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Museum Of Natural History Internship

What Is In It For You

Field Museum Summer Internships
  • Research internships with a Smithsonian science mentor in various science disciplines across the National Museum of Natural History.
  • Training Courses where you will learn how to effectively engage public audiences and your peers in science topics.
  • A chance to meet teens who share similar science interests.
  • Field trips and behind-the-scenes tours.
  • College preparation courses from YES! alumni and local college visits.
  • A stipend of $2,500.

Questions? Call 633-4588 or email

Since its inception in 2010, the Youth Engagement through Science program has connected local youth with Smithsonian collections, experts, and training to inspire them to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers. This internship experience provides youth from communities traditionally underrepresented in science careers with the resources needed to help them to achieve their ultimate goal of attending college. Over six weeks in the summer, students who participate in YES! work side-by-side with Smithsonian researchers and educators behind the scenes and away from the public areas of the Museum. Interns enhance their scientific literacy through workshops and field trips, and are given the unique opportunity to work in the Museums vast research collections seeing rare objects and specimens including meteorites, mummies, and mammoth skulls!

Youth Engagement through Science Is a Three-Part Program Participants must complete all 3 program components.

Summer Session Components

What Does A Meep Intern Do

MEEP interns participate in an in-depth paid training program where they learn how to have science conversations through interactive and reflective workshops. They then engage Museum visitors in science conversations in Museum halls.

In 2019, the American Museum of Natural History received a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services called Next Generation Museum Conversations. This grant aims to develop and pilot a new facilitation and visitor engagement strategy that reflects current standards and research on science education and learning. The project will shift the training of its diverse cohort of college youth facilitators to prepare them to engage visitors in a deeper understanding of science, rather than simply conveying facts. For more information about the IMLS-Next Generation Museum Conversation Grant Project .

Hmsg Spring 2022 Communications Internship Opportunities

Media Relations Internship Spring 2022


The Media Relations Internship at the Smithsonians Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden is an opportunity to work for the nations museum of modern and contemporary art during a key moment in the Museums history. As part of the Hirshhorns communications department, the Media Relations Intern will contribute to the Museums mission of making the art of our time free and available to all. Working interdepartmentally and with a seat at planning meetings, the Media Relations Intern will learn what it takes to raise awareness of a museums rigorous exhibition and public program schedule.

Learning Objectives

Internship responsibilities may include research, writing, and collaborative brainstorming in relation to the Hirshhorns exhibitions and public programs for all ages. The intern will work across departments, including curatorial, public engagement, and advancement. They will also have one-on-one mentorship from members of the communications team. Informational interviews will be set up with members of other departments, depending on the interns interests.

The intern will gain experience through the following duties:


How to Apply

To apply, create an account on the Smithsonian Online Academic Appointment System .

Deadline: December 20, 2021

Digital Engagement Internship Spring 2022

Learning Objectives

The intern will gain experience through the following duties:


How to Apply


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Program In Latino History And Culture Internship

Working with the Latino Program Director, the intern will learn about museum programming and community engagement work through a diversity of activities that can include research, communication, and writing to support the internally-oriented LatinxCommons group and the visitor-oriented Latino Program.

Goal: Overall, this internship will introduce interns to the challenges and opportunities to create a more inclusive narrative at the NMAH

Status: Virtual, in-person, or hybrid, depending on the intern’s preference and our museum staffing capacity due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Anticipated Learning Objectives: By the end of this internship, the intern will:

  • learn about museum practice in regards to issues of representation at the national museum.
  • enhance their research skills and learn about material culture interpretation.
  • learn about museum education and program production.

Expected Responsibilities: During the internship, the intern should expect to:

  • conduct research
  • attend meetings and take notes at meetings
  • communicate with others in the museum.

Ideal Qualifications / Prerequisites: The ideal intern applicant has an interest and passion for Latinx history high Spanish proficiency level good communication skills and savvy research skills.

Timeline: This internship typically takes place every semesterfall, spring, and summer. This internship can be full-time or part-time, minimum of 16 hours per week and is expected to be 10 weeks.

Welcome To The Georgia Museum Of Natural History


The Georgia Museum of Natural History is an important center of natural history research.

For almost a century, the University of Georgia has been a center of research in natural history related to the state, the region, and the world. To a large extent the quality of this research is based upon the information and knowledge associated with the 11 collections affiliated with the Georgia Museum of Natural History. These collections represent research conducted in dozens of fields of study. They are crucial for graduate research and training programs in their respective academic departments. Each year the personnel associated with these collections generate approximately 100 scientific publications and average over $1,500,000 in contracts and grants. The collections themselves represent voucher specimens for the research and the data associated with each of the collections contains an important base for future research.

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Curatorial And Collections Management Interns

Through the mentorship of the curator of road transportation and collections managers in the Division of Work & Industry, the intern will learn how to survey reference files and other things that can be culled from the collections. In addition, they will learn how to better describe existing collections in our collections database and with words and images. The intern will gain skills in working directly with collections and in thinking about the history of automobility in the United States in the early twentieth century. They will also be a valuable resource in thinking about historical holes in the collection. Intern will visit other collections and talk with collections and curatorial staff around the NMAH and across the Smithsonian.

Goal: Overall, this internship will introduce an intern to skills in researching, rehousing, and making accessible road transportation collections related to automobility.

Status: In Person

Anticipated Learning Objectives: By the end of this internship, the intern will:

  • learn about the history of the road collection within the long history of the Smithsonian, including through research, reading, and hands-on experiences
  • learn about how collections are organized and how they change over time
  • develop new ideas about community-based collecting
  • sharpen skills in handling objects, rehousing objects, and basic description and cataloging.

Expected Responsibilities: During the internship, the intern should expect to:

American Museum Of Natural History Anthropology Internship Program

Internships for students enrolled in anthropology and related fields to work on projects relating to the collections or ongoing research of AMNH scientists

The Anthropology Internship Program offers internships for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in programs in anthropology and related fields to work on projects relating to the collections or to the ongoing research interests of curatorial staff in the museum or in the field.

In addition to Curatorial Research, internships can be considered in collections management, archives, and conservation. Internships are offered for periods ranging from three months to one year depending on the project. Grants provide monthly stipends for periods of two months to one year. The minimum work requirement for a paid internship is two days per week.

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American Museum Of Natural History Summer Internships

Published: February 13, 2018 Internships, Jobs

The Division of Paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History is offering a small number of full-time, 8-week internships for graduate or undergraduate students in geology, invertebrate paleontology, life sciences, museum studies, or related fields . The interns will participate in an IMLS-funded project to curate the Mapes collection in the Invertebrate Paleontology department at AMNH. A description of the Mapes collection at the AMNH can be found here:

A summary of the IMLS-funded project to curate the Mapes collection can be found here:

The interns will work with collection management staff to rehouse, conserve, catalog and database specimens.

A stipend will be provided as support over the internship period.

Required Qualifications:

Applicants should be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree course, or about to apply to a graduate course in invertebrate paleontology, life sciences, museum studies, or related fields. Ability to work with paleontological research collections, ability to perform tasks requiring physical strength and high manual dexterity, proficiency in the use of Mac and PC based software, good organizational, excellent interpersonal skills, and ability to work independently. Experience working in museum collections a plus.

National Museum Of Natural History Internship Opportunities

My First Fossil Expedition

Through our internships, National Museum of Natural History staff share their time and talents with students who are seeking skillfully mentored internships crossing all of our areas of expertise including natural history research, collections management, education and outreach, information technologies, public engagement, communications, development, administration and management, and even facilities operation.

Currently offered positions, projects and possibilities for prospective interns are listed below. If you are interested in applying for one of our internships, reach out to the staff member listed as a contact. For most projects interns are selected by the host mentor and there is no formal application process.

Follow each internship project link for more information, including a descriptive project summary, contacts, hours and locations.

Check back regularly for more updates.

Create your own NMNH Internship Project

Didnt find the perfect internship fit listed above? If you didnt find what you are looking for in a listed position, additional opportunities may also be available. Contact staff separately to discuss other internship possibilities. Research staff directories can be found by following the links below:

Applicants may also find it helpful to review Smithsonian Opportunities for Research and Study for additional information.

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Inclusion Diversity Equity And Accessibility Council Internship

The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Council Internship will provide interns skills and knowledge about issues of inclusion and diversity in a museum setting. It provides an opportunity to learn about the function of a council in a major museum, strategies for inclusion, and how to archive and organize the work of the council.

Goal: Overall, this internship aims to provide an opportunity for an intern to learn about cultural institution practices and contribute to the IDEA Council at NMAH.

Status: Virtual or hybrid depending on the intern’s preference and our museum staffing capacity due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Anticipated Learning Objectives: By the end of this internship, the intern will be able to:

  • Research and discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in cultural institutions around the US
  • Draft and pitch museum policy proposals regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Apply cultural institution practices in their future career

Expected Responsibilities: During the internship, the intern should expect to:

  • Schedule and attend meetings, take notes and compile information
  • Identify and write short announcements for the Museum intranet
  • Organize and keep archives of the council

Ideal Qualifications / Prerequisites: The ideal intern applicant is/has:

  • Interested in diversity, equity, and inclusions in cultural institutions
  • Some background with research
  • Good organizational skills

Behind The Scenes At Natural History Internship


National Museum of Natural History


Office of Academic Services, Academic Resource Center


This internship is perfect for the undergraduate or graduate student who loves natural history science and collections, enjoys helping other students, and has always dreamed of having the chance to work with leading natural history scientists and explore the behind-the-scenes research and collection areas of Smithsonians National Museum of Natural History . This is a great opportunity for someone seeking a career in administration or someone who is looking for experience in programming and communications. Through planning and implementing activities and events for our resident and/or virtual interns, sharing stories about our interns through internal media outlets and photography, and learning office administration skills, the Behind the Scenes intern team leaders will participate in the foundational functions that support the programs and participants of our intern cohort at the NMNH.


Undergraduate, graduate student, or graduate who has completed coursework or is currently enrolled in a STEM discipline with a focus on administration, museum studies, science communication, or natural history science .

To maximize the project learning outcomes, applicants should already have the following starting credentials:


AWARD PACKAGE: $9,600 for complete tenure.


The ARC Team

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Careers At Our Museums

The Natural History Museums of Los Angeles County take pride in our passionate, dedicated, and diverse employees.

As NHMLAC initiatives continue to expand in fulfillment of our vision, we are constantly searching for new talent to join our three museumsthe Natural History Museum, La Brea Tar Pits, and the William S. Hart Museum.

Opportunities at our museums vary from entry level to executive, from interfacing with our guests or educating students, to building our walls, or researching in the field, and include many positions that are an exciting mix of everything in between. As we begin to grow and expand our reach throughout the Los Angeles community, our museums have partnered with various schools to provide opportunities with internships, work study, and volunteer programs.

The museums welcome applicants of every identity, background, and community, and desire employees who are invested in contributing their abilities toward inspiring wonder, discovery, and responsibility for our natural and cultural worlds. We offer competitive compensation and a variety of benefits and perks to its eligible employees, including:

We strongly believe in cultivating an inclusive environment where all staff are treated with compassion and dignity, and are encouraged to express their beliefs in order to create a more thoughtful and authentic organization.

-NHMLAC Employee

University Of Iowa Students


Internships for course credit or transcript annotation can be arranged during the summer or academic year.

Many of our interns come from the Museum Studies certificate program. Museum Studies students should arrange to meet with a staff member to talk about opportunities for 1-, 2-, or 3-s.h. internships.

Students in other departments should start by talking to your own department about how to arrange a for-credit internship with us. Once you know what your department allows and requires, we are happy to discuss potential projects.

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Research Outreach And Education Programs

The Florida Museum research programs also offer outreach and public education opportunities. Many of these are collaborations with affiliated University of Florida teaching departments. More details about these opportunities can be found on the various Museum pages, and also by contacting the curators and collection managers responsible for the various programs. Here are some examples.


  • Curriculum Design and Teacher Professional Development
  • Public Education in the Geosciences
  • Public Policy and Planning
  • Research-Related Outreach

Education & Outreach Internship

As an Education and Outreach Intern, you will have an opportunity to help local and national students, teachers and families connect to and use history in a meaningful way through the NMAH collections. The internship will introduce you to museum education best practices and provide plenty of opportunities to develop your skills and techniques necessary to work with teachers and PK 12 students.

Goal: Overall, this internship is a professional learning experiences that aims to provide aspiring museum education professionals with experience in developing lesson plans, online resources, museum programs and field trip experiences as well as examine the power of museums in supporting PK-12 cross-curricular education.

Status: Virtual, in-person, or hybrid, depending on the intern’s preference and our museum staffing capacity due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Anticipated Learning Objectives: By the end of this internship, the intern will be able to:

  • Engage diverse audiences
  • Implement best practices for museum education
  • Identify the processes behind the implementation of programming
  • Connect teachers, students and families to museum objects in relevant, engaging and educational ways
  • Develop object-based museum experiences, lesson plans, online resources and other materials for teachers, students and families.

Expected Responsibilities: During the internship, the intern should expect to:

Ideal Qualifications / Prerequisites: The ideal intern applicant is/has:

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Communications Marketing & Public Affairs Internship

Goal: Overall, this internship aims to propose creative ideas and contribute to the Office of Communications and Marketing. The intern will gain insight into the inner workings and aspects of the Office of Communications and Marketing in the National Museum of American History. When the internship is completed, the intern will have and understanding about the field of public relations and ideally be prepared for to seek a position in the communications field. Interns will develop verbal, written, and professional skills and understand what makes compelling news.

Status: Virtual or hybrid depending on the intern’s preference and our museum staffing capacity due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Anticipated Learning Objectives: By the end of this internship, the intern will:

  • Gain experience working in an active communications and marketing office and learn how to promote the Smithsonian and its work to the public and media
  • Improve writing skills through a variety of communication mediums
  • Learn what makes a story news worthy and how to tailor stories to relevant news outlets

Expected Responsibilities: During the internship, the intern should expect to:

  • Research and respond to media and public inquiries
  • Compile media clips
  • Oversee film and news crews

Ideal Qualifications / Prerequisites: The ideal intern applicant is/has:

Timeline: This internship takes place during every internship cycle–spring, summer, or fall. This internship can be part time or full time.

Archive Intern American Museum Of Natural History

Marine Science Teen Internship Program – Vera R. Campbell Foundation

Published: February 1, 2021 Archivist, Jobs

Job Title: Archive Intern

Responsibilities and Duties:

The intern will participate in an IMLS-funded project to catalog the Vertebrate Paleontology Archive in order to broaden access to the collection. The intern will work in a team of two, under the supervision of the Project Archivist and AMNH collections and Research Library staff, to verify and update existing catalog records, and survey and create catalog records for unprocessed material in the Archive. Additionally, the intern will be tasked with flagging material in the Archive for future re-housing and conservation efforts.

The internship period runs for 24 months this position requires a minimum commitment of 15 consecutive weeks, working one day a week. Work on this internship can only be performed onsite at the AMNH. Preference may be given to candidates who can commit to more than one consecutive semester. A stipend will be provided as support over the internship period.

Interested parties should apply online:

Applications must be received no later than February 28, 2021

Applications cannot be accepted via email or snail mail

**Please Note: Due to the volume of applications, we are not able to respond to email inquires regarding the status of an application applicants will only be notified if they have been selected for an interview**

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