor public spaces across Santa Cruz County. Curated around themes of history, heritage, and place, this rotating series of open-air activations is important because it helps us reconnect following the pandemic through shared experiences that are catalysts for dialogue, learning, and social action.

The centerpiece project will be a new biennial festival organized by the MAH entitled CommonGround, debuting September 16-25, 2022. This 10-day, admission-free event will occupy sites in broader Santa Cruz County, from downtown plazas and waterfronts to unique historical landmarks, with temporary and performative public artworks in rural, urban, and architectural space.

Highlighting local and international artists, CommonGround will feature site-responsive installations and interventions across the areas natural and built environments, connecting people, stories, and landscapes. Join us!

The MAH is a focal point in our Santa Cruz community and a leader in rethinking the space and role of museums in our world. They increase access to public art by introducing audiences to intriguing, high-quality work beyond the museum walls, in community spaces throughout Santa Cruz County.

Irena Polic, Managing Director, The Humanities Institute, UCSC


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Santa Cruz Museum Of Art And History

Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History Show map of the United States

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History is a nonprofiteducational institution and museum founded in 1996 and located in Santa Cruz, California, at the downtown McPherson Center. Its mission is to ignite shared experiences and unexpected connections, using art and history to build a stronger, more connected community.

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Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History in Northern California » Santa ...

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Santa Cruz Museum Of Art And History And Its Collection

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History is a nonprofit educational institution and museum founded in 1996 and located in Santa Cruz, California , at the downtown McPherson Center. Its mission is to ignite shared experiences and unexpected connections, using art and history to build a stronger, more connected community.

Art & Design

Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History

How To Visit The Museum

The MAH is committed to creating an environment that fosters inclusion and belonging and ensures the well-being of all our guests, volunteers, and employees.

Community Agreements

We have articulated a set of principles and values-based practices that we ask all individuals to uphold when visiting the museum and other MAH spaces. These include: Practicing respect Keeping yourself and others accountable Acknowledging and celebrating our differences Holding space for reflection and active listening Encouraging the sharing of ideas, questions, and experiences

Open Hours

ThursdaySunday, 126PM

The land on which we gather is the unceded territory of the Awaswas-speaking Uypi Tribe.

The Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, comprised of the descendants of indigenous people taken to missions Santa Cruz and San Juan Bautista during Spanish colonization of the Central Coast, is today working hard to restore traditional stewardship practices on these lands and heal from historical trauma.


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Welcome To The Santa Cruz Museum Of Natural History

The Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History has connected people to the wonders of nature for over 100 years. Located above Seabright Beach, the Museum highlights the regions diverse plant, animal, and human communities from the shoreline of Monterey Bay to the summit of the Santa Cruz Mountains. We strive to fulfill our mission of connecting people with nature and science to inspire stewardship of the natural world through an array of educational programs and exhibits focused on the natural and cultural history of our region.

Frequently Asked Questionsabout Richmond Hill History Museum

Enterprise Iron Works with Artist Michael Leeds in Santa Cruz, CA
  • What’s the physical address of Richmond Hill History Museum?

    This place is located at the following address: United States, Richmond Hill, GA 31324, 11460 Ford Ave.

  • How do I make a phone call to Richmond Hill History Museum?

    You can try dialing +1 756-36-97 during work hours.

  • What are the business hours for Richmond Hill History Museum?

    Richmond Hill History Museum is open for business at the following schedule: Tue-Sat: 11AM – 4PM.

  • What is Richmond Hill History Museum’s customer rating on

    The average score of this place is 4.5 out of 5.Currently there are no written reviews for Richmond Hill History Museum on can become the first person to leave one!

  • Is the information found on this page verified?

    Nicelocal is doing its best to post correct details about companies in its catalog.If you see an inaccuracy or if you are an official representative of Richmond Hill History Museum, please get in touch with us by using the feedback form.

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Heritage Recreation And Culture Services

  • Other cultural features of the neighbourhood
Listed Heritage Property

Listed Heritage Properties have cultural value but aren’t designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. These properties are included on Richmond Hill’s Heritage Register. The Register is an official record of listed and designated cultural heritage properties. Owners of these properties must let us know when they plan to demolish or remove a building or structure at least 60 days before applying for a demolition permit.

Heritage Clearance Letters

Heritage staff can provide a Heritage Clearance Letter which will provide owners, realtors and lawyers with concise information regarding the heritage status of a specific property.

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